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Journey to Nowhere


Dropping by: Shahbaz Sharif (left) and Prime Minister Gilani (right) both paid political visits to Baloch leader Sardar Attaullah Mengal, who was recuperating from medical treatment in Karachi.

Balochistan witnessed a significant development on its political landscape last month. Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif met with the veteran Baloch nationalist leader Sardar Attaullah Mengal, patron-in-chief of the Balochistan National Party (BNP-Mengal).

These meetings were held in Karachi where Mengal was recuperating following his medical check-up and subsequent treatment.

The Punjab chief minister was the first to call on the Sardar. He requested Mengal to play a role in normalising the tense situation in Balochistan.

Prior to this meeting, Shahbaz Sharif had taken a few steps designed to win the hearts and minds of the Baloch. Besides doubling the quota of students from Balochistan studying in Punjab’s various educational institutions, Punjab’s chief whip is also having a modern cardiac centre built in Quetta at a cost of more than one billion rupees.

According to inside sources, Sardar Mengal was not particularly impressed. He refused to accede to Sharif’s request to initiate efforts to help improve the situation in his province. They quoted Mengal as saying, “The matters of Balochistan are now in the hands of its young generation, and if anyone wants to negotiate, he would have to meet the youth of Balochistan.”

“In any case, the Baloch nationalist leader believes that the real power lies with the army, which is responsible for the grave situation prevailing in the province, and not the democratically elected government,” says one source.

The Punjab chief minister was understandably disappointed with the outcome of his visit and was reported to have said that he found a big change in Sardar Attaullah Mengal, which according to political observers is indicative of the level of anger among the Baloch leadership against army action in Balochistan post-1999, when Musharraf took over.

Four days after Sharif’s visit, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani also arrived at Sardar Mengal’s residence in Karachi. “The prime minister repeated the Punjab chief minister’s request for assistance to help calm the situation in Balochistan,” reveal BNP sources.

Talking to the media after the meeting, the prime minister said contacts with Baloch elders would continue. Sardar Mengal however, was dismissive of the talks. “The prime minister has simply wasted his time by meeting me,” he remarked.

Gilani and Sharif’s visits were the first high-level contacts between the government and a Baloch nationalist leader after the assassinations of leading Baloch leaders Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, Nawabzada Balach Marri and Ghulam Muhammad Baloch that pushed Balochistan towards a serious political and administrative crisis.

Mengal’s fulminations aside, government circles are attaching great significance to these meetings and are predicting that they will gain momentum in the near future and help improve Balochistan’s overall situation. However, independent political observers are not very optimistic about the outcome. They maintain that hardline nationalists, who are supporting the armed struggle, would not agree to any role for Sardar Attaullah Mengal. They have not forgiven him for his refusal to quit parliamentary politics at their insistence. Mengal did not agree with their stance and argued that all modes of struggle needed to be adopted, including parliamentary politics.

Even Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri, who was once considered to be a close associate, distanced himself from Mengal when the latter opposed the armed struggle. It created a wide rift between the two and now their respective supporters occasionally make each other the target of strong criticism. In fact the Baloch National Front (BNF), an alliance of hardline nationalist parties and other groups who are openly supporting the armed struggle, are accusing Mengal’s party of being the B-team of the establishment, along with the National Party.

Viewed against this backdrop, his meetings with Prime Minister Gilani and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif are putting Mengal under a greater cloud of suspicion with the hardliners.

Political analysts maintain that while contacts with senior Baloch leaders like Sardar Mengal should be maintained, it is the young nationalist leaders supporting the armed struggle, who need to be taken on board. It is believed they are the ones calling the shots and they are the ones who will eventually decide the fate of Balochistan. No normalisation in the province will be possible without the green signal from them.

Baloch will resist occupation with all means

The Baloch though Muslim have a different cultural, historical and social system from other nations inhabiting the geographical entity known as Pakistan. Their leaders resisted the idea of being lumped into Pakistan under name of Islam in this regard this speech by the great Baloch nationalist leader Late Mir Ghaus Baksh Bizenjo in his speech to Kalat Assembly on 14th December 1947 stated, “we have a distinct culture like Afghanistan and Iran, and if the mere fact that we are Muslim requires us to amalgamate with Pakistan, then Afghanistan and Iran should also be amalgamated with Pakistan.” On April 1st 1948 thePakistan Army marched into Kalat and though the Khan of Kalat capitulated, his brotherPrince Abdul Karim Khan initiated resistance.

With that assault on Kalat began the long process of army actions, arrests of leaders and workers, enforced disappearances, internal displacements and utter neglect of welfare ofBaloch people. we would like to emphasize on the fact that this process of human rights abuses was all the more severe and sustained in Balochistan than in other provinces because the rulers felt that it was essential for them to wipe out the strong sense of identity that Baloch possessed.

They knew for certain that until and unless the Baloch identity and individuality was completely crushed they would keep facing resistance from them. When human rights abuses have such sinister goals you can well imagine the magnitude and scale of exploitation, repression and oppression that the Baloch must have suffered at the hands of Pakistan.

The policy of unbridled oppression and repression has always been implemented with a vengeance in Balochistan. There is long list of disappeared persons, incarcerations without trials and the innumerable staged ‘encounters’ in cities. The countless ‘encounters’ that transpire in remote areas remain unheard of.

The Human Rights abuses in Balochistan and against Baloch people are very much deliberate and planned with the purpose of frightening them into submission and making them accept the domination of the establishment. The intended domination is for the purpose of exploiting the resources of Balochistan for purpose of the majority province and interests other than those of Baloch.

Compounding the repression and exploitation is the wilful neglect of the people affected by natural disaster which amounts to the severest form of human right abuses; the recent catastrophic rains and consequent flooding have severely affected 23 out of the total of 29 districts in Balochistan. 2.5 million People have been affected, 50000 homes have been destroyed and 0.1 million houses partially damaged in over 2000 villages. The initial dead exceeded 160 and now that toll must have risen due to factors like disease, exposure, snake bites, drowning and malnutrition etc. The government sources estimate losses up to 10 billion rupees.
Not long back they had announced the planned establishment of a new sea-port at Sonmiani for which they were acquiring land at the price of Rs.1/acre. The rulers have never been interested in developing Balochistan for the Baloch; these mega-projects too are a part of the planned human rights abuses. Through these mega-projects they want to make Baloch a minority in their own land and this is one of the harshest human rights abuses.
The Baloch need to be masters of their own fate to contribute to world peace and development because under the sixty years that they have spent under the yoke of Pakistani colonists they have not only suffered immeasurably as a nation and a people but have not been able to contribute to world history which they are quite capable of making significant contributions because of their secular politics and democratic traditions of their much maligned tribal system.

The Baloch demand their historical, economic, cultural and political rights so that the benefits which their land provides are for them and not for those who have always exploited religion for their ulterior motives. The Baloch have bravely resisted the ever increasing violations of their rights and they will continue to do so till a Baloch lives.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Jundullah Says Thousands Fidaheen, including women, Ready to Avenge Regi’s Murder

QUETTA: Jundullah, a Sunni Baloch group working inside Iran whose head Abdul Malik Regi was executed by the Iranian authorities last week, has threatened to “teach Iran a lesson” to avenge the murder of its twenty-eight year old charismatic leader.

A Jundullah spokesman, Abdul Rauf Baloch, told the media via satellite phone from an unknown location on Thursday that his organization would take revenge of the murder of its chief by the Iranian authorities who tortured Regi to death.

“The murder of Regi is a great tragedy for the entire Baloch world. It is an irreparable loss for which Iran would be taught a lesson that will be remembered by its coming generations,” vowed the spokesman, who added that Regi had started his struggle against the Iranian regime at an age of 19 and was martyred at the age of 28.

