Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Nine months on: Gwadar fishermen still in Somali captivity

Occupied Balochistan,GWADAR: The authorities couldn’t care less, complained families of the 11 fishermen from Gwadar, who were kidnapped eight months ago by Somali pirates when their boat drifted into the open sea.Expressing disappointment on Tuesday at the government’s indifference to their plight, relatives of the kidnapped fishermen termed the administration and society “lethargic”.
The fishermen, who were captured by Somali pirates, along with their launch back in February, include Ibrahim, Rahim Bakhsh, Tahir, Saleh Muhammad, Qadir Bakhsh, Younus Muhammad Ali, Khuda Bakhsh, Rafiq and Hanif.

Initially, the victims were in contact with their families through satellite phones. They informed their relatives that the pirates were demanding money for their release. However, it’s been months now since the families last heard from them.
The families said they have held two meetings with their MPA and provincial Minister for Fisheries Hammal Kalmti to seek his help, but no steps had been taken by him so far. They added that whenever they call him now, they are told he is either in Islamabad or in London.
Owner of the ill-fated fishing boat Khuda Baksh told that they had also contacted human rights activist Ansar Burney in this regard, but he too had not paid any heed to the matter.
The families who are worried sick about the health and safety of their loved ones urged the media to bring their predicament to the forefront in hopes of moving the government to fulfill its responsibilities.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Despite the limited resources Daily Tawar continues its publication for seven years.

Pakistani intelligence agencies in the provincial capital of Balochistan pressurized the news agents and newspaper seller to stop selling Daily Tawar; in case of denying they will be responsible for their lives.
Occupied Balochistan:After censored ship from intelligence agencies for seven years Daily Tawar circulation stopped in the provincial capital of Balochistan. According to the sources a leading Urdu newspaper in Balochistan has been receiving threats by Pakistani intelligence agencies for several times in order to stop its publication but it didn’t.Daily Tawar Editor in chief” Khadam Lehri in an interview stated that he for too many times was threatened by Pakistani intelligence agencies for leaving ‘’Daily Tawar”

It should be noted that before some days Tawar head office in Karachi was surrounded by Pakistani intelligence agencies for many days, working journalists were life threatened and supply of electricity cut by intelligence agencies to head office in Karachi. Latest sources from Quetta said after Pakistan’s notorious intelligence agencies lives threatens to working journalists of Tawar; they are using different tactics to pressurize staff, News agents and printing offices to stop working for Daily Tawar. After their useless efforts ,intelligence agencies now planned to intimidate tawar’s with their pressure tactics, they now choose to physically abolish the Newspaper, its staff and news agents.

According to the editor of Daily Tawar” Yesterday notorious Pakistani intelligence agencies in the provincial capital of Balochistan pressurized the news agents and newspaper seller to stop selling Daily Tawar; in case of denying they will be responsible for their lives.

Daily Tawar a leading Urdu newspaper despite the limited sources not only continues its publication but also followed the real function of mass media. Tawar despite several threats from pressure group continues serving Baloch nation for seven years but it may not anymore because of rotten situation in Balochistan” said Khadam Lehri Baloch”

Daily Tawar in its today’s publication wrote” pressure on Tawar newspaper has increased, working journalists of Tawar including news agents and beuro chiefs in provincial capital of Balochistan; are life threatened and circulations of leading paper in Quetta has been stopped today. A student from Balochistan university on the bet of anonymity said” we in this modern era are deliberately being deprived by Pakistani intelligence agencies to know the current situation in Balochistan”.

However Mr. Lehri editor of Daily Tawar said now intelligence agencies after threatening me many times; now pressurizing the staff and news agents of Daily Tawar. There are almost 120 reporters, correspondents and news agents working for Daily Tawar at various places of Balochistan, their lives are in danger. Tawar staffs including people of Balochistan once again urge the Reporter without Borders, International Association of Journalists, International Union of Journalists, Union of Journalists, and including national and international organizations to call emergency meetings, make commissions’ in order to save hundreds of journalists in Balochistan.


Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Reports of a fresh military operation in Mand and Dasht region of Balochistan

Occupied Balochistan: According to a report aired on Radio Gwank Balochistan heavy contingents ofPakistan military and intelligence forces have started a fresh houses – to – house search in Mand and Dasht area. “From past three days there has been unprecedented increase in military activities in Dasht and surrounding areas”, reported a Radio Gwank local correspondent.

He further said that backed by helicopters, a convoy of around 25 -30 military armoured vehicles and two Vigo Jeeps of intelligence officials arrived Gogord and Hapsi regions of Balochistan. They have been randomly picking people and interrogating them about a five-page-long list of names which they carry with them. According to the intelligence agencies personal these names are of supposed Sarmachars (Freedom Fighters) who they say are in the remote areas of Dasht and Mand mountains. Helicopters have been seen hovering over nearby mountains earlier on Tuesday morning.

“They are brutally torturing innocent people who refused to cooperate with the military or simply say they have no information about the named person on the security forces' list. There have also been reports of skirmish between the Baloch fighters and Pakistani security forces in the remote mountainous areas”, explained Radio Gwank reporter from an unknown location in Balochistan.

The correspondent said that the security forces have been stopping people at check posts and their mobile phones have been confiscated for unknown reasons. Military is still pouring into the Gawader region and it is feared that they plan to intensify their atrocities in coastal regions of Balochistan. 

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Baloch poet’s life is in danger: VBMP

Occupied Balochistan: The Chairman and vice chairman of the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons in an urgent press statement expressed their fear that Baloch social activist and Poet’s life at risk at risk at the hand of Pakistani intelligence agencies.

Nasruallah Baloch and Qadeer Baloch in their joint statement said that after the abduction of Baloch political activists and student the state agencies are now abducting Baloch social activists, poet and journalists. They said renowned Baloch poet Shakir Shad works for a social organisation in Islamabad and on 22 September he was going to his native town of Pedarak from Karachi when the passenger bus he was travelling by was stopped at Ormara FC check post. The security forces first asked Mr Shakir Shad to alight from the bus for a routine body-search. As soon as the Baloch poet stepped out of the bus he was arrested and driven towards an unknown location.

His organisation has expressed serious concerns about his arrest and disappearance. They said Mr Shad’s life is at real danger. They urged the Human Rights Organisations to take immediate notice of this incident and play their due role for the safe and early release of the Baloch poet and social activist.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Pakistan's dirty war against Baloch people: Four female teachers injured in acid attack

Occupied Balochistan: Four female teachers of a private school were attacked with acid by unknown culprits in Killi Alam area of Saryab here on Saturday.

According to local police officer Malik Arshad, the female teachers were sitting in a van outside their school in Killi Alam on Saryab Road when two men on motorbikes hurled acid and fled from the scene. Three teachers, in early 20s, received burn injuries on their face, hands and legs while clothes of another teacher were burnt. The victims were identified as Robina Mushwani, 21, Fazila Bangulzai, 23, Sajida Bibi, 24 and 21-year-old Surriya Langhov. Sajida Bibi was discharged after being provided first aid.

