Saturday, 29 August 2009

Non-indigenous authorities Started selling lands owned by Baluchis in Zahedan Balochistan

The lands which were owned by destitute and poor Balochis snached by non-indigenous authorities in Fazeli Blovard Zahedan some times ago are now have been put in auction by the authorities, its still unknown whether a few pieces of land sold or Who are the buyers.

Previous owners of the lands cant even bulid a house for themselve which could resist from rainings or natural events, many of them have installed wood tents on their piece of land to shelter.

Now the poor Baloch people are only waiting to see who the new land owners will be who are about to come, about whom the authorities told the Baloch people. There is a possibility that none natives will have the lands and that the Balochis who have the financial ability would not succeed to buy any of these lands.

Unfortunately, the ninth government which claims that justice was all over in Balochistan had the weakest performance in the economic pressures on people and obstruction of the borders was only a pressure to the Balochis, and these pressures helped the percentages of poverty to rise in Balochistan.
The main goal of Iranian government is to expand poverty in Balochistan as much as they can, and lands of poor Baloch people going into seize in Fazeli bolvard Zahedan was a typical effort of the evil rigime of Iran.
By Sarbaaz Baloch.

Asaap and Baloch Journalist, victim of Pakistan State’s suppression

In every modern society, news papers and journalists are backbone of freedom of expression. The state of affair for journalism and newspaper publication in Balochistan is far from any norm and standard due to aggressive policies of occupying states of Pakistan and Iran against Baloch people

Publication of the Daily Assap in Urdu was a remarkable beginning in the journalistic era of Balochistan. It aimed to cover and highlights Balochistan issues, hence encountered on numerous occasions, direct intimidation by Pakistani ISI and other suppressive agencies. On 23rd Feb 2009, Pakistani agencies made a direct assassination on Asaap’s editor in Chief Mr Jan Mohd Dashti. He suffered serious injuries by fired bullets, but was fortunate to survive.

On 18th Aug 2009 the Pakistan Frontier Corps in Balochistan besieged Asaap office in Quetta with Artillery Tank and large number of uniformed and plain-cloth personnel. The Pakistani State curtailed the activities of Asaap journalists by presence of FC and by intimidation of Asaap employees. Sadly the Asaap was forced to stop publication and shut its office. Unfortunately the closure of Daily Asaap did not master sufficient criticism to deter further suppression of freedom in Balochistan.

As it was warned by Baloch journalist Mr Malik Siraj Akbar, it is a beginning to target Baloch news papers. On Friday 22nd Aug 2009 once again the Pakistani Frontier Corps in Quetta, besieged offices of two more Baloch news papers as they deemed pro-Baloch by Pakistan. The Pakistani Frontier Corps in Quetta following its success in closure of Daily Asaap by intimidation, making the same attempts to force closure on English newspaper Daily Balochistan Express and Urdu paper Daily Azadi, both published by Siddique Baloch.

Baloch journalist Mr Malik Siraj Akbar who has been writing on Balochistan is also being targeted for revealing the tense and oppressive situation in Balochistan. The Pakistani State is engaged in a systematic manner of suppression and oppression of Baloch people and Baloch media.

Balochistan National Movement (Balochistan Raji Zrombesh) strongly condemns Pakistan for the policies of intimidation and suppression of Baloch media in Balochistan. Balochistan National Movement seeks support of journalists and defenders of freedom of expression thorough-out the World for existence of a free Baloch media, and seeks their support to join us in condemnation of Pakistan for curtailing Baloch media.

Balochistan National Movement recognises that Daily Asaap, Daily Balochistan Express, Daily Azadi and Baloch Journalists are victims of Pakistan State’s suppression. Iran and Pakistan are occupying invaders in Balochistan; therefore they see no limit to their oppression on Baloch people. The Baloch struggle for freedom demands from Baloch forces to be concerned on our surrounding issues let it be today Asaap, Balochistan Express, Mr Malik Siraj Akbar or faith of disappearing Baloch.

