Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Shutter-down and wheel jam protest in Balochistan on Pakistani prime minister’s visit to Gwader

Open in new windowQuetta: Baloch people have protested against the Pakistani government and once against rejected the announcements of packages and jobs being offering to them as charity. BNF had given the call to protest on the day of PM’s arrival to Gwader. Radio Gwank reported that today (29/12/2009) people have observed wheel jam and shutter-down protest to show their anger against Pakistan government.

Speaking to Radio Gwank Mr Ismael Baloch said that around 20,000 Pakistani troops have been deployed in Gwader for the PM’s security, the road form where the PM has passed has been completely blocked for public movements. Mr Ismael Baloch claimed that no one has participated in the gathering of PM apart from some of the government servants and PPP members.

He said that PM did not announce anything new but repeated the past rhetoric of the Pakistani governments that they would develop Balochistan, give jobs etc. The Pakistani PM like the previous heads of Pakistan has regretted that Balochistan has been ignored from last 62 years. PM however said that people should not doubt the intentions of PPP government.

Mr Khalil Baloch a member of BNM has said that they have protested to remind the Pakistani PM that Balochistan is an occupied land and that the people of Balochistan are not interested in Pakistan’s packages and jobs. He said that today’s shutter down and wheel jam was the reaction of Baloch Nation and people of Makuran and they wanted remind the PM that Baloch have nothing to do with Pakistan and Punjab. No common Baloch has welcomed the PM to Gwader, in fact the Baloch have observed a black day.

He said “The martyrs of the Nation have not sacrificed their precious lives for some jobs and packages, neither the sarmachaars (freedom fighters) are fighting for anything like this. Baloch struggle is against the occupation of Baloch land and Baloch are giving sacrifices to regain their Independent status”.

Courtesy: Radio Gwank

Monday, 28 December 2009

BNF announces wheel jam and shutter-down protests on arrival of Pakistani Prime Minister to Balochistan

Quetta: Baloch National Front (a combination of pro-Independent Baloch parties) has announced shutter-down and wheel jam protests in Balochistan on 29 December 2009, on Pakistani Prime Minister’s visit to Gwader Balochistan. The BNF said it was protesting against the ongoing military operations and the 62 years of deception of Baloch people by Pakistani rulers.

There will be a shutter-down in Makuran region and wheel jam and shutter down protest will be observed in Gwader district on the day of Pakistani Prime Minister’s arrival to Gwader on 29 December 2009. Coalition parties of BNF will also take out protest rallies and observe protest demonstrations in Karachi and elsewhere in Balochistan on the same day (Tuesday).

According to BNF statement Pakistani rulers have been deceiving the Baloch people from last 62 years in the name of negotiations, announcement of so called development projects and packages. While rejecting the current Balochistan package the BNF said it is nothing but a joke with the people of Balochistan. BNF appealed to the Baloch Nation and coalition parties to take part in the wheel jam and shutter-down protest in order to prove that Baloch are not interested in Pakistan’s so called package but Baloch are struggling for a greater cause and that is to regain their independent status.

Courtesy: DailyTawar

Iranian forces start rehearsals on Western and Eastern borders of Balochistan

Chagi Balochistan (NNI): Iran has started unusual activities on the borders of Eastern province Sistan Balochistan to beef up the security for the mourners of Muharram.

However, Important sources told NNI that Iranian forces have started war rehearsals in Jalk, Sarawan and other surrounding areas in the bordering regions of Iranian occupied Balochistan. These forces are reportedly equipped with latest weapons and other ammunition.

It is worth mentioning that due to security situations Iran has sealed the border ‘Rahdari Gate’ between pak Iran. The Trad Gate was sealed after a deadly suicide attack on Iranian security forces on 18 October 2009 (in Pishin Balochistan). The Pak-Iran trade gate remains closed even after high delegation headed by the chief secretary Balochistan visited Iran to convince the Iranian authorities to reopen the Pak Iran trade gate.

Pakistani forces killed the Baloch woman

Security forces attacked the house of Abdul Khalique in the Qadirabad area of Noshki.Pakistani forces harrased and brutaly tortured the family members;in this incident one woman named Bakht Bibi martyred due to the torture of the forces;forces badly beaten the son of Abdul Khalique and picked him up with them;despite of all the government claims the cruelity & brutality is continous.Forces are continuing the old policies of genociding the Baloch nation.Faisal Bugti of Baloch Republican Party has appealed the International Human Right Organisations to take the notice of brutality in Balochistan;International organisation's should play their vital role to stop the genocide of Baloch and justice for Baloch nation.

Source:Daily Tawar

Monday, 21 December 2009

Raisani should apologize to the aging mothers of the missing persons for deeply hurting their sentiments

Open in new windowThe Balochhal: If historians and journalists were waiting for a haunting quote from Balochistan’s chief minister, here it comes. Nawab Mohammad Aslam Raisani, the chief minister, astounded everyone in Khuzdar during a press-talk by saying that that most of the missing persons had “deliberately gone underground to malign the country’s intelligence agencies”. If former military dictator General Pervez Musharraf’s infamous quote, ” it is not the 70s that you will hit and run…We will hit you in a way that you don’t know what hit you”, has become one of the most widely quoted statements of a man who devastated Balochistan, one can assertively predict that this statement of Chief Minister Raisani will go down in the history as the most disgraceful proclamation ever made by a Baloch chief minister.

The chief minister repeated what was once said by former dictator General Pervez Musharraf and subsequently by Rehman Malik, the current interior minister, that the missing persons had willingly gone abroad. Gone abroad? For what? He said the elements responsible for target killings were also responsible for hiding their associates and then show them as disappeared people. In his words, the missing persons have deliberately gone underground and now the issue is being raised to embarrass the country’s intelligence agencies. Raisani, the fist chief minister in the history of Balochistan to be elected unopposed, is of the view that it is unreasonable on the part of the missing persons’ families to hold agencies responsible for the whole mess.

Expectedly, a very emotional reaction has come from the families of the missing persons in response to the chief ministers’ statement. If the government cannot deliver justice to the families of the missing persons due to its inefficiency and powerlessness to check the influence of the secrete services then it should at least hurt the sentiments of the mothers, sisters, wives, daughters and sons of the missing persons. Once living a dignified and peaceful life inside their homes, these Baloch mothers are seen languishing from one press club to the other while holding the photographs of their beloved ones. Politics is one thing but no one, including the chief minister, has the right to insult human feelings to give a cover up to his government’s inefficiencies.