“We were sitting inside the van outside of our school when two persons on motorbike appeared and the hurled acid. The attackers were wearing masks and disappeared from the scene,” one of the injured Fazila told the doctors at Bolan Medical College Hospital.

The victims were admitted at Plastic Surgery and Burns Wounds Department at BMC that was crowded with their relatives. One of the eye witnesses claimed that the culprits had hurled a bottle containing deadly acid on the four female teachers. Dr Allah Bakhsh told the Express Tribune that the victim Rubina received 8 per cent burn injuries in her face and hands, Surriya 3.4 per cent while Fazila sustained 2 per cent wounds. “All the patients are stable and admitted to the ward. We have discharged Sajida Bibi whose merely clothes were burnt,” said Dr Allah Bakhsh.

Police have taken the driver into custody for interrogation. They have also mounted a manhunt in the area and detained several people for questioning.

According to relatives, they had not received any threat. “The van was parked outside the skillful Grammar School as usually and ready to drop the teachers to their respective areas,” said Saleem, relative of one of the victims.

It was the third incident in Balochistan during the past 15 months as earlier three women were attacked with acid in Kalat while two sisters sustained burn injuries in Dalbandin. Later, ISI / MI created new dummy organizations claimed the responsibility and warned the female not to move out in Bazaars, do not work outside and don’t participate in any protest rally or seminars.

It is generally presumed that religious fanatics supported by the state’s intelligence agencies are involved in the acid attacks because they want to spread panic among the Baloch female teachers and Baloch women who are playing a vital role in Balochistan’s independence movement.

Baloch resistance Organiations and leaders of Baloch Nationalist political parties and student Organisatons had strongly condemned the attack on Baloch sisters in Daalbandin and Kalat. They had termed such attacks a dirty game of the state agencies against the secular Baloch society. 

Saturday, 9 July 2011

National Remembrance Day To Be Held In London On 17 July To Tribute The Baloch Martyrs

“The Baloch Martyrs Day 15 July”- “Shahmiren Balochaane Roch' 15 July”

The Baloch nation, like many other nations, in their struggle for freedom has endured great sacrifices. In their endeavor to achieve these aims many have encountered and experienced the wrath of the occupying states. In consequence, many Baloch men, women and children in their struggle for National Liberation have been treated violently and inhumanly by the military and the intelligence services of these occupying states. The very harsh treatment of Baloch people is well recorded, particularly by states such as Pakistan and Iran. Since their illegal occupation of Balochistan these states have been involved in the systematic imprisonment, torture, abduction and extra-judicial killings of Baloch.

According to Voice for Baloch Missing Persons currently around 8000-13,000 Baloch political activists are in the illegal custody of Pakistani security agencies in occupied Balochistan. Tens of thousands have Baloch have been displaced and many hundreds have been either target killed by state’s security agencies or tortured to death under-custody. International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons collected the details of at least 175 Baloch political activists killed during captivity since July 2010.

Similarly hundreds of Baloch have been killed by the fundamentalist Regime of Iran in Iranian Occupied Balochistan and several are on death row waiting to be executed.

In tribute to sacrifices of the Baloch Martyrs the Baloch community in London holds a day of remembrance on the 15, July of every year. The day is nominated as “Baloch Martyrs Remembrance Day.” On this day we express our solidarity with families of Baloch Martyrs and those who are being illegally detained by occupying forces. Also, on this day there will be an exhibition of pictures, names, and a brief description on the background of each victim of occupying states’ violence.

The actual day that this Remembrance Day will take place in London is on Sunday 17th July 2011. The Remembrance Day starts from 12 noon to 5pm at:

Closest Tube station: Hammersmith Station

We wish to request from Baloch people in Balochistan and all over the world to hold 17 of July as “Baloch Martyrs Day or National Remembrance Day” to pay your deepest respects to those who paid the ultimate price of their lives for a free, democratic and united Balochistan.

Organised by:

International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons
Balochistan Democratic Movement
Baloch Unity Conference (UK)
Baloch Community London

For more Information contact:

Dr Mostafa Baloch: 07934536430
Nasser Baloch: 07504610412
Shahid Baloch: 07869086966
Or e-mail: info@bygwaah.com


Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Blast targets FC in Turbat; five killed several injured

Occupied Balochistan: A roadside bomb targeting a Frontier Corps (FC) convoy killed five FC personnel and wounded six in Balochistan’s Turbat area, officials said. The attack occurred in the Mand Ballo area of the district.

According to official sources “Unknown men had planted explosive material beside a road and detonated it with a remote control device when a convoy was passing through.” As a result of the explosion, five personnel were killed and six others sustained serious injuries, they maintained.

They said that the wounded personnel were given immediate medical aid in Turbat and later were referred to Quetta. According to doctors, condition of two of the six injured personnel was very critical.

Official sources confirmed that a search operation has been launched in the area lying along the Pak-Iran border in Turbat district and some suspected individuals had been taken into custody.

Further investigation was underway.

Balochistan is the scene of a war between Pakistani occupying forces and Baloch armed Organisations who are fighting for the Independence of Balochistan. It is worth mentioning that the attack on security forces was carried out less than 24 hours after the statement of Commander and Southern Command Lit. General Javed Zia where he said, “Insurgency in Balochistan is dying down”. However, today’s attack on Pakistan’s paramilitary forces and constant attacks on security forces check posts, gas pipelines, construction companies and other government places proves his claims wrong. 

Friday, 1 July 2011

Balochistan continues to bleed: Body of Comrade Abdul Ghaffar Langove found

Occupied Balochistan, 1 July 2011: Baloch patriot and pro-liberation leader Abdul Ghaffar Langov has killed under-custody by Pakistani security forces, his bullet-riddled and mutilated dead body was recovered today in Gadani area of district Lasbela, Balochistan.

Comrade Ghaffar Langove Baloch was abducted by Pakistani security agencies from Karachi on 11 December 2009, from hospital where his wife was admitted. Till his extra judicial murder his whereabouts remained unknown. He had no access to legal representation neither was he family allowed to meet him.

The relatives of Ghaffar Langav have been protesting for his safe recovery from the Platform of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, an Organisation formed by the families of enforced disappeared Baloch activists, which is striving for the safe and early release of illegally detained Baloch activists and for the arrested of uniformed culprits (the FC, ISI and Military Intelligence) to be brought to justice for their crimes against humanity in occupied Balochistan.

Comrade Ghaffar was first arrested in 2000 but was released around after one month of torture and interrogation by personnel of Military Intelligence. He was rearrested in 2006 from Mangochar area of Balochistan; both times he was subjected to brutal physical and psychological torture by Pakistani Military and Intelligence agencies. After years of illegal imprisonment comrade Mir Ghaffar Langov was released on Friday 8 May 2009. He was received by hundreds of Baloch students and taken to Balochistan University. At the University Mr. Langov reaffirmed his resolve to continue the struggle for the liberation of Balochistan.

