Sunday, 17 October 2010

Baloch Nation should not fear defeated military of Pakistan, Sarmachaars stand with them: BLF

Occupied Balochistan: A spokesperson of Baloch Liberation Front Bashaam Baloch has said that Baloch freedom fighters have fired rockets on an FC camp in Besima on Thursday night whereas on Wednesday in two incidents six Pakistan FC men were killed and a hand grenade was hurled at the house of a settler in Kharan.

He further said that in the first incident at Taleemi Chowk (Educational Rounabout) in Turbat Baloch fighters attacked an FC vehicle with rockets. Six FC personnel died instantly as a result of the attack and their vehicle has been completely destroyed. In the second incident a hand grenade was hurled at the house of a settler killing one man. BLF claimed responsibility for all the attacks on Pakistani security forces.

Mr Bashaam Baloch was speaking to NNI here on Friday. Giving the details of the recent military incursion in Mashky the BLF spokesperson said that around 50 houses of innocent people including the huts of nomads were burnt down during the military offensives. According to Mr. Baloch the operation was carried out to nab the fighters of BLF but they failed because Baloch Liberation Front sarmachaars have moved to different locations successfully.

He warned ‘what he described the defeated military’ of Pakistan not to violate the international war laws. “We want to make it clear to the International community that the pillage of Baloch houses, stealing [gold and valuables], and the genocide of Baloch civilian by Pakistani military are in violation of the International war laws. Strong notice should be taken against such behaviour [of the Pakistan military.]”

Pakistani troops should accept their defeat before Baloch freedom fighters and immediately withdraw its occupying forces from Balochistan. He also appealed to the Baloch Nation that they should not fear the defeated Pakistani forces; Baloch Sarmachaars (freedom fighters) will stay with them at every step. 

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