Sunday, 17 October 2010

Baloch nation expressed grave anger against Military operation in Mashky

Occupied Balochistan: Baloch masses on the call of BSO-azaad have come out to streets to express their hatred toward Pakistan and its military for the loot, plunder and bombardment on the civilian population in Mashky Balochistan.

Shops, educational department and government offices were shut in several part of Balochistan including Turbat, Gwader, Pasi, Thump, Mand, Buleda, Zamran, Panjgor, Ormara, Hoshaab, Shehrak, Awara, Mashky, Jhao region of Makuran divisions whereas Khuzdar, Kalat, Suraab, Zehri, Baghbaana, Naal of Jhalawan regional area were also closed due to the general strike in Balochistan. BSO-azaad members also blocked the main roads linking Balochistan to Karachi from Gwader, Quetta and Kalat.

Several protest rallies and protest demonstration were also organised against unprovoked attack and burning down of Baloch houses in Mashky and surrounding areas. Addressing the crowds the leaders of Baloch students said that Baloch do not fear the military no matter how cruel they may be; the struggle for liberation will continue and will gain further momentum because such inhuman acts of the military. They also vowed to continue their protests in different areas of Balochistan according to their already announced schedules. They appealed to the Baloch Nation to stand up to the Pakistani atrocities and express their hatred against the military by joining the mass public protests and rallies.

The protests were calm and peaceful in most of the areas. However, there has been reports of breaking windows of shops and government offices by unknown persons. In Khuzdar angry mobs at Mir Chakar Khan Road set ablaze a vehicle of Courier Company TCS due to which several parcels, letters and other important correspondent burnt to ashes.

Meanwhile the office of NP (National Party) ‘which considered a pro-parliament and pro-Pakistan party in Balochistan’ has also been set on fire in Khuzdar. The office of the NP was situated in Faisal Market in Khuzdar. According to reports the office was heavily damaged. Some paper-work of the party, the four star flag and a portrait of Party head Mir Ghaus Bux Bezinjo also burnt due to the fire at the office.

The protesters also strongly criticised the Pakistani print and electronic media for shutting their eyes and ears to the constant military operation in different areas of Balochistan.

On the other hand Daily reported that a complete shutter down strike was observed in almost all towns and cities of Balochistan on Friday to condemn the killing of Balochistan National Party-Mengal (BNP-M) senior member Nooruddin Mengal. He was shot dead by unidentified men in Kalat district on Wednesday near his residence. The strike was called by BNP-M to protest the killing. 

Baloch Nation should not fear defeated military of Pakistan, Sarmachaars stand with them: BLF

Occupied Balochistan: A spokesperson of Baloch Liberation Front Bashaam Baloch has said that Baloch freedom fighters have fired rockets on an FC camp in Besima on Thursday night whereas on Wednesday in two incidents six Pakistan FC men were killed and a hand grenade was hurled at the house of a settler in Kharan.

He further said that in the first incident at Taleemi Chowk (Educational Rounabout) in Turbat Baloch fighters attacked an FC vehicle with rockets. Six FC personnel died instantly as a result of the attack and their vehicle has been completely destroyed. In the second incident a hand grenade was hurled at the house of a settler killing one man. BLF claimed responsibility for all the attacks on Pakistani security forces.

Mr Bashaam Baloch was speaking to NNI here on Friday. Giving the details of the recent military incursion in Mashky the BLF spokesperson said that around 50 houses of innocent people including the huts of nomads were burnt down during the military offensives. According to Mr. Baloch the operation was carried out to nab the fighters of BLF but they failed because Baloch Liberation Front sarmachaars have moved to different locations successfully.

He warned ‘what he described the defeated military’ of Pakistan not to violate the international war laws. “We want to make it clear to the International community that the pillage of Baloch houses, stealing [gold and valuables], and the genocide of Baloch civilian by Pakistani military are in violation of the International war laws. Strong notice should be taken against such behaviour [of the Pakistan military.]”

Pakistani troops should accept their defeat before Baloch freedom fighters and immediately withdraw its occupying forces from Balochistan. He also appealed to the Baloch Nation that they should not fear the defeated Pakistani forces; Baloch Sarmachaars (freedom fighters) will stay with them at every step. 