“Regi has now become the name of a political philosophy that stands for the rights of the Baloch people. Thousands of Fidaeen, including women, are sending us messages showing their willingness to take revenge from Iran,” he claimed.

The spokesman rejected the impression that Regi had been hanged by the Iranian authorities. He contended that Jundullah chief had been tortured by his captors until his death.

He also asked all the non-Balochs who had been brought by the Iranian authorities to create a demographic imbalance in the Baloch-majority province, to immediately leave Balochistan. In case of noncompliance, he warned they would be targeted and killed on the lines of guerilla warfare.

“Iran believes it can deter Balochs from their political struggle by hanging our people or applying torturous tactics against them. Teheran is badly mistaken to think this way as our movement is deeply rooted now and our Fidaheen will soon teach Iran a lesson,” he warned.

The Jundullah spokesman maintained that thousands of young Balochs had expressed full confidence in the leadership of new Jundullah chief Zahir Baloch and vowed to struggle against Iran till the last drop of their blood.

“The Governor of Zahidan, who has been continuously threatening the Balochs, will soon meet his fate,” he threatened.

He deeply appreciated the overwhelming reaction of the people of Eastern Balochistan (Pakistani province of Balochistan) over the killing of Abdul Malik Regi and appealed to them to cooperate with Jundullah to liberate Iranian Balochistan from the control of Persians.

“The writers and intellectuals should specially play their role in highlighting the issue of the Balochs living in Iran and give them a vision for independence,” he appealed.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Interview of Kamal Naroui Speaker of Jundullah With Radio Gwank

Occupier Persians must leave Baluchistan otherwise they will be killed, Kamal Naroui.
You can listen to the full Interview in Balochi by clicking on the image below.

BNF announces three-day mourning over Regi’s execution

Occupied Balochistan: QUETTA: The Baloch National Front (BNF) has announced to observe three-day of mourning across Balochistan and Karachi against the execution of Abdul Malik Regi, a Baloch resistance fighter and the chief of Jundullah organization, by the Iranian government.

The BNF has strongly condemned the execution of Regi and charged that the Baloch Sunni leader was not hanged, as claimed by Iranian authorities, but killed after being subjected to inhuman torture and physical assault.

At least seven thousand (7000) Balochs have been killed in Iran by the regime in two years. Their only crime was that they were Balochs. These victims of state oppression included Baloch students, intellectuals, poets and innocent citizens,” said the BNF spokesman.

He said the BNF would mark three-day of mourning starting from June 22 in Balochistan and Karachi while demonstrations would be held in front of press clubs all over the province on June 23 which would be followed by condolence references to pay homage to Abdul Malik Regi on June 24 for his heroic contributions for the rights of the Baloch people.

“We appeal to the international community to take strict notice of violation of human rights by Pakistan and Iran. Both these countries should be declared terrorist states due to their wrong and repressive attitude towards the Baloch masses,” demanded the BNF spokesman. ... ning-over-regis-execution

Meanwhile Baloch Bar (pro-liberation Baloch lawyers) have also announced to boycott courts across Balochistan today (22 June) to record their protest against the killing of AbdolMalik Regi by Iranian government.

Monday, 21 June 2010

AbdolMalk has joined the Baluch legends

By Dodiae Rawaj

The Iranian Islamic regime murdered Abdolmalek Rigi on June 20, 2010. AbdolMalk was betrayed by friends, people who he trusted. He was handed over to the Iranian. Rigi had created horror in the heart and mind of Tehran’s fundamentalist regime. The flight from God knows where to where, was the public relation exercise by revolutionary guard. The Iranian revolution guard needed to restore the moral of the Persian solders inside Baluchistan that have been beaten many times. Every time the Iranian revolutionary guard encountered Jundullah they lost, Iranian had no hope to capture Rigi alive. It was not hiding Imam Solders who had delivered AbdolMalk, but patrol, oil dollars come to the Shiite hiding Imam Rescue.

AbdoMalk will be remembered by his enemies and friends for different reasons. He brought horror to his enemies and comfort in the heart of his admirers. Baluch remember him because he was fearless and proved that Persian forces are not invisible. AbdolMalk has joined the Baluch legends; he will be a source of aspiration for many Baluch and the other oppressed nation, a life in slavery is not worth living. His mother scarified three sons, defending motherland and family dignity and Baluch honour, he is stainless. He earned highest moral honour.

The Iranian has not got an Independent judiciary system or tribunal, AbdolMalk was presented to mob and Mob killed him. The Rigi’s hanging was for public amusement, it was a kind of an exhibition. It is a disgrace that the International and intergovernmental organisation are not condemning in the way they should have done it, some international and intergovernmental organisation only pay the lips service to the inhumane treatment of Baluch by Iranian Regime.

Baluch are not a drug trafficker and Baluch have no link with the Jihadi fundamentalists groups. Baluch have not got a power to make policies that their policies are in favour of drug dealer or they let Jihadi to use their territories. It has been established around the world that Baluch are the secular minded people. If there were an element of fundamentalist which brought to Baluch communities, Baluch will not shy away from confronting it.

There is something fundamentally wrong with the Persian reporting on Baluchistan. According to some report there are five million opium users in Tehran I am very certain by that report account the opium trade is bigger than coca cola or more profitable than car manufacturing in Tehran, again revolution guard have monopoly over the most profitable businesses, why on the earth revolutionary guard would let the Baluch to do it. This is character assassination exercises by majority Persian dominated Iran against Baluch. Heroin was introduced to Baluch community by head of revolutionary guard in Sistan Baluchistan, and Kerman, Qlambur and Rezai in 1979.

Persian journalist should stop the characters assassination of Baluch nation. Baluch are the victim of Tehran fundamentalist regime as well as drug and unemployment.

Sistan and Baluchistan is the poorest province of Iran, Baluch are not belong to the Shiite sect of Islam, Baluch are not Persian, they are culturally, linguistically, historically different from the rest of Iranian. To Baluch Iranian are occupying their land, humiliating them in public.

To say words Baluch and Baluchistan is crime, the person can be persecuted.

The Baluch are resisting the occupation of their land by alien forces.

Zakir Majeed's family goes on token hunger strike for an indefinite period

Occupied Balochistan: QUETTA: The family members of Zakir Majeed Baloch, Vice Chairman of Baloch Students Organization (BSO), who went missing on June, 8, 2009, have established a hunger strike camp in front of Quetta Press Club on Saturday to protest against the non-recovery of their family member.

Earlier, addressing a press conference, the sister of Zakir Majeed said that her brother had been whisked away allegedly by the government agencies on June, 8, 2009 from Mastung district and despite lapse of one year they were unaware about his whereabouts.

“We have protested at various platforms, took out rallies and adopted all democratic means but to no avail”, she lamented and adding that family members had also set up a token hunger strike camp in front of Karachi Press Club which had remained continued for 37 days.

She said that they were setting up the hunger strike camp outside Quetta Press Club for indefinite period to register their protest against illegal detention of their loved one.

She said that if her brother, Zakir Majeed was guilty or involved in any wrong activities, then he should be produced before the court of law instead of keeping him in torture cells and illegal detention.

She feared that the Zakir could have been inflicted serious physical and mental punishments, adding that he was the only bread winner of the family. “After the kidnap of Zakir Majeed the family is facing economic problems and the studies of the young ones in family are badly affected”, she added.

She demanded of the judiciary and other humanitarian organizations to take notice of the illegal detention of her brother and exert pressure on the government so that her brother could be recovered at the earliest.

Responding to a question, she said that they had knocked doors of judiciary and adopted all democratic means for the recovery of Zakir but all in vain.

