Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Journalists should demonstrate impartial journalism: warns BLF

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Occupied Balochistan:The spokesman of Baloch Liberation Front (BLF) Mr. Doda Baloch talking to NNI through satellite phone from unknown location here on Monday, denied the news published in one of the local newspapers which stated BLF criticizing Baloch National Movement (BNM) on its administrative policies. Mr. Doda advised the journalists to fulfill their responsibilities of impartial reporting and NOT to work on Baloch enemy policies.

Mr. Baloch further cleared BLF being a responsible organization and the news agencies along with the newspapers do have the contact numbers of BLF spokesmen Doda Baloch, Basham Baloch and Gwaraam Baloch.

Pointing to one of the local newspapers' editor, Mr. Baloch asked the editor-in-chief (of the particular newspaper) to take notice on the misreported news and republish the original news with an apology note on the front page of its newspaper. Mr. Baloch warned BLF could use any action in its reach to defend the Baloch national freedom struggle and Baloch national identity.

Mr. Baloch expressed unity with BNM saying "We respect BNM along all other pro-independence parties and all parties are magisterial in their administrations".

"Journalism is a very sacred field and we respect it" he said.

Baloch Liberation Front believes any irresponsible and evil intentioned journalism is subject to Baloch enmity, Mr. Baloch added. Such issues will be dealt strictly, he warned. Mr. Baloch told the news agencies hereafter could confirm any unconfirmed news relating BLF through its spokesmen Doda Baloch, Bashaam Baloch and Gwaraam Baloch via their contact numbers.

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