Friday, 15 October 2010

Two members of BSO(Azad) Gwadar zone whisked away by the Intelligence agencies

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Occupied Balochistan,GWADAR:Two members of Baloch Student Organization (Azad)Gwadar zone Sameer Baloch So Abdul Rasheed & Yasir Baloch S/o Haji Nasir Baloch were whisked away by unknown abductors from ‘’Surbandar’’ area of Gwadar, the family members and the organization leaders blame the Pakistani intelligence because of their infamous act regarding Baloch youths kidnapping and brutal torturing.

Baloch Student Organization (Azad) has also been recently criticized and condemned by the Interior Minister Rehman Malik who vowed in the press conference of teaching them lesson through any means. So one can guess what the means were to illegally abduct the Baloch members and torture them in the dungeons of Intelligence agencies and after which shoot them on point black- this routine has commenced and it is deliberately going steady, has recently many dead bodies of those missing were recovered from different parts of Balochistan.

Pakistan intelligence agencies can’t stand the Baloch students so they take the solution of abducting them and then killing them brutally, with such tactics it is likely a worrying situation that is why the family members of the missing persons have pleaded to the international human rights organization for their support, has they claim that in Pakistan there is no one to bring justice to them because they have tried every institutions and all of them seems to be impotent against taking decision on missing persons in which Pakistani high level authorities are engaged.

Pakistani atrocities continue in Mashkay Balochistan,public properties set ablaze by occupying forces

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Occupied Balochistan,MASHKAY:Pakistan Army has begun an offensive in the area of Mashkay, Pakistani Occupied Balochistan. This offensive is being carried out with the help of gunship helicopters and the area is completely blocked where is the local residents are not being allowed to enter or leave the area. According to the reports received through the people who managed to leave the area, the local population are being harassed and looted by Pakistan army.

Several people were kidnapped by the army and were taken to undisclosed locations but due to strict restrictions imposed on the local people, only little information could be received on the names of the people who were abducted. Local sources also have mentioned that properties of the local people , who have resisted against the lootings or kidnappings, were set on fire.

According to the reports received Bashir Ahmed Baloch, a tailor by profession and his two sons of age 9 and 13 were abducted from Wahejo, a small town in Mashkay. Bashir Ahmed’s shop was set ablaze and his family members were severely beaten at the time when three of them were being kidnapped. It is said that the personal’s repeatedly said that he was the only tailor in the area therefore he must be the one who stitches the flags of Independent Balochistan.

Meanwhile in Moee, the town where Baloch leader Dr. Allah Nizar was born, a school teacher named as Raza Muhammed Baloch, his relative Adam Baloch, a shepherd named Abdul Latif Baloch and a brother of Dr. Alla Nizar, Ibrahim Baloch were kidnapped and were taken to undisclosed location. Dr. Alla Nizar’s house was raided as well, and his family and neighbors were humiliated and their belongings were taken away. On the other hand in Kandali, a place near Mashkay Cantonment, Dr. Haneef Baloch’s house was raided by Pakistan army, and his house, along with the houses of six of his neighbors, were burnt to ashes. By burning the houses of the people who are already living a miserable life and live below the poverty line in their mineral rich motherland, the army officer present at the scene celebrated victory and warned other residents of the area that they would all be slaughtered and that they were all working for India and America (the infidels as Pakistan Army calls them).

In the main market of Mashkay which was observing a shutter down strike against the army offensive, 18 shops were set on fire and people were forcefully asked to keep their shops open if they wished to save their properties from burning. Houses of Fida Baloch, Zahor Baloch, Haroon Baloch, Mustafa Baloch and Gul Hassan Baloch were also burnt for the sole reason of being members B.S.O. (Azaad). Their family members were forcefully taken out of the houses and children and women were said to be humiliated and beaten on the roads of Mashkay

Reports of Military operation in Balochistan, fears of civilian casualties due to aerial bombardment

Several innocent Baloch have been arrested, 40 tanks and 4 Helicopters are reportedly being used in the operation

Occupied Balochistan: Pakistan military, FC and Police are carrying out a join military operation in the town of Mashky in Balochistan. The forces are reportedly using Gunship Helicopters for the aerial bombardment in mountainous regions on civilian populations. Local sources also claim that there houses and shops have been deliberately set on fire by the Pakistan military. According to reports over 40 military tanks, hundreds of FC personnel and at least 4 Helicopter are involved in the current operation. In addition hundreds of Pakistan military troops and ambulances have also reached the town late Wednesday night.

Local sources claim there have been civilian causalities but nobody can say with certainty how many people have been killed or injured because of the complete media blackout in the region. The Town of Mashky and adjourning areas are in a complete siege by the military. Presently the police, the FC and the military are conducting a house-to-house search, with the help of some masked men, [presumably their local hired agents] in the town and several people have been arrested so far. Locals complain that their valuables including cash, cycles, cars and motorcycles are forcefully being taken away by the Pakistani security personnel.

The town might face food and medical scarcity due to the siege and continued military operation. Due to the curfew like situation the residents of Mashky town are not being allowed to leave their houses and no medical aid has been permitted to enter the town from anywhere else in Balochistan.

Sources also reported that the military have cut off all the electricity and phone lines before they started the operation. People might face medical, food and water shortage if the operation continued. However,The current operation in Mashky is not something unexpected or new to the people of Balochistan. It is a continuing process of the slow but steady motion Genocide of Baloch nation.

Meanwhile BNF, a combination of pro-independent Baloch Nationalist Parties, and BSO-azaad have strongly condemned the military operation in Mashky. They called for a complete shutter-down protest in several towns of Balochistan on Thursday (Today) and vowed to continue protests until the operation is halted.

The leader of BRC (Baloch Rights Council) Mr. Abdul Wahab Baloch has said that Mir Noor-ul-Deen Mengal was murdered to divert the attention from the military operation in Mashky. Looking a Pakistani electronic & print media reports his suspicions seem to be true. None of the Pakistan newspapers and televisions has reported about the military operation but all have printed the report of Mr Mengal’s murder. 

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Turkish Relief aid arrived in Baluchistan, but no sign of Pakistani help for Baluch

News report confirmed arrival of 25 truck load of relief goods for the East Baluchistani victims of flooding. A deliberated diversion of the Indus River flow by Pakistan agriculture land lords to save their lands had caused server flooding in eastern parts of Baluchistan in August 2010.

The flooding submerged many populated towns of in area and killed numerous people and livestock. Thousands of Baluch were displaced who were living without food and shelters’ ever since.

The arrival of Turkish aid brings a momentary sigh of relief for some, but Baluchistani political activists and social groups are continuously complaining about lack of Pakistani government attention towards the victims of flood.

Even with the arrival of foreign aid, many local are sceptic if it reaches those in dire need. The handing over of the goods to Pakistani army instead of local authorities, give Pakistanis every opportunity to divert valuable part of it to their family and friends in Punjab.

Kidnapping in Iran shows Jundallah''BPRM'' Remains Active

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Occupied Balochistan:According to some media reports the Jundallah group has kidnapped a worker from the Iranian nuclear facility. The group has threatened that if its members are not released then it will tell the secrets of the kidnapped worker.

The announcement of the kidnapping of the worker, Hossein Shirani who lives in the Iranian province of Isfahan was made by the group on their website. Jundallah has demanded Tehran release almost 200 of its members, the Sunni Baloch rebels.

The deadline for this release is one week. The group’s website said further that Mr. Hossein was being held in the mountains of the southeastern Sistan Baluchistan province. Sistan Baluchistan province has a Sunni majority and it borders with Pakistan and Afghanistan, both are Sunni states.
Though the Iranian authorities have confirmed the kidnapping of Mr. Hossein they have apparently distorted the details. A spokesman of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization has said that Mr. Hossein was actually a welder at the nuclear facility and then later became a driver for one of the companies who were contracted by the atomic energy organization.

The judiciary chief of Isfahan has also confirmed the kidnapping but has said that it was the result of a financial dispute.It is noteworthy that the kidnapping has come just one week after the Iranian authorities have said that the western powers were conspiring against its nuclear program. They also have claimed they arrested various spies.
Jundallah is a Sunni-Baloch group which has been struggling for the rights of the minority Balochs of Sunni origin in the Shiite majority Iran. A sense of deprivation prevails among these Sunnis as the province of Balochistan-Sistan is the most backward province of Iran.

The group has launched an armed struggle against Tehran with the intent of forming an independent Balochistan state comprised of the Iranian Balochistan-Sistan and the Pakistani province of Balochistan.

Iran claims that Jundallah has the covert support of USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan.
Iran this year arrested the leader of the group Abdul Malik Rigi by intercepting his flight from Dubai. He was later hanged in front of a large public gathering.
Tehran expected that after the hanging the resistance would crumble or not be able to maintain the same intensity, but the twin bombings in Zahedan killing many of the Revolutionary Guard proved that the group was very well alive and active.

The kidnapping has further reinforced this belief. It is of interest to observe what the Iranian government will do next to tackle the Sunni-Baloch insurgency. ... n-a-public-execution/1547

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Journalists should demonstrate impartial journalism: warns BLF

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Occupied Balochistan:The spokesman of Baloch Liberation Front (BLF) Mr. Doda Baloch talking to NNI through satellite phone from unknown location here on Monday, denied the news published in one of the local newspapers which stated BLF criticizing Baloch National Movement (BNM) on its administrative policies. Mr. Doda advised the journalists to fulfill their responsibilities of impartial reporting and NOT to work on Baloch enemy policies.

Mr. Baloch further cleared BLF being a responsible organization and the news agencies along with the newspapers do have the contact numbers of BLF spokesmen Doda Baloch, Basham Baloch and Gwaraam Baloch.

Pointing to one of the local newspapers' editor, Mr. Baloch asked the editor-in-chief (of the particular newspaper) to take notice on the misreported news and republish the original news with an apology note on the front page of its newspaper. Mr. Baloch warned BLF could use any action in its reach to defend the Baloch national freedom struggle and Baloch national identity.

Mr. Baloch expressed unity with BNM saying "We respect BNM along all other pro-independence parties and all parties are magisterial in their administrations".

"Journalism is a very sacred field and we respect it" he said.

Baloch Liberation Front believes any irresponsible and evil intentioned journalism is subject to Baloch enmity, Mr. Baloch added. Such issues will be dealt strictly, he warned. Mr. Baloch told the news agencies hereafter could confirm any unconfirmed news relating BLF through its spokesmen Doda Baloch, Bashaam Baloch and Gwaraam Baloch via their contact numbers.

BNF protest against killing of Baloch activist in Kalat, protest for recovery of abducted Baloch in Khuzdar

Occupied Balochistan: A shutter down protest has been observed in Kalat against killing of Yasin Baloch, an active member of Voice for Missing Baloch Persons, here on Monday. The Baloch National Front (BNF) had given the call for protest.

The call for strike was supported by Baloch students, shop-owners and the general public. The schools, markets and government offices were shut due to the complete shutter-down protest in Kalat city. Baloch students also supported the protest by boycotting the classes. The Kalat high school, however, refused to close due to which some angry protesters entered the office of the Principle of the school and burnt down the portrait of Mr Jinnah (the so called pioneer of Pakistan).

According to the BNF the assassination of Yasin Baloch is the cycle of ongoing slow but steady motion genocide of Baloch nation they however vowed that such atrocities (state sponsored terrorism) cannot weaken the Baloch National Movement for their freedom; the struggle for liberation shall continue.

Addressing the protest rally BSO-azaad leaders have said that Yasin Baloch’s sacrifices will not be let go in vain. “Yasin have been physically separated from us but he will live in our hearts. Those Baloch who paid the ultimate price for the liberation of mother land their sacrifices will bear fruit. Baloch history is full of sacrifices and to gain freedom sacrifices are must”. They also urged the Baloch youth the join the caravan of freedom struggle and complete the mission of Yasin Baloch and other Baloch martyrs. They said it was the right of the Baloch people to resist the occupation and defend themselves.

Yasin Muhammad shahi Baloch was the Kalat zone coordinator of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons; he was brother of abducted Baloch student Mujeeb Baloch and Brahvi poet Majid Haqeel . He was practicing his democratic right and struggling peacefully for the recovery of kidnapped and illegally Baloch activists from platform of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons. 

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Three including a Baloch poet and singer abducted

Occupied Balochistan: The mother of an ‘abducted’ Baloch singer and poet has appealed to the President, Chief Justice of Pakistan and Human Rights Organisations to to help trace her son Mr. Faqir Mohammad Shahwani Baloch.

Addressing a press conference here on Saturday, she said that her son was an employee of Cadet College Mastung and he was picked up by security forces personnel at the main gate of the college on Sept 23, 2010. “My son and his friend Abdul Rehman were on their way to college for work when they reached the FC check post near the main gate of Cadet College Mastung they were stopped by the FC and plain clothed officers. The plain clothed officers had come in two white and blue cars”.

She further said that The plain clothed officials, presumably personnel of Military intelligence, checked the ID cards of both men. They let Abdul Rehman go but abducted Fakeer Mohammad at gunpoint. Abdul Rehamn immediately informed the college administration about the incident but 15 days had passed but there was no word about the whereabouts of Faqir Muhammad Shahwani.

She appealed to the President, the Chief Justice and human rights organizations to help trace her son. Young Baloch singer of Brahvi and Balochi languages was abducted on 23 Sept by Pakistani security forces from Mastung city. Pakistani security forces continue to abduct not only Baloch political activists but also Baloch students, teachers, lawyers, doctors, poets and singers have become victims of enforced-disappearance in Balochistan.

Local fish trader Aslam Baloch goes missing with a sum of RS.100, 000 Cash from Pakistan Coast Guard check post in Pasni

Occupied Balochistan: Aslam Baloch a residence of Makola (Kalmat) some 80km from Pasni went missing following a firing incident on the Pakistan Coast Guard a few days back.

According to his relatives Aslam Baloch he was in Pasni town for his routine business (fish trading) when some unknown person shot injured two Pakistan Coast Gaurd personnel. The following evening while on his way back home he was stopped at Coast Guards check post some 35kilometer from Pasni in Badook area and made disappeared.

Aslam is missing from one weak and his whereabouts are still unknown. His family is very concerned about his well-being and safety. Such incidents have become a daily routine in all over Balochistan where the numbers of 'missing persons' is increasing day by day.

Moreover, Waheed Qambarani and his friend have reportedly been abducted from Quetta on 7 October, 2010. We wait for more details.

An active Member of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons shot dead

Occupied Balochistan: A Member of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons and brother of abducted Mujeeb Baloch was gunned by unidentified assailants near Roshare Kalat here on Sunday.

According to the sources Yasin Muhammad Shahi Baloch was riding a motorcycle on his way home Malghozar Kalat when some unknown masked men ridding on a motorcycle sprayed a volley of bullets on him and killing him intently. Assailants managed to escape from the scene after committing crime. Deceased was taken to the Kalat Hospital later the corpse was handed over to his relatives for burial.

Yasin Muhammad Shahi Baloch was one of the active members of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons. His brother Mujeeb Baloch senior member of BSO azad was abducted by Pakistani agencies one year ago while he was in Baluchistan University since abduction of his brother Mujeeb Baloch he was playing very active role for recovery of Baloch Missing Persons.

[BW additions] Voice for Baloch Missing Persons an Organisation of the families of Baloch abducted activists who have been protesting not only across Balochistan but also organised protests in front of Karachi Press and Islamabad. International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons was also launched on the request of family members of Baloch illegally detained activists to raise their voice on International level. ... mmad-shahi-baloch-gunned/

Monday, 4 October 2010

Ahmed Dad Baloch is abducted by millitary intelligence agencies from Gwadar zero point

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Occupied Balochistan,GWADAR: Baloch Republican party’s former president of district Gwadar Ahmed Dad Baloch is abducted by Pakistani military intelligence agencies with the help of police from Gwadar zero point.Ahmed Dad Baloch was travelling along his family to Karachi on Javed Coach,while coach reached to Zero point military intelligence agencies and Police stopped the coach and Ahmed Dad being taken off from the coach infront of his family and shifted to unknown location,

his whereabouts are unknown like thousands of other Baloch missing perons.It is the fifth incident of extra judicial abduction of political activists of Gwadar.Previously ,Abdul Rehman Arif,Mahboob Wadhela,Ramzan Baloch,Saeed Ahmed abducted by Pakistani military intelligence agencies.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

New Video Appears to Show Abuse of Prisoners by Pakistani Soldiers (What is the fate of 8000 Baluch missing persons)

Days after a Web video apparently showing members of Pakistan’s military executing prisoners came to light, another video has been discovered that appears to show soldiers beating suspected militants in Pakistan’s Swat Valley.
As my colleague Jane Perlez reported on Wednesday, the execution video had already raised concerns among American officials worried about how Pakistan’s military has been conducting its battle against militants, with the financial support of the United States.
While American officials said that video appeared to be genuine, a spokesman for the Pakistani Army, Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas, initially told The Times that it had to be fake, since, “No Pakistan Army soldier or officer has been involved in activity of this sort.” But two retired Pakistani senior army officers said they believed that the video was credible.
The next day, pressed by American officials, Pakistan’s military acknowledged that the execution video was genuine, but portrayed the killings as an isolated episode.
On Friday, a person from the Swat Valley, who wanted to remain anonymous for safety concerns, told The Times that the newly discovered video of the prisoners being beaten, which was uploaded to YouTube in May, seemed to have been shot in Khawazakhela, north of the town of Mingora.
This video, which also appears to have been shot on the type of low-resolution camera commonly found in phones appears to show in graphic detail the beating and interrogation of a suspected militant.
As the beatings are administered, men dressed in Pakistani military uniforms can be heard asking the prisoner, “Are you a Talib?” Mixed in with other questions is some laughter and the suggestion “Beat him so that he knows what beating is.”
The men in uniform question the prisoner in a mix of Urdu and Pashtun, but speak among themselves in Punjabi.


UK: protest against enforced-disappearances of Baloch activists by Pakistan and Iran

London: Human Rights and political activists from various groups have staged a protest demonstration in front of Amnesty International Head Quarters in United Kingdom (London) against forced-disappearances and extra judicial killing (killings in custody) of Baloch activists by Pakistan and Iran. The demonstration was held as part of International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (IVMBP) continuous campaign against human rights violations in Balochistan.

Members of Al-Ahwaz Democratic Popular Front, ICAD (International Committee Against Disappearances), CAMPACC (Campaign Against Criminalising Communities) and various Baloch Parties based in London joined the protest to show their solidarity with the people of Balochistan and express their hatred toward occupying states of Iran and Pakistan. The Turk activists of South Azerbaijan have also sent a letter of support for the demonstration and expressed their sympathy with the people of occupied Balochistan.

Baloch leader Hyrbyair Marri, who could not attend the protest because of his asylum interview, has also expressed his support and appreciated the Baloch and other human rights activists’ efforts for organising the demonstration despite the rain.

The protesters held pictures of Baloch political prisoners and picture of those who have been killed in custody by Pakistan Military’s death squads in custody. They handed a detailed report to Amnesty International which described the atrocities of the state of Iran and Pakistan against the people of Balochistan.

Below are given some extracts from the report titled “Few Facts about Balochistan”

Baluchistan The first unified Baluch nation state was established in the year 1666 under the authority of Khanate of Kalat. The British Empire army invaded Baluchistan on 13 November 1839 and killed Mir Mehrab Khan then the ruler of Baluchistan.

The British by drawing two arbitrary lines divided Baluchistan into three parts: The ‘Goldsmith Line’ (1871) divided Baluchistan into Eastern and Western Baluchistan. This agreement was between the Iranian rulers, then the Qajar King Nasir-al Din Shah (1848-1896) and the British. This is the line that presently separates Iranian occupied Baluchistan from Pakistani occupied Baluchistan. Another artificial line, ‘Durand Line’ was drawn in 1893. This line transferred a large segment of the Northern region of Baluchistan to Afghanistan.

By the beginning of the First World War the Persian lost control over Western Baluchistan. In 1916 Bahram Khan Baluch was recognised by the British as the effective ruler of western Baluchistan. Bahram Khan was succeeded by his nephew Mir Dost Mohamed Khan in 1921. His time in power coincided with the reign of Reza Khan as the ruler of Persia. Reza Khan invaded Western Baluchistan and illegally annexed it to Persia in 1928.

Eastern Baluchistan regained its full independence on 11 August 1947 from the British. The news of Baluchistan regaining its independence was reported in the New York Times on 12 August 1947. In August 1947 the first democratic general elections were held in Baluchistan. Members of the Baluchistan National Party, a secular democratic party, won 39 seats out of 52 seats in Baluchistan legislative assembly of House of Commons.

On 27 March 1948 Pakistan army invaded Eastern Baluchistan. Since then Pakistan has carried out five major military operations in Baluchistan to crush the Baluch liberation movement. These military operations were in 1948, 1958, 1962, 1973-77 and the year 2000 which is still continuing.

The last two Pakistan’s military operations have been the bloodiest wars in the history of Baluchistan. During 1973-77 military campaign, over 90,000 Pakistani troops supported by 30 US Cobra attack helicopters, supplied by the Shah of Iran, confronted over 60,000 Baluch fighters. As a result of this conflict, at least 15,000 Baluch were killed and many thousands were displaced (Rahman, 2010 - BalochHal).

On 28 May 1998 Pakistan conducted six nuclear tests in Baluchistan. The first five nuclear explosions were conducted in the Koh Kambaran range and Chaghai hills. The sixth explosion was conducted in Kharaan in an undisclosed location. In total all six explosions yielded 52 kT (kilotons) of radio toxic nuclide. This inhumane act was carried out by Pakistan state in complete secrecy without the knowledge of Baluch people. The Baluch have been demanding an independent assessment of the impacts of these tests and are for complete removal of all nuclear activities from their homeland.

The latest military operation launched by the Pakistani military dictator Pervez Mushurraf in the year 2000. Thousands of Baluch intellectuals, political workers, students and Baluch leaders were imprisoned, tortured and killed during this military campaign.

Aftab Sherpao, the interior minister of Pakistan talking to media in Turbat in December 2005 admitted the arrest and imprisonment of about 4000 Baluch people.

In their report on 5 March 2010 the Asian Human Rights Commission has estimated that the number of Baluch men, women and children abducted by Pakistani intelligence agencies, during Mushurraf reign, to be over 4000. Among the disappeared persons are the names of 168 children and 148 women. The number of extra judicial abductions and killings of Baluch people by Pakistani secret agencies since the year 2000 according to Baluch sources is more than 8000. The political prisoners include students, lawyers, doctors and people who general member of public or labors aged between 17 years old to 75 old activists.

In August 2006 the Pakistani army targeted and killed a prominent Baluch political leader Akbar Bugti (age 79). Almost a year later, in November 2007, they assassinated Balaach Marri the leader of Baluch Liberation Army. On 3 April 2009, Pakistani agencies abducted three more Baluch political leaders; Baluch National Movement President Ghulam Mohammed Baluch, his deputy Lala Munir Baluch, and Baluch Republican Party Secretary General Sher Mohammed Baluch from their lawyer’s office. Shortly after, their mutilated bodies were found on the outskirts of Turbat on 8 April 2009.

Pakistani secret agencies also abducted Rasool Bux Mengal, the joint secretary of the Baluch National Movement, from Uthal on 23 August 2009. His badly tortured body was found on 30 August 2009 in Bela of Lasbela district. Jan Muhammad Dashti, the owner and publisher of the Daily Asaap, survived their assassination attempt on 23 February 2009.

From month of August 2010 the Pakistani intelligence agencies have started to use its new method of “Kill and dump tactics” about twenty Baluch political and social activists have been killed in cold-blood and then dumped their bodies in open fields. Among these victims were three lawyers of the Baluchistan High Court. Mr Munir Miwani was abducted few months ago and is still missing. Mr Zaman Khan Marri was abducted on 18 August 2010 and his body was found on 6 September 2010. Another renowned Baluch Lawyer, columnist and poet, Mr Ali Sher Kurd was abducted on 21 September from Quetta and his mutilated body was found on 24 September 2010 in Khuzdar town in Balochistan.

In Western Baluchistan, Baluch people have been on the top of the list of victims of Islamic fundamentalist regime. Under their occupation, Western Baluchistan has been in a state of perpetual curfew. The Islamic regime of Iran from the day it sets a foot in Baluchistan has targeted the secular progressive Baluch intellectuals who can articulate the democratic demands of their people most effectively.

The vast majority of Baluch political and human rights activists were either killed imprisoned or forced to leave their homeland within the first two years of the Islamic regime being in power.

During the period of 2004/2009 the Islamic regime of Iran has executed about 1481 persons, out of the total population of 75 million, according to Amnesty International annual reports on Death Sentences and Executions. In the same period the number of Baluch people being killed by the Islamic regime forces is about 800 persons out of a population of about three million people (Balochistan Human Rights Activists Association). That figure indicates that about 55% of people being killed by Islamic regime of Iran during this period have been from Baluch ethnic community. In view of that, as a proportion to their population, the Baluch in Western occupied Baluchistan had the highest concentration of death penalties in the world during this period of time.

This figure corroborates a report by the Human Rights Watch in March 2008 which quoted Hossein Ali Shahryari, a member of Islamic Regime Parliament, who confirmed a long list of 700 individuals being on death row in Baluchistan.

The actual figure of the victims of the Islamic Regime of Iran is far from complete. According to the Human Rights Activists of Iran “there is no accurate information on the number and identities of the tens of Baluch political prisoners in southeastern Iran. As a result of the tight grip maintained by Intelligence services in this region and the absence of civil rights institutions, this region is among a number of areas which is suffering from a lack of surveillance by human rights organizations.” ... illing-message-2010-03-30
Mr Yaghub Mehrnehad, a young Baluch journalist, was the first Web blogger journalist in the world to be executed in August 2008 by Islamic regime of Iran.

International Voice for Baluch Missing Persons (U K)
For more details visit our official website:
We can be reached at:

See photos by:

Friday, 1 October 2010

Educated Baloch should not concern what the parliamentarian leaders say:Dr Hoor Baloch

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Occupied Balochistan:The so-called nationalist should stop trying to the get the sympathy (Vote) of Baloch nation by playing with the sentiments of nation and stop shinning their political agenda on the bodies of Baloch martyred. Educated and intellectual Baloch should not concern what the parliamentarian leaders say as they are already on the payroll of the killer agencies.

These words were spoken by the veteran Baloch intellectual and martyr Ali Sher Kurd’s wife Dr Hoor Baloch in her recently given statement, where she further said that the condemned statement on the martyrdom of Shaheed Sher ali kurd by the leader of BNP (A) asad Baloch in the balochistan assembly and the leader of NP Dr Malik are nothing but fake, as they wanted to shine their political agenda by playing with the sentiments of Baloch nation but it failed, The Parliamentarian parties should stop shinning their political aims on the bodies of Baloch martyred, Baloch nation doesn’t need their fake sympathy neither they want their crocodile tears.

The wife of Shaheed Ali Sher Kurd stated that if the parliamentarian are so much worried for Baloch nation then they should resign from the assemblies and should come to the streets by protesting against the agencies whom are involved in the killings of Baloch activists.

Dr Hoor Baloch stated that Baloch are very much aware now & they are already knowledgeable to know the aims and goals of NP, BNP (A) and other parliamentarian parties, Baloch nation knows very well that Dr Malik and his company are already on their boots against Baloch liberation movement, and are busy spying on Baloch nation for their loyalty with the state.

Dr Hoor Baloch exclaimed that Dr Malik and company are busy directing people by their negative propaganda against Baloch Movement and on the other side they are shinning their political agenda by using the Baloch martyred, we are warning them that they should stop this at once as Baloch martyred are the soul and spirit of this Baloch movement from which they differ.

The Drastic Situation in Dera Bugti, Balochistan

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Occupied Balochistan,DERA BUGTI:Leader of Baloch Republican Party Siresh Bugti recently gave a statement in which he specified the drastic situation of Dera Bugti where recently Pakistani army is engaged in a door to door operation, harassing the unarmed civilians in the district of sui. According to him many civilians were arrested and taken to unknown places, he said that every house has been targeted in this search operation where forces are busy harassing the Baloch women and children.

He further stated that the so called Islamic state of Pakistan from the beginning started the genocide of Baloch nation. He said that Baloch activists are being killed and thrown in deserted places but the human rights organizations don’t even see us as human, as right now their loveable army is pulling out every young or old Baloch from sui to their torture house.

According to him in Sui a mole of Pakistani army named Ghulam Qadir and company has build up private jails where the Baloch liberation seekers are kept for torture treatment. He emphasized that Dera Bugti has become a breeding ground of torture and severe human rights violation are taken here on this very land of sui, he further stated that Pakistani forces and Pakistani Lashkar (Pakistan Created Baloch Lashkar) have been busy to make sui a hotbed of extremism against Baloch nation. He ended his statement by saluting the martyred that were tortured and killed by Pakistani forces.

It is to be noted here that an audio recording (A full proof) taken by gwank with the man Qadir Buksh also emphasized the name Ghulam Qadir and company has being a loyal force to Pakistani army and are running a torture house in Dera Bugti, Sui. The article can be found here Complete Story

Baloch nation and all the Baloch nationalist Parties are very much concern over the recent killings of missing persons but what concern Baloch nation more is why the international powers are silent over the genocide of Baloch nation. This question may spark an answer which Baloch nation has already written “That the international powers are blind and deaf because of Pakistan’s fake War on Terror Drama”.