In December 2009 Mir Abdul Ghaffar Langov took his wife to Karachi for treatment when the Pakistani intelligence agencies and Karachi Police abducted him for the third time from the gate of hospital on 11, December, 2009. He was kept under illegal custody by the Pakistani security forces despite several orders by Sindh High court for his recovery. The security agencies of Pakistan ignored all the orders of the Courts and denied detaining Mr. Langov. In a free and democratic counrty the intelligence agencies and ISI would have been in contempt of court and would be detained for not obeying the Court orders but in Pakistan the Judiciary, the media, and even the parliament are subservient to the Army and ISI.

The family members of Comrade Abdul Ghaffar Baloch have constantly been protesting in Quetta, Karachi and Islamabad for his release but all in futile. They have time and again urged the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice of his illegal abduction and get the Military Intelligence to produce him to court of law. The family went to the extent to say that if he was involved in any unlawful activities, he should be produced before the court o law in accordance with the constitution of country [Pakistan] and given the opportunity to stand a fair trial to prove his innocence or if he was found guilty he should be punished according the country’s law but all to no avail because the ISI, military Intelligence and other security agencies are a law onto themselves and running a state of their own where they believe they not answerable to anyone. 

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Daughter of Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch seeks Rights groups help to get her father released

Occupied Balochistan: Daughter of missing Dr Din Mohammad Baloch has called upon national and international humanitarian organizations to play their due role for immediate recovery of her missing father.

Addressing a news conference at a hunger strike camp set up by relatives of missing persons, she said that her father was whisked away by security personnel on June 28th in 2009 from his government residence in Tehsil Ornach.

“The kidnappers had beaten up and tortured my father in front of watchman and other employees while dragging him towards official vehicles,” she charged. FIR was registered against the secret agency in Ornach police station but there was no progress in carrying out investigation into the illegal detention.

“The eyewitness had recorded their statements before the Supreme Court, Balochistan High Court, Judicial Commission and investigation committees that my father is in illegal custody of Government functionaries but so far no measure has been taken to recover my father.” she complained.

She said she had also recorded her protest in Islamabad along with other relatives of Baloch missing persons. “I appeal to Humanitarian organizations to intervene into the matter and I had apprehensions that my father is being brutally tortured if steps were not taken to recover him immediately as his body will also be found dumped like the other Baloch missing persons,” she added.

Voice for Baloch Missing Persons president Nasarullah Baloch has said that more than 161 bullet-riddled bodies of Baloch missing persons had been found from different parts of Balochistan in last ten months.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

BLF claim to have inflicted heavy loss to Pakistani and Iranian security forces

By Adeenag Baloch

BLF spokesperson Basham Baloch told BBC that Pakisani and Iranian forces had been conducting a joint military operation in Makran. Talking to BBC UrduBasham Baloch told that Baloch freedom fighter clashed with Iranian and Pakistani forces in Hoshab, Mand, Buleeda and Mashkay. The brutal forces had suffered heavy losses. Aerial bombardment, house to house searches, arresting and torturing civilian and killing them in cold blood is going on.

Makran shares border with Iranian Makran. The state of makran was illegally divided by British and Iran in a treaty in late 19thcentury which resulted in bloody wars between Baloch and Iranian forces. Baloch has never recognized the border between Iran and Pakistan which they see as occupying forces. Whenever Baloch have raised the slogan of Freedom, their voices have been jointly suppressed by Iranian and Pakistani forces.

Basham Baloch appealed to UN and International Organisation to take notice of Iranian and Pakistani brutalities against innocent Baloch people who aspire for nothing but a free Balochistan. He also appealed to Baloch people to stand united against the enemies.

While addressing to Baloch people he said, “We appeal you to stay away from enemy forces. Our Sarmachar (Freedom fighters) can target them anytime. We want to avoid any collateral damage. We pay our deepest respects and tributes to the Baloch martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the National Liberation. It is their sacrifices that we are much closer to a free Baloch state. The joint military operation by Iranian and Pakistani forces shows that fact that we have defeated them psychologically and militarily.”

Pakistan and Iranian forces have been conducting a military operation in Makran for several days. Iranian helicopters and security forces armed with heavy artillery have crossed the border and started a house to house search. FC and Pakistan Air force have also been taking part in the on-going operation. The forces have arrested several persons including women and children. They have been shifted to unknown places. Several houses were razed to the ground by Iranian bulldozers. Ready to harvest crops belongs to the poor farmers set on fire.

A Baloch farmer on the condition of anonymity said that, “They have taken several children and women with them. They torched the land and tortured us and razed our houses to the ground. It is the Iranian forces that are conducting an operation in Pakistan occupied Balochistan”

According to the local sources, the scene was presenting a full scale war; gunship helicopters, aerial bombardment, artillery, Pakistani Air force personnel, and Iranian helicopters are taking part in a brutal aggression against civil population and innocent villagers.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Baloch blogger awarded 20 year imprisonment by an Iranian kangaroo court

Occupied Balochistan: Have you heard of Sakhi Regi? Certainly, his name has not reached to your ears. He was one of the imprisoned after the presidential elections of the year 1388 (2009). This political activist and writer run a blog called “Sarafraz Balochistan blogfa" during the elections of year 1388 (2009) he was one of main supporter of Mir Hassan Mosavi. On 28 Khordad 1388 (18 June 2009) he was in his personal car along with his wife and daughter when some people have stopped them at University Street Zahidan and abducted him at gunpoint. After lots of efforts and pursuit it has been established that he has been abducted by Iranian Intelligence agencies.

After seven months of illegal imprisonment Sakhi Regi in an undisclosed location has been charged for "propagating against the system" [Iranian Regime] through his blog and for this he has been awarded 20 years sentence. After spending three months in Zahedan, capital of Iranian occupied Balochistan, prison he has been shifted to Kaaroon Prison in Ahwaz the Arab Majority region in Iran. The transfer doesn’t only add salt to the wounds of innocent webloger but his family would find it impossible to travel hundreds of miles for visits.

Latest reports reveal that Mr Sakhi is not feeling well because of the torture and inhuman treatment he suffered in prison. Young Regi who has just turned 31 year is a student of IT computing and has not completed his education yet.

What kind of justice is it that has separated nine (9) year old Rezwana, daughter of Regi, from her father only for writing few lines in a weblog? Shall this child spend her juvenile life without her father and reunite with him when he becomes 50 after spending his youth in prison under torture and ill-treatment? What sort of justice is this? Isn’t this unfair to Mr Sakhi and his family?

