Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Pakistani security forces attacked across Balochistan, Two PAF personnel killed in Pasni

Quetta : The Baloch freedom fighters claimed to have killed several Pakistani security forces personnel including two staff of Pakistan Air Force in different attack across Balochistan on Monday.   

According to Balochistan national media reports at least three people, including two personnel of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF), were killed and another PAF personal was injured in Pasni, Gwadar District. The Pakistan Air Force personnel were shopping at the Zareen Markeet when armed men on motorbike opened fire on them.   

Resultantly, three people, including two PAF personnel and a shopkeeper were killed, while a PAF official sustained bullet injuries. The deceased were identified as Muhammad Ibrahim from Skardu, Khurram Shahzad from Rawalpindi and the shopkeeper identified as Elahi Bukhsh, a resident of Mashkey Balochistan, while the injured was identified as Nabi Shah.   

Pasni Tehsildar Shey Akbar Baloch while speaking to Daily Times said: “The law and order situation is not good in Pasni and we had asked the security personnel to inform us before visiting the city so that we could provide them security.”   

Meanwhile, Gwahram Baloch, a spokesperson of the Baloch Liberation Front (B L F) has claimed responsibility for the attack on Pakistan Air Force personnel. He said Pakistani security forces were on the target of Baloch freedom fighters and warned the general public to stay away from Pakistani security forces personnel, check posts and vehicles.   

“Our main target was the PAF personnel and we regret that a local shopkeeper was also killed as the result of our attack,” said Gwahram Baloch.  

He further claimed that fighters from his organisation have also killed a Frontier Corps (F.C) man in Prom region of Panjgur town in Balochistan.  

In a separate attack several worker of FWO (Frontier Work Organisation), a construction and military engineering branch of the Pakistani Army, have reportedly been injured in Panjgur, Balochistan.   

Jiand Baloch, a spokesperson, of Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has accepted responsibility for the attack on military’s construction company.   

Mr Baloch has also warned the drug traders in Panjgur to mince their ways. “We warn the drug sellers to stop selling lethal drugs to local Baloch youth. Otherwise the Baloch sarmachar (freedom fighters) will attack them. “  

A man, identified as Muhammad Jamal, was shot dead by unknown men, riding a motorbike, at Al-Faisal Chowk in Khuzdar on Monday.   

BLA spokesperson Jiand Baloch claimed responsibility for gunning him down and said that he was a staff of Pakistan’s secret agencies.   

Three Pakistani security forces personnel have also reportedly been killed in Soro region of Mand town in Balochistan. Baloch Republican Army (BRA) spokesperson, Sarbaaz Baloch, claimed responsibility for the attack, adding that fighters from his organisation attack a check post of Pakistani forces and injured several personnel of Frontier Corps.   

Sarbaaz Baloch also claimed that BRA fighters have killed another two personnel of security forces in Baar Bozh area of Dera Bugti and Tump Balochistan respectively.   

Baloch resistance organisations, fighting for the independence of Balochistan, have recently escalated their attacks against Pakistani security forces across Balochistan.


Sunday, 27 January 2013

Forced Confession Of Baloch Political Prisoners In Iran

Zahidan : We fear their execution will happen soon, thus asking international community and human rights defenders to intervene and put pressure on the Iranian government to halt the prisoners’ execution and provide them open and fair trial with access to their own defense lawyers.

Iranian official television has broadcasted forced confession of some Baloch political Prisoners most of them were arrested in March, April and May 2012. They confess of their involvement in assassination of Mr. Mulavi Mostafa Jungozahi.

Most of the people in the region believe that Mulavi Janguzahi has been assassinated by the regime’s own security forces, in order to justify their plan for arresting Baloch activists and terrorizing people in Balochistan. Even Mulavi Mostafa Jangozahi's family members have rejected these people’s involvement in the assassination plot.

Given the regime’s fear of uprising by oppressed nationalities people against open discrimination, it is using its most fearful instrument of forceful confession and execution in the regions of oppressed nationalities. In the recent weeks the regime has convicted to death also Kurdish and Arab political prisoner in Iran. They also have been shown in TV where they have confessed their connection to foreign countries and assassinations.

It is the Iranian authorities’ normal practice in Balochistan to execute political prisoners after their forced televised confessions. We fear their execution will happen soon, thus asking international community and human rights defenders to intervene and put pressure on the Iranian government to halt the prisoners’ execution and provide them open and fair trial with access to their own defense lawyers.

Balochistan Peoples Party


Friday, 25 January 2013

“Military Operation Has Been Escalated In Balochistan; Baloch Women Were Abducted From Dera Bugti.” Sister Of Zakir Majeed

The hunger strike camp of the families of Baloch missing persons entered its 1055th day in total and 55th day in Karachi.

