Friday, 1 July 2011

Balochistan continues to bleed: Body of Comrade Abdul Ghaffar Langove found

Occupied Balochistan, 1 July 2011: Baloch patriot and pro-liberation leader Abdul Ghaffar Langov has killed under-custody by Pakistani security forces, his bullet-riddled and mutilated dead body was recovered today in Gadani area of district Lasbela, Balochistan.

Comrade Ghaffar Langove Baloch was abducted by Pakistani security agencies from Karachi on 11 December 2009, from hospital where his wife was admitted. Till his extra judicial murder his whereabouts remained unknown. He had no access to legal representation neither was he family allowed to meet him.

The relatives of Ghaffar Langav have been protesting for his safe recovery from the Platform of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, an Organisation formed by the families of enforced disappeared Baloch activists, which is striving for the safe and early release of illegally detained Baloch activists and for the arrested of uniformed culprits (the FC, ISI and Military Intelligence) to be brought to justice for their crimes against humanity in occupied Balochistan.

Comrade Ghaffar was first arrested in 2000 but was released around after one month of torture and interrogation by personnel of Military Intelligence. He was rearrested in 2006 from Mangochar area of Balochistan; both times he was subjected to brutal physical and psychological torture by Pakistani Military and Intelligence agencies. After years of illegal imprisonment comrade Mir Ghaffar Langov was released on Friday 8 May 2009. He was received by hundreds of Baloch students and taken to Balochistan University. At the University Mr. Langov reaffirmed his resolve to continue the struggle for the liberation of Balochistan.

In December 2009 Mir Abdul Ghaffar Langov took his wife to Karachi for treatment when the Pakistani intelligence agencies and Karachi Police abducted him for the third time from the gate of hospital on 11, December, 2009. He was kept under illegal custody by the Pakistani security forces despite several orders by Sindh High court for his recovery. The security agencies of Pakistan ignored all the orders of the Courts and denied detaining Mr. Langov. In a free and democratic counrty the intelligence agencies and ISI would have been in contempt of court and would be detained for not obeying the Court orders but in Pakistan the Judiciary, the media, and even the parliament are subservient to the Army and ISI.

The family members of Comrade Abdul Ghaffar Baloch have constantly been protesting in Quetta, Karachi and Islamabad for his release but all in futile. They have time and again urged the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice of his illegal abduction and get the Military Intelligence to produce him to court of law. The family went to the extent to say that if he was involved in any unlawful activities, he should be produced before the court o law in accordance with the constitution of country [Pakistan] and given the opportunity to stand a fair trial to prove his innocence or if he was found guilty he should be punished according the country’s law but all to no avail because the ISI, military Intelligence and other security agencies are a law onto themselves and running a state of their own where they believe they not answerable to anyone. 

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