According to Baluchinew Iran has a notorious history of intolerance towards blogging and many bloggers face arrests, tortures and imprisonments. Situation for Baluch bloggers is even more severe. At least one of the Baluch bloggers namely Yaghub Mehrnehad was hanged on similar charges in 2008. He was the first ever blogger to be hanged throughout the world.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Another victim of enforced disappearances murdered in cold-blood by Pakistan (military)

Occupied Balochistan: The unknown body found in Dasht area near Quetta on Wednesday has been identified as Faiz Muhammad Marri Baloch.

Faiz Muhammad Marri was abducted along with his cousin Khan Mohammad Marri on the night between 6th and 7th November 2010 during a raid on their house in Metrowell area of Karachi. The Sindh Ranger Police and other Intelligence agencies personnel has carried out the raid and on the persistence of Mr Marri’s aged parents the personal of security forces did confirm their Identity and let them see the official police cars in front of the flat.

Last, years couple of days after Mr Marri’s arrest the family sources has informed the media that Faiz had already been missing for a long time and was only released about three weeks before his re-arrest. The family had also complained that Faiz Muhammad was in critical condition due to extreme torture and physical abuses and at the time of his arrest he under treatment from his earlier wounds.

Mr Marri case was also registered with the UN Working Group on enforced disappearances. Yet the UN and other Humanitarian Organisation so far has failed to raise the Baloch issue in their meeting/sessions on the issue of Human Rights Violations.

The young Baloch activist’s body was found in Dasht area near Quetta on Wednesday (02-03-2010) after 3 months of his abduction by Pakistan military forces. According to sources it was almost not possible to recognise the body as it was badly disfigured, however, later relatives have identified Faiz Muhammad Marri body and took him to New Kahan Quetta “Baloch Martyrs graveyard”. He will be buried today (04-03-2011).

Baloch National Voice (BNV) has strongly condemned the brutal murder of Faiz Muhammad Marri, adding that such kill and dump policy of the occupying state cannot deter the Baloch Liberation Movement. The BNV also paid rich tributes to the sacrifices and struggle of Shaheed Marri.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Baloch human Rights activist shot dead in Khuzdar, as some Baloch parties brace for cultural day celebrations

Occupied Balochistan: A human rights activist and coordinator of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) district Khuzdar, Naeem Sabir Jamaldini, has been gunned down today evening in Khuzdar market.

According details Naeem Sabir was standing in front of his shop in Khuzdar market when unknown masked motorcyclists opened indiscriminate fire on him. He was hit in the head and died instantly on the spot. No group has accepted responsibility for the murder so far. Naeem Sabir was a renowned social activist and a writer in Khuzdar. He was also the chairman of Health and Rural Development (HARD) Balochistan.

He mobilized the community groups for human rights and was continuously reporting the human rights violation in Balochistan. Mainly, he covered the abduction of Baloch youth and recovery of the decomposed and mutilated dead bodies. The cold-blooded murder of Naeem Sabir is the continuation of the ongoing state sponsored target killings of Baloch activists.

Pakistan military and their hired death squads have been target killing, abducting and killing in custody Baloch students, poets, lawyers and Human Rights activists since 2006. However, they intensified the mass killings in Balochistan from July 2010 onwards. Naeem Sabir is the 108th person to be killed at the hands of Pakistan’s intelligence agencies. Another member of HRC Mr.Siddique Edo Baloch, who had been abducted on 12/12/2010, is still being held by Pakistan security forces at some undisclosed location.

The last sentences of Naeem Sabir he wrote in Urdu on facebook “Kia 100 Balocho nojawano ki maskh shuda lashey aur hazaro lapata nojawano k mah baap, behn bhaio aur masoom bacho ka dukh aur tarrap “”JASHAN”" manane ki ijazat dete he????” Does the recovery of the decomposed bodies of 100 Baloch youth and the suffering of thousands of enforced disappeared Baloch activists', sisters, innocent children and parents allow us to celebrate “JASHAN”? 

He was referring to the so called “JASHAN – E – BALOCH” the Vsh TV and some parliamentarian Baloch parties and their students wings are celebrating Today 2nd March 2011 in relation to International Culture Day. According to media sources they are planning to go for celebrations atSea View in Karachi. 

The critics of this JASHAN OR CELEBRATION are of the view that even though it is a cultural day but there is no need to sing and dance at a time when there is almost no house in Balochistan that has not received a bullet riddled and decomposed body of their loved one or have not had any of their beloved one arrested and disappeared. The unity of pro-liberation parties, BNF, believes that the cultural day should be observed sober and simple in the loving memory of Baloch Martyrs of liberation and in solidarity with the families of Baloch enforced disappeared persons. 

Sunday, 27 February 2011

International Humanitarian Organisations are ignoring Baloch Genocide by Pakistan: Hyrbyair Marri

Occupied Balochistan: Baloch leader Hyrbyair Marri commenting on the latest statement of Amnesty International said that though it is too little too late but the statement by AI confirms that the Pakistan (security forces) have been given a free hand to carry out mass killings in Balochistan. Despite the confirmation of AI the International Human Rights Organisation in Balochistan are turning a blind eye on state atrocities against Baloch Nation.

He said that “In my view these Organisations (by keeping silence) are supporting the colonising forces to keep their grip around occupied Nations. Their hypocritical policies of suppressing the weak nations and siding with oppressors are not in the advantage of civilised societies. It is proven from the history that slaved nations are forced to live in third world but today in the era of this global progress these International Institutions are busy finding a fourth world for the enslaved nations. In their mind the lives and dignity of oppressed Nations have no worth and value”.

Mr Marri further said that Pakistan [state] is committing atrocities and utilising all its power to eliminate the Baloch nation right under the nose of these International Institution but they still have a soft corner for such a state. The statement of Hyrbyair Marri published on Daily Tawar Balochistan further read: “Pakistan doesn’t need Baloch but their need is Baloch land and resources; if International Community terminates their support, stop backing the occupying state and end advocacy in favour of Pakistan then I believe it [Pakistan] doesn’t have enough strength and courage to sustain its occupation on Baloch land. Whenever in the world the situation deteriorated and resembled the situation of Balochistan; all these Human Rights Institutions, UN, EU, International Court & Amnesty International intervened immediately to stop the genocidal policies of the invaders/occupiers. Had the International Community intervened in Balochistan to stop Pakistan from committing genocide of the Baluch people today there wouldn't have been bloodshed in Balochistan”.

Further expressing his anger over the silence of International Humanitarian Organisations Mr Marri said “Today where my nation is receiving decomposed and bullet riddled bodies of Baloch activists, streets of Balochistan are being washed with Baloch blood, and the Punjabi Death Squad load their guns to kill more youth from my people, the army cantonments in which Baloch activists are suffering extreme torture is greater than what the prisoners in Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo Bay are experiencing; these heinous crimes being carried out just meters away from the huge mansions where these so called Human Rights Defenders reside, yet they don’t see or hear the crying and protesting families of the missing persons on foot paths almost in every city in Balochistan. Pakistan is indiscriminately killing Baloch educated Baloch youth, teacher, lawyers, poets, political activists and common civilians in an attempt to silent the Baloch National struggle; despite all these mass killings the International Institutions have shut their eyes and ears . The champions of Human Rights cannot see anything else in Balochistan but the FESTIVAL SHOW of falling dead bodies of Baloch activists. Unfortunately, the International Organisations are backing the occupying states as well as justifying their atrocities and labelling the voice of occupied Nations as terrorism”.

