Saturday, 21 April 2012

My children's life is not more precious than the life of thousands of Baloch martyrs of liberation struggle: Dr Allah Nazar Baloch

Occupied Balochistan:Baloch Pro-independence leader and Guerrilla Commander Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch in a statement has said that on April 18 Tehreek e Nafaz e Aman has issued a threat to the newspapers and media to target his young sons Nodan Baloch and Tamoochan Baloch is in fact a threat primarily issued by Pakistan Army and I.S.I in order to cover up their heinous crimes against Baloch nation and humanity and to hide their blood thirsty face to the world as they are using fake names to propagate against Baloch freedom fighters and install fear in the minds of Baloch masses.

But, my sons are not above the national struggle, neither my sons nor I are above the thousands of martyrs and the people who are struggling for Baloch freedom. And Baloch nation already knows the barbarian actions and character of the occupying forces.

The threat to kill my young sons is aimed to pressurize the people like me to surrender and leave the struggle behind and it is also a hideous attempt to create fear and anxiety among Baloch people. But, we would like to make it very clear to the Pakistan Army, I.S.I and their instruments and Baloch traitors that such criminal intentions and acts will not amaze us at all.

Thousands of Balochs are forcefully disappeared, hundreds were murdered during detention and their mutilated bodies were thrown, while killing old veterans like Sardar Akbar Bugti, Sado Mari, Haji Jan Mohammad Mari, Naseer Kamalan, Haji Mohammad Ramzan Zehri, Hafiz Abdul Qadir Nadarmani Mengal, 13 years old Majeed Zehri, young Waheed alias Balach, young Yasir Jan, sister of Brahmdagh Bugti, the martyrdom of her young girl and hundreds of other such incidents could not budge the Baloch nation from its struggle for independence then their new atrocities will not de-track the Baloch nation from obtaining its national aims and objectives.

The fact of the matter is that all of these inhumane acts are being committed against Baloch because of the Pakistani occupation and the authority of its murderous military and secret agencies over occupied Balochistan. The essence of our struggle is to end this authority so that no other oppressor would be able to disappear, kill or threaten to do so to the Baloch sons. Baloch national struggle is being carried out in accordance to the international laws, Islamic laws, natural laws and according to the internationally recognized charter of human rights and is genuine as well as on the right path.

Just like Pakistan Army could not stop the Bengalis to achieve their independence after mass murdering three million of their population, similarly they cannot stop the Baloch movement with the genocide of Baloch. However, those Balochs who are taking side with Pakistan Army, I.S.I and other murderous instruments and have become their agents and death squad members are doing nothing except for blackening their souls. They should refrain themselves from these hostile acts, otherwise they will have to face the same fate of those Biharis, Al-Shams, Al-Badar, Jamait-e-Islami’s Bengali traitors who fought against Bengali liberation movement and sided with Pakistan Army. These traitors are neither being accepted by their colonial master Pakistan nor Bangladesh is giving them citizenship. Even after 41 years of independence they are still rotting in the temporary camps and jails. It will be an honor for a member of independence struggle like me if mine or my children’s blood is used for the irrigation of freedom movement.

Courtesy:Daily Tawar
Translated by Borhaan Arifee

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