Saturday, 29 August 2009

Non-indigenous authorities Started selling lands owned by Baluchis in Zahedan Balochistan

The lands which were owned by destitute and poor Balochis snached by non-indigenous authorities in Fazeli Blovard Zahedan some times ago are now have been put in auction by the authorities, its still unknown whether a few pieces of land sold or Who are the buyers.

Previous owners of the lands cant even bulid a house for themselve which could resist from rainings or natural events, many of them have installed wood tents on their piece of land to shelter.

Now the poor Baloch people are only waiting to see who the new land owners will be who are about to come, about whom the authorities told the Baloch people. There is a possibility that none natives will have the lands and that the Balochis who have the financial ability would not succeed to buy any of these lands.

Unfortunately, the ninth government which claims that justice was all over in Balochistan had the weakest performance in the economic pressures on people and obstruction of the borders was only a pressure to the Balochis, and these pressures helped the percentages of poverty to rise in Balochistan.
The main goal of Iranian government is to expand poverty in Balochistan as much as they can, and lands of poor Baloch people going into seize in Fazeli bolvard Zahedan was a typical effort of the evil rigime of Iran.
By Sarbaaz Baloch.

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