In relation to Balochistan the International Community is contradicting its own passed humanitarian laws and International principles by supporting the occupier and suppressing the voice of the occupied. He said the International Court of Justice have not taken any notice of Pakistan’s atrocities against Balochistan nor did the UN, EU and other International democracies played any honest and equal role to resolve the Baloch issue. “If the role of International Institutions is to strengthen the oppressors and weaken the oppressed Nation then in such conditions, at least, they have no ethical and moral right to work in Balochistan; Baluch Nation has the capability to carry out their National struggle and face the enemy. The presence of these Institutions is becoming a hurdle in the way of our struggle. It is useless to expect justice and help from these organisations as they are silent on regular falling bodies of Baloch people – to trust them is like crying before a blind person”.

Mr Marri stated that “The Baluch cannot trust these International Organisations until they bring a positive change to their policies and behaviour toward the occupied or enslaved Nation. The Baloch are defending their homeland and struggling for National their identity; if they [International Organisations] are not ready to support us [the Baloch] and don’t condemn the mass custodial killings of Baloch activists then it is better for them to leave Balochistan so that Baloch nation can defend themselves better.”

The Baloch leader said that Pakistan army and the rest of state machinery is busy in crushing the Baloch nation, mostly Pakistan’s current Interior Minister Rehman Malik, who is at the forefront to order mass killings in Balochistan and Pakistan secret agencies are operating with his consent and permission. On his orders they are killing Baloch activists in custody and dumping their bodies away.

“Rehman Malik is a permanent resident of Britain; it is the moral responsibility of the world and the British authorities to question him for directly inciting and ordering the security agencies for carrying out the genocide in Balochistan. Malik should be brought before the International Criminal Court for cases of enforced disappearance and kill and dump policy in Balochistan because the FC (Frontier Corps) is involved in abducting, torturing and killed and dump of Baloch activists the FC works under Home Department and this department takes directions form Rehman Malik”.

He also said that Aslam Raisani, Zehri brothers and some other called Nationalist Baloch leaders are also equally responsible for the current bloodshed in Balochistan.

The Baloch leader further stated that history confirms that in the final days of Bangladesh’s struggle for liberation Pakistan has used the same methods killed and dump of the intellectuals, teachers, singers, students, doctors, physicians and journalist to eliminate the most enlighten section of the nation. Pakistan is repeating same crimes against humanity in Balochistan. Despite such barbarism the Bengalis have succeeded in gaining their freedom. Similarly, the British have recruited large number of Indian youth in Army whereas British were very less but ruled the entire India because they had occupied key posts. When the Indian nation became aware they started struggle against them but the British before leaving had robbed India.

In the end he said that Baloch Nations is aware of the fact that the path of freedom is full of difficulties and in near future the Nation will face further challenges. Baloch Nation is psychologically well aware and ready to face tough time ahead that is why it is impossible for Pakistan to stop the caravan of liberation with the sheer use of force and barbarism. 

Friday, 25 February 2011

Protest against cold-blooded murder of Mehboob Wadhela and Master Arif Rehman Baloch

Occupied Balochistan/Karachi: A shutter down and wheel jam protest was observed for second consecutive day against the murder of two Baloch political activists, by Pakistan military, in most cities and town of Balochistan.

The BSO-Azad and BNF had given the call for protest to which the people responded positively by keeping their transports off the roads and businesses shut. Most of the government office, schools and Banks also remained close for the second day in most parts of Balochistan.

Meanwhile, the lawyers boycotted court proceedings in Makuran region on the appeal of Kech Bar Association. No lawyers have attended any court proceedings and the Bar strongly condemned the extra judicial killings of Mehboob Wadhela Baloch and Arif Rehman Baloch. The lawyers termed the cold-blooded murder of Baloch political activists a gross human rights violation naked barbarism.

Government Teacher Association also boycotted classes and protested against the murder of Master (Teacher) Arif Rehman Baloch and Mr. Wadhela. The GTA had announced seven days mourning and three days protest against the murder of their colleague Arif Baloch. All the schools and educational institutes will remain closed for the third day (Today).

On the other hand civil societies while strongly criticising the Balochistan government said that the extra-judicial killings were taking place with the consent of the government (provincial government). “If the provincial government fails to stop this bloodshed then the entire Balochistan will join the revolution [against the state]”.

Karachi protest: hundreds of gather in front of Karachi Press Club on the call of BNF to protest against the in-custody killing of Arif Rehman Baloch and Mehboob Wadhela Baloch by Pakistan (security forces). The demonstrators were holding placards inscribed against state atrocities against Baluch people and demands to the UN to intervene in Balochistan. The participants of the protest also chanted full throat slogans against Pakistan and in favour of Baloch freedom movement.

Speaking at the occasion the BNF leaders said that recent wave of killings of Baloch political activists was the continuation of the state’s policy of genocide of the Baloch people. They, however, reiterated such brutal acts of the state [Pakistan] will not stop the growing popularity of Baloch struggle for National liberation. The (BNF) demanded of the International Community to take notice of Baloch genocide at the hands of Pakistan. 

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Mehboob Wadela, Rehman Arif bullet riddled bodies found in Balochistan, Ormara.

Ormara : Member of Baloch National Movement (BNM) Mehboob Wadela & Gawader's President of Baloch Republican Party (BRP) Gowadar Rehman Arif have been torture murdered by Pakistan. Brutally tortured and bullet riddled bodies of Mehboob Wadela & Rehman Arif were found in Ormara near Pasni, They were abducted by Pakistan from Karachi.

Shaheed Mehboob Wadela : A senior activist of BNM (Baloch National Movement) was snatched from a Karachi-Gowader bound passenger van on 2nd April 2010. Mahboob Baloch alongside several other passengers were about to leave for Gowader from Karachi when several plane-clothed Pakistani intelligence agencies personals stopped the passenger van at Yousaf Goath in Karachi. The eye witnesses have reported that plane-clothed men abducted Mr Wadhela at gun point; almost dragged him to their vehicle and drove off towards an unknown location. The witnesses had noted that the perpetrators were driving an official car.

 Shaheed Rehman Arif Baloch : President of Baloch Republican Party Gowader Zone was abducted from Karachi. while he was looking after a relative in a Karachi hospital at the time of his abduction. On 3rd September 2010 Mr Rehman Arif along with a relative was seen leaving the hospital near Rancho Line Karachi, eyewitnesses reported that plain clothed men have stopped and abducted the BRP leader and his relative. After few hours his relative was released but Mr Rehman Arif was missing till this date, who has now been murdered by Pakistan.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Pakistan's military aggression continued in different parts of Balochistan

Occupied Balochistan:Search operation initiated in Kohistan Marri and the surrounding areas, the area was siege when huge number of forces ambushed the area of Kohistan Marri and arrested seven locals while also destroying the locals houses in the process of search operation.