Raisani’s current statement –about missing persons having gone underground –sounds ridiculous given the fact that Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani, who belongs to the same party of the Balochistan Chief Minister, issued a verified list of 992 missing Baloch persons this month. Does Raisani have an answer to the families of at least these 992 missing persons? Why would these people go underground as most of them belong to the families that live below poverty line? The missing persons’ list includes people from lower professions such as students, shopkeepers, tailor masters, clersk, paramedics etc.

Besides being the chief minister of Balochistan, Raisani is a reputed tribal chief in Balochistan. Thus, people want to share their sorrows with them with the hope that the latter plays a role to resolve their problems. He should apologize to the aging mothers of the missing persons for deeply hurting their sentiments as these aggrieved mothers now prepare to sit on a hunger strike in front of Quetta Press Club from December 30th amid freezing temperature of Quetta.

Ghaffar Langav relatives demand Supreme Court intervention

QUETTA: The relatives of Baloch nationalist leader Ghaffar Langav, who has been allegedly whisked away by government agencies, have appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan for taking immediate action against government agencies for illegal detention of Ghaffar Langav.

Relatives and family members of Ghaffar Langav made this appeal while addressing a press conference at Quetta press club on Sunday.

They alleged that Mr. Langav was picked up by government agencies from Karachi on December 11 from a hospital where his wife was admitted.
“We are completely unaware about whereabouts of Ghaffar Langove”, they said, adding if he was not recovered soon his life might be in danger because according to them Mr. Langav has been put in a torture cell, where he’s believed to be suffering extreme torture like thousands of other Baloch forced-disappeared persons.

They said that previously he was arrested by government agencies but he was acquitted from all charges by the court.

They said that if Ghaffar Langav was involved in any unlawful activity then he should be produced before court of law in accordance with the constitution of country so that he could prove his innocence.

“We appeal Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice of his abduction and get him recovered”, they added.
They warned that if Ghaffar Langav was not recovered within a week they would resort to massive protests and would lay a siege of Governor Secretariat and Chief Minister Balochistan house.

To a query, they vehemently rejected news items published in some section of press about release of Ghaffar Langav and asked media persons to avoid publishing such baseless news.


BSO (azaad) Protest against indiscriminate firing on Baloch villages in Karachi

Karachi: BSO (azaad) and the Baloch residents of different villages including Malir, Hasan Lashkari, Purana Glimar, Peer Coloni and Siddique village in Karachi have protested in front of Karachi press club against the arrest and indiscriminate torture of four Baloch students by a ‘Karachi based ethnic group MQM). The protesters were holding placard and chanting slogans against the ethnic group.

Addressing the crowd and media men the BSO (A) leaders alleged that Karachi police was also siding with the MQM. They said recently the police have shot dead a young Baloch man 'Arif Baloch' in Karachi. Before the murder of Arif Baloch, Saood Baloch and Aziz Baloch were also murdered by the Rangers (local police) in Karach. Aziz Baloch whose mental condition was not stable has been picked by the police and few days later his tortured dead body was handed to his relatives. Baloch people strongly protested against his cold-blooded murder but no action was taken. Despite all these protests from Baloch people the MQM is still continuing its indiscriminate firings on Baloch villages and it is suspected that they have the full support of the local police.

Nisar Baloch an anti encroachment social worker who had challenged the illegal occupation of Gutter Baghicha (in Old Golimar area) by the MQM land mafia group has finally paid the ultimate price for opposing these crooks and criminals. The same ethnic fascist group have targeted Hussein Baloch a resident of Hassan Lashkari village in Karachi. Hussein Baloch though survived but sustained serious injuries.

Photo of injured Junaid Baloch On 19/12/2009 five Baloch youth namely Junaid Baloch, Shahnawaz Baloch, Riyaz Baloch, Najeeb Baloch and Rafeeq Baloch have been stopped by armed members of MQM, severely beaten on the spot and later taken away to an undisclosed location where Junaid Baloch has been. Mr Junaid Baloch is now admitted in a hospital in Karachi where he is fighting for his life.

The protesters urged the leadership of MQM to stop targeting Baloch youth and firing on Baloch villages. “If the target killing of Baloch youth and firing on Baloch villages continues by the armed groups of MQM then the safety of Urdu speaking people all over Balochistan cannot be guaranteed. That is why would be a wise decision by this ethnic group and their leadership to immediately stop the bloodshed of Baloch people in Karachi. ” the protesters warned.

Ghaffar Baloch of BSO (M) and his friend abducted from Khuzdar

Open in new windowKhuzdar: an ex-member of BSO (Mohiudeen) has been abducted by unknown armed men. According to details Mr Ghaffar Baloch was driving to home when his vehicle came under indiscriminate fire. According to eye-witnesses around a dozen people already waiting in two white cars at Chamrok have first open fire on Mr Ghaffar Baloch’s car and when he tried to escape and accelerate, the armed men chased him. Finally at some point Mr Ghaffar lost control of his car, the vehicle slipped off the road and went into the Khand Graveyard. The armed men in the two white cars continued firing at them for a while and then came out of their cars. They arrested Mr Ghaffar Baloch and his friends and put them into their cars and drove off to an undisclosed location.

Soon after the firing incident local people gathered and strongly protested against the abduction of ex-member of BSO (M), they demand the immediate release of Ghaffar Baloch and his friends.

On the other hand the chairman of BSO (M) has strongly condemned the injuring and abduction of Ghaffar Baloch. He alleged that Ghaffar Baloch and his friend have been fired upon and abducted by the FC (Frontier Corps). The chairman termed their arrest as state sponsored terrorism saying “Pakistani FC wants to continue the subjugation of Baloch people by target killing and abducting Baloch student and political activists”. He further said there was no difference between the period of dictator Musharraf and the current PPP government. “In fact PPP’s government is more cruel then the Musharraf govt as during Musharraf’s period Baloch were being disappeared only but during PPP govt the Baloch are not only being abducted but they are being killed in cold-blood after their abduction”. He also appealed the BSO members to observe a shutter down protest in Khuzdar today.

Meanwhile NP (National Party) BSO Pajjar and BNP (M) (Balochistan National Party Mengal) has also strongly condemned the injuring and abduction of Ghaffar Baloch and demanded his immediate and unconditional release. The NP & BNP also appealed the trade unions and other business owners to observe a shutter down protest today (21/12/2009) in Khuzdar.

Courtesy: DailyTawar

CM's Statement misleading: Marri Itehad, “Missing persons” gone “underground": Raisani,

Open in new windowQuetta: The Anjuman-e-Itehad-Marri has strongly condemned Raisani and said that his statement is meant to please the Pakistani Intelligence agencies & other authorities. “The dummy chief minister is trying to save his seat by giving such misleading statement against forced-disappeared Baloch”, said AIM spokesman.

