Friday, 26 March 2010

BSO-azaad observed token hunger strike against forced-disappearances

KARACHI: BSO AZAD organised three days hunger strike in front of Karachi press club to demand the immediate recovery of abducted Baloch student and political activists, and against the illegal occupation of Balochistan. The BSO Azad members and other freedom loving Baloch took part in the token hunger strike protest. Speakers said we know that occupiers don’t understand all the democratic ways of protest. The Baloch students made it clear that they were not observing hunger strike for any attention from the Pakistani government, but their aim was to expose Pakistani state atrocities against Baloch people to the civilised world.

BSO(AZAD) Central voice chairman Zakir Majeed Jan, Dr.Deen Mohammad Baloch, Sangat Sana Baloch, Iqbal Baloch, Master Yahya, Ghafoor Baloch, Sami Baloch, Jalil Reki, Ali Asghar Bangulzai, Ahsan Arjemandi, Wadood Raisani, sister Zarina Marri and thousands other are presently suffering inhuman torture and humiliation in Pakistani military cells. “We don’t know whether they are alive or have they been killed by the Pakistani military in custody? We appeal to the International Human Rights Organisations, civilised nations of the world and the UN to immediately take the notice of Pakistan’s inhumane behaviour, forceful occupation of Balochistan, Human Right violations”. The protesters also urged the international community to stop supporting ‘what they call Pakistan terrorist state, and morally support the Baloch nation to regain their independence.

Blasts in Khuzdar and Chamaling, five Pakistani FC personnel killed in Margat

Occupied Balochistan: One security guard has been injured in a landmine explosion in Tamer-e-Nau colony in Chamaling region of Balochistan. The injured security personal was identified as Sohrab Khan S/O Meeri. He has been shifted to Quetta for further treatment.

In addition three blasts rocked Khuzdar town in Balochistan late Thursday night. The explosion created panic and fear among the residents. The place of the blast could not be confirmed immediately the police are trying to ascertain the exact location of the explosions.

Meanwhile Meerak Baloch a BLA (Baloch Liberation Army) spokesman claimed that fighters from his Organisation have attacked an FC check post in Margat area of Balochistan. He claimed that five FC personnel have been killed in the attack. He said that these security forces were there to protect the oil and gas exploration companies.

Speaking to NNI Meerak Baloch warned the oil and gas exploration companies to halt their work and leave Balochistan; otherwise they will be attacked again. According Mr Baloch those who have allowed these companies to continue exploitation of Baloch resources, people of Balochistan considers them agents and they have no significance in Baloch society. Hence, the companies should understand they will have to stop their work and leave Balochistan.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

BLA shot down Pakistan Air Force (PAF) F-7 aircraft

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BLA shot down Pakistan Air Force (PAF) F-7 aircraft during an encounter near Quetta hills the jet over flew very near at the range of Baloch anti aircraft guns, one RPG was shot at the aircraft and soon after smoke was seen from the aircraft and it came tumbling down one pilot was killed while other one was seen parachuting.

According to PAF spokesman, one of the pilots Flight Lt. Gulfam Soomro was killed while another ejected safely.

Anouncements : UK: Sindhi and Baloch community to protest on Balochistan Occupation Day

London: Baloch and Sindhi Communities in the United Kingdom are protesting on Sunday 28 March 2010 to commemorate the illegal and forced annexation of Baloch land to Pakistan on 27 March 1948. They have appealed all Baloch, Sindhi and other human right activists across the United Kingdom to join the protest and show their solidarity with the people of occupied Balochistan.

Protest details

Date & time: Sunday 28 March, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Venue: BBC World Service, Bush House, Strand, London WC2B 4PH See map

Nearest Tube station: Holborn Tube Station

For further details contact on following numbers

Samad Baloch 07825087032
Dr Lakhu Luhana 07792242120

General information regarding the illegal occupation of Baloch land

Before the departure of the British from the Indian sub-continent and the creation of the artificial state of Pakistan, Balochistan declared its independence on 11 August 1947. This declaration was approved by all the parties concerned including the newly created state of Pakistan. But as soon as the Pakistani state laid its roots they pressurised the Baloch rulers to join their state. This offer was categorically rejected by both houses of parliament in Balochstan.

On 27th March 1948, Pakistan, disregarding international law and any respect to the democratic decision of the Balochistan Parliament, forcibly occupied the sovereign state of Balochistan. On the same day two Pakistani navy ships invaded Pasni and Gevani under the command of the Pakistani General Gulzar Ahmad.

From the very moment of the illegal annexation of the Baloch mother land by the state of Pakistan, the Baloch have robustly and consistently resisted the alien forces. In the very same year Prince Abdul Karim, the younger brother of the ruler of Balochistan, took arm against the Pakistani occupiers. The struggle for liberation has been gaining momentum ever since and will continue until Balochistan regains its independence.
The extent of the Baloch suffering by the Pakistani occupiers is unprecedented in the entire history of Balochistan. The outcome of this atrocious experiment cannot be more apparent than what they have done in Balochistan.

Their gifts to Balochistan have been unmatched in terms of:

Cruelty, torture, imprisonment, execution, death and disease
Extrajudicial murder of its political leaders and activists
Thousands of missing and displaced people
Deception, naked plundering of natural resources
Religious fundamentalism
Illiteracy, destruction of language, art, culture, music
Destruction of the Environment and the corruption of legal and political institutions

They have used Balochistan for their nuclear experiments and reduced its economy into the most primitive form of existence. We cannot describe their forceful imposition over our nation short of being an utter disaster and human catastrophe.

The Baloch nation is now at a cross-road. The extreme repression imposed on Baloch people by the Fundamentalist states of Pakistan and Iran have united all Baloch to fight for their democratic rights. Millions of Baloch men and women from all walks of life including students, teachers, lawyers, workers, peasants and others are at the forefront of the struggle to liberate their nation. Our mothers and our sisters have been particularly inspiring in their participation in our freedom movement.

We the Baloch in Diaspora wholeheartedly support the Balochistan democratic movement to regain our Independence. We can achieve this aim when we are united. United we can bring an end to the illegal occupation of our motherland. United we can establish a free and democratic republic of Balochistan, where all men and women can exercise their democratic rights without any fear and persecution.