A delegation of BNM Gwadar visited the camp here in Karachi and expressed solidarity with the families of abducted Baloch and assured them of their support. While talking to the family members of victims the BNM delegation said that since the occupation of Balochistan by Pakistani and Irani forces Baloch intellectuals and revolutionary sons of soil are struggling to regain the sovereignty of Baloch state. It is the determined struggle and sacrifices of Baloch sons that today the struggle has turned into a full fledge freedom movement.

“Occupying forces have escalated the army operation and Baloch genocide in Balochistan, state is trying to frighten the people of Kohlu, Kahan, Dera Bugti and Mashky by using brutal and violent methods,” Said Vice chairman, General Secretary of VBMP sister of Zakir Majeed and Mehlab Baloch daughter of Deen Mohammad to the delegation.

They said the Pakistani power drunken Army is torturing Baloch women and children, many women were disappeared by Pakistani forces in Dera Bugti few days back. Situation in Khuzdar is also similar to the one in Dera Bugti, Kohlu, Kahan and elsewhere in Balochistan. Pakistani army is burning the houses of Balochs to build army cantonments.

Pakistani forces have read the book of hitler to brutalize Baloch nation for the land and resources of Balochistan, Said Mama Qadeer while talking to delegation.  He further said that Pakistani forces know very well they have to leave this land sooner or later then I don’t understand why are they using the name of Islam.

The families of abducted Baloch appealed to international community to take immediate notice of Pakistani barbarism in Balochistan.


Enemy can strike any time, in case of death I should be buried wrapped with Independent Balochistan flag: Mama Qadeer

Karachi: The hunger strike camp of families of enforced disappeared Baloch reached to 1054 days. A delegation of BSO Azad Tump zone visited the camp of disappeared Baloch to sympathize with the families and they assured their support. They said the burden we have on our shoulders is for the welfare of our struggle not for individiuals. If any one takes our freedom from us they may but they cannot take away the right of sacrifice from us. Said the spokesman of BSO Azad delegation.

Today Pakistani military is inflicting brutalities on Baloch living in every part of Balochistan, the enemy state is telling the Baloch with force that they are slave and will have to live the life of slaves or else they would be killed one by one.

“The enemy is ready to strike any time if I die while struggling for the recovery of Baloch disappeared person, I should be wrapped in Balochistan flag and buried in ancestral graveyard” Said Mama
Qadeer The Voice chairman of Baloch missing persons (VBMP). He said Baloch are fighting for their freedom. Sacrificing for freedom is the duty of every conscious person whether young or old.

To prolong the occupation of Balochistan the state is using the traitors against Baloch national liberation struggle with its policies of votes and elections. But the Baloch nation has also vowed not to bargain the sacrifices of martyred and abducted Baloch. Baloch will never become part of the occupier’s parliament and death squads whose hands are red with the Baloch blood.


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Eight persons including a woman and a child killed during Pakistan military offensives in Balochistan

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Quetta : 

At least eight innocent Baloch including a child and a woman have been killed by Pakistan’s armed forces in different areas of Balochistan on Monday.
Sources reported that Pakistani forces raided and attacked a house in Besima area of Balochistan. Two occupants, Mr Qasum Baloch and his sister Rozina Baloch, were killed due indiscriminate firing and shelling on their house.

Meanwhile, in another incident two men have reportedly been killed in Panjgur in a gun battle against Pakistani Army. Unconfirmed sources reported that a number of Pakistan military personnel have also been killed in the clash. The bodies of the two men are said be still in the custody of military and their identity could not ascertained until the filing of this report.

Separately, two bullet-riddled bodies have been discovered, in Haidari canal, from the Pir Koh area of Dera Bugti on Monday. The bodies were taken to the PPL hospital in Sui for autopsy where the deceased were identified as Bahian S/O Arz Mohammad Bugti and Raza Mohammad (Razzu) S/O Gul Mohammad Bugti. According to hospital sources the victims were shot multiple times in the head and upper torso.

The central spokesperson of the Baloch Republican Party claimed that the victims were from the thirteen people abducted during a military offensive on Saturday from Pirkoh area.

The BRP’s press release further claimed that a man and his daughter were killed when a rocket hit their hut. The deceased have been named as Buzoo Bugti s/o Sher Khan Bugti and his little daughter while his wife and his daughter-in-law were severely wounded. The press release read: “Dozens of houses have been also destroyed when Pakistani security forced bombarded the area Pirkoh area of Dera Bugti.”

Pakistan federal government has imposed governor rule in Balochistan and given a free hand to the Frontier Corps (FC) to carry out targeted operation across Balochistan after over a hundred shia Hazars were killed by allegedly state back Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, an Islamic extremist group, in Quetta.

However, the Baloch political parties argue that the governor rule was imposed to intensify the military operation against pro-independence Baloch people to pave the way for upcoming elections in Pakistan. They Baloch political parties allege that Lashkar-e-Jhangvi are supported and protected by Pakistani security forces that is why they can operate freely and with impunity. The main victims of the governor rule are and will be the innocent Baloch people, the Baloch nationalists say. 

Courtesy: Baloch warna