The AIM statement further said that thousands of Baloch political activists have been abducted by the Intelligence agencies of Pakistan and the Military agencies but the chief Mr Raisai was rubbing salt on the wounds of the relatives these people by saying that “they went underground”. The chief minister instead of demanding the recovery of these people was in fact approving their illegal detentions by the notorious ISI and other agencies.

The statement further explained that thousands of forced-disappeared Baloch have not gone underground or anywhere else but they were in the secret underground cells of Pakistani army and ISI and they are suffering extreme torture and humiliation. “Some so called ministers and the chief minister are doing propaganda to appease the Pakistani government get approval of the ISI for another term” added AIM statement.

Baloch do not need any packages from their occupiers. Baloch peoples’ struggle for their Independence cannot be brought to a halt by the announcement of these packages and such insane statements. The struggle for freedom is continuing with full determination. After Impendence the people who are busy pleasing the Pakistani authorities will have to stand a trail in Baloch peoples’ court and answer for what they are doing today.

The Marri Itehad remarked that Baloch freedom fighters sacrifices will not go in vain, Independent Balochistan is inevitable and soon sovereign Balochistan will re-appear on the world map.

BLA gives one-week ultimatum to drug mafia in Khuzdar

KHUZDAR: After issuing threats to drug mafia in Mekran and Bolan, the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), an underground organization striving for the independence of Balochistan, has now threatened to dismantle the networks of drug mafia in Khuzdar district.

The armed group has given an ultimatum of one week to the drug mafia in Khuzdar to conclude its businesses from the area or prepare to face the consequences. The BLA believes that the drug mafia is destroying a generation of the Balochs by pushing them into the habit ofdrug addiction so that they remain apolitical throughout their lives and fail to contribute in the Baloch national liberation movement.

According to Daily Tawar, a respected Baloch Urdu newspaper, the threat was issued by Shail Baloch, a spokesman of the BLA who called at Khuzdar Press Club via sattliate phone from an unknown location. The BLA spokesman said his organization would single out members of the drug mafia and elements responsible for promoting a drug culture in the area.

“We will kill them one by one as was done with the Punjabi settlers in the past. They have a deadline of a week to wrap up everything. After the deadline, they will be targeted and killed on the offense of promoting drug culture among the Baloch youth,” he threatened.

The BLA spokesman also accepted responsibility for an attack on a FC check post in Badu Kosh area of Zehri locality in Khuzdar that took place some days ago.

BLUF claims responsibility for killing DSP, entices Balochs to quit state apparatus

Open in new windowQUETTA: The Baloch Liberation United Front (BLUF) has accepted responsibility for the killing of a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) and two other members of the Balochistan Constabulary (BC) in a firing incident in the provincial capital, Quetta, on Saturday after ambushing their vehicle.

According to Online News agency, Shahaq Baloch, a spokesman for the underground Baloch resistance organisation, called from an unknown location via satellite phone and accepted responsibility for the incident and warned all the Balochs to give up their affiliation with the state-controlled institutions of Pakistan or face ‘dire consequences’.

BLUF is a relatively new armed group in Balochistan but it has gained overwhelming attention due to its unanticipated activities. The organization rose to prominence earlier this year in February when it kidnapped John Solecki, an American head of the Balochistan sub-office of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) in an effort to coax the Balochistan government to release the Baloch political activists held in the government custody. The BLUF tremendously upset the Balochistan government later in the year by killing the provincial education minister Shafiq Ahmed by saying that the murder of the non-Baloch minister had been carried out to avenge the killing of three Baloch leaders in Turbat in April this year allegedly by the personnel of the Frontier Corps (FC).

The BLUF spokesman said that the killing of the DSP and two other policemen was intended to send a clear message to all Balochs serving in the police to give up their jobs in the police department.

“We do not want the Balochs to serve in Pakistan’s police. Further attacks will be carried out in the future against those who defy the warning and continue to serve for the Pakistani forces,” said the spokesman,” our operations will continue till the complete independence of Balochistan.”

BNM activist held on hand grenade attack charges

Open in new windowPASNI: A member of the Baloch National Movement (BNM) was held by the police on charges of hurling a hand grenade on a van of the Coast Guards.

According to the details, a van of the Coast Guards came under attack in the coastal town of Pasni near Government Girls’ High School. The grenade failed to hit the van but exploded in the open air with a loud explosion that was heard in remote parts of Pasni. People in the town were scared due to the blast and kept on asking each other what had actually happened. The local police rushed to the area and began investigation about the possible causes and the masterminds of the blast.

The Coast Guard officials cordoned off the whole area and began the search for the culprits. Meanwhile, an activist of the Baloch National Movement, Saifullah, was detained by the local police in connection to the same incident of hand grenade attack. Saifullah had previously been detained too by the police due to his political activities. Sources said he was under investigation by the police.

Five Baloch students abducted by MQM

Open in new windowKarachi: Radio Gwank and Balochistan national newspapers have reported that five Baloch boys residents of Malir in Karachi were on their way to school when they were stopped by the members of MQM ‘an ethnic refugee group in Karachi’, the abductors made sure the boys were Baloch before whisking them away. Hours later four of the kidnapped boys were dumped in a roadside with bruised faces and soaring limbs, they were rushed to hospital by passersby. The fifth boy is still missing, believed to be in the custody of MQM members.

The relatives of the boys say they were shot at and one of them is in a critical condition. The injured boys have been named as Shahnawaz Baloch, Junaid Baloch, Sajid Baloch and Rafiq Baloch. Khalil Baloch son of Qadir Bux Baloch is still missing, believed to be in the custody of MQM armed men.

A Baloch woman resident of Malir speaking to radio Gwank said that their locality was under indiscriminate fire by “Mohajirs” refugees. She said their has always been tension between the Baloch and these Mohajir but in the recent days/after the issue of Gutter Baghicha they have escalated their actions against the Baloch in Karachi. She appealed the Baloch parties and resistance organisations to come to the aid of Baloch in Karachi.

On the other hand the acting president of BNP Mr Jahanzeb Jamaldini has said in a statement that if the Baloch in Karachi are not safe and not let to live in peace, then the Urdu speaking people all over Balochistan will have to face the consequence of targeting the Baloch of Karachi.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

A government allied party accused of attacking native Baloch settlement in Karachi

Open in new windowKarachi: Independent sources from Karach’s oldest Baloch settlement "Saddique Village" reported that member of MQM; a government associated party, have attacked the village and opened fire with automatic weapons. The sources further said that the firing started three days ago, when an alleged member of MQM was found dead in the adjacent of the village (Siddique village).

