Saturday, 29 August 2009


There is Illegal construction continous on Baloch ancestral land in Baloch Dominated Area of ''Gattar Bageecha'' Golimar,Karachi.Where Baloch people loosing their land,they got all legal documents of land.The Indian Immigrant Mahajirs illegally constructing buildings with the help of currently currupt government.Police and Ranger forces backing the construction.

Baloch was peacefully protesting against the illegal construction,so police and rangers fired tear gas & opened fire on protesters,reported 5 persons killed numbers of facing major injuries.Sindh provincial government,city government,electronic media and print media all turned blind on such a issue.

We Baloch as a nation requesting to all human right organisations,print media,electronic media to take an immediate action against the killing of 5 human lives and illegal construction on Baloch ancestral land.

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