Friday, 25 January 2013

Enemy can strike any time, in case of death I should be buried wrapped with Independent Balochistan flag: Mama Qadeer

Karachi: The hunger strike camp of families of enforced disappeared Baloch reached to 1054 days. A delegation of BSO Azad Tump zone visited the camp of disappeared Baloch to sympathize with the families and they assured their support. They said the burden we have on our shoulders is for the welfare of our struggle not for individiuals. If any one takes our freedom from us they may but they cannot take away the right of sacrifice from us. Said the spokesman of BSO Azad delegation.

Today Pakistani military is inflicting brutalities on Baloch living in every part of Balochistan, the enemy state is telling the Baloch with force that they are slave and will have to live the life of slaves or else they would be killed one by one.

“The enemy is ready to strike any time if I die while struggling for the recovery of Baloch disappeared person, I should be wrapped in Balochistan flag and buried in ancestral graveyard” Said Mama
Qadeer The Voice chairman of Baloch missing persons (VBMP). He said Baloch are fighting for their freedom. Sacrificing for freedom is the duty of every conscious person whether young or old.

To prolong the occupation of Balochistan the state is using the traitors against Baloch national liberation struggle with its policies of votes and elections. But the Baloch nation has also vowed not to bargain the sacrifices of martyred and abducted Baloch. Baloch will never become part of the occupier’s parliament and death squads whose hands are red with the Baloch blood.


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