Siddique village has constantly been under fire from the MQM members for last three days. There is a fear and anger among the residents of the village. Many believe if the government don’t take action against these culprits and their party. The people of the village will be forced to react in their defence which could further deteriorate the situations.

Baloch political parties have strongly condemned the MQM for attacking the village and warned the leadership of the party to act wisely. BNM in a statement said that they didn’t want to confront with the MQM but if this party doesn’t stop the attacks on Baloch villages and targeting innocent Baloch, then the Baloch will have no other option but to defend their people. The statement further stated that the silence of Baloch people should not be considered as their weakness. “Baloch are fighting the state and its powerful army from last 63 year. If they can fight a mighty army then they can defend themselves against this party as well” warned the statement released by BNM (Baloch National Movement).

Armed men prevent hoisting of Pakistani flag in Pasni

Open in new windowPASNI: Unknown masked armed men stopped on gunpoint the peon of a local school to hoist the Pakistani flag in the coastal town of Pasni.

According to the details, armed men stormed into Government Higher Secondary School Pasni and brandished a gun to Mohammad Tariq, the school peon, and stopped him from raising the school flag. They warned that anyone who dared to raise the Pakistani flag on a building in Pasni would be punished and would be responsible himself for such extreme measures.

The two masked men took away the flag and vanished in thin air.

Disillusioned young Balochs have stopped singing the national anthem or raising the Pakistani flag in the Baloch-dominated areas of the Balochistan after the killing of three Baloch leaders, Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, Lala Munir Ahmed Baloch and Sher Mohammad Baloch. The killing of these three leaders sparked a massive wave of resistance and anguish among the Baloch youth.

BLA threatens to dismantle drug mafia’s networks

Open in new windowQUETTA: The underground Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has warned the drug mafia to stop its activities in Balochistan or prepare for punitive action.

The warning was issued on Thursday in a circular disseminated in Shaeed Khalil Sumalani Press Club Mach in Bolan district.

According to the fresh warning, the BLA has accused the drug mafia of destroying the younger generation of the Balochs by pushing them into drug addiction in order to make more money. The militant shadowy organization said if the drug business was not stopped at once in Bolan region, elements responsible for drug business would be attacked and punished.

The banned organization, which has been working for the independence of Balochistan through an armed struggle for the past many years, asked the drug smugglers to take a leaf out of BLA actions against the drug traffickers in Mekran region where they were attacked and forced to give up the business.

“If action is not taken to stop the drug business in Balochistan, BLA will punish all those responsible for promoting a drug culture in Balochistan,” warned the circular.

Earlier, similar threats had been issued by the BLA in Mekran region against the drug mafia and some attacks had also taken place on the people allegedly involved in drug business.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Banok Karima: the Baloch Leila Khaled

(By Malik Siraj Akbar)

The Frontier Corps (FC) injured several political activists and one journalist in Turbat district on Friday in a clash in front of headquarters of Mekran Scouts in a sit-in that demanded the release of a freshly arrested Baloch writer and his son in Thump area.

According to the details, hundreds of Baloch women hailing from four towns of Turbat staged a sit-in in front of the district headquarter of the Mekran Scouts, a wing of the Frontier Corps (FC), to condemn the raid and subsequent arrest of a prominent Balochi language writer Ali Jan Quomi and his son Mujahid Quomi.

The raid had taken place in Thump area at Sehri times after the killing of two personnel of the Frontier Corps in an attack by the activists of the Baloch Republican Army (BRA) in the same area. The attack on the FC team had also killed one of the attackers, Mir Jan Meeral, who was identified as a renowned Balochi language poet.

Karima Baloch, who led the rally, told this writer that the Baloch women had taken out a peaceful demonstration in front of the FC headquarters in Turbat to condemn the raid on the house of Quomi who had been shifted to an unknown location along with his young son.

Over the years, Karima Baloch has emerged as the Leila Khaled of Balochistan. On June 3, 2009, an anti terrorist court sentenced her for three years and imposed a penalty of 150 thousand Pakistani rupees under section 123,124 of Pakistan's law. She rose as a steadfast face of resistance in the Baloch movement after actively campaigning for the release of all missing persons in Balochistan along with the female leaders of Baloch Women's Panel. In fact, the Baloch Women's Panel comprises of women fromBalochistan whose relatives went “missing'' during the military regime of Pervez Musharraf. They are still striving to get their beloved relatives resurfaced.

Restrictions and punishments have not deterred the spirit of Karima Banok as she mobilized the women of Thump to come on the streets to protest the arrest of a Balochi language writer and his son.

I must confess that Mand is the land of brave Baloch daughters. Its daughters have impressively brightened the name of this small Pak-Iran border town. For some Zubida Jalal, the former federal education minister and a current member of Pakistan's National Assembly, and for the revolutionaries Banok Karima Baloch are role models. History cannot overlook both these brave daughters of Mand who rose from middle class families and got themselves recognized across the country and internationally. Mind you, the Zubida Jalal who remarkably impressed me is the one who ran a school for Baloch girls in her highly backward area, not the one who consolidated the hands of a military dictator who killed hundreds of people in Balochistan.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Baloch Fighters Ambushed The Occupied Pakistani Forces

QUETTA-MAND:Pakistani occupied forces ambushed by Baloch freedom fighters.The Police vehicle under attacked by the freedom fighters in quetta,reported six killed,four injured,the spokesman of Baloch United Liberation Front Shehak Baloch has claimed the responsiblity ,while last night another attack carried out on security forces in Mand area,reported all personels killed.The spokesman of Baloch Liberation Front Colonel Doda has claimed the responsiblity.

Soure:Baloch National Media

‘Missing’ Baloch journalist found in police custody

By Malik Siraj Akbar

QUETTA: Police said on Tuesday they had arrested a Bolan-based journalist under the Explosives Act.

Rehmatullah Shaheen, a correspondent of a Baloch nationalist newspaper, Daily Tawar, “went missing” on December 8. The newspaper is believed to be the mouthpiece of Baloch militants. Shaheen’s family and journalist bodies protested across Balochistan against his disappearance. Bolan District Police Officer Junaid Arshad confirmed that the missing journalist was ‘now’ in police custody. The police registered a case against the 25-year-old man – known for his anti-government reporting.

Requesting anonymity, an official said: “The case was registered on December 14, but the journalist was missing since December 8.” He said Shaheen, also a Balochistan Students Organisation-Azad member, had also been interrogated in Quetta for his alleged “anti-state activities”. Police seized a grenade from his house in Mach and arrested his brother Mohammad Ali, cousin Muhammad Hassan and a guest, Jan Muhammad.