Balochistan National Movement (Balochistan Raji Zrombesh)

HRCP for the freedom of expression in Balochistan

HE Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) on Friday urged the government to respect press freedom in Balochistan.

A statement issued by the HRCP said: “The Commission is alarmed at reports of Frontier Constabulary (FC) personnel laying siege to Quetta offices of at least two newspapers. On August 18, Urdu daily Asaap announced suspension of its publication after security forces cordoned of its Quetta office for two weeks and all visitors and employees were frisked, questioned and humiliated.

FC personnel have now been deployed outside the offices of Urdu daily Aazdi and nobody is allowed in without submitting to a search and questioning.

Journalists in Balochistan face numerous security threats and this makes their work even harder.

Even prior to security forces’ clampdown, these newspapers were being victimised and Asaap - one of the widely-circulated Urdu newspaper in Balochistan - had been denied government advertisements for a number of years.


There is Illegal construction continous on Baloch ancestral land in Baloch Dominated Area of ''Gattar Bageecha'' Golimar,Karachi.Where Baloch people loosing their land,they got all legal documents of land.The Indian Immigrant Mahajirs illegally constructing buildings with the help of currently currupt government.Police and Ranger forces backing the construction.

Baloch was peacefully protesting against the illegal construction,so police and rangers fired tear gas & opened fire on protesters,reported 5 persons killed numbers of facing major injuries.Sindh provincial government,city government,electronic media and print media all turned blind on such a issue.

We Baloch as a nation requesting to all human right organisations,print media,electronic media to take an immediate action against the killing of 5 human lives and illegal construction on Baloch ancestral land.

Quetta blasts disrupt rail traffic, gas supply

QUETTA: The provincial capital was rocked by three powerful explosions on Friday night, affecting railway traffic and gas supply to some areas.

According to sources, gas supply to some areas in the outskirts was suspended after a four-foot portion of a pipeline was blown up near the eastern bypass.

Suspected militants blew up a two-foot portion of railway track near Almo Chowk, DIG (Operation) Shahid Nizam Durrani told Dawn.

The blast affected the train service between Quetta and Chaman.

Nato supplies and transit trade to Afghanistan was suspended. Railway authorities said engineers had been sent to the area and repair work would be taken up after security clearance.

A wall was damaged and windows of several houses were smashed when a homemade device exploded near the railway guards’ colony.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Govt to resolve Balochistan’s problems: PM Gilani

ISLAMABAD: The government has combined the recommendations of various committees formed to discuss the issues of Balochistan and it will make a formal announcement at an appropriate forum, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani told reporters.

Gilani said the government had consulted all stakeholders regarding Balochistan, adding that it was also planning to convene an all-parties conference to discuss the problems of the restive province.

The PM also maintained that the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) enjoyed a relationship of mutual respect based on the Charter of Democracy (CoD).

He said there were minor differences between the two parties over some issues, adding that all modalities would be worked out through dialogue.

The prime minister said he could meet Nawaz Sharif any time.

Gilani also defended the government’s decision regarding the rental power plants.

He said these power plants were the only available quick solution to the current power shortage in the country. — DawnNews

As far as Balochistan is concerned then its biggest problem is being in the same union with Punjab (Pakistan).

This is not the first time the government is saying that it will resolve Balochistan's problem, this is their daily routine to say all these but when it comes to act then the only thing Pakistan could do is to deploy more FC, Police or any other security personnels in the sensetive areas of Balochistan to even more worsen the situation.

Sarbaaz Baloch.

Baloch observe 'down with Pakistan' day in US

Washington, Aug 28 (PTI) The small Baloch community in and around Washington has observed the third death anniversary of their leader Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti as "Down with Pakistan" day.

Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti (79), the former governor and chief minister of Balochistan, was killed on August 26, 2006, in a military operation ordered by the then President General Pervez Musharraf.

