Monday, 15 November 2010

Journalist protested against colleague's abduction, Sarmachaars saviour of Baloch Nation: BSO

Occupied Balochistan: A number Journalist protested in front of Pasni Press Club against the abduction of a member of Gawadar Press Club, Lala Hameed Baloch, and other Baloch activists. They were holding the play cards inscribed with slogans against the illegal arrests of Baloch activists and demands for the immediate recovery of all Baloch enforced-disappeared persons. 

According to details Journalists in the town of Pasni in Balochstan protested against the abduction of Lala Hameed Baloch, Naseer Kamalaan(member of BNM and well-known poet), Rheman Arif Baloch and other Baloch activists in front of Pasni press club. While addressing the crowd the organisers of the protest said that Pakistani forces were abducting the journalist for the only crime of being Baloch and such action on the part of the state tantamount to the suffocation of free media and stopping the journalists to do their duty independently. 

They further said that despite their warning and protest the government has not yet released Baloch Journalist Lala Hamid Baloch, Balochi language poet Naseer Kamalan Baloch and other Baloch activists. They appealed to the International Human Right Organizations to take immediate notice of abductions of Baloch activists. 

Mean while Baloch Student Organization’s members protested in the front of Pansi press club against the abductions and kill and dump tactics of Pakistani forces. The Protester was holding play cards and banners. They also appealed the United Nations to take the notice of the genocide Baloch Nation and disappearances of Baloch peoples. 

The BSO leaders while addressing the demonstration said that the Baloch were struggling for their national identity and freedom. They said that the current Baloch struggle for liberation was more organized and strong than of those in the past. The Baloch Student Oranisation said Baloch struggle for national liberation was gaining momentum on international level. They further said that the Baloch freedom fighters were struggling for an Independent Balochistan and it is every Baloch’s duty to support them because Sarmachars are the only saviour of Baloch Nation. In the end they said that Sarmaachars are fighting against Pakistani force occupation and for Baloch national honour and liberation.