Saturday, 19 June 2010


BSO boycotts Pakistan Studies; burns hundreds of text books across Balochistan

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Occupied Balochistan,QUETTA:After announcing a complete boycott of Pakistan Studies text books in all schools, colleges and universities, the Baloch Students Organization (BSO-Azad) burnt hundreds of Pakistan Studies text books in different parts of Balochistan on Thursday and called for Baloch teachers to silently support the boycott by refusing to teach the subject.

According to a spokesman of the Baloch Students’ Organization (BSO-Azad), the organization, with the consultation of “real Baloch intellectuals”, had decided to boycott the Pakistan Studies text books in different schools, colleges and universities of the military operation-stricken province.

As a part of boycott, the activists of Baloch Students’ Organization burnt the Pakistan Studies text books in Quetta, Kalat, Khuzdar, Buleda, Mastung, Noshki, Kharan,Pasni, Gwadar, Zamuran,Ormara and different other towns of Balochistan on Thursday in front of various press clubs.

In Khuzdar, the activists of BSO smoldered Pak Studies text books at the Government Model High School while hundreds of BSO activists did so in front of Turbat Press Club.

They have appealed to all the teachers to cooperate with the BSO to make the boycott successful by refusing to teach the subject in the educational institutions.

A spokesman of the BSO said the decision had been made after the recent killing of two of its activists Abdul Sattar Baloch and Bibarg Baloch in Khuzdar in a firing incident.

“We want the Balochs to read their own history rather than reading the misleading history of Pakistan which is taught in the text books,” said the BSO spokesman.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Pakistan must quit Balochistan; I can co-exist with a pig, but not a Punjabi, says Mehran Baluch

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GENEVA, June 16, 2010: The youngest son of Balochistan independence leader Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri has said the Baloch people have a simple demand independence and called upon the Pakistani occupation forces to give a firm timetable for pullout from Balochistan
Mehran Baluch, who has been Baloch people's representative at the U.N. Human Rights Council for 10 years now, also urged the Western world for direct talks with Baloch leaders as he said Islamabad does not represent popular Baloch aspirations. He said he dearly misses his slain brother Balach Marri almost every day. Balach Marri was killed by Pakistan military on November 20, 2007 in Lashkargah.

Following is the full text of Mehran Baluch's speech:

As I stand before you, I feel pride Pakistan's establishment has miserably failed to crush the Baloch people's resolve for independence in spite of barbaric atrocities and Nazi-style brutalities in Balochistan in five military operations.Today we as a people and nation have a simple demand; independence of Balochistan.

Balochistan' s history of struggle against the British colonial rule did not stop with the departure of the British from Balochistan. It is an irony that though Balochistan gained independence separately from India and Pakistan on August 11, 1947, we were deprived of our short-lived freedom on March 27, 1948 at gun-point.

Balochistan landed in double jeopardy since then as military of the state of Pakistan, which in itself is not a very legitimate organization, became masters of my land, Balochistan. I mean an imperial power let us go, but we became a neo-colony of a client state. Many believe we were better off under London more than 60 years ago than we are now under Islamabad.

In the West there is talk about the David and Goliath struggle. The heroic struggle of my Baloch people reminds me of just that.My salutes to the fallen heroes including Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, Waja Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, Lala Munir Baloch, Sher Mohammad Baloch. My salutes to Hameed Baloch who was hanged on June 11, 1981 in a Pakistani gestapo, the infamous Muchch Jail. Exactly on the same day, 29 years later the same spirit of freedom sees two more Baloch youths Abdus Sattar Baloch and Bebarg Baloch martyred in Khuzdar on Friday, June 11, 2010. The two martyrs were not even born when Hameed Baloch was sent to the gallows but have followed his footsteps to eternal glory.I feel good we have not only talked the talk, but we have walked the walk. Not a day goes by when I do not remember my beloved brother Balach Marri, who too followed the path of the martyrs and blazed the trail for me and tens of thousands of Baloch men and women that if they want to see a better future for themselves and their coming generations, there is no way out but the difficult road of struggle, tears and blood. Herein lies the national salvation of the Baloch people.

I am fully aware the struggle for independence of Balochistan is not a bed of roses. It never was; it never will be. We are confronted with the world's fourth largest military, one armed with nuclear weapons,. It has a budget of $5billion per year. Still, Pakistan is small fry; even far more powerful armies could not silence the calls for freedom.

I do not think there is any other independence struggle today that is as potent and as promising as the heroic struggle of the Baloch people against an alien occupation force. Almost with empty hands, the Baloch sarmachars or freedom fighters have given the jihadist military generals sleepless nights in the military headquarters in Rawalpindi. In spite of multiple challenges, the Baloch have successfully convinced the Punjabi colonizers that Balochistan is the land of the Baloch, so it belongs to the Baloch. I am delighted the colonizers are leaving Balochistan in the tens of thousands. That is a victory of the Baloch people.

I have two simple demands to make today here in Geneva. First, Islamabad's military generals must realize Balochistan is not theirs to keep and they must give a firm timetable for the pullout of Pakistani troops, paramilitary forces, military intelligence and infamous Inter-Services Intelligence sleuths from my homeland.

My second demand is to Western leaders to talk directly with Baloch leadership if they want peace in the region, including Afghanistan. This course of action is in their best interests as well as the lives of tens of thousands of their young men and women are at stake in Afghanistan. Just to let you know, Afghanistan was also my home.

Pakistan's military establishment had used some Pashtun tribes, including the Mehsuds and Afridis, to occupy parts of Kashmir. They are using the same ploy today in Afghanistan to defeat the international resolve to end terrorism in Afghanistan. Interestingly the chickens have come home to roost in Islamabad and you see Pakistan in the headlines almost every other day. As they say, you reap what you sow.

Let me reiterate the words of Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri, who happens to be my father. I can co-exist with a pig, but not a Punjabi. I say this because the Pakistani occupation of Balochistan is an ugly form of Punjabi racism that we are resolved to defeat.

Yesterday it was Chamalang, today it is Mekran. The struggle will continue.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

BSO to boycott ‘Pak Studies’ in educational institutions

Occupied Balochistan: DALBANDIN: Central spokesman of BSO (Liberal), after consultation with real Baloch intellectuals and scholars, has announced to boycott reading and teaching of Pakistan Studies in all the educational institutions of Balochistan and appealed to teachers to support the party in its peace campaign.

The spokesman said that the nations have made possible the achievement of national freedom after passing through a number of critical phases in the struggle against neo-colonial system. He said that the forces, in establishing this system after neo-colonial era, spreads its own ideology forcibly through education so that the oppressed nations could be made slave psychologically and use them like a machine in institutions.

Baloch leader denies visiting Pakistan

LONDON: A Baluch leader denounced reports and rumours that he secretly visited Islamabad to hold talks with the Pakistani authorities. Mehran Baloch told The News that such rumours were a ploy and a crude attempt towards his character assassination. He said he was committed to the principles and goals of his father, who has been advocating the Independence and stood firmly by his demand for the liberation of Baluchistan. He said from last ten years he was trying to educate about Baluchistan’s Independence on International level.

Earlier Press reports and rumourmongers suggested that Mehran had visited Islamabad, along with former senator Sanaullah Baloch, who is a leader of the Balochistan National Party and considered very close to Sardar Ataullah Mengal. Many of the rumormongers claimed that they even know the flight number, ticket number and seat number of Mehran Baluch about his alleged visit to Pakistan.

“I have no authority to conduct talks with anyone. My only demand is complete Military pull out from Baluchistan. Nawab Akbar Bugti, My brother Balach Marri and thousands of other Baluch martyrs have sacrificed their live for a noble cause. Today also brave Baluch sons of soil are giving sacrifices for Baluchistan and thousand of Baluch are facing inhuman torture in the secret prisons of enemy” he remarked. According Mr Mehran’s point of view the only revenge of the exploitation of Baluch wealth and the unprecedented human right violations against the people of Baluch is the establishment of an Independent Baluchistan and complete pull out of Pakistani military from Baluch land. He further said negotiations and so called relief packages cannot be an alternative to the liberation of Baluchistan.