The protest here was organised by the pro-liberation American Friends of Balochistan. Its activists began their protest in front of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, where Muslim Lakhani, who had heaped praise on the military regime of Musharraf, is a council member.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Bugti's son seeks murder case against Musharraf

A petition in the Balochistan High Court seeking the registration of a murder case against Pervez Musharraf is the latest blast from the past for the former Pakistan ruler. On Tuesday, Nawabzada Jamil Bugti petitioned the Sibi bench of the provincial High Court asking it to direct the police to register a case of murder against the former President for the killing of his father, Nawab Akbar Bugti, in August 2006.

Bugti was killed in a military operation on his cave hideout in the Dera Bugti region of Balochistan.

In the months before, he had become the face and voice of anti-government resistance in the troubled province and General (retired) Musharraf had vowed to get him.

But through this time, Bugti also continued to maintain friendly ties with Pakistan's political leaders, including the ruling Pakistan Muslim league (Q).

His killing sparked rioting in Balochistan, with the people of the province rallying against General Musharraf. Jamil Bugti approached the court in Sibi seeking its help in getting a First Information Report registered against the military ruler and others in his regime, including the then Prime Minister, Balochistan Governor and Chief Minister, following a police refusal to register the case.

The court is to take up the petition on September 2.

General Musharraf lives in London these days. Given the mood against him in the country, especially after the July 31 Supreme Court verdict declaring his November 3, 2007 emergency unconstitutional, his return to Pakistan is most unlikely.

Demands for his trial on charges of treason, particularly from the Pakistan Muslim League (N), are growing by the day.

And earlier this month, acting on a court order, a police station in the Pakistan capital registered a case against General Musharraf for wrongfully detaining the judges of the Supreme Court, including Chief Justice Ifthikar Muhammed Chaudhary, when he imposed emergency rule on November 3, 2007.

Shutdown in Balochistan to mourn Bugti, 10 killed

Islamabad, Aug 26 (PTI) At least 10 people were killed in sporadic violence as life in most parts of Pakistan's restive southwestern Balochistan province was hit today by a strike called to mark the third death anniversary of nationalist leader Nawab Akbar Bugti, who died in a military operation.

Shops were closed and traffic stayed off the roads due to the shutdown called by Bugti's Jamhoori Watan Party and Baloch National Front. It was backed by other Baloch nationalist parties. Special prayers were also organised for Bugti, former governor and chief minister of the energy-rich province.

Gunmen belonging to an unknown group ambushed a security check point and tried to blow up a gas pipeline near Jafarabad last night, the Geo news reported. In a gun battle, security forces killed seven of the attackers and captured as many.

Three hurt in Quetta grenade attack

QUETTA: At least three persons sustained injuries in a hand-thrown bomb attack on Jattak Bus Stop here in Satellite Town late on Wednesday, Geo news reported.

According to police sources, unknown miscreants threw a hand grenade on a tailoring shop located on Jattak Bus Stop, which went off with a loud explosion, injuring three persons who were shifted to hospital for medical aid.

The injured persons were later identified as Raza, Muhammad Karamat and Abid Hussain while police have kicked off investigation into the incident, police sources said.

Bugti’s 3rd anniversary observed

QUETTA—A shutter-down and wheel-jammed strike was observed on Wednesday throughout Balochistan on the third death anniversary of head of Jamhoor Wattan Party (JWP) Nawab Akbar Bugti. Quran Khawani was arranged at several places and there have been reports of scattered incidents of violence. Bugti was killed on Aug 26, 2006, along with a number of his body guards and associates during an operation by the security forces in mountainous range of Kohlu, he was hiding to avoid detention by security forces. The JWP and Baloch National Front had given the strike call whereas other Balcoh nationalist parties also supported the call.—Agencies