From the details and local sources yesterday night the forces ambushed Kohistan Marri from three different paths and started yet another search operation on local Baloch population, the first convoy of security forces was numbered in 16 vehicles came from kohlu, the second convoy numbered 12 vehicles of security forces arrived from Safed Bareli & the last convoy arrived from Barkhan numbering 14 vehicles arrived the seized areas and took their position by ambushing the surrounding Baloch villages and started their search operation.

The search operation was initiated on Tuesday morning and it was still going on while the last report was received, the lack of communication and blockage of media coverage has made it impossible for a correct information on arrest & losses, from the local sources it is believed that the grand operation initiated in different areas of Kohistan Marri includes Siya Koh, Nashao, Barili & Pineyara, the forces in the wake of search operation also used far ranging missiles and gunship helicopters were seen surveying the area.

Detailing the information on arrest of Tribal Personalities like Haji Mohammad Ibrahim Marri & Nawazi Marri local sources stated that in the area of Marri Bohri forces took away both the Tribal personalities while the search operation was on the way, while Rasool Buksh Marri, Sado Marri, Dara Marri, Lagari Marri & Baoch Khan were arrested when there vehicle was halted on the FC check post as they were going to Barkhan from Nashao, Pakistani forces used heavy weaponry in the search operation also as in Siya Koh Jamag Marri’s house was demolished by the use of missiles.

While the haystack home of Hassan Khan was also destroyed in the use of heave weaponry as the forces bombarded different places with heavy missiles, while heavy weaponry was used in the search operation but due to lack of communication system there is no news of any physical causalities, while the local sources also stated that in the mean of search operation Pakistani forces are looting the live stocks of the locals and are harassing the people by door to door search operation because in the area of Nashao Pakistani forces took a horse from Yousuf marri’s house, such disgusting act are being played by the Pakistani forces in the Baloch dominated areas because in the mean of search operation they actually harass women and children & take the live stocks of the locals with them.

The local sources confirmed a fine number of people were arrested in the wake of search operation, as the area of kohistan marri was seized from any media response, use of heavy weaponry and bombardment, arrest and harassment continued for whole one day in the region of Kohistan Marri.

Army operation in Tootak area of Khuzdar,2 killed,dozens injured and thirty people abducted

Two activists of the Baloch Students Organisation-Azad (BSO-Azad) were shot dead, and more than two dozens were injured and thirty abducted by Pakistani forces from Tootak area of Khuzdar district on Friday.BSO-Azad and Baloch Republican Party (BRP) claimed that security forces had killed two activists of BSO-Azad during a search operation in Tutak area and besieged it for more than ten hours,dozens severely injured and thirty people abducted by forces.

The levies personnel took the bodies to the Khuzdar Civil Hospital for medical examination where they were identified as Muhammad Naeem Qalandarani and Yaha Khan Qalandarani. According to Khuzdar-based journalists, they were not allowed by doctors to photograph the bodies. BSO-Azad held protest demonstrations in Quetta, Naushki and Pasni condemning the killings of its activists and accused security forces of carrying out massive operation in Baloch-populated areas. BSO spokesman said that security personnel had besieged the Tutak area and carried out home-to-home search and violated the sanctity of homes.

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Pakistani forces attacked a village in Dera Bugti ,seven civilians were killed and more than 15 injured

At least seven people were killed and more than 15 injured when Pakistani security forces attacked a village on Punjab-Balochistan border area some 80 km from Rajanpur.The residents of surrounding areas were taken aback by the intensity of the Pakistani military offensives that continued for more than 18 hours.A large number of cattle were killed by security forces. These had belonged to the locals in the Suri and Patokh areas.

Several families left their ancestral land after the Pakistani army agression.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Another Baloch is abducted from Makran Coastal Highway

Occupied Balochistan,PASNI:The resident of Pasni Baba Bohair was abducted when he was returning from Karachi to Pasni, his abduction sparked a wide protest from family members and his well wishers, a majority of peoples along with family members protest and picked placards infront of Pasni press club. 

The Family members of Baba Bohair condemned the intelligence agencies for his abduction while declaring that if there is any criminal activities registered against him then he should be acquitted and bring him infront of the court but his abduction shows that hes not guilty infact the abductors are those Pakistani forces personals who are responsible for killing and dumping hundreds of Baloch missing persons. 

The family members during their protest infront of the press club detailed the abduction that Baba Bohair went to Karachi for his routine trading goods and when returning back to his native town Pasni he was whisked away near “Dosi” area of Makran Coastal Highway, The wife of Baba Bohair urged the international human rights organizations, UN and EU to response over the mass killing of Baloch nation and a safe recovery of every Baloch activists including her husband.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Three more bullet riddled bodies found in Balochistan as Pakistan continues its kill and dump policy

Occupied Balochstan: Three bullet-riddled Baloch activists have been found in different locations of Balochistan between Sunday night and Monday morning.

Daily times reported that a passerby spotted a body near Sabzal Road Quetta and informed the police. The body was taken to Bolan Medical Hospital for autopsy, where the victim was identified as Abdul Jabbar son of Muhammad Baksh Lango. He belonged to Manuchar tehsil of Kalat district. Hospital sources said that the victim was shot in the head, which caused an instant death.

“A letter was found from the body in which his name was written,” police said. A case was registered and investigations were underway.

According to Voice for Balochistan Missing Persons Chairman, Nasrullah Baloch, Jabbar was abducted a month ago. However, he said that his name was not included in the list of the missing people.

Two more bodies found on Monday Morning: The bullet riddled body of Arzi Khan Marri was found near Zero point in Uthal where body of Saeed Ahmad Mengal was found in Khuzdar town. Arz Mohammad aka Arzi Marri was abducted along with his cousin Sohbat Khan Marri on 29 September 2010 from the industrial town of Hub. Brutally tortured and riddled with bullets body ofSohbat Khan Marri was found from Dasht area near Quetta.

The families of Arzi Khan Marri and Sohbat Khan Marri have said that Pakistan intelligence agencies were responsible for the abduction and subsequent killing of the cousins one after another.

The third body that was found in Khuzdar has been identified as Saeed Ahmad Mengal. Family sources reported that Saeed was working as a labour in Panjgure and had been abducted from there few weeks ago.

All the three victims have been shot in the head in a similar fashion like the previous victims of Pakistan’s Kill and dump policy. None of the victims belongs to any political parties or affiliated with any other groups. Their only fault, apparently, is being Baloch which made them victims of Pakistan’s ongoing policy of Baloch genocide.

Please also find attached a list of 105 people who have been killed under-custody by Pakistan state forces from July 2010 onwards. 

