Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Kidnapping in Iran shows Jundallah''BPRM'' Remains Active

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Occupied Balochistan:According to some media reports the Jundallah group has kidnapped a worker from the Iranian nuclear facility. The group has threatened that if its members are not released then it will tell the secrets of the kidnapped worker.

The announcement of the kidnapping of the worker, Hossein Shirani who lives in the Iranian province of Isfahan was made by the group on their website. Jundallah has demanded Tehran release almost 200 of its members, the Sunni Baloch rebels.

The deadline for this release is one week. The group’s website said further that Mr. Hossein was being held in the mountains of the southeastern Sistan Baluchistan province. Sistan Baluchistan province has a Sunni majority and it borders with Pakistan and Afghanistan, both are Sunni states.
Though the Iranian authorities have confirmed the kidnapping of Mr. Hossein they have apparently distorted the details. A spokesman of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization has said that Mr. Hossein was actually a welder at the nuclear facility and then later became a driver for one of the companies who were contracted by the atomic energy organization.

The judiciary chief of Isfahan has also confirmed the kidnapping but has said that it was the result of a financial dispute.It is noteworthy that the kidnapping has come just one week after the Iranian authorities have said that the western powers were conspiring against its nuclear program. They also have claimed they arrested various spies.
Jundallah is a Sunni-Baloch group which has been struggling for the rights of the minority Balochs of Sunni origin in the Shiite majority Iran. A sense of deprivation prevails among these Sunnis as the province of Balochistan-Sistan is the most backward province of Iran.

The group has launched an armed struggle against Tehran with the intent of forming an independent Balochistan state comprised of the Iranian Balochistan-Sistan and the Pakistani province of Balochistan.

Iran claims that Jundallah has the covert support of USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan.
Iran this year arrested the leader of the group Abdul Malik Rigi by intercepting his flight from Dubai. He was later hanged in front of a large public gathering.
Tehran expected that after the hanging the resistance would crumble or not be able to maintain the same intensity, but the twin bombings in Zahedan killing many of the Revolutionary Guard proved that the group was very well alive and active.

The kidnapping has further reinforced this belief. It is of interest to observe what the Iranian government will do next to tackle the Sunni-Baloch insurgency. ... n-a-public-execution/1547

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