Gas pipeline blown up

DERA BUGTI: Unidentified men blew up a gas pipeline of the Loti gas field in Dera Bugti district on Wednesday, police said. The pipeline supplied gas to the Loti Purification Plant from a well and was blown up with explosive charges. Pakistan Petroleum Limited sources said their team was repairing the damage. Meanwhile, militants fired nine rockets from the mountains surrounding the Sui airport. However, no damage was reported. Police have registered both cases and started investigations. app

3 die in target killings: Shutters down on Bugti’s death anniversary

QUETTA: Baloch national parties observed a “black day” in addition to a shutter down strike on the third death anniversary of Nawab Muhammad Akbar Khan Bugti, former chief minister and governor of the province.

All businesses, public and private institutions were shut down following the Balochistan National Front’s call for a shutter down and wheel-jam strike. The government deployed 5,000 policemen and Frontier Corps personnel to ensure peace. The government also imposed Section 144 restrictions on assembly, preventing the Jamhoori Watan Party from staging a protest rally in front of the Quetta Press Club. Despite the increased security measures, there were several reports of violence, including a clash between security forces and armed freedom fighters near Jaffarabad and Sui. Separately, at least three Punjabis were killed and three others critically injured on Wednesday evening in a targeted killing claimed by the Baloch Liberation United Front at Quetta’s Jinnah Road.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Strike across Balochistan on Bugti’s death anniversary (August 26, 2009)

QUETTA: A shutter down and wheel jam strike is being observed in many parts of Balochistan on the third death anniversary of late Baloch politician Nawab Abkar Khan Bugti. The call for the strike had been given by Baloch nationalist parties.

Sources say the strike is being observed in Quetta, Mastung, Kalat, Khuzdar, Awaran, Kharan, Panjgur, Turbat, Gwadar, Sibi, Sui and many other towns and cities of the province. All the main shopping malls, markets and trading centres are closed in these cities and towns while traffic is also nominal.

Baloch nationalist parties are also observing the day as black day. They have hoisted black flags at their offices and houses to condemn the killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti.

Security has been beefed up on this occasion across the province to avert any untoward incident. In the provincial capital about 5000 officials of police, Balochistan Constabulary and Anti Terrorist Force besides a large number of Frontier Corps personnel have been deployed.

Quetta and other parts of the province also witnessed several incidents of violence on Tuesday evening in connection with Nawab Bugti’s death in which at least two persons were killed and over a dozen were wounded. —DawnNews

Balochistan: “Extreme military pressure” forces closure of daily (Assap)

Reporters Without Borders: Reporters Without Borders said today it was shocked by the closure of Pakistani Urdu-languge daily Asaap. after it came under “tremendous pressure” from the government and the security forces which were controlling its offices both inside and out.

Editor, Abid Mir, speaking on the telephone from Quetta, the capital of Baluchistan told the worldwide press freedom organisation that he had “published the last edition on August 18” as a result of the intimidiation.

“We are shocked by the control and intrusions on the part of the security forces that obstruct the running of the newspaper and constitute a violation of press freedom. The government is adding to the gang-related and Taliban threats with an unacceptable crackdown on journalists. We urge the Pakistani authorities to get this harassment by the security forces stopped and to allow journalists to carry on their work normally”, Reporters Without Borders said.

Two Euro journalists to get Nawab Bugti award

Karlos Zurutuza --------------------------------------------------------------Peter Tatchell

WASHINGTON DC: Two European journalists have been given the Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti Reporting Award for their objective news writing on the situation in Baluchistan, a DC-based organization announced on Tuesday on the eve of the third anniversary of the slaying of the Baluch statesman at the hands of Pakistan army.

The premier American Friends of Baluchistan has announced it will honor the works of two distinguished European journalists, Peter Tatchell of London and Karlos Zurutuza of Basque Country, Spain, for highlighting the Baluchistan struggle for independence in the The Guardian and the Spanish-language Gara newspaper, respectively.