Therefore, we would like to invite all free individuals, democratic and human rights organizations to join us in a protest on the day that Balochistan was illegally occupied by the state of Pakistan. We would appreciate your solidarity with the Baloch people on this dark day in the history of Balochistan.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Baloch Nation should make 27 March shutter down and wheel jam successful: Karima Baloch

Occupied Balochistan: The central vice chairperson of BSO-azaad Banuk Karima Baloch has said that Baloch Nation should make the 27 March wheel jam and shutter down protest successful. She said Baloch Nation should fulfil their human and Islamic duty by responding to the call of Baloch National Unity (BNF) to protest against the occupation of Baloch land in 1948. The statement further read that Agha Abdul Karim started the struggle against forced annexation of Balochistan which is continued till this day. The aim of the struggle is National liberation of Baloch land and to establish a peaceful and just society.

She said thousands of Baloch elderly, youth, children and women have sacrifices their lives in struggle against slavery; their sacrifices will go in vain. She made it clear that Baloch mothers and sister must be resolute; we will not forget the wounds that our enemy has inflicted on us. She said due to the changing circumstances and growing anti human policies of imperialist Baloch youth should also understand the delicacy of the situations, and avoid egoistic and traditionalist politics and work sincerely and selflessly for the Baloch cause and its betterment.

Emotional speeches are useless, we need to join practical struggle: Brahumdagh Bugti

Occupied Balochistan, Noshki:well-off Baloch (Baloch capitalists) should financially help Baloch sarmachaars (freedom fighters), Baloch nation needs practical work instead of emotional speeches. Martyrs of Dera Bugti and Bab-e-Noshki Hayat Jamaldini have given sacrifices for Baloch Nation

BRP’s President Brahumdagh Bugti expressed these views in a telephonic speech at BRP and BRSO’s central gathering in the memory of Martyrs of 17 March (Dera Bugti) and Hayat Jamaldini, in Noshki here on Monday. While paying rich tributes to Maryrs of Dera Bugti and Hayat Jamaldini he prayed that may the Baloch Nation achieve victory in their struggle for liberation. He said Baloch Nation is made used to delivering and listening emotional speeches from beginning. The lack of practical work is making people (Guftaar key Ghazi) “Empty vessels make more noise”; fiery impassioned speeches (emotional speeches) are just good to become the beauty of Newspapers and TVs. Such things do not benefit Baloch people, he said.

“Although, Rallies and protests are part of part of struggle but it is not enough to be successful in our aim. We have to work practically; Baloch youth need to follow the foot-steps, ideology and philosophy of Shaheed Nawab Bugti and Shaheed Balach Marri. He said we should not forget those Baloch sons/youth who laid their lives for the freedom of Balochistan and those who are suffering in prisons. Their mothers are our mothers”.

Brahumdagh Bugti further said that if one Baloch sarmachaar dies; another two should step forward to not only feel the gap but double the strength of Baloch sarmachaars. Addressing the well-off Baloch (Baloch businessmen) he said they should help Baloch freedom fighters, financially from their wealth.

Courtesy: DailyTawar

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Some pictures of Balochistan 2

نیمروز -أفغانستانءَ جاہ منندیں بلوچ و شمالی بلوچستانءِ مزنتریں شھر

چار راہ رسولی -زاھدان

گوشت -سراوان

تپتانءِ کوہ کہ تــَپـَگا إنت۔

Some Pictures of Balochistan

Chahbar Beach

Chahbar-Free Zone

Dashtyari-Baloch shepherd

This is Jask a Baloch city of western Balochistan (Iranian occupied) which Iran has separated it from Balochistan and put it in the Hormozgan province. People live in here are Baloch and they are proud of themselves.

Kaserkand-Muchkadag mountain



Sarbaaz-Koh metagh

The most delicious date, which only grows in Balochistan

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Two Marri Baloch abducted by Pakistani agencies from Hazarganji

Occupied Balochistan: Two Marri Baloch abducted by Pakistani agencies and shifted to unknown location from hazarganji here on Wednesday afternoon.
According to sources, Master Sanam Hussain Marri and Ghulam Hussain/so Abdul Qadir marri were abducted by Pakistani agencies, when they were going back home after visiting their relatives in New Kahan Hazaraganji. Both the Marri Balochs are resident of Sindh. They were here to visit their relatives. Said sources.

It is worth mentioning that, Hundreds of Marri Balochs has been abducted from Hazargnaji and taken to unknown location by Pakistani agencies and security forces. And thousands of Baloch from different parts of Balochistan. No one knows about their whereabouts and have no information whether they alive or dead. The abduction of innocent Balochs by pakistani agencies and forces is continue from last 10 ten years in Pakistani occupied Balochistan.

Pashtu Daily: Iran To Open Consulate In Nimruz Province To Monitor Activities Of U.S. Troops

Afghan experts have condemned Iran’s decision to open a consulate in the southwestern Afghan province of Nimruz, according to a Pashtu-language daily.

Nimruz has a border with the Sistan and Baluchistan provinces of Iran.

According to a report in the Pashtu-language newspaper Wrazpanra Khedmatgar, Afghan experts believe that Iran is opening its consulate in Nimruz to monitor the activities of the U.S. and British troops and to expand its political, cultural and ideological influence in the province.

The report added that Iran has reactivated charity organizations started by former Iranian leader Imam Khomeini in southern Afghanistan, which are controlled by Revolutionary Guards Corps of Iran and spy for Iran.

Source: Wrazpanra Khedmatgar, Afghanistan, March 16, 2010

Baloch think otherwise: Ameeri Baloch : Nimroz is the part of Balochistan under Afghanistan. Iran cannot monitor activities of US and NATO forces there. Iran's expansionist designs show her ill intentions against Baloch. After Regi's arrest Iran wants to monitor movements of Baloch activists in the area. Iran is hiering Baloch elements to do her dirty work both in Pakistani and Afghani parts of Balochistan

Iranian security force firing, two Baloch killed

Occupied Balochistan, Turbat: Two Baloch residents of Zamran region of Kech district have been killed by Iranian security forces’ firing here on Thursday. According to details both the deceased were residents of districts Kech area of Zamran’s Garbon village, they were on their way Iran to visit their families across the artificial boundary, when the Iranian border security force open fire on them. The murdered men have been identified as Barkat S/O Mulla Ibrahim and Walid S/O Yousaf Baloch.

The local people further reported that the bodies of the victims have neither been returned to their relatives nor to the government of Pakistan. Unconfirmed reports also suggested that altogether four people were fired upon by Iranian security forces. Two have been killed and other two are still missing. It is suspected that they have either been arrested or killed.

On the other hand Iranian security forces while justifying the killing of aforementioned Baloch men said that they have killed two and arrested one member of Jandullah – BPRM, who were entering Iran. They Iranian guards alleged that Barkat was an important leader of the group. They (Iranian gaurds) accused United States of America and United Kingdom for supporting Janduallah or BPRM (Baloch Peoples’ Resistance Movement [in Iran]).

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Video- This is Baluchistan, no need to know what is being said, just watch

Shaheed Majeed Baloch (2nd) added a new chapter in Baloch history: Hyrbyair Marri

London: Baloch patriot leader Hyrbyair Marri has said that Majeed Baloch (junior) acted on the ideology and philosophy of ‘his late brother’ Shaheed Majeed Baloch senior; he repeated the history of his brothers and other Baloch martyrs of liberation. Sagaar-e-Baloch and Majeed Baloch (junior) added their names in the list of other Baloch Martyr brothers; they recorded a new chapter in the history of Balochistan and Baloch freedom struggle. Their sacrifices will always be remembered. Those who sacrificed their lives for the independence of Baloch land; lived like loins and also died like as brave heroes with honour and dignity.

Baloch youth should learn from the sacrifices of Shaheed Majeed Baloch (senior), Sagaar-e-Baloch and Majeed Baloch (junior); Baloch should practically work and lead the Baloch caravan of freedom struggle to its final destination. We (Baloch) should be inspired by the sacrifices of our brave brothers who had paid the ultimate price for our better future. Because of the sacrifices of thousands of Baloch known and unknown brave friends Baloch liberation struggle is gaining momentum on every forum. Baloch courageous son are sacrificing their today (life) for Baloch Nation’s bright future. (Baloch are tolerating all sort of difficulties today, so that tomorrow their next generation can live a happy and prosperous life).

Meanwhile Baloch political parties and Student Organisations have also paid rich tributes to Majeed Baloch (2nd) and vowed to continue the liberation struggle. The Baloch parties in Balochistan announced three days mourning for Majeed Baloch. In addition thousands of people joined the prayer ceremony in News Khan to show their solidarity with the ‘Family of Martyrs’ and paid their respects to the brave son of Balochistan.

Courtesy: Baloch National Newspapers

Majeed Baloch (junior) murdered by Pakistani security forces

Occupied Balochistan (Quetta): Majeed Baloch (junior) ‘brother of Sagaar-e-Baloch Amir Bux Langov and Shaheed Majeed Baloch senior’ was brutally murdered by Pakistan’s decadent security forces. According to details Pakistani FC and Para-military forces raided the house of Majeed Baloch (junior) in Wahdat Kaloni in Quetta today (17-03-2010) in apparent but failed attempt to arrest him. It must be noted that his two brothers have already been abducted by Pakistan’s military, perhaps which is why the young fearless son of Balochistan chose to fight rather than surrender.

The fighting broke out! It was one of the bravest sons of soil (Balochistan) against dozens of occupying soldiers of Pakistan. He fought courageously and forced the coward Pakistani forces to call for back up. During the battle he had sustained multiple injuries but refuse to give up until the last breath.

He was taken to BMC (Bolan Medical Complex) where the Pakistani Para-military surrounded his body and refused to hand it over the family of the deceased. The news of his murder spread across Quetta and elsewhere in Balcohistan and Baloch people especially the youth under the leadership of the respected mother of Mir Wadood Raisani reached at the BMC and took the body of young Baloch martyr in their custody. Later Majeed Baloch was buried in ‘graveyard of Baloch Martyrs’ in New Kahan Quetta, with great honour and national pride; the flag of Balochistan was wrapped around his coffin.

Tomorrow there will be a prayer ceremony at the grave of Shaheed Majeed (junior) all patriots Baloch are requested to join the prayer event to pay their last respects and tributes to one of the bravest son of soil. Also Baloch from all over world are requested to pray for the departed soul of their beloved brother.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Four Baloch students including three females award 5 year each

Occupied Balochistan: A Pakistani court has awarded four Baloch students including three female (members of BSO –azaad) 5 years punishment each person. The sentenced students include Banok Karima Baloch vice chairperson BSO – azaad, Saeeda Baloch, Saima Baloch and Peer Jan Baloch. The Baloch students were found not guilty in the case due to the lack of evidence but the court has punished them for not attending the hearings.

A case had been registered against these students on 21 August 2009 under public disorder act. They were accused of arranging a protest rally on 14 August ‘Pakistan’s Independence’ day. It must be noted that Baloch observe aforementioned day of August as a black day every year. (An Urdu Interview of Banok Karima Baloch)

Meanwhile BUC (UK) organiser Shahid Baloch and Norway organiser Hammal Baloch has strongly condemn awarding punishment to Baloch students by the Pakistani court. They said it was a continuation of Pakistan’s injustices and biased policies against Baloch people. Baloch students should not be discouraged by such unlawful acts of state [Pakistan], they urged.

BalochWarna and Baluchland strongly condemn the Pakistani court verdict, punishing the Baloch students who have actually been found not guilty but the biased court have awarded them 5 year each only for not attending the hearings. We would like to remind our readers the unlawful arrested and the cold-blooded murder of Shaheed Ghulam Mohammed Baloch, Sher Mohammed Baloch and Lala Munir Baloch who had gone to attend a court hearing but never returned home. They were picked up from their lawyers’ office in broad day light and killed in custody. Why should other Baloch attend these biased courts or in others words voluntarily walk toward their death.

Currently over 80,000 Baloch are under the custody of Pakistani intelligence agencies what have the powerless courts done for these forced-disappeared people?

Family members of forced disappered Baloch start long march to Islamabad

Occupied Balochistan QUETTA - Over two dozens relatives of various Baloch missing persons started a long march from the provincial capital to Islamabad to press the government for an early recovery missing people.

The group of relatives led by Chairman Voice of Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) Nasrullah Baloch, a Balochistan based organisation working for the recovery of missing persons, is planned to reach Islamabad on Monday where they would observe hunger strike, organise protest demonstrations and meet officials of human rights organisations.

Talking to The Nation, Nasrullah Baloch said they had organised hunger strike camps, took out rallies and staged demonstrations across the province to draw the attention of govt and humanitarian organisations to the serious issue of missing persons but the federal government failed to heed the demand.

“While announcing the Balochistan Package, the prime minister had himself promised to release the missing persons. But only a few people have been released so far,” he said and claimed that the number of Baloch missing persons was in thousands.

He said they would organise a three-day hunger strike camp outside the Supreme Court building and stage a demonstration in front of Prime Minister’s House while a memorandum would also be handed over to the United Nations office, requesting to constitute a commission to investigate the issue.

“We will also ask the UN to set up a commission to assist Baloch internally displaced persons (IDPs) on the pattern of Afghan refugees,” he added.

Nasrullah claimed that after the announcement of Balochistan Package, the incidents of political workers’ arrest and harassing the relatives of missing persons had increased. He said the missing persons were one of the main issues of Balochistan, but unfortunately, the government was not taking it seriously, which had multiplied the sufferings their relatives.

He demanded the chief justice, the UN and other humanitarian organisations for playing their role for finding out a solution of the problem.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Baloch freedom movement refuses to die

by Irfan Saeed

Despite repeated claims by the provincial government that peace has been restored in the province, the sense of insecurity gripping the Baloch people is strengthening with each passing day. A few days ago, Baloch nationalist parties decided to celebrate March 2 as the Baloch Heritage Day and it was decided that on this day all Baloch people would wear their traditional dress to show their loyalty to their cause. In this regard, the students of Khuzdar Engineering University arranged a ceremony during which three bombs went off simultaneously on the varsity premises, killing two students and injuring nine others. The killing of peaceful students will only serve to force the Baloch people to take up arms for freedom.

Condemning the incident, Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani ordered an immediate inquiry. He said some anti-state elements were attempting to destabilise the province adding that those behind the incident would soon be bought to justice. The CM also ordered the Health Department officials to ensure proper medical treatment of the injured students. He also announced Rs 500,000 each for the relatives of the students killed in the blast and ordered that the injured students be shifted to Karachi. He also ordered the commissioner and DIG Khuzdar Division to probe the incident and present a report to the provincial government.

The families of the killed students have refused to accept any help from the provincial government and consider it a collaborator of the state in furthering the colonization. Baloch militant groups have rejected the inquiry ordered by the government and vowed to avenge the blood of the martyrs. “We don’t need the money and sympathies of the state,” said Baloch Republican Army spokesman Mir Shehak Baloch. It is also important to note that a similar attack on BSO Azad rally had taken place a few months ago but the culprits are yet to be arrested.

BSO Azaad Secretary General Zahid Baloch blamed the armed forces for the attack and termed the university’s vice chancellor as an “agent of the colonial forces”. A complete shutter-down and wheel-jam strike was observed in different towns of Balochistan in protest against the incident. In Khuzdar, the protest was marked by widespread violence, as infuriated protestors ransacked banks and utility stores besides torching a post office. The strike call was given by Baloch Students Organisation (BSO-Azad), which was also supported by other nationalist parties and student organisations. BSO-Azad has also announced a three-day shutter-down strike against the Khuzdar incident across the province.

The unruly activists of BSO-Azad and other organisations blocked Quetta-Karachi Highway by burning tyres and erecting barricades. A rally was also taken out during which the protesters chanted slogans against the administration and perpetrators of the incident. They also ransacked three banks and three utility stores and set a post office on fire. All educational institutions in the city remained closed while the exams of Engineering University and Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Quetta, were also postponed in view of the deteriorating law and order situation. All the nationalist parties of Balochistan condemned this incident and termed it a terrorist act against the poor students.

The local administration took strict security measures across the district. The police backed by the Frontier Corps (FC) were deployed in different areas, while mobile squads of law-enforcement agencies continued patrolling in various sensitive areas to avert any untoward incident. The condemnation of the incident was voiced in the March 4 Balochistan Assembly session by all political parties which demanded a judicial probe into the incident.

Khuzdar University incident not only brought the dull political activities back to life, but also became a source to speed up the resistance movement. The Baloch separatists targeted the security forces, intelligence agencies officials and settlers in various areas of Balochistan including Quetta, Khuzdar, Mastung and Hub. The responsibility for various incidents was accepted by Balochistan Liberation Front, Baloch Liberation Army, Baloch United Liberation Front and Lashkar Balochistan Organisation. These organisations claimed that they were targeting the security forces and settlers as a backlash of the Khuzdar University incident. But interestingly, the responsibility for the Khuzdar University blast was not accepted by any non-Baloch organisation but by ‘Baloch Armed Defense Army’. The little known organisation called up Khuzdar Press Club and accepted the responsibility. The spokesman for the organization, Jang Yar, said that all factions of Baloch Student Organizations, activists of Baloch Republican Party and Baloch National Front would be targeted. He said India was using the Baloch people for its interest by giving them the false hope of freedom. The spokesman also warned journalists against covering events of BSO, BNP and BRP and said they would also be targeted.

Declaring the Baloch Armed Defense Army a production of intelligence agencies, Liberation Front Spokesman Ghuram Baloch said that the state institutions wanting to destroy the Baloch National Liberation Movement had created this so-called organisation. A couple of days ago an attempt was made to blow up a Frontier Corps vehicle. As a result, two officials were killed and two injured. Lashkar-e-Balochistan owned up the attack. Accepting the responsibility over phone from an undisclosed location, Lashkar Balochistan Spokesman Long Khan said that they would continue their attacks on security forces unless operation against Baloch people was stopped. Expressing their concern about this situation, Baloch political circles said that if this situation continues then it would lead to a civil war. Some of the circles believe that the obtaining unhealthy situation was due to the democratic government’s delay in moving forward the reconciliation process and now things seem to be getting out of the control of the government.

On the other hand, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan [HRCP] has termed the rising incidents of target killing a failure of the government. A 36-page report says that the incidents in Balochistan prove that the common man is fed up with the state institutions and there is dire need for taking confidence building measures in Balochistan for which the army should be withdrawn from the province.

According to the report, the Pashtoons complain that they always get the short end of the stick, as over 260 people of Hazara community have been killed and 1,000 injured since 2003 but not a single criminal has been punished. The HRCP has recommended that the government bring all political parties into the main stream of politics and make it sure that the people of Balochistan have full control of their province. The report suggests that a commission should be set up to trace the missing persons. It further suggests that the Baloch youngsters should be given employment, the funding of the provincial govt should be increased and army should be withdrawn from the land of Baloch sardars.

The Baloch nationalists have however rejected the HRCP report saying that it was biased and prepared at the behest of state institutions. Political experts say that under such circumstances the confidence building in the province cannot be restored.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Syed Zahoor Shah Hashmi

Balochi literature is very rich in oral tradition but comparatively poor in the printed form. It was only in the early twentieth century that Baluchi began to be transcribed in books. Under such trying conditions, it wasn’t easy for anyone to devote his entire life to the promotion of Baluchi literature. Syed Zahoor Shah Hashmi was a man with the commitment to do that.

Syed Hashmi just not modernized Baluchi poetry by giving it a new contemporary direction, but he also freed Baluchi poetic diction from the influence ofPersian and Urdu. He set a mile stone by writing the first Baluch novel in the language. He also developed the standard Baluch script, standardized Baluchi grammar, syntax and authored the first comprehensive Baluchi dictionary, with thousands of entries spread on 833 folio size pages, supplemented with a guide on pronunciation and punctuation etc.

Syed Hashmi born in 1939 A.D. in the coastal town of Gwadar, which was then, lay in the territorial jurisdiction of the sultanate of Oman. He received elementary education at home from his father, Syed Mohammad Shah, who was a learned man in the oriental tradition. He was enrolled in a local school, where he taught Arabic language as a compulsory subject, besides Persian and English. When he was in juvenile, he acquired a fondness for Persian poetry, particularly that of Hafiz Shirazi, Shaikh Saadi and Allama Iqbal, which led his writing Persian as well as Urdu poetry.

He forms a social welfare organization for the development of Gwadar with the help of other inmates of Gwadar. Soon, he was very popular in Gwadar for his truly commitments to their people. The wali of Gwadar took notice this and realized that he might be dangerous for him by creating this type of awareness in the people of Gwadar. In a very short span of time, Syed Hashmi, not just established a library in the town, but he also changed this library into a centre of political activities. With the order of Wali of Gwadar, he was arrested and sentenced into imprisoned. This act wormed the atmosphere of Gwadar and Wali of Gwadur soon realized that this might be changed into a worst scenario for him and his Government position in the Gwadar. With this immense fear, the Wali of Gwadar not just free him but also sent him into exile.

Syed Hashmi came to Pakistan and joined the Radio Pakistan Karachi as in charge of Baluchi Service. During his services of Baluchi transmission, he learned, that the Baluchi language is very poor in form of prose and modern literature. He also feels the shortage of any standard Baluchi script and grammar. With the aims of providing a standard script to Baluchi language and promotion of good Baluchi literature, he started writing not just Baluchi poetry but modern prose as well. He also started research about classic Baluchi poetry. He also took efforts for the merger of two Baluchi organizations Halqa-i-Adab and Baluchi Bazm-i-Adab to form a one organization Zuban-i-Sarchamag. In 1954, he compiled a basic Qaida of Baluchi language. This Qaida was much wormed welcomed and approved by Sarchamag and veteran Baluchi writer and researcher i.e. Gul Khan Nasir and Mohammad Hussain Anqa. He and his linguist colleague Abdul Samad Amiri visited different area of Baluchistan for the search of different dialects of Baluchi language. In this journey, they gathered valuable knowledge about the classical as well as contemporary language and literature. Syed also visited Iran to study the Baluchi literature of that area.

Due to harsh disputes between the members of Sarchamag, he left the Karachi and spent many years of his life in Bahrain.

During his last years of life, he devoted his days and nights for the development of Baluchi language. Tuberculosis caught him and his health was deteriorating day by day, but he speeds up his works. During his ailments, he compiled a book about Baluchi grammar named Baluchi Siyahag-i-rast nibisag.

After discharge from hospital, he came once again in United India, but this time his destination was Bombay, where he published his books. These books were Baluchi Siyahag-i-rast nibisag, Sistaagen dastonk, Angar-o-trungle, Trapkanen trimp, Baluchi bungeji, Mirgind and Baluchi translation of Quranic para, Ain Meem.

In 1963, a European orientalist Dr. John Strasser came to Pakistan to study the Baluchi language. He visited the different Baluchi-speaking areas of Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan, and held meeting with the Baluchi writers. Strasser also met Hashmi and was greatly inspired by hid insight into Baluchi language and literature. Later, Strasser went to Pune (India) and invited Hashmi to join him there. There the latter had meetings with the prominent linguist Dr. N.S. Shukla and learnt a lot about the language of Indo-Iranian origin from him, which deepened his knowledge of Baluchi language.

In 1970, he got married. In Karachi, Hashmi published Nazuk, the first novel in Baluchi language, and finalized Sayad Gung (Baluchi dictionary), Baluchi Zuban-o-Adab ki Tarikh and other books. Sayad Gung is the most precious labor of his life, which took 26 years of extensive research, challenging journeys across the Baluchi-speaking world and countless discussion with the scholars, and the common folk to complete.

Syed Hashmi died April 1978 A.D. in Karachi. He is no more now, but his countless efforts for the promotion of Baluchi language will remain in our minds.

Anouncements : Help save Beebagr Baloch’s life

Occupied Balochistan: One of the brave sons of Balochistan is fighting for his life AT a Karachi. Beebagr Baloch who was injured in Khuzdar in when the Pakistani Intelligence agencies’ agents attacked International Culture Day event on 2, March 2010. Two Baloch students Junaid Baloch and Sikander Baloch from so far largest and the most active student group (BSO-azaad) were killed in this attack and more than 35 has sustained injuries.

Beebagr Baloch has received multiple injuries on head and back, doctors’ suspect that his backbone has been damaged, that is why if he is not shifted abroad for medical treatment, lower part of his body might stop functioning. It must be noted that earlier this year another doctors had to cut-off a leg of Liaqat Baloch who has been injured in January this year when Pakistani FC open fire on a peaceful protest rally in Khuzdar.

According BSO-azaad friends and the doctors his treatment will cost around $40,000 (Dollar) and Beebagr Baloch cannot afford this cost. That is why BSO-azaad friends have started a campaign to save the life of this great son of Balochistan. They are appealing to all Baloch people in Balochistan and abroad to help according their capabilities but please act as quick as possible.

For more Information contact Zahid Baloch on: 00923312657922
Or you can also send your support through Western Union on this name:
Westeran union
Muhammad Jawad Raees
Muhammad Ishaque Raees

Source: Radio Gwank
BSO-azaad media cell

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

BNF calls for Balochistan wide shutter-down and wheel jam on 27 March

Occupied Balochistan: BNF ‘the unity of Baloch pro-independent parties’ has called on Baloch Nation to join the wheel jam and shutter down protest on 27 March “on this day independent state of Balochistan was occupied at gun point”. Baloch every year observe this day as a day of mourning and grief against the illegal occupation of Baloch land.

In a meeting Dr Basheer Azeem of BRP, Khalil Baloch of BNM, Zahid Baloch of BSO-azaad and Qayum Baloch of Baloch Bar have announced wheel jam and shutter down strike on 27 March. They appealed all other Baloch political parties, student Organisations and the Baloch Nation to join the strike to express their anger against the forced occupation of Balochistan. The committee has advised the member parties of BNF and their members to make necessary arrangements for the protest in advance.

The committee has also announced that on 3 April there will be a public gathering in Gwader in the memory of Martyrs of Murghab (G.M Baloch, Sher Mohammad Baloch and Lala Munir Baloch).

Some dates: 01 August 1947 the constitution of the state of Kalat (Balochistan) was written for implementation.
11 August 1947 the administrations of upcoming Pakistan and the British recognised Balochistan as an Independent state.
12 August 1947 the Khan of Kalat (ruler of Balochistan) formally announced Baluchistan’s Independence.
13 August 1947 the New York Times printed the world map where Balochistan was shown as a sovereign state.
27 March 1948 two Pakistani navy ships arrived to Pasni & Gevani under command of General Gulzar Ahmad in order to attack and invade Balochistan; of course Gulzar Ahmad was ordered by Mr Jinnah after both the houses of Balochistan parliament had refused to join Pakistan on the bases of shared religion. At the time of attack the Balochistan parliament (Houses of Common and Houses of Lords) were not even given a chance to discuss on how to respond to this massive brutal attack.

Courtesy of dates taken from book: "Baluchistan-Pakistan occupation" by Abdul Rehman brahui.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Eliminating Culture : The Blasts at Khuzdar University

By Sobdaar Khan Baloch

Two students of Khuzdar Engineering University were killed and near 35 others injured in the blasts on university premises here in Balochistan on Tuesday evening. According to media reports, the students were celebrating Balochi Cultural Day organized by Baloch Students Organization (BSO) Azaad when this unpleasant incident took place. The bodies and the injured were shifted to civil Hospital Khuzdar. Those killed were identified as Junaid Baloch and Sikandar Baloch. According to eyewitnesses, three hand grenades were at the gathering by unidentified attacker who managed to escape from the site.

BSO Azaad blamed the Pakistani intelligence agencies responsible for the attack and gave a shutter down call on 4th March. In an interview to a private tv channel, BSO Azaad Secretary General Mr. Zahid Baloch blamed the state armed forces responsible for the attack and named the university Vice chancellor as an “agent of the colonial forces”. The people reacted strongly towards the incident and blocked the Quetta-Karachi Highway, ransacked a state-run Utility Store and set a post office on fire. The students boycotted classes and took our rallies to mark protest against this incident. All the nationalist parties of Balochistan condemned this incident and termed it as a terrorist act against poor students.

It is sad to note that none of the Pakistani media channels bothered to cover this incident and didn’t report anything about such important news item. This again shows that the media in Pakistan is biased towards Baloch cause as most of the media channels are owned by non Baloch businessmen who do not see the issue profitable enough to be considered. The Pakistani media channels have always been reluctant to give proper coverage to incidents in Balochistan. Many people believe that they are following the instructions of state officials and avoid annoying them for any reason.

Following the incident, the Chief Minister of Balochistan announced compensation for the dead and free medical treatment for the injured. He further said that those responsible for this event will be brought to justice. But the families of the students have refused to accept any help from the provincial government and consider it as a collaborator of the state in furthering the colonization. Baloch Militant groups have rejected the inquiry orders by the government and have vowed to avenge the blood of the martyrs. “We don’t need the money and sympathies of the state” said Baloch Republican Army spokesman, Mir Shehak Baloch. It is also important to note that a similar attack on BSO Azaad rally took place few months back but the no arrests took place.

The whole province is paralyzed after the incident and it has led to numerous attacks on Pakistani security which are considered as colonial forces by the native Baloch population. A complete shutter down was observed all over the province and protesters set on fire an assembly hall, a government vehicle and telecoms cabinet. Police arrested many protesters and accused them of burning and causing damage to state infrastructure. It is interesting to note that the attacks show strong hatred against the state since all the places that were targeted represent the state such as the assembly hall or government vehicles. The protests all over the province deny the accusation of government that the nationalists have minor support and shows that people want to get rid of the state and support those fighting for the freedom of Balochistan.

Now the questions arises who attacked the cultural program and what was the motive behind this act? To answer this question, we must look at some of the facts that make the picture clear. This program was organized by BSO Azaad, a student organization that considers Pakistan state as an occupier and advocates the idea of independent Balochistan. Despite its peaceful protests and democratic nature, BSO Azaad has been threatened by the state security forces such as Frontier Core which has no respect for human rights and has been involved in killing and threatening the Baloch Population in general and the political workers in particular. Human Rights Commission of Pakistan held Frontier Core responsible for the attack on BSO Azaad rally few months back. So it is no surprise that people are still pointing towards Frontier Core for this incident.

Some of the local people have also been collaborating with FC and have full backing of the state against nationalist organizations such as the BLA. This group suffered losses at the hands of BLA in the past since BLA accused them of providing intelligence to the state about the nationalists groups. It is also believed by some people that this group under the supervision of Frontier Core might have carried out this attack on BSO Azaad. Although it is unclear that who was the culprit but one thing is very clear that those involved had the support of the law enforcement agencies such as the FC.

Another important question to be analyzed is why this gathering of students on cultural day was targeted? Historically culture represents identity and hence resistance against occupied forces. The Pakistani establishment feels threatened by any signs of Balochi culture since this denies their philosophy of “One Pakistani” nation and they try their best to eliminate the native Balochi culture and replace it with colonial lifestyle. For instance, Balochistan University of Information Technology and Management Sciences (BUITMS) is the only university where students have come to in formal uniform dress code which is uncommon practice at university level in Pakistan.

The Khuzdar incident will go in history as a day of suppression of human rights by shrewd means adopted by the Pakistani establishment. Killing of innocent and peaceful students will increase the people who consider taking up arms as the means to achieve independence and hence strengthen the struggle against the Pakistani forces deployed in Balochistan.The incident will have long term impact on the on going struggle in Balochistan and make students as the champions of the Baloch cause.

''Baloch Armed Defence Army'' is baseless: BLF

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QUETTA:The spokesman of Baloch Liberation Front's Gwaram Baloch claimed that our fighters killed the informer of Millitary Intelligence(MI)in Mastung.News about ''Baloch Armed Defence Army'' is not true.This incident is done by Pakistani secret agencies ISI & MI.Our freedom fighters will respond back to the every propoganda of state secret agencies.Baloch is not afraid of anything Baloch nation has a history.

He said from an unknown location via sattelite phone.Baloch cultural event in khuzdar attacked by secret agencies and their sold puppets,where innocent Baloch's got martyred and injured.We would like to inform cruel rulers and their puppets.Every Baloch wants to sacrifice their lives for the freedom of Balochistan.We will take the revenge of our martyrs.Baloch nation and the brave mothers of martyrs wont accept any aid from the government.Settlers immediately leave the Balochistan,we wont tolerate them anymore.

Protest for the release of Abdul Malik Regi

Karachi: Baloch political activist protested against the arrest of the leader of ‘Jandullah’ now BPRM Mr Abdul Malik Regi and demanded his immediate release, Malik Regi was arrest at the end of February and he has been accused for carrying out violent attacks against Iranian security forces. However, a Baloch political party “Baloch Right Council” says that Regi is the leader of Baloch Resistance Movement in Iranian occupied Balochistan and he was struggling for the rights of Baloch people.

Activists of Baloch Rights Council protested in front of Karachi press club to demand the release of Abdul Malik Regi. The protesters were holding pictures of Malik Regi and difference placards. The protesters chanted slogans against Iran and in favour of Regi. The protest demonstration has also strongly condemned the attacks on Baloch Students in Khuzdar.

Iran has claimed to have arrested Regi when he was going Kirghizstan via Dubai on 23, February this year. The Iranian government alleges that Regi was wanted for violent attacks on Iranian security forces in Western Balochistan. Where as a leader of Baloch Rights Council Ishaq Azaad Baloch not only rubbishes Iran’s claims but argues that Regi is not a religious extremist but he is a Baloch freedom fighter.

According Ishaq Azad they (Baloch) are demanding for Independent and greater Balochistan. He said no matter if their occupier was Pakistan, Iran or even Afghanistan they want their freedom and he considers Regi as a Baloch leader. The Iranian flag was set on fire in the Baloch Rights Council protest. They Baloch activists demanded that Iran and Pakistan must stop genocide of Baloch people and they also demanded the release of all forced-disappeared Baloch.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Balochistan remaines shut, several arrested, Pakistani forces fire live rounds on peaceful rallies

Occupied Balochistan: Shutter down and wheel jam protest was observed all over Balochistan for the third successive day against Khuzdar incident. BSO-azaad had given the call for protest which was backed by all other student organisation and political parties. All the major cities in Balochistan including Quetta, Kalat, Hub, Noshki, Surab, Panjgur, Kharan, Mastung, Khuzdar, Gwadar, Turbat, Pasni, Ormara, Mashky, Jhaoo and several others remained shut for the whole day.

Several protesters mostly students have been arrested from Hub, Quetta and Noshki. BSO-azaad spokesperson said they knew that they cannot gain independence by such protests but the purpose of the protest was to inform the International Community that Baloch are being massacred for holding peaceful rallies, Baloch Students are being killed for celebrating their cultural day. The protest was also meant to tell the International community that the Baloch are unified and will struggle united against Pakistan’s occupation over Baloch land.

Open in new windowAn angry mob has set on fire the assembly hall of district Kech in Balochistan whereas all the schools, government offices and markets remained closed across Balochistan. Some violent incident has been reported after the security forces opened fire on peaceful rallies. It is believe that the Pakistani security forces have deliberately open fire crowds of people to incite them to restore to violence. According to news reports the FC has stopped journalists from covering the protest of BSO-azaad and seized the cameras of some scribes for taking pictures of the rallies.

Cases have been registered against activists of student and political parties. Speaking to media and participants of the protest rallies the leaders of Baloch parties vowed that the Baloch peoples’ struggle for Independence cannot be halted by such brutal acts of the state. Baloch are more determined than ever to carry on their journey toward their goal (Freedom).

Open in new windowBalochwarna notes that the massacre of the Baloch people in Karachi, killing of innocent Baloch student in Khuzdar and the second attack on Baloch students on Cultural day event have brought the Baloch people from different walks of life together and made them stand united against the state atrocities. We hope that Baloch people will stand as united alongside their brothers and sisters who are suffering at the hand of Pakistani and Iranian brutal security forces. No force in the world can stop the power of oneness and unity. However we must emphasise that Baloch must unite ideologically and practically and should focus on quality rather than quantity.

There are opportunists all around & among Baloch activists who are trying to spread misinformation to confuse the determined Baloch political activists from their ideological struggle, these opportunist are claiming to be the leaders on international level 'although they have no support on national level', and they are spreading vicious lies against respected and consistent Baloch leadership in order to confuse and deceive the International Community. Baloch enemies are well supported by the occupying states [Iran and Pakistan]. They have the support of states media and have all the facilities that one needs to carry on states’ dirty task of spreading confusion and mistrustfulness. We strongly believe that the Baloch youth have the potential to counter such propagandas of Baloch enemy. We hope that educated Baloch youth abroad and in Balochistan will play their significant role to Unite Baloch people ideologically against colonising powers and their agents in disguise.

News Source: DailyTawar, commentary BalochWarna

Friday, 5 March 2010

Wide spread condemnation of Khuzdar incident

occupied Balochistan: Baloch Lawyers, Baloch student Organisations, political parties, and social organisation and teachers associations strongly condemned the attack on Baloch culture day event. The organisations that condemned the attack included BW, BNM, BRP, BWM, BRC, BUC, BVF, Injuman-e-Itehad-e-Marri, BSO-Azaad and its fractions, Baloch Bar Association and Baloch armed resistance organisations.

All the aforementioned groups have blamed the Pakistani Intelligence agencies for the unprovoked attack on innocent Baloch students. They also strongly criticised the Pakistani media, courts and authorities for keeping silence on the massacre of innocent Baloch students. The attack on Baloch students’ cultural event was considered an attack on Baloch culture and a failed attempt to weaken Baloch freedom movement.

They also offer their heartfelt condolences to the family members of martyred Baloch students and paid rich tributes to those who suffered injuries and received martyrdom. The attack on students was termed as a conspiracy to prevent Baloch students from continuing their education. They vowed to continue to struggle for the freedom of Balochistan and not to be deterred by such brutal acts of savage intelligence agencies of Pakistan. The Pakistani security forces have failed to face the Baloch freedom fighter and that is why they were targeting unarmed innocent civilian especially students in the cities and women and children in villages.