Meanwhile Mr Baluch has met Navanethem Pilla, the UN high commissioner for Human Right and informed him that how Pakistan was trying to suppress the Baluch voice on International level. The UN high Commissioner was keen to know more about Baluchistan issue and assured Mehran to have a meeting with him in near further to discuss Baluchistan issue in details.

Mehran also met Maria Todd the deputy secretary of British mission and brought it to her notice that how Musharraf pressurised the British authorities to have him arrested. Whereas his brother Hyrbyair Marri, and friend Faiz Baluch were arrested and imprisoned in Belmarsh prison in the UK.

Musharraf government had pressurised the British authorities to have him (Mehran) and Hyrbyair Marri deported to Pakistan in exchange for British terror suspect Rashid Rauf. He also informed Maria Todd that Pakistan government has tried to suspend the membership of Interfaith International from the UN Human Rights Council; through this Organisation Mehran said he was exposing the atrocities and human rights violation by Pakistan against the people of Baluchistan.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Iranians who Rigi claimed to save from dictatorial regime, call for his hanging

Iranians are calling for the hanging of the arrested Jondollah leader Abdolmalek Rigi. Abdolmalek Rigi, who championed democratic rights for all Iranians in general and Sunnis in particular, was leading an armed struggle against the clergy regime of Iran. While at the peak of his struggle, he was seemingly appreciated by Iranian opposition groups.

Now that Rigi is arrested and undergoing sever torture, opposition group of Iran haven’t issued any condemnation of those who handed him over to the dictator regime and no criticism of the regime for not treating him as a political prison. However, widespread calls for his hanging are being echoed by the Persian media, including those within the country.

The current suffering and the upcoming fate of Abdolmalek Rigi should be a lesson for all those Baluch, and other minority nations under Iranian occupation. They need to learn the fact that being in government or opposition, the Persian psychic is alike and they all want elimination of non-Persians.

Ameer Abdulmalek Baloch (The Baloch warrior)

Iran to execute Abdolmalik Regi soon, Parsdaily News

Iran: According to an Iranian daily "Parsdaily News", after the execution of Abdol Hameed Regi his brother Abdolmalik Regi, the leader of Baluch Peoples’ Resistance Movement (BPRM) will also be executed shortly.

The very brief News Item on Parsdaily Newsfurther read: “The Iranian authorities have completed the interrogation of Malik Regi and gained lots of useful internal and foreign confessions from the Baluch leader. The exact day and place of his execution have not been disclosed yet but the likelihood is that he may be executed by the end of this month”.

Iran claimed to have arrested Abdulmalik Regi on the 23 of February 2010, from a UAE – Kyrgyzstan plan. Since his arrest the Iranian authorities have published few interviews of Mr Regi what they (authorities) described a confessions of Regi.

Earlier the Iranians have announced that the trial of Abdolmalik Regi has begun and he had been charged with 37 accounts of what they call “terrorism offenses”. According to news reports the prosecution lawyers had demanded the execution of Regi on the first day of his trial.

On the other hand sources sympathetic to Regi has alleged that he has not been given the opportunity to defend himself and has no access to a lawyer. They also say that the confessions shown by Iranian TVs and News reports are forced-confessions and have been extracted though the use of brutal torture and other inhuman methods that the Iranian authorities use to intimidate prisoners into false confessions.

It is a matter of concerned that the International Human Rights Campaigners, Baluch Human Rights activists and Baluch in Diaspora are not doing enough to divert the world’s attention towards the plight of Baluch Nation living under Iran’s occupation. They have also failed to raise their voice against the executions of Baluch and Kurdish activists by Iranian authorities and in the case of Abolmalik Regi they are completely silent. Regi may be a terrorist for the Iranian authorities but many Baluch, especially the youth, consider him a defender of their rights and freedom. They believe Regi was the only Baluch who had challenged to the Iranian hegemony over Baluch Nation in Iranian occupied Baluchistan. In many interviews Regi himself had said that he was struggling for Baluch peoples’ democratic rights, equality and justice within the Iranian frame work but the authorities in Iran had pushed him to over the edge and forced him to pick up arms in defence of the oppressed people of Baluchistan.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Donate to Help Makoran Cyclone Victims

Baloch Kumakkaar appeals for donations to help the flood victims in Pakistani Controlled Coastal belt of Makoran Balochistan.

You can send your donations/contribution to Baluch Kumakaar on the following details via Western Union: Westren union Gwader Branch

Muhammad Younas S/O Muhammad Anwar
(Relief operational in charge Baloch Kummakkaar)

Contact# 00923322003928

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Ahmar Mustikhan speech at International Interfaith Seminar in Geneva

GENEVA, JUNE 12: A Baloch independence worker and representative of the American Friends of Balochistan called on the U.S., China, India and other powers to directly talk with the Baloch leadership to end what he called were massive human rights violations in the restive Balochistan region.

Ahmar Mustikhan, who came to Geneva on the invitation of Mehran Baluch, a son of legendary Baloch leader Nawab Khair Baksh Marri, was addressing a seminar organized by the Interfaith International and allied organizations at the Palace of Nations in Geneva.

Mustikhan narrated the trail of tears and blood reminiscent of the Native Americans tragedy in U.S.A. that he said is being re-enacted with impunity and great cruelty in Balochistan in Pakistan in southwest Asia.

Following is the full text of Mustikhan’s speech:

In the morning today, I was speaking with a Chinese scientist who said the U.S.A. was supporting Pakistan . I replied that the irony of the situation is while Washington D.C. is pumping billions, Beijing too is a strategic military ally of Islamabad . I take this opportunity to appeal to leaders of the two powers and any other powers to talk directly with Baloch leaders.

What worst form of human right violation can there be when the Baloch are not being allowed to wear their national dress on their ancestral lands.

I am acutely aware of the dangers that stem from Pakistan . This is the same region where nuclear war heads and Al Qaeda exist within close proximity, posing a nightmare for the world.

In Geneva , I am told if you cough the world listens. As such, I have come here to tell the story of extra judicial killings, unmitigated military operations, forced and involuntary disappearances, torture, massive internal human displacements that befate the Baloch people in Balochistan.

Just because the Baloch believe politics and religion should be separate, Pakistan army soldiers, who I like to call the Taliban in uniform, are attacking the Baloch natives and calling them atheists, according to news reports in the popular daily Tawar newspaper. This is happening right now as I speak here today as a military operation is in full swing in my native coastal Mekran area in Balochistan.

The militarization of Balochistan is the Siamese twin of the crude and ugly attempts at Talibanization of Balochistan, or the land of the Baloch.

Most recently in spring, there were half dozen cases when acid was thrown on the faces of Baloch women and girls venturing out of their homes. In once case, three sisters in Pandrani area of Balochistan’s Kalat district were targeted. In an earlier attack, two sisters in Chagai district faced the same atrocious attack by those who do not believe men and women are equal by birth. We can say for sure Pakistani non-state actors are behind these incidents.

The badly mutilated faces of these girls and women are a stark reminder for the world the dangers that stem from Taliban and those responsible for their resurgence in the Afpak region must be brought to justice. These soldiers of Pakistan have jihad as their military philosophy.

In this backdrop, thousands of Pakistan soldiers have been dispatched to the mountainous region of Mekran area in Balochistan not to take on the Taliban but the secular Baloch forces yearning to become masters of their own destiny. Thousands of families have fled for safety. Already there are tens of thousands of Baloch tribesmen, notably from the Bugti and Marri tribes, who are homeless and have the skies as their roof because of the more than five-year-old Pakistani military operation.

Local activist groups in Balochistan including the highly respected Baloch Women Panel have warned of a famine like situation developing in Mekran because of Pakistan military actions, Mustikhan concluded.

Earlier on Thursday, Mustikhan turned on the table on the Pakistani delegate at a meeting convened to draft a resolution on Enforced and Involuntary Disappearances in Balochistan. France, Argentine and Morocco head the panel consisting of 83 nations.

The Pakistani delegate Marghoob Butt, widely believed to be an operative of the Inter Services Intelligence was trying to dilute the languae from claims to allegations when it came to rouge states like Pâkistan.

“This change from claims to alleations will be an affront to the work of premier human rights organisations, including the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan,” Mustikhan thundered.

“Pakistan has abducted more than 1.000 of my blood and bone in Balochistan. I take offense to the presence of pakistan at this panel,” he protested. “I am staing a walkout,” he said.

He was joined in the walkout by Baloch torture victim Munir Mengal and Bilal Baloch.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

BSO-azaad accused Pakistan Para-Military forces for attacking Its members

Occupied Baluchistan: KHUZDAR: Two activists of Baluch Students Organization (BSO-Azad) were shot dead and another seriously wounded in Khuzdar, some 320 kilometres on southeast of the Baluchistan’s capital on Friday.

The BSO has announced a complete shutter down strike throughout Khuzdar district on Saturday (today) against the incident.

According to sources, unidentified armed men riding a motorbike sprayed volley of bullets at shop with sophisticated weapons in Koshk area of Khuzdar and managed to flee the scene. Resultantly, Abdul Sattar, Bebarg and Mehran workers of BSO, aging 20 to 25 sustained bullets wounds and were rushed to the hospital, where doctors pronounced Abdul Sattar and Bebarg dead.

BSO-azaad accused Pakistan Para-Military forces for carrying out the attack on Baluch students. “Members of Baluch Students Organization Azaad, Sangat Abdul Sattar Baluch and Sangat Bebagr Baluch have been martyred and Sangat Mehrullah Baluch has been severely injured in the area of Khoshak, Khuzdar. The incident took place while all the three were having discussions in front of a shop in Khoshak that two motorcycle riders came and opened indiscriminate fire upon them. The place which they were sitting has four check posts of Pakistani Para-Military forces and the riders were seen coming from a check post of Pakistani forces.

Baluch Student Organization Azaad views this incident as the continuation of the slow genocide of Baluch nation, and calls the international organizations to intervene and stop Pakistan from target killing Baluch political workers and force Pakistan to withdraw her troop from the occupation of Baluchistan.

This should also be kept in view that this is the third incident such incident in Khuzdar, formerly Pakistan Army attacked on a rally of B.S.O. Azaad and a cultural show. Complete strike would be observed in Baluchistan against the incident and the martyrdom of our Members is yet another sacrifice of Baluch youth for the freedom of Baluchistan”.

List of Young Baloch hanged/killed by Islamic Republic of Iran from 2004 to 2010

Place Hanged/Killed Name Date
Qazalhesar prison in Karaj Hanged Ahmad Shahbakhsh 20100608
Qazalhesar prison in Karaj Hanged Sanjar Totazahi 20100608
Qazalhesar prison in Karaj Hanged Baqhi Amini 20100608
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Jamshid Mir 20100526
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdol Hamid Rigi 20100524
Balochistan Killed 4 , unkonwn 20100523
Jask Killed Zaman Balouchi 20100522
Nasir Abad Killed Dorra Shahdostzahi 2010-05
Nikshahr Killed 1 , unkonwn 20100509
Prison of Kerman Hanged Abdolnaser Moradzahi 20100419
Prison of Kerman Hanged Nezar Berahui 20100418
Prison of Kerman Hanged Faizullah Berahui 20100418
Prison of Isfahan Hanged Ghader 20100412
Sarawan Killed Three , unkonwn 20100406
Jakigwar/Negor Killed Three , unkonwn 20100406
Balochistan Killed Barkat Zamorani 20100318
Balochistan Killed ?? , Unknown 20100318
Balochistan/Kerman Killed Mohamad Ali Bolaidai 20100227
Iranshahr Killed One , unkonwn 20100224
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Dadelah Rigi Kordi Tamandani 20100221
Iranshahr Killed Eisa Dostkam 20100204
Sarawan Killed Two,unkonwn 20100131
Zahedan Hanged Khodayar Rahmatzahi 201001-?
Prison of Khash Hanged Allahnezar Naroi(Shahbash) 20100120
Iranshahr Killed Moradbakhsh Kadkhodai 20100107
Taybad Killed Four,unkonwn 20100101
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mosa M 20091216
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Haleghdad F 20091216
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Ghader R 20091216
Mirjaweh Killed One , unkonwn 20091207
Khash Killed Three , unkonwn 20091114
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdolhamid Rigi 20091103
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Khairmohamad Ozbak 20091028
Balochistan Killed Four, unkonwn 20091022
Sarawan Killed One , unkonwn 20091014
Balochistan/Kerman Killed One , unkonwn 20091003
Taybad Hanged Five , unkonwn 20090929
Balochistan Killed ?? , unknown 20090927
Taybad Killed 9 , unkonwn 20090914
Mirjaweh Killed One , unkonwn 20090913
Mirjaweh Killed One , unkonwn 20090901
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Masoud Ghamshadzahi 20090725
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Ayub Rigi 20090725
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Manucher Shahbakhsh 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mohamad Hasan Shahuzahi 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdolrazaq Rashidi 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Yaqub Ghamshadzahi 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdolbaset Shaihaki 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Edris Noutizahi 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdoqeyas Didan Naroui 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdosaboor Rakhshan 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Asadullah Wafaee 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdolhahaleq Mirbalouchzahi 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Tareq Abadiyan 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Yahya Rigi 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Khalil Ahmad Rigi 20090714
Balochistan Killed One , unknown 20090707
Karaj Hanged Khodabakhsh Rigi 20090704
Karaj Hanged Najibullah Gorgij 20090704
Karaj Hanged Jamshid Haleqdadi 20090704
Qum Hanged Mohamad- Kh 20090701
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Ahmad Dastgoshadeh Naroi 20090620
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Esmail Qaderi 20090620
Khash Killed Haji Hozoor Bakhsh Shahnawazi 20090608
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdol Hamid Rigi 20090606
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Reza Qalandarzahi 20090606
Zahedan Killed Abdolbasir Mosazahi 20090605
Zahedan-Bam Killed 4 , unknown 20090605
Kerman Hanged 1-5 persons 20090603
Zahedan Killed Saeed Hashomzahi 20090603
Zahedan Killed 10 , unknown 20090531-20090606
Zahedan Hanged Haji Noutizahi 20090508
Zahedan Hanged Qolamrasool Shahuzai 20090508
Zahedan Hanged Zabiullah Naroei 20090508
Khash Killed One , unknown 20090525
Prison of Iranshahr Hanged Abdol Qafour - K 20090522
Zabol Killed One , unknown 20090522
Zahedan Killed One , unknown 20090515
Hajiabad/Zahedan Killed Allah Nezar Shahbakhsh 20090513
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Reza Qoli - S 20090508
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mohammad Mehdi -Kh 20090508
Balochistan Killed 3 , unknown 20090505
Taybad Hanged 8 , unknown 20090502
Khash Hanged Abdolbari Norzahi 20090429
Balochistan/Kerman Killed 4 , unknown 20090420
an Killed Bibi Moluk 20090414
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Normohamad Ismailzahi 20090310
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mojib Rahman Kord 20090310
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Babak Kord 20090310
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mohamad Joma Khan Hossseini 20090310
On the border/Balochistan Killed 6 , unknown 20090308
Iranshahr Killed Behzad - Sh 20090305
Prison of Zahedan Hanged 1 , unknown 20090303
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Molawi Khalil Bahramzahi 20090303
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Salahudin Zardkohi 20090303
Mirjaweh Killed 4 , unknown 20090302
Esfahan Hanged Omid 20090221
Taybad Killed 9 , unknown 20090203
Taybad Killed 10 , unknown 20090131
Taybad Killed 6 , unknown 20090121
Taybad Killed 2 , unknown 200901-?
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Bohadoor Naroi 20090103
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Jalal Akbar Joma Aloshi(Jalal Shirani) 20090103
Nikshahr Hanged Abdolrahman Balochzahi 20081228
Khash Killed Jalal Rigi 20081225
Zabol Hanged Faiz Ahmad Naroi 20081223
Balochistan Killed One , unkonwn 20081220
Prison of Sarakhs Hanged Mohamad Amin Berahui 20081213
Taybad Killed 4 , unknown 20081210
Prison of Zahedan Hanged P - D 20081206
Prison of Zahedan Hanged M - M 20081206
Prison of Zahedan Hanged A - R 20081206
Prison of Zahedan Tortured to death Mohamad Berahui 20081202
Mirjaweh Killed One , unknown 20081202
Prison of Zahedan Hanged A - N 20081129
Prison of Zahedan Hanged H - F 20081129
Taybad Killed 15 , unknown 20081126
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Hossein Nohtani 20081124
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdullah Dahmardeh 20081124
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mohamad Berahui 20081124
Mirjaweh Killed 4 , unknown 20081118
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Nazir Ahmad Nasiri 20081110
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Jamali Bolizadeh 20081110
Balochistan Killed 10 , unkbown 20081108
Balochistan Killed 5 , unknown 20081103
Prison of Zahedan Hanged E - M 20081027
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Kh - N 20081027
Jask Killed Shahmorad 200810-?
Iranshahr Killed 2 , unknown 20081026
Rodbar/Kerman Hanged One , unknown 20081022
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Watan - Y 20081021
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mohamad Salim 20081021
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Zahor - Sh 20081021
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Anwar - D 20081021
Zabol Killed Akbar Sancholi 20081016
Zahedan /Pir Soran Killed Ahmad Wafaee 20081013
Zahedan /Pir Soran Killed Nader Rigi 20081013
Zahedan /Pir Soran Killed Nser Shahbakhsh 20081013
Zahedan /Pir Soran Killed Allah Nezar Kebdani 20081013
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Shahram Aywani 20081013
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Ramazan Rafiee 20081013
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Sasan Dogushkani 20081013
Kottgan/Zamuran/Pakistan Killed Mulla Salim Sorkizahi 20081010
Balochistan Killed About 38 ,unknown Last 2 months
Zahedan/Sapid sang Killed Abdullah Shahbakhsh 2008.10.06
Zahedan/Sapid sang Killed Hamid Shahbakhsh 2008.10.06
Nikshahr Killed One , unknown 2008.09.26
Zahedan Killed One , unknown 2008.09.18
Iranshahr Killed Mohamad Hossein Borr 2008.08.24
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Habibullah Pirwali 20080826
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Hossein Ali Shahraki 20080826
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mojtaba Mozafari 20080826
Sarbaz/Iranshahr Killed Sharif Sarkoeri 20080824
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Bahram N 20080820
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Hassan Sadeqpoor 20080813
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Golmohamad Salehzahi 20080811
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Rahim baranzahi 20080811
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Lalmohamad Zainadini 20080811
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Asadullah Eshaghzahi 20080811
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Yaghub Mehrnehad 20080804
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdolnaser Tahri Sadr 20080804
Zahedan Killed One , unknown 20080804
Zahedan Hanged Hadi Amri son of Hamid 20080729
Tehran-Evin Hanged Abdolreza Shahbakhsh 20080727
Tehran-Evin Hanged Sohrab Kamalzahi 20080727
Balochistan Killed One , unknown 20080724
Balochistan Killed One , unknown 20080724
Zahedan Killed One , unknown 20080721
Iranshahr Killed Three , unknown 20080720
Balochistan Killed One , unknown 20080719
Zahedan Killed One , unknown 20080708
Prison of Chabehar Hanged Mohamad Zareh 20080706
Balochistan Killed Three,Unknown 20080628
Zahedan Killed Abdosamad Shahbax 20080620
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Alireza Berahui 20080616
Prison of Chabehar Hanged Yunes Rahmandost 20080615
Prison of Chabehar Hanged Mohamad Hussein Noorzai 20080615
Balochistan Killed One , unknown 20080611
Khash-Paskoh Killed Khodad Shohlibor 20080607
Balochistan Killed 7 unknown 20080601
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mousa Narouei 20080531
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Kabali Cheraghi 20080531
Balochistan Killed 9 unknown 20080527
Balochistan Killed 2 unknown 20080519
Balochistan Killed One , unknown 20080518
Balochistan Killed Farhad Shanbehzai 20080515
Balochistan Killed 4 unknown 20080515