"The two journalists have taken great personal risks to professionally bring to the fore one of the most under-reported struggles in the world today: the Baluch fight to regain their lost statehood from Pakistan and Iran," three presiding council members of the A.F.B., Rasheed Baloch, Mohammad Ali Baloch and Nabi Baloch said in a statement on the eve of the third death anniversary of Nawab Bugti that falls on August 26.

Nawab Bugti, 79, one of the most popular Baluch statesmen, was killed extra judicially by the Pakistani occupation army in Baluchistan on August 26, 2006. His martyrdom has strengthened the Baluch liberation movement that has now become widespread all over Baluchistan.

"Peter Tatchell is a well-known name all over Europe for his fight for human rights, including the birth rights of the oppressed minorties. Karlos Zurutuza in the past earned the love and respect of the Kurdish people and his bold writings on the freedom movement in Baluchistan has been widely appreciated, " the three presiding council members said.

The award will be in the form of a coin-like medal with the picture of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, 79, on one side and an inscription that will read "Baluchistan azaat ba'at" on the other side. The inscription means "Baluchistan shall be free."It will be presented to the two journalists at an upcoming event in London, England, by London-based leaders of the Baluch liberation movement.

The A.F.B. said next year, it will award famous U.S. writers and journalists, Selig S. Harrison of the Center for International Policy and Wendy Johnson, publisher of www.thebaluch. com, for their services in highlighting the ongoing struggle in Baluchistan.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan, Robert Oakley, described Nawab Bugti as a martyr for a just cause. He was awe-inspired by Nawab Bugti's leadership skills and came on public record to say he was capable to become a governor of any U.S. state.

Meanwhile, A.F.B. activists will stage a protest demo and distribute handbills against Pakistani businessmen Muslim Lakhani who is accused of looting the Baluch gold and copper resources at Reko Diq during the regime of former coup leader and dictator General Pervez Musharraf.

"Well done boys," General Musharraf, whose mother Zarin was a famous dancer from Lucknow -- the India city known for its brothels since the Mogul days -- congratulated the Pakistani soldiers who killed Nawab Bugti. The coffin of the slain leader was kept locked by the Pakistan army and none of his next of kin were allowed to see his last remains.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A tribute of respect to the Great Baloch Leader Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti

August 26th is the day to pay tribute of respect to one of the famous names in Baloch history. It is the day of paying tribute to the very courageous leader and the towering personality of the Baloch national struggle. It is the day of paying tribute to the martyred hero of a noble struggle for freedom and dignity of a long subjugated nation. It is the day of remembering a dignified walk to martyrdom of a hero, which has rekindled the flame of hopes and dreams for a bright future among the Baloch people.

3rd Martyrdom anniversary of Nawab Bugti: Memorial meeting in London

London: Baloch Human Rights Council (UK) and World Sindhi Congress are organising a memorial meeting to honour the great Baloch hero Nawab Akbar Bugti on the third anniversary of his murder by Pakistani Army on 26th August, 2006.

We request to all Baloch , Sindhi and other human rights activists to take part in the event to pay tribute to the Baloch national hero.

Your participation is much appreciated

Event Information:

Room 3B,
University of London Union BuildingMallet Street,
London WC1E 7HY

Date: Sunday 30 August 2009

Time: 3:00-6:30pm

Nearest Tube Stations: Russell Square, Euston Square

Organisers and Contacts:

Baloch Human Rights Council Samad Baluch - 07825087032, Hasan Hamdam 07916288895

World Sindhi Congress Haleem Bhatti - 07939177286, Lakhu Luhana 07533666013


Pakistan and Iran Jointly Started the Large scale operation against un-armed Baloch civilians in Balochistan.They are using heavy weapons,Gunship helicopters,tanks,all villages & towns are seiged by both state,media blackout and area turned into war zone,massive casualities expected,dozens of Baloch peaceful activist arrested.

