Saturