Friday, 1 October 2010

Educated Baloch should not concern what the parliamentarian leaders say:Dr Hoor Baloch

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Occupied Balochistan:The so-called nationalist should stop trying to the get the sympathy (Vote) of Baloch nation by playing with the sentiments of nation and stop shinning their political agenda on the bodies of Baloch martyred. Educated and intellectual Baloch should not concern what the parliamentarian leaders say as they are already on the payroll of the killer agencies.

These words were spoken by the veteran Baloch intellectual and martyr Ali Sher Kurd’s wife Dr Hoor Baloch in her recently given statement, where she further said that the condemned statement on the martyrdom of Shaheed Sher ali kurd by the leader of BNP (A) asad Baloch in the balochistan assembly and the leader of NP Dr Malik are nothing but fake, as they wanted to shine their political agenda by playing with the sentiments of Baloch nation but it failed, The Parliamentarian parties should stop shinning their political aims on the bodies of Baloch martyred, Baloch nation doesn’t need their fake sympathy neither they want their crocodile tears.

The wife of Shaheed Ali Sher Kurd stated that if the parliamentarian are so much worried for Baloch nation then they should resign from the assemblies and should come to the streets by protesting against the agencies whom are involved in the killings of Baloch activists.

Dr Hoor Baloch stated that Baloch are very much aware now & they are already knowledgeable to know the aims and goals of NP, BNP (A) and other parliamentarian parties, Baloch nation knows very well that Dr Malik and his company are already on their boots against Baloch liberation movement, and are busy spying on Baloch nation for their loyalty with the state.

Dr Hoor Baloch exclaimed that Dr Malik and company are busy directing people by their negative propaganda against Baloch Movement and on the other side they are shinning their political agenda by using the Baloch martyred, we are warning them that they should stop this at once as Baloch martyred are the soul and spirit of this Baloch movement from which they differ.

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