Therefore humble request to entire Baloch nation,peace loving people,human right organisations,print media,electronic media to raise their voice against the pakistan & Iran and save Baluch nation from the huge genocide.

Plese do write to human right organisations and electronic media to let them know about the ongoing massive millitary operation in Balochistan.


Nawab Akbar Bugti's martyrdom anniversary tomorrow 26 August (The unforgotten day)

ISLAMABAD: The third death anniversary of Baloch nationalist leader and former chief minister of Balochistan Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti will be observed on Wednesday with the main gathering at Dera Bugti, The News learnt here on Monday.

The largest gathering in connection with the death anniversary of the slain leader will be held at the Bugti House in Dera Bugti. Besides Quraan Khwani and distribution of food, chieftain of the Bugti tribe Nawab Aali Bugti will also address a gathering, Jamhoori Watan Party (JWP) secretary-general Rauf Sasoli said while talking to The News.

Functions in connection will also be held in Quetta, Hub, Karachi and other towns of Balochistan, he added. Nawab Akbar Bugti was killed along with 37 armed men in a military operation in Chalgri area of Bhamboor hills of Dera Bugti district on August 26, 2006.

When this news was first telecast by Geo News at 10:23pm, even the then-prime minister Shaukat Aziz, too, was unaware of the happening. Nawab Bugti, who was born in 1927, was a former chief minister of Balochistan. The chief of the Bugti tribe went underground in 2005.

Some 21 security personnel, including some officers, were also reportedly killed in fierce clashes. Over two dozen tribesmen were injured in the area and taken into custody.

Our biggest demand is the arrest of killers of the veteran Baloch leader, Sasoli said. Pervez Musharraf, Shaukat Aziz and top leaders of the Pakistan Muslim League (PML-Q) are responsible for his death and we want them booked, arrested and tried, he said.

The JWP leader said his party believes in the federation and wants to see Pakistan as a stable country. He said they have no conflict with anybody but it is their earnest demand that killers of late Nawab Bugti are brought to justice.

To remove the sense of deprivation and restore law and order in Balochistan, it is necessary that killers of Nawab Bugti are put on trial, Sasoli said. If this demand is met, we are confident that we will be able to control the situation in Balochistan with the help of other Baloch leaders, he said.

The JWP leader said neither have they any conflict with the military nor are they opposed to establishment of more cantonments in Balochistan. He said they want that, besides setting up new cantonments, the unemployed and poverty-stricken people of Balochistan are provided jobs and other benefits to mitigate their sufferings.

Pakistani officials canceled transfer to Balochistan for double salary - greed is a curse!

LAHORE: Ten government officials have given up efforts to get their transfer orders canceled after they were offered double salaries, a four-month leave per year and promotions to the next cadre if they served in Balochistan.

The officials include five from the District Management Group (DMG) and five from the police department and were transferred by the Establishment Division from Punjab to Balochistan.

A notification to this effect had been issued, following which, the services of the officials were immediately handed over to the Balochistan government.

According to sources, five police officials of SSP-rank including Bilal Siddique, Mirza Faran Baig, Raja Rifat Mukhtar, Dr Waqar Abbasi, and Capt (r) Mobeen Zaid had never been posted to any province other than Punjab. The DMG officials, who included additional secretaries, also tried their best to get their transfer orders nullified.

The Establishment Division is responsible for inter-provincial transfers and postings. Influential individuals have, in the past, had themselves transferred to federal government departments such as Pakistan Railways, Federal Investigation Agency etc or proceeded abroad, to avoid transfers to other provinces.

Earlier, Punjab Inspector General Tariq Saleem Dogar had also sent a letter to the Punjab government, recommending it cancel the transfer orders, but the Establishment Division issued another notification, according to which, their services were immediately handed over to the Balochistan government.

The officers have been told that their services will last 18 months, after which they could leave their charge. The officers and their families will also get six return air tickets.