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Pakistani secret agencies abducted another Baloch from Hub town

Occupied Balochistan,HUB:Abid Basheer resident of Pasni, another victim of abduction by the Pakistani intelligence officials. On his way to Karachi from Pasni, Abid Basheer was abducted from Hub Chowki. According to reports, Abid Basheer s/o Basheer Omer travelling to Karachi in his private vehicle along with his cousin Dad Baksh were stopped by the Pakistani intelligence officials in Hub Chowki also known as Gateway of Balochistan. His cousin was left unharmed.

Family and relatives of Abid Basheer are very concerned about his safety and have filed a FIR in a local Police Station in Hub Chowki. Many people believe the filing FIR against such abductions is useless as the intelligence officials aren't bond to any law in Pakistan.

There are over 8,000 "missing" persons in Balochistan. Very after Pakistan's Interior Minister Rehman Malik's threat of taking 'staunch' action against Balochs, the kidnappings and extra-judicial murders of innocent Balochs has increased overwhelmingly.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Radio Balochistan to be launched

London: Radio Balochistan will start its first broadcasting from Thursday 10/02/2011 in Balochi language all over the world. The Radio will broadcast live every Thursday and Friday from 10 February onwards on following times in Balochistan and all over the world. The recorded program will be repeated 4 times in 24 hours after live broadcasting.

UK: 2:30 to 3:30 pm GMT time
Balochistan (Iranian Occupied): 6:00 to 7:00 pm
Balochistan (Pakistan Occupied): 7:30 to 8:30 pm
UAE: 6:30 to 7:30 pm

Radio frequency 
7510KHz SW Band 41 Metre

Satellite -1
Telstar 12 15 (West)
Frequency: 12608
S/R: 19279
FEC: 2/3 Horizontal

Satellite - 2
Eutelsat 3A 7 (East)
Frequency: 10721
S/R: 22000
FEC: 1/2 Horizontal

Special thanks to Gunaz TV. 

Monday, 7 February 2011

Save Balochistan Campaign: Protest To Be Held In London

London: We invite all Baluch, friends of Baloch and Human Rights Campaigners to join us to raise the voice of the Baluch victims and to defend their democratic rights. Therefore, as our ongoing monthly pickets and in relation to Save Balochistan Campaign, we the ‘International Voice for Baluch Missing Persons’ (U.K) would request you to participate in the protest which will be held on Sunday 13 February 2011 in front of BBC World service in London from 2pm – 5pm.

Address: BBC World Service
Bush House
Strand, London, WC2B 4PH
Nearest station: Holborn Tube Station
Time & date: Sunday 13 February 2pm – 5pm

The Occupying States’ Ongoing Crimes in Baluchistan

In the artificially structured boundaries of the states of Pakistan and Iran one thing that has no value is human lives. Both states are equipped to their teeth with modern armaments, Jihadist mercenaries and a medieval religious creed. They have used this cocktail of destruction to justify their untold atrocities. The Baluch people under illegal occupation of these unruly states have been among those who have suffered the most. Many hundreds and thousands of Baluch political and social activists have been abducted, displaced, tortured, disappeared and killed by these occupying states.

Enforced disappearance has become the daily experience of Baluch people living under occupation of these Islamic fundamentalist states. Over 8,000 Baluch activists have been abducted and disappeared in Eastern occupied Baluchistan since the year 2000. Families of these victims are not provided with any information about the missing persons. The families are threatened by security forces with dire consequences if they highlight the plight of their loved ones. From the last six months Pakistani state and military establishment have altered their policy about the abducted Baluch political and human rights activists. They have been imitating the policy of their replica counterpart, the Islamic regime of Iran. Ever since its creation, the Iranian Islamic government has been employing the ‘kill and dump’ policy against many of its opponents.

As result of this policy from July 2010 up to the present day Pakistani military agencies have killed and dumped over 100 Baluch activists. The victims of this policy for the year 2011, which barely a month is passed, are over 15 persons.

On 3 January 2011 five Baluch youths after leaving a public meeting were followed and attacked by Pakistani agencies in Karachi. Faraz Baluch, a member of BSO-Azad died in hospital from his injuries and Bilal Baluch, Umair Baluch, Salman Baluch and Saddam Baluch were kept under intensive care and survived this vicious attack.

On 4 January 2011 Pakistani security forces abducted Haji Nasir, and two teenage students, Ehsanullah and Khair Jan in Gawader. On the same day the severely tortured bodies of two prominent young Baluch political leaders were found in Pedarak area of Turbat. The victims were identified as Qamber Chakar Baluch 24 and Ilyas Nazar Baluch 26. Both victims were MSc students and a member of BSO- Azad. Qambar Chakar was abducted by Pakistan secret forces before on 10 July 2009 but was released without any charges on 22 April 2010. He was re-abducted on 26 November 2010 from Shai Tump Turbat. Ilyas Nazar Baluch was a Journalist for a Baluchi language magazine Dhorant. He was abucted on 22 December 2010 from a coach at Badok near Pasni.

Mohammad Sadiq Langov was abducted on 12 January 2011 and the bullet-riddled bodies of two Baluch traders, Taj Mohammad Marri and Meer Jan Marri were found from Bal Ghatar area of Panjgur on 8 January 2010. Pakistani security forces shot dead Sarvar Jamaldini and injured his companion in the same day in Taftan.

On 15 January 2011 Hashim Baluch, another Baluch teenage student, was abducted from an internet cafe in Hub. In the same day the body of the teenage member of BSO-Azad, Zakaria Zehri was recovered from Soorab area of Kalat. He was only 15 years old and was missing for over a month. Another victim whose body was recovered on the same day was Ghulam Hussain Mohammad Hasani. His body was found under a bridge in Singdaas area of Kalat.

The body of Mumtaz Kurd was found in Mastung on 20 January 2011. The two bodies of Baluch missing persons, Ahmed Dad Baluch and Naseer Kamalan, were found near Syedabad 23 miles away from Ormara on 17 January 2010. Ahmed Dad Baluch was abducted on 3 October 2010 and Naseer Kamalan on 5 November 2010. Both victims were well known Baluch political leaders. Naseer Kamalan was a senior leader of Baluch National Movement and he was also an inspiring Baluchi language poet. On the same day of discovery of the bodies of these two Baluch political leaders, Pakistan Frontier Corps (FC) attacked Kashi Nulla area of Dera Bugti. During the attack they killed Shakeel Baluch and injured and arrested Gabro and Sabz Ali Baluch.

Pakistani security forces raided the house of Mr Awal Khan Bugti on 21 January 2011. As he was not at home at the time of the raid Pakistan military officials abducted his wife Mai Hanifa.

Mohammad Azam Baluch was abducted by Pakistani secret agencies around 20 January 2011 from Suraab and his bullet riddled body was found near Kalat in Marjan National Highway on 25 January 2011. On the same day Abdul Rauf Qambari was abducted from Wahero area of Wadh in Balochistan. Abdul Rauf is the cousin of Waheed Qambarani, a Baluch teacher, whose mutilated body was found a month earlier.