The social organisations have also criticised the International Human Rights Organisations and the UN, EU, and other western powers for their silent against attacks on civilian events and villages. They said hundreds of innocent people have been killed in Balochistan, million have been made homeless who are still living without adequate food and shelter, but the UN aid agencies are not providing them any help.

They demanded an International intervention and International inquiries into the killing of thousands of Balochistan by Pakistan armed forces. They urged the UN to send a fact finding mission in Balochistan and witness the atrocities against Baloch people.

Meanwhile Baloch armed resistance Organisation “The Baloch Sarmachaar” have also strongly condemned the attacks on Baloch students and promised to avenge the death of innocent people of Balochistan. BLA spokesperson Meerak Baloch, Lashkar-e-Balochistan spokesperson Lavang Baloch and BRA representative Shaihak Baloch have said that Baloch people should keep away from Pakistani security forces and their vehicles because they can attack them whenever they see the opportunity.

They also warned the local collaborators of the Pakistani intelligence agencies and security forces for mince their ways. “Their activities are under observation by Baloch freedom fighters and they will be punished ruthlessly for committing national crimes against Baloch people”.

A newly created group of ISI & MI claimed the responsibility of the attack on Baloch students’ cultural day program and warned that they will carry out further such attacks on all pro-independent parties including BNF, BRP and BSO –azaad. Following is the claim of the Pakistani Intelligence agencies sponsored organisation Quote:

“Baloch Armed Defence Army accepts responsibility: A Spokesman of Baloch Armed Defence Army has claimed responsibility of bomb explosion at Khuzdar Engineering University. Speaking with Correspondents form unknown place by telephone in Khuzdar Press Club, Mir Jang Baloch warned BSO Azad and its factions, Baloch National Front, BRP to targeting them. Spokesman also warned Correspondents not to public news of BSO factions or his army would target them as well. Spokesman said that they would offer more resistance and target BSO, Baloch National Front and BRP in every nook and corner of Balochistan”.

BW comments: The above statement proves that ISI, MI and other intelligence agencies have created this so called defence army and they have decided to target Baloch pro-independent Student Organisations and political parties, who are practicing their democratic right to protest peacefully. We suggest that Baloch political parties should be extra conscious when protesting and organising meeting. There should always be some friends on guard to apprehend Pakistani intelligence sponsored agents. We urged Baloch people to adopt the policy of “United we stand divided we fall”. Pakistan has lost on moral grounds and that is why the immoral Pakistani security forces and Intelligence agencies are committing such inhuman crimes against innocent civilians.

BalochWarna urges International Red Cross, International Human Rights Organisation and the UN to intervene in Balochistan and take early measure to stop a human catastrophe from happening.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Khan Suleman Dawood's (Khan of Kalat) message of Unity

My Dear Baluch, we are at the crossroads of history where we can either become an independent country or be amongst nations which have perished and are long forgotten. My message to you is the message of UNITY. Let us unite as Baluch on the common policy of freedom for the Baluch. Let us send a message to the world that we are one Nation. Let us draw a road map to freedom; I invite all organisations, intellectuals and Sardars to join for the common cause of the Baluch nation and get over the squabbles among ourselves and move in the interest of Baluch and Baluchistan; all the Baluch have a stake in Baluchistan it does not belong to one group or tribe, it belongs to all the Baluch. The Council has full mandate to choose its own leadership. The task of the Council is to rise against the atrocities imposed on us by our oppressors, time has come for us to overcome ego and self interest and unite as a Nation.

As a single, united and strong Nation no one can impose their will upon us. We face a ruthless enemy; indeed our own history and history of Bangladesh is testimony to the ruthless nature of our oppressor. Army can defeat armies and organisations but it can never defeat a Nation.

The international companies are making a lot of investments in the Baluch resources. We the Baluch think it a theft and we have all the right as the sons of the soil to oppose this kind of theft and we will defend our resources’ at all costs. The international community is informed that we the Baluch are NOT obliged to honour any deal made with the oppressors. As we the Baluch are the owner of these resources

We are not against investment; on the contrary, we welcome international investment in a free environment in which the Baluch nation and the Baluch benefit. We realise that we have to live in a global community. We hope to do as an independent sovereign people and nation. We all attending will make it possible today inshallah and this is going to be the beginning of a new dawn for the Baluch nation.

Iran will execute Malik Regi, UN should intervene to save him: Baloch Bar

Quetta: Central spokesman of Baloch Bar association has said Baloch rebel leader Malik Regi’s life was in danger in Iran’s custody; the UN should play their role to save his life. They said Iran has already executed several Baloch activists including Ghulam Hyder Raisani, Hameed Regi and Yaqoob Mehrnihad and they feared that Abdul Malik Regi will also be executed if the UN did not intervene.

They said Baloch people from Pakistan’s occupied Balochistan support the freedom struggle of the Baloch people in Iranian occupied Balochistan. Iran and Pakistan view the Baloch as their enemy and in 1973 they jointly acted against Baloch freedom struggle in Pakistan occupied Balochistan. Iran has supplied gunship helicopters and pilots to Pakistan to murder innocent Baloch women and children in Kohistan Marri and other areas in Balochistan [Pakistan occupied].

The Baloch lawyers said that Baloch freedom seeking leaders should play their role for the release of Abdul Malik Regi. The two states have already murder Babo Nauroz Khan, Prince Abdul Karim Khan, Mir Safar Khan, Nawab Akbar Bugti, Mir Balaach Marri, Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, Dr Khalid Baloch, Mir Dost Mohammad Baloch, Mir Dad Shah Baloch, Rahim Zardkohi Baloch, Jumma Khan Baloch, Abdul Hameed Regi, Ghulam Hyder Raisani Baloch and thousands of other Baloch women and children.

They reiterated that such brutal acts cannot break the Baloch will for Independence; in fact such acts further provoke Baloch people and confirm their concerned regarding dishonesty and deceptions of these occupying states. The Baloch Bar Association urged that Baloch from Kulachi, Koh-e-Suleman, Hilmand and Zabul should get united and struggle the independence of Balochistan.

In the end they demanded the release of all Baloch prisoners including Abdul Malik Regi and other thousands of Baloch forced-disappeared persons. They vowed that Baloch National struggle cannot be deterred by such harrowing acts of these repressive states.