A friend told Daily Times that the journalist, also a government employee, was serving in the Mach grid station. “Before his arrest, he informed a friend by the phone that the area police chief has summoned him. His family contacted police when he did not return home, but police expressed their ignorance about his whereabouts,” said another friend.

Forces Continous Aggression killed dozens

Quetta (online) BRP has stated the killings of 10 innocent Balochs in the result of the dreadful military operations in Dera Bugti and Sui as a powerful slap on the faces of the so-called democratic government. It urged the World Human Rights Associations to take immediate notice on the human rights violation in Balochistan and to play an effective role to stop it. Sher Mohammad Bugti, the spokesman of BRP said that the Package is a conspiracy of fooling the world and to stop Baloch in the path of its freedom struggle. He said the Baloch genocide policies are going on in the so-called political and democratic term. A coalition of Military forces and Tribal head forces while carrying out an operation killed 10 innocent and poor Balochs while 25 people were injured and their domestic animals were killed too. The forces set their huts and houses on fire stealing their goods and domestic animals. He said that the kidnappings of Sangat Sana Baloch and Ghaffar Langau along with the recent operations in Dera Bugti and Kohlu are the continuation of Baloch enemy state policies. He added there was no truth in government claims, Missing people were not brought in public nor the forces had halted their operations in the region. Later on Faisal Bugti, BRP spokesman in Sui claimed 10 persons were killed and 25 injured in the military operations in the outskirts of Sui and Dera Bugti. He said that the government had started acting on the package as its forces along with the tribal head forces carried out a military operation in Dera Bugti and Sui killing innocent lives. He said that according to the last information the military operation is going on in which Gunship Helicopters, Jets and heavy weapons are being used. The dead bodies of innocent people are not being handed over to us by the govt. forces and tribal head forces. He added on one hand the government plays the joke of the “Package” on the other hand it acts on Baloch genocide. He said the World Human Rights Associations should act taking notice of the inhuman violations in Balochistan.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Jamil Bugti slaps Mubashar Luqman at Lahore Airport

Open in new windowLahore: Jamil Akbar Bugti, Son of Nawab Akbar Bugti slapped famous TV anchor and host of a show on Express News Mubashar Luqman, at Lahore Airport after the anchor used abusive language against Jamil Akbar bugti and Balochistan.

While talking to media Jamil Bugti said that “I was standing in the line to get my boarding pass at Lahore Airport, when I reached at the reception, I requested the officer to give me a comfortable seat on plane , the anchor Mubashar Luqman, was standing behind me at that time, he started criticizing me by saying “they take PIA on contract”.

Jamil Bugti said that he ignored the anchor’s remarks but he did not stop and start using abusing language against me and Balochs and showed his hatred against us which he cannot bear and to shut his mouth he slapped the anchor.

Jamil Bugti said that the producer of Mubashar Luqman’s programme has invited him in his programme a few days back but he refused to go because he do not go to those programmes whose anchors’ are agents of agencies.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Efforts to wipe or change the historical name of Balochistan

The occupiers fars and criminal zabolis are increasing their numbers in Balochistan more than anytime before, they are migrating into the centres of the developing cities of Balochistan such as Zahedan and Chabahar and pushing the native Baloch people into the margins. These foreigners who are openly supported by the mafia Sepah, Ahmadi nejad and Khameni are involved in destroying our national identity "Baloch"

Recently these zabolis have started thinking of to remove the name of historical Balochistan and currently they are having debates on this issue, these deceitful occupiers and unwanted guests don't even recognise Baloch people as humans living in Balochistan to have a word with about issues regarding their occupied country.

In the recent 30 years the brutality of Zabolis have reached a point where they don't even want to see or hear the name "Balochistan", let me give some examples of the past, when first Persia occupied Balochistan they changed its name into Balochistan and sistan, later on it changed other way around to sistan and Balochistan which is currently in use, and now they dont want Balochistan in it, they probably want it to be only Sistan or Sistan and Zabolistan.

This means their brutalities are not just limited to the people of Balochistan, but now they are threatened with the name "Balochistan" our thousands of years old ancestors land.

In conclusion it means that these persian zabolis show that they have no reason to continue their parasitic life in Balochistan. The occupier fars and criminal zabolis who are dreaming of destroying the national identity of Baloch should learn lessons from the fate of Alexander and the Moghols. Baloch and Balochistan will remain forever the people who will have to leave are the occupiers.

Zabolis should pack their stuff up and get out of Balochistan as soon as possible, they should know whether they are going to semnaan or kashaan but they dont have any place to live in Balochistan.

Long Live Baloch and Balochistan.

Sarbaaz Baloch

New Package By Old Thugs

In these days Balochistan package is a hot issue in the pakistani print and electronic media ; where government claiming the big changes in the lives of ordinary Baloch people.Pakistani government promised to solve the deprivation of 62 years in this newly package ''Aghaz Haqooq-e-Balochistan''(Begining of Balochistan Rights).Here i would like to mention few points of package.

1)Release of missing persons
2)Immediate stop of ongoing army operation
3)Rehabilitation of 450,000 displaced people
4)Jobs for five thousand graduates
5)Halt of army garrisons
6)Equal share in the NFC award (National Finance Commission Award)

Since the army operation started in late 2000 so far nearly nine thousand people are missing from all over Balochistan including 150 women.They have been picked up by the ISI & MI from ages,no one knows about their whereabouts; either they dead or alive?.The most worrying thing is that after the announcement of package,the series of kidnapping by ISI &MI is continous.Sangat Sana of Baloch Republican Party pickedup on 8th december while Comrade Abdul Ghaffar Langou Baloch has been abducted from a hospital in Karachi on 11th december,instead of releasing government is increasing the numbers of missing person.

Pakistani security forces carried out a major military offensive in Makoran, Washk and Awaran regions of Balochistan, three civilians have been killed and a woman has been injured due to indiscriminate bombing by Pakistani forces;entire Makoran region is in the fire of fierce brutallity of Pakistani forces.Alas!this so called democratic government is unable to stop the operation.But its extending day by day to all regions of Balochistan.

The 450,000 Baloch who were displaced by the pakistani army in the Dera Bugti,Kohlu and adjacent areas who are still waiting for shelter,water,food,medication,education
jobs.In this package government mentioned to rehabilitate the displaced people.But once again situation is getting worse after the ongoing operation in the Makoran region.Pakistani fighter jets & gunship helicopters heavily bombarded the huts and the fields of Baloch people,once again sons of soil turning into refugees in their own homeland,many families migrated to other areas due to the aggression of Pakistani army.