On Monday 24 January 2011 four more Baluch youths were abducted from Tasp area of Panjgur. They were named as Waqeer, Shamsheer, Sagaar and abdul Malik. These teenage Baluch students were released few days after suffering violent physical and psychological ordeal. A day earlier, on 23 January 2011 the body of Ali Jan Kurd was recovered from Aktharbad area of Quetta, the capital of Balochistan. He was abducted by Pakistan security forces on 23 November 2010 near Sibbi. Ali Jan Kurd was only 18 years old and was a regional president of Baluch Students Organization – Azad.

Two lifeless Baluch youths were recovered on Thursday morning of 27 January 2011 in Gwargo area of Panjgur. The youths were shot and severely tortured. One of the victims, Abid Rasool Baksh Baluch a 17 year student and member of BSO-Azad, was already dead but Nasir Dagarzai was still alive. These two Baluch students were abducted along their fellow students Mehrab Baluch and Abid Saleem Baluch from the residence of Naser Dagarzai Baluch on 23 January 2011.

On 4 February 2011 three bodies were recovered from Khuzdar. The victims were identified as Hamid Issazai, Lal Khan Sumalani and Mir Khan Sumalani. Few days earlier also, on 1 February, the body of the Baluch popular singer Ali Jan Issazai was discovered in Kanak area of Khuzdar. Ali Jan and Shahzad Nadeem were abducted by Pakistani secret agencies from a hotel in Quetta on 10 January 2011.

The occupying states have increased their systematic brutality against the Baluch to an alarming level. Baluch children are not even spared from the wrath of the fundamentalist states of Iran and Pakistan. In the Western occupied Baluchistan, Amin Noraee a 16 year student was killed by the Islamic regime of Iran security forces in 1980 in Sarawan. Another teenage Baluch political activist, Khosro Mobarki, was arrested and after enduring months of torture was executed in 1981. In March 2008 Iranian security abducted Ebrahim Mehrnehad age 16. Ebrahim is the brother of Baluch journalist and civil rights activist Yaguob Mehrnehad who was executed by the Iranian government on 4 August 2008. Another Baluch child who has been abducted by the Islamic regime security forces is Mohammad Saber Malk Raisee. At the time of his arrest on 24 September 2009 he was only 16 years old.

In the Eastern occupied Baluchistan the Pakistani rulers have launched an open war against the Baluch youths and children. Large number of Baluch political and human rights activists who have been made disappeared tortured and killed have been among Baluch children.

In addition to the names of the Baluch youths cited above, Pakistani security forces abducted 17-year old Jamal Baluch on 4 October 2010. He was injected with unknown substance and subjected to extreme torture to such an extent that he has become partially paralyzed.

Abdul Majeed Baluch, a member of BSO-Azad was abducted by Pakistani Frontier Corps on 18 October 2010. Pakistani security forces murdered him and dumped his tortured body in the Koshak River at Khuzdar district on 24 October 2010. Another Baluch child and political activist, Mohammad Khan Zohaib was abducted in July 2010 by the same agencies. His mutilated body was found in Khuzdar on 20 October 2010. They were both 14 years old.

The house of Mir Ayub Gichiki was attacked by occupying security forces on 1 December 2010. In the attack Pakistani forces killed five Baluch political activists in the house. Among the victims were two of Mr Gichiki’s teenage sons, Murad Jan and Zubiar Gichki.

This policy is the natural outcome of the forceful occupation of Baluch homeland and the resistance of the native Baluch against occupying states. The most valuable assets of a society are its inspiring and forward-looking children. Premeditated and systematic infliction of pain to the tender body of a child and then murdering him or her in the most gruesome way, by organised state sponsored military forces, is only done and justified by these and similar occupying fundamentalist fascist states. We urge all Baluch to recognise the gravity of situation in Baluchistan and get united to put an end to occupying state barbarism against our people and children.

International Voice of Baloch Missing Persons (UK)
Visit our website: www.bygwaah.com
Join us on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/IVBMP
Contact us at: info@bygwaah.com 


Sunday, 6 February 2011

We should prepare for more difficult times ahead: Bashir Zaib Baloch

Occupied Balochistan: The chairman of BSO – Azad Comrade Bashir Zaib has said that the “Kill and dump” policy of the state is furthering the resolve of Baloch Nation and adding to their hatred toward state (Pakistan) and dominant Nation Punjabi. The ongoing abduction of Baloch activists and under-custody killings are reminder from the occupying state that Baloch Nation and Pakistan (Pakistani Nation) have no relationship and the invaders only want the Baloch land and this clear message will be fertile for National liberation movement.

Sangat Qambar Chakar Baloch, Zubair Baloch, Sami Baloch, Kamran Baloch, Ilyas Nazar Baloch, Majeed Baloch, Asim Baloch, Zakaria Baloch, Kamalan Baloch, Ahmadad Baloch and other martyr friends have sacrificed their lives for a great cause; they neither submitted to the enemy nor sold their loyalties. In fact they faced all the difficulties with courage, bravery and put their names in the books of great personalities of the history.

The state Intelligence agencies by resorting to violence against Baloch political activists have earned the hatred of each household in Balochistan instead of putting terror in their minds and hearts. He said that Baloch political activists who believed in democratic and political struggle are now being forced to adopt guerrilla ideologies because the regular abductions, torture and humiliation by state forces have left them with no other options.

Comrade Bashir Zaib further said that there will be more challenges for the Baloch in future. “It is our faith and conation that we will overcome all the challenges of the enemy and meet the expectations of Baloch Nation and of those mothers whose loved ones have been murdered”. He said that National awareness about freedom and the increasing number of ideological friends illustrates that Baloch Nation will be victorious. “The victory will be of those who are practically fighting against enemy, those whose loved one have been martyred, those who are suffering torture in torture cell and secret dungeons of enemy including the leader of BSO – azad Zakir Majeed, Comrade Qayum Baloch, Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch , Jalil Reki, Ghafoor Baloch, Abid Shah and thousands of other sons of soil. The enemy, their agents and their families will suffer disgraceful defeat because they put their loyalties, respect, tradition and faith under the feet of enemy for the sake of money and incentives.

He said to defeat the enemy and to become victorious we have to give more sacrifices and prepare to face further challenges. “We have to fully be ready to face difficulties in coming days because we cannot and should expect any decency, kindness and justice from an uncivilised and barbaric enemy – they will continue to commit the genocide of Baloch people. Their (Pakistani state’s) death squads will kill hundreds of innocent Baloch children, women and elderly; in fact they have already started the killings (under custody).

The struggle for liberation instead of weakening will intensify with the help of Baloch masses and with improved strategies. He stated that pro-independence political powers (Parties) should adopt revolutionary policies against the occupying forces and intensify the National awareness work within their circles.