Balochistan Killed One , unknown 20080426
Balochistan Killed 4 , unknown 20080422
Prison of ESfehan Tortured to death Morad Borokzahi 20080417
Daman Killed Shirbakhsh Sohrabzahi 20080412
Zahedan Disapeared and killed Two girls from Hasshomzahi tribe 20080411
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Molawi Abdolqodus Mollazahi 20080409
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Molawi Mohamad Yousuf Sohrabi 20080409
Balochistan/Kerman Killed One , unknown 20080406
Sarbaz Killed One , unknown 20080401
Balochistan/Kerman Killed Three,Unknown 20080330
Pishin Killed Three , unknown 20080328
Zahedan Tortured to death Three women from Rigi tribe 20080323
Khash(Gohar Kouh) Killed Alam Khan Shahbax 20080218
Khash(Gohar Kouh) Killed One , known 20080218
Zahedan/Kerman Killed Ahmad Shahbax 20080216
Kerman/Zahedan Killed One , known 20080212
Sarawan Hanged Mohamad Aslam Mobarakzahi 20080131
Balochistan Killed 14 , unknown 200801
Balochistan Killed Son of Molawi Abdolrahman Chabhari 20080112
Giroft Killed 5 , unknown 20080105
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdolghayum Shahgi 20080102
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Babudin Karbalaei 20080102
Balochistan/Kerman Killed Two , unknown 20080102
Zahedan Hanged Mehdi Rigi Jawan 20071231
Zahedan Hanged Naser Hadieh Sasoli 20071231
Balochistan Killed Three , unknown 20071226
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Ezat Sarani 20071226
Prison of Zahedan Hanged 16 , unknown 20071226
Zahedan Killed One unknown 20071224
Prison of Iranshahr Hanged Yaqoub Setodeh 20071218
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Khodadad Shahbax 20071217
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mohamadreza Saleh 20071217
Iranshahr Killed 12, unknown 20071213
Balochistan/Bam Killed Khodadad Naroei 20071204
Qum Hanged Ataullah Polzahi 20071202
Prison of Zahedan Hanged One, unkonwn 20071202
Iranshahr Killed Bakhshok Shohlibor 20071125
Balochistan Killed Three,unknown 20071124
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Shamsodin Darvakh Gorgij 20071124
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mahmudshah Pashtoon 20071124
Saravan Killed Two ,unkonwn 20071113
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Rostam sepahi 20071115
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Nader Klabali 20071111
Balochistan Killed ??-unknown 20071107
Iranshahr Hanged Abdolmajid A 20071031
Prison of Iranshahr Hanged Ismail Barani Piranwand 20071030
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Joma Gamshadzai 20071030
Jakigwar_Sarbaz Killed One , unknown 20071030
Mahan Hanged Two ,unknown 20071028
Iranshahr Hanged Ali Khashi 3/3/86
Yazd Hanged Three unknown 20071027
Prison of Zahedan Hanged A.M 20071025
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Z.Gh. 20071025
Prison of Zahedan Hanged A.M 20071025
Birjand Hanged Five , unknown 20071022
Birjand Killed Two , unkonwn 20071019
Zahedan Hanged A. 20071016
Iranshahr Hanged Two, "Ostadi" in aftername 20071009
Balochistan Killed Six , unknown 20071002
Dashtyari-Chabhar Killed One , unkonwn 20070929
Mahan Hanged Mohamad Bamari 20070912
Mahan Hanged Omar Bamari 20070912
Zahedan Killed Abdolshakor sh. known as Shakori 20070909
Sarbaz Killed One , unkonwn 20070910
Shiraz Hanged Gazawo Mahmudzahi 20070905
Shiraz Hanged Alireza Berahuei 20070905
Khash-Zahedan Killed Two , unknown 20070904
Mirjaweh_Rek Malek" Killed Morad Gamshadzahi 20070828
Iranshahr Hanged Two , unknown 20070824
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Shkrollah Kordi Tamandani 20070821
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Hossein Chobi Ali 20070821
Koh Sepit-Sarawan Killed Two man from Gamshadzahi tribe 20070821
Jakigwar_Chabhar Killed Rezaei Nohani 20070817
Sarbaz Killed Mola Shahbax Derakhshan 20070817
Zahedan Killed Two unknown, 20070809
Zahedan Killed Abdoghani Shahbax 20070809
Zahedan Killed Nasrollah Shahbax 20070809
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Sanaullah Mirbalochzahi 20070808
Pirson of Iranshahr Hanged Abdosamad Kachkosh 20070806
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdolaziz Esmailzahi 20070806
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdoljamal Shahbax 20070806
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Aliakbar Shahbax 20070806
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Halim Shahbax 20070801
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Noormohamad Esmailzahi 20070801
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdolmalek Shahbax 20070726
Ewin-Tehran Hanged Sarwar Sarani 20070722
Ewin-Tehran Hanged Hamiullah Totazahi 20070722
Pir Soran-Zahedan Killed Four , unknown 20070720
Zabol Hanged Naeim Molaei 20070720
Zahedan Hanged Golmohamad Kanbarzahi 20070709
Mirjaweh Zahedan Killed-The police fired on their cars 18 , unknown 20070708
Zahedan Killed by unknown people One from Rigi tribe 20070707
Nikshahr Killed Three , unknown 20070703
Balochistan Killed Two ,unkonwn 20070703
Karaj Hanged Two killed 20070613
Zahedan Tortured to death Wahid Mirbalochzahi 23 20070613
Balochistan Killed Two,unkonwn 20070609
Zahedan Killed One , unkonwn 20070607
Zahedan Killed Two,unkonwn 20070604
Birjand Hanged Four,unkonwn 20070528
Zahedan Hanged Saeed Kanbarzahi 17 20070527
Bam-Zahedan Killed One , unkonwn 20070526
Balochistan Killed One , unkonwn 20070526
Iranshahr Hanged A. Kh. 20070521
Sarawan Hanged ‌ Abdolhaqh Askani 20070520
Balochistan Killed Six, unkonwn 20070519
Bandar Abbas Hanged Parviz Jedi 20070516
Bandar Abbas Hanged Abdolrahman 20070516
Zahedan Killed Roya Sarani 12 20070516
Bandar Abbas Hanged One , unkonwn 1386.01.24
Mashad Hanged Fifteen, unkonwn 20070514
Balochistan Killed Two , unkonwn 1386.01.24
Sarbaz Killed Five , unkonwn 2007.05.05
Zahedan Hanged Zaman Bamari 2007.05.01
Balochistan Killed Four,unkonwn 1386.1.6
Nikshahr Killed Three , unkonwn 2007.04.19
Totan Killed by "Mersad" Aziz Dorzadeh 18،04،2007
Totan Killed by "Mersad" Sirus Shirani 21 18,04,2007
Balochistan Killed by "Mersad" Six , unkonwn 17،04،2007
Zahedan Hanged Two , unkonwn 15،03،2007
Zabol Killed Two , unkonwn 14،03،2007
Zahedan Hanged Nazir Shanbehzahi 14،03،2007
Zahedan Hanged Nasroollah Shanbehzahi 19،02،2007
Zahedan Hanged Ahmad Sarir 20070315
Zahedan Hanged Toraj Seyahkamari 22-10-1385
Sarawan Killed Bashir H 20070130
Zahedan Hanged Ali B. 10-01-2007
Zahedan Hanged Mohamad Sh. 10-01-2007
Iranshahr Killed Abdolwahed Royan 2006.07
Iranshahr Hanged Khodamorad Lashkarzadeh 2006.06
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdol Ali baloch 2006.09
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Shahmohamad Barakzahi 2006.09
Zabol Hanged Gholam Kokan 2006.09
Zahedan Hanged Nader Rigi 2006.09
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mohamad Shibok 2006.09
Iranshahr Hanged Ali Karimi 2006.09(۸۵/۰۷/۰۶ )
Sarawan Hanged Amanullah 30-01-2006
Rafsenjan Hanged Shahmir A 20061230
Rafsenjan Hanged Gholam A 20061230
Rafsenjan Hanged Noorahmad G 20061230
Zahedan Hanged Pordel D. 25.12.2006
Zahedan Hanged Yusof H. 25,12,2006
Zahedan Hanged Mohamad Shahbax 24,12,2006
Zahedan Hanged Changiz Narooei 24,12,2006
Zahedan Hanged Ali Baqheri 24,12,2006
Balochistan Killed Two , unkonwn 24,12,2006
Iranshahr Killed Noormohamad Ahorani 20061106
Zahedan Hanged Abdolmamalek Faqirdadi 20060815
Zahedan Hanged Shidel Shaihakirad 20060815
Zabol Hanged Hamid Reza Saber 20060815
Darzin Hanged Najib Karzahi 200608
Zabol Hanged Mehdi Zahri 20060713
Zabol Hanged Hoshang Keyani 20060713
Zabol Hanged Jalaludin Jamali 20060713
Zabol Hanged Abdol Rahman Safarzahi 20060713
Zahedan Hanged Majid Rigi 20060713
Zahedan Hanged Mohamad Poor Shahbax 2004
Dalgan Killed Two , unkonwn 1385.12.7
Sarawan Killed Three,unknown 29,07,1385
Khuramabad Hanged Karimbakhsh Narooei 29,05,1385
Zahedan Hanged Masoud Narooei 01،03،1385
Zahedan Hanged Abdolwaheed 01،03،1385
Zahedan Hanged Abdol Hamid Narooei 09،03،1385
Iranshahr Hanged Ali Arbabi 18،03،1385
Zahedan Hanged Abdollah Shahbax 20،03،1385
Pir Souran Killed Eshagh Rigi 24.03.1385
Zahedan Hanged Two , unkonwn 05،08،1385
Zahedan Hanged Saeed 07،08،1385
Iranshahr Killed One , unkonwn 06,1386
Sarawan Killed Gholamreza Rigi 06,1386
Zahedan Hanged Naser 07،04،1385
Dalgan The police exploded their house The members of one family 17،04،1385
Iranshahr Hanged Lalbax Sabki 17،04،1385
Balochistan Killed Qader 30،03،1385
Zahedan Hanged Two , unknown 25,03,1385
Iranshahr Hanged Farshid Bamari , known as Mirzok 2006.07.
Balochistan The police exploded their house Satar Dorazahi 2006
Balochistan The police exploded their house Adam Dorazahi 2006
Balochistan The police exploded their house Dorazahi 2006
Zahedan Hanged Abdoha,id Espandaki 30،10،2006
Zahedan Hanged Ahmad Dahmardeh 30،10،2006
Zahedan Hanged Behzad Narooei 30،10،2006
Zahedan Hanged Kahrazahi 2006
Iranshahr Hanged Mohamad Qayomi 05،11،2006
Iranshahr Hanged Najibollah Qayomi 05،11،2006
Zahedan Hanged Behzad 06،11،2006
Zahedan Hanged Mohamad Amin 06،11،2006
Zahedan Hanged Abdollah 06،11،2006
Zahedan Hanged Mohsen 06،11،2005
Zahedan Hanged Majeed 06،11،2006
Zahedan Hanged Nader 06،11،2006
Zahedan Hanged Hadi Daryakash Narooei 2006
Khash Killed Cherag Gamshahzahi 2006
Zahedan Hanged Azizullah Najariyan 2006
Zahedan Hanged Mohebali Gholamian 2006
Iranshahr Killed Medi Sabaki 22،11،2006
Iranshahr Killed Eisa Sabaki 22،11،2006
Zahedan Hanged Morad Gholi 02،12،2006
Zahedan Hanged Jamshid Shaikhi 02،12،2006
Iranshahr Killed Lalmohamad 20060718
Zahedan Killed Abdollah Notizahi 15 2006.02.01
Zahedan Killed Rohullah Notizahi 16 2006.02.01
Zahedan Killed Masoud Shahbax 18 2006.02.01
Iranshahr Hanged Bamari 20060105
Iranshahr Hanged Hoshang Bamari 2005.08
Iranshahr Killed Yusuf Bayegan
Balochistan Killed Molabax Derakhshan
Iranshahr Hanged Shokat Borhanzahi
Iranshahr Hanged Shahnezar narooei
Iranshahr Hanged Lalbax Borhanzahi
Iranshahr Hanged Shirali Khodayari
Iranshahr Hanged Emambax Damoni
Iranshahr Hanged Hamid Mirbalochzahi
Daman Hanged Nader Azargon
Iranshahr The police exploded their house Reza Qaderi
Lashar Killed Kamran Narooei
Iranshahr Killed Mohamadyosef Roin
Iranshahr Killed Nader Sholibor
Zahedan Hanged Yusof Shahbax 1383
Iranshahr Poisoned Saeed Pahlawani 1383
Iranshahr Killed Mosusa Poranoosh 1383
Iranshahr Poisoned Osman Rahmani Zardkohi 1383