Another interesting point of this package is five thousand jobs for graduates from Balochistan.Before discussing this point i would like to qoute the few lines of an article of Nargis Baloch the editor of ''The daily intekhab''.In that article she mentioned the story of four graduates of ''dera bugti(sui) who went for an interview in the (PIDC House) the head office of Pakistan Petroleum Limited in karachi.On the entrance of the building security personel asked them that why all of you came over here? they replied for an interview,afterwards security personels asked for their domicile documents,when they had presented their domiciles of ''SUI''.The security personnel used abusive language and did not let them in the building for an interview.The fields of Petroleum and Gas are present in the same area of Balochistan where these graduates belongs to but there is no jos for them beacuse they are Baloch.Pakistani state only interested in the resources of Balochistan but damn care about the Baloch nation.Now after the annoucement of five thousand jobs the non-residents of Balochistan specifically from Punjab and Sindh getting domiciles of Balochistan on the will of source and bribe;once they will get the domiciles then Iam 110% sure they will easily occupy all the jobs.

The halt of army garrisons is also the part of the package and the Frontier Corps will replace the regular army.Both considerations are not trustworty.Because the government only temporarily stoped the construction of cantonments;but they could restart the construction at anytime without taking the Baloch in confidence.Secondly there's no difference between FC and the regular army,both are the same thing by different names.In the recent past both were equally involved in the heinous crimes against the Baloch nation.Frontier core indiscriminate firing on the peacefull protest in Turbat and Tump respectively are the best examples of state terrorism where Altaf Buledi and Mukhtar got martyred and many injured during the time of same so called democratic government.

In the last line i only like to mention the report of the last NFC award which is just approved yesterday,readers can easily understand how equally they distributed the financial resources among the provinces.The overall percentage of the provinces in the resources would now be Punjab 51.74%; Sindh 24.55%; NWFP 14.62% and Balochistan 9.09%.

This new package is in actual a new tactic of the state against the Baloch nation,pakistani forces are badly defeated by the Baloch freedom fighters,now they want a certain period of time for their forces to counter back the freedom fighters and also divert the minds of Baloch nation and calm down the anger;they want to keep us slave for another 62 years.


Pakistan's "anchrocarcy "

News One, a Pakistani private news channel, invited me last night to speak in one of its one-hour talk shows. The topic of the discussion was Indian's involvement in Balochistan and the state of security in the province. The reason I agreed to speak in the show, despite knowing that it is the same channel that provides time and space to lunatic "Pakistani nationalist" Zaid Hamid, was because the anchorperson said he was an ex-colleague from Daily Times.
As the talk show began, the anchorperson expected me to confirm that India was responsible for the mess in Balochistan. I said no. He interrupted and said but there was solid evidence. I said that had never been presented publically.
"So are you trying to say India is not involved in the affairs of the Balochistan," he asked for the third time.
" No," I said, " Balochistan is an indigenous issue."
"Malik sahib," he interrupted me for the fourth time," speak as a journalist. Be objective. Now tell me, is India destabilizing Pakistan via Balochistan or not?"
"Well, I come from the school of thought that believes Balochistan is an internal matter of Pakistan. India never directed Musharraf to kill Nawab Bugti nor was the plan for 'missing persons' prepared by RAW," I snapped.
I was interrupted again. It was the forth rude interruption.
"Malik sahib we don't want someone from a 'school of thought'. We want someone to tell us the actual ground situation from Balochistan. Tell us the "facts" how India is supporting the Baloch movement?"
This time I was annoyed. I protested.
"Mr. Amjad [name of the anchorperson] why are you trying to put words in my mouth? Why are you not allowing me to speak? Why do you keep interrupting me? Please don't expect me to give replies as you desire," I said.
As I refused to give answers as they expected, the news channel conceitedly cut me off air. On the other hand, another participant in the same talk-show from the government side who was "100% sure" about India's involvement in Balochistan, was allowed to speak throughout the show.
Of course, I was not disappointed by this attitude of the 'anchrocarcy' in Pakistan. I only came to know why Islamabad fails to understand Balochs and Balochistan. They think everyone is a purchasable commodity. I am sorry. I am not the right person to take online next time. No India-Israel-Jewish-bashing can I do. Wrong number.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Balochistan Human Rights Activists Association:Appeal to free Ebrahim Mehrnehad

Mr Ebrahim Mehrnehad is the younger brother of late Mr Ya'qoub Mehrnehad a well known Baloch journalist, blogger and human rights activist who was executed on 2008. Ebrahim Mehrnehad was arrested in March 2008 when he was 16, since last twenty months Ebrahim Mehrnehad has been held in Zahedan Central jail the province of Balochistan, Iran and in Kerman jail without access to lawyers or his family. Ebrahim was arrested because he continued in the same path as his brother to high light human right situation in balochistan.

He was sentenced to 5 years of prison in a secret and unfair trial conducted by Iranian authorities in Zahedan city on charges of acting against national security and spreading so called anti-government propaganda. The same charges were used to convict his brother, Ya'qoub Mehrnehad to death, who was later executed.

This is yet another in a long string of repressive actions by the Iranian regime against Baloch people.

Balochistan Human Rights Activists Association (BHRAA) appeal to Ms Navanethem Pillay, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Ms. Margaret Sekaggya, Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights Defenders, and Working Group on Arbitrary Detention urge Iran to immediately release Mr. Mehrnehad from prison. We in the BHRAA highly appreciate any action taken by the international human rights bodies. We also believe that these actions will have positive effects.

Sincerely yours,

Masoud Baloch

Balochistan Human Rights Activists Association

Friday, 11 December 2009

Comrade Abdul Ghafar Langou Baloch abducted from Karachi

Karachi: Balochwarna has learnt that Comrade Abdul Ghaffar Langou Baloch has been abducted from a hospital in Karachi. Sources close to Mr Langou said that he was in Karachi for his wife’s treatment. Earlier today (11-12-2009) the personal of Pakistani intelligence agencies have abducted him from the hospital & and shifted towards unknown location. His wife has been left stranded in hospital as at the time of abduction Ghaffar Baloch was the only person with her.

It must be noted that Comrade Ghaffar was first arrested in 2000. He was rearrested in 2006 in Mongochar area; Both times he suffered severe mental and physical torture at the hand of Pakistani Military Intelligence and Intelligence agencies. Comrade Mir Ghaffar Langov was released on Friday 8 May 2009, after years of illegal detention. Now he has been abducted again for the third time.

Few days back a leader of BRP Sangat Sana Baloch was abducted from Kolpoor areas of Balochistan and his father has already alleged that his son has been kidnapped by the Pakistani intelligence agencies. It is interesting to mention that these two Baloch young men have been abducted after the government has announced the so called package and withdrawing of case against Baloch activists.

Reports of fierce fighting between Pakistani security force and Baloch fighters

Makoran: Balochistan national media reported that Pakistani security forces are carry out a major military offensive in Makoran, Washk and Awaran regions of Pakistani occupied Balochistan, three civilians have been killed and a woman has been injured due to indiscriminate bombing by Pakistani forces. The spokesman of BLF (Baloch liberation front) Mr Basham Baloch told the online new agencies that that occupying forces extended the military offensives in the Makoran regions of Migor, Kashaz, Chago, Maran Band, Tump, Dasht and surrounding areas. Pakistani forces are bombarding continuously. He alleged that three civilian casualties have been reported so far and a Baloch woman named '' Mah Bibi'' was severely tortured by Pakistani security officials during a house –to – house search operation in Washk region of Raghay.

According Mr Baloch the Pakistani forced apparently started the operation against Baloch Freedom Fighters in the region but Baloch fighters had already moved to safer location. Basham Baloch also claimed that killed eight Pakistani security personals have been killed and injured several others during a gun-battle between security forces and Baloch fighters from his Organisation.

He also alleged that the announcement of packages was the beginning of military operation in Awaran and adjacent areas. He said several areas have been completely besieged by occupied forces and spy jets have been seen flying in some of the aforementioned regions. “They will not succeed to stop the freedom fighters; as we have the support of entire Baloch nation” he reiterated. The enemy forces will be defeated in every town and street. “If the ongoing operation is not halted it will be destructive for the state” he warned. The struggle will continue until we regain our independence.

Courtesy BUC news & BaluchJohd blog

Human Rights Day observed in Balochistan & Karachi

Quetta/Karachi: Thousands of Baloch political activists, students and families of missing person have taken to streets to observe the Human Rights Day in Quetta, Chaghai, Kharan, Sibi, Panjgur, Noshki, Khuzdar, Lasbela, Hub Chowki, Mastung, Kalat, Gwader, Turbat, Naseer Abad, Jafar Abad and in Baloch populated areas in Karachi. The largest protest rally to commemorate the UDHR (Universal declaration of Human Rights) was held in Quetta. The Voice for Missing Baloch Persons, BSO-azaad, Baloch Rights Council (in Karachi) and BNF had given the call for protest rallies on 10 December to protest against the ongoing military operation, forced-displacements and force-disappearances in Balochistan.

The demonstrators were holding the pictures of abducted Baloch activists, placards which read; UN SHOULD TAKE NOTICE OF ILLEGAL ABDUCTION OF BALOCH MISSING PERSONS, INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANISATIONS TAKE NOTICE AGAINST THE VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS IN BALOCHISTAN, and they were chanting slogans ‘demanding’ the immediate release of Baloch political activists. They said that the families of missing persons were suffering from financial and mental trauma due the absence of their loved ones. The agony even grew stronger after some of the abducted persons were killed while in detention.

A large number of Baloch women and children took part in demonstration to show their anger toward the Pakistani and Iranian regimes for the atrocities they are committing in Balochistan. The protesters called upon International Community, the UN and International Human Rights Organisation to take notice of the Human Rights violations in Balochistan.

The leaders of political parties, students and relatives of Baloch force-disappeared persons while speaking at the occasion said that their loved ones have been missing for several months and they were not aware of their situations and whereabouts. The participants of the protests strongly rejected the Pakistani government’s announcement for withdrawing cases against the Baloch activists. They said that none of the missing persons name was on the list that government of Pakistan released recently.

The Baloch demonstrators expressed their sadness by the silence of International Community regarding the mass-murder and mass-abductions of Baloch activists by the Iranian and Pakistani security forces. They said by law a person should be produced to a court with 24 hours of his/her arrest but their loved ones had been missing for years and months , yet they are being denied any legal representation and their family member are not told about their whereabouts.

They also strongly condemned the ongoing military operation and houses-to-house searches in Kohlu, Dera Bugti, Sarwan, Jhalawan, News Kahan and Rakhshan in Balochistan and demand from the government of Pakistan to halt the military operation. The Baloch Organisation appealed the Amnesty International, International Human Rights Organisation, The UN and other Rights bodies to take notice of Pakistani and Iranian security forces atrocities against the people of Balochistan.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Panchein Darya Tahi Ohn Beban Anga Behr Nabhan Mani Balaach eh (Balochi Revolutionary Song)

International Human Rights Day, Dec 10, 1948

Press release of American Friends of Baluchistan

Open in new windowPress release
Call: 301-957-0008

WASHINGTON DC, Nov. 9, 2009: The Baluch in the USA are marking the international human rights day by drawing the world attention to nearly 8,000 Baluch missing in Pakistan Occupied Baluchistan.

Rain, snow or shine, a dawn to dusk hunger strike will be staged by an activist of the American Friends of Baluchistan in front of the Norwegian embassy in Washington DC, to apprise the world about the silence over the abduction of Norwegian Baluch national Ehsan Arjemandi, 34.

Arjemandi was abducted by the Pakistani Military Intelligence, a sister agency of the infamous Inter Services Intelligence while visiting his native Baluchistan on August 7.

He is among the more 8,000 Baluch that have gone missing since the onset of what the Baluch call the fifth war of independence after the forced annexation of their territory by Pakistan on March 27, 1948.

After months of denial, pakistan Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani recently acknowldged that the federal government has a list of nearly 1,000 such missing persons who he promised will reunite with their families soon.

The victim's brother Ali Arjemandi has complained his brother is being treated differently because of his skin color.

More than 20,000 Baluch patriots have given their lives for the freedom of their country.

Both Pakistan and Iran are committing gross human rights violations against the Baluch people, who are struggling for independence. Baluchistan was once an independent country on the world map before the white men set foot on their territory more than two centuries ago. When the British left, as part of their divide and rule policy, Baluchistan lost its independence as Pakistan under its thuggish leader Mohammad Ali Jinnah forcibly occupied Baluchistan under a so-called Instruments of Accession.

The A.F.B. is closely allied with Baluch national heroes Waja Hyrbyair Marri, Waja Brahumdagh Bugti and Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch and is the most organized political voice of the Baluch people in the US capitol.

The address of the embassy is 2720 34th Street NW, Washington DC 20008.

Does the UDHR apply to the people of Balochistan?

By Faiz Baluch

As the world marks International Human Rights Day this 10 December, Pakistan and Iran should be urged to respect the Human Rights of the Baloch.

International Human Rights Day is observed by the international community every year on Dec. 10 to commemorate the day in 1948 when the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The declaration has become a universal standard for defending and promoting human rights. The first sentence of the declaration reads: "The recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world." The declaration remains one of the most important documents ever created. It represented the first clear formal statement of the fundamental rights to which all humans are entitled. Guinness World Records describes it as the world's ''Most Translated Document''.

Does this declaration protect the rights of occupied Nations or stateless Nations?

The oppressed and occupied Nations continue to suffer at the hands of member states of the United Nations. Balochistan is one such stateless Nation that has long been under siege and attack by occupying countries that are signatories of the United Nations.

Due to the lack of international media coverage and international recognition, the Balochistan conflict is known as the “Forgotten Conflict”. The Baloch people’s struggle for independence, and against the illegal occupation of their sovereign state, continues till this day. Balochistan was first occupied and divided by the British in 1839. Later, two artificial British-drawn borders, the Goldsmith Line and the Durand Line, sliced Balochistan into three pieces. Northern Balochistan and Western Balochistan were given to Persia and Afghanistan respectively, and Eastern Balochistan (Pakistan-occupied Balochistan) remained independent and maintained treaty relations with the British. Balochistan was never a part of British India, Persia or any other empire or countries.

In 1947 when the British concluded that they could not rule over a united India, they came up with the idea of building a separate state for Muslims. The “Two Nation Theory” was proposed to serve this purpose, and India was subsequently divided in the name of religion. A new state was carved out of India and named Pakistan, meaning the land of pure, though many may argue that its purity is doubtful.

Before the partition of India and the withdrawal of the British, the Baloch were given three options: (1) join India, (2) join the upcoming Pakistan or (3) remain independent. The Baloch, of course, chose to maintain their sovereign state.

On 11 August 1947 the British, India and the upcoming Pakistan administration declared Balochistan’s independence. On 13 August 1947 India was granted independence and 14 August 1947 Pakistan was carved out of India and declared a country. On 15 August 1947 the ruler of Balochistan, “The Khan,” formed the two houses of Baloch parliament, “The House of Commons and The House of Lords”. Balochistan’s independence, however, was short-lived as newborn Pakistan, within 9 months of coming into existence, occupied Balochistan; the rationale used to justify this occupation was the idea of shared religion. The so-called founder of Pakistan, Mr. Jinnah, also known as Mohammad Ali Jinnah by Pakistanis, had invited the ruler of Balochistan to join Pakistan. On 16 December 1947 the Khan called a joint meeting of the Houses and put the matter before them. The Balochistan parliament overwhelmingly rejected the idea of joining Pakistan and opted to remain independent.

On 27 March 1948 the Pakistani army invaded Balochistan and held the Khan and his family members hostage in their own palace. That same year, while the Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed a people’s right to The recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world,” the independent state of Balochistan was occupied at gunpoint--a sheer violation of the Baloch people’s Human Rights and their right to freedom and justice.

In late 1948, the Baloch people initiated the first revolt against the illegal occupation of their motherland. In fact, it was the younger brother of the ruler of Balochistan, Prince Abdul Karim Khan Baloch, who led the revolt and fought occupying forces. The struggle to regain Baloch sovereignty has erupted intermittently throughout the years and continues till this day. The Baloch people’s only desire and demand is their right to independence and the Baloch are determined to continue their struggle until such time that Balochistan is free once again. After the initial revolt in 1948, Pakistan has come into open conflict with the Baloch on four occasions: 1958, 1962-63, 1973-77 and the current ongoing conflict which started in early 2000.

Hundreds of thousands of Baloch have been killed since the occupation in 1948 and many hundreds have been made homeless, now living in neighbouring Pakistan and Afghanistan under appalling conditions. International aid agencies have been denied access by Pakistani authorities to help the displaced people of Balochistan. Unfortunately, the UN seems unconcerned by Pakistan’s actions towards the Baloch, and uninterested in helping Baloch refugees.

It was during this most recent conflict that many top Baloch leaders were murdered, along with thousands of innocent Baloch women, children and elderly. Among the top Baloch leaders assassinated during Musharraf’s dictatorial regime and the current so-called elected PPP government, were Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, Nawabzada Balaach Marri, Dr. Khalid Baloch, Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, Lala Munir Baloch, Sher Mohammad Baloch, Rasool Bux Baloch and, most recently, Nisar Baloch in Karachi. At present, 8,000 Baloch political activists, students and ordinary Baloch are reported missing. The families of abducted Baloch claim that they have not been told about the situations of their loved ones. None of the forced-disappeared Balochs have been presented in any court, or allowed any legal representation.

Even today as I write this article, a military offensive is taking place in Balochistan and people are disappearing. According to latest reports, the Pakistani military is preparing for a military operation in the Makoran region of Balochistan.

I am upset by the silence of the International Community regarding the atrocities committed in Balochistan by Iranian and Pakistani security forces. Baloch are killed and executed under sham pretexts and labelled drug dealers or enemies of GOD in Iran and outlaws or miscreants in Pakistan. Yet, the USA, the EU and other democratic powers take no action against Pakistan and Iran. The Baloch need their moral support and it is the ethical responsibility of these champions of Human Rights and democracy to raise their voices against the human rights violations in Balochistan.

Pakistan is deceiving the International Community, especially the West, claiming to help fight the “War on Terror”, while committing heinous crimes against the people of Balochistan. Baloch nationalist parties allege that the weapons and other resources Pakistan receives to fight the Taliban are instead being used against the secular Baloch people. The international War on Terror is more like a give and take business, it’s being used as “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours”.

The Baloch and other oppressed Nations are the invisible victims of the War on Terror. The member states of United Nations are suppressing the genuine struggle of occupied Nations whereas the UN is reluctant to take action against these states. It is high time that stateless Nations like the Baloch, the Tamils, the Kurds and others are given fair representation in the UN to make their voices heard across the globe. The UN, instead of covering up the crimes of member states, must take actions against them. If solutions lead to the dismemberment of such states, the UN should not hesitate to support this.

On this International day of Human Rights the Baloch urge the UN and other International Human Rights Organisations to pressure Pakistan and Iran to put an end to human rights violations in Balochistan. Pakistan and Iran must be urged to respect the human rights of the Baloch people. The articles of UDHR apply to the Baloch, as much as any other oppressed Nation. If the world wants to honor the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it must respect the rights of the Baloch people, as well.

The Baloch urge the honourable UN secretary General Mr. Ban Ki Moon to recognise Balochistan as an occupied territory under the Geneva Convention and use his good office to emphasise to world leaders that they should take notice of the gross human rights violations committed by the fascist regimes of Iran and Pakistan against the Baloch people