Friday, 11 June 2010

Former Kohlu nazim’s brother “missing” for 9 months

Occupied Balochistan: QUETTA: The former nazim of Kohlu district Kamal Khan Marri has said that his brother Sorab Khan Marri had been whisked away by the secrete agencies and has still not been released after lapse of 9 months.

He said this in a press statement issued here on Thursday. He said that his brother did not have any links with any political party and had only come to provincial capital for the purpose of employment.

He said that they had also called on Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani and Home Minister for the release of his brother but no progress so far in this regard. He said that they have also lodged a petition in High Court of Balochistan and have appeared before judicial commission in this regard but Sorab Khan’s release could not be secured.

He said that despite lapse of eight months no clues had been detected regarding Sorab Khan and Mohammad Shah Zarkoon.

He demanded of the Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry to take notice of the illegal arrest of Sorab Khan and Muhammad Shah Zarkoon and get them released from the detention of secrete agencies.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

PMA protests for the recovery of “missing doctors”

Occupied Balochistan: QUETTA: Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), Balochistan Chapter, held a protest demonstration in front of the Balochistan Assembly demanding for early and safe recovery of doctors listed missing for past one year.

“Six doctors are reported missing and seven others had been killed during the past one year and the government had failed to take any action against the involved criminals and provide protection to the lives of the doctors,” Provincial President of PMA, Dr. Mazar Khan, told news men outside of the Assembly.

He said that doctors are feeling insecure because of frequent incident of killing and kidnapping and could not perform their duties in hostile circumstances.

They were carrying placards inscribed slogans in support of their demands. The protesting doctors chanted slogans against the government for its failure to maintain peace in the province.

“If the missing doctors had committed any crime they should be tried in court of law otherwise there is no justification to detain them in illegal custody,” he said.

The protestors claimed that Dr. Nasim was whisked away by secret agencies from Bolan Medical College Teaching Hospital few weeks ago.

The families of missing doctors are living in painful condition as they don’t know whether their beloved are alive or dead, Dr. Sultan Tareen said.

They dispersed peacefully after the assurance of the provincial Ministers that they would discus the issue with the Chief Minister of Balochistan at the presence of a delegation of doctors.

It may be mentioned here that the doctors are observing two hours’ token strike suspending healthcare facilities at the OPDs of all hospitals in protest against kidnapping and enforced disappearance of highly qualified doctors.

‘Not a morsel till Zakir is freed!’

Thursday, June 10, 2010
By By Saher Baloch

Karachi: In the sweltering summer heat, three members of a family refuse to break their 28 day hunger strike outside the Karachi Press Club and only demand that Zakir Majeed Baloch, who got missing from Khuzdar, Balochistan on June 8 2009, must be freed.

With pain etched on their faces, Baloch’s family members, including his sister Shabana, refuse to eat anything, “We will not eat a morsel till Zakir is freed!” And looking at them, its obvious that they physical pain of hunger pangs is well surpassed by the mental anguish of the loss of their loved one.

A year after Zakir went missing; his family is still looking for clues and searching for answers. Sitting with a picture of his brother, Shabana says that she wants to know whether her brother is alive or not. “If he has done something unlawful there are courts for it but to pick a person for unknown reasons is something we do not understand.” Besides being a brilliant student, Shabana says that Zakir never minced words while speaking about the plight of the Baloch people, who she added “live in the most deplorable of conditions in their own province.”

Back in 2009, the head of United Nations High Commission for Refugees, John Solecki was abducted from Quetta on his way to home. An organisation claimed responsibility for the abduction and demanded that the United Nations put pressure on Pakistani authorities to release 1109 missing Baloch activists, out of which 141 were women. “This angered many of the young activists who wanted to talk it out rather than create a ruckus. Zakir Baloch was one of them,” Shabana said.

Along with like minded people, he formed a committee known as the John Solecki Release Committee and set about putting pressure on the authorities to pace their efforts in finding Solecki. Though Solecki was released after two months, Zakir went missing from Balochistan without a trace.

Bewildered, the family filed an FIR and later filed a petition in High Court. “During the period when we were running from pillar to post, we did not get a call for ransom or any threats from anyone,” added Dr Hussain Baloch, a cousin of Zakir, accompanying his family. He said that they filed a petition in Supreme Court as well, “but so far we have not been informed about anything.” He says that those sympathizing with them very well know who’s behind the abductions but to no avail. “We appeal to all the human rights organisations to help us out in our search for justice.”

Director at Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), I.A Rehman said that he felt for the families of the missing person but the fact is that it is a long process. “A commission has been formed in Quetta regarding the recovery of missing persons in the region. A hearing takes place after every 10 days and 5 to 6 people are recovered. Hope is not lost yet as we are trying our best to recover those who are missing.”

Though the young ones, to some extent, understand the problems in getting timely justice in the country, it is their mother they are worried about. Shabana said that all day long her mother looks at the doorway expecting Zakir to get in any minute. Zakir’s mother keeps getting in and out of the hospital after her son’s disappearance. “All day long, my mother cries out Zakir’s name and says that when he has not done anything then why he is not coming home. She does not understand, no matter how much we try,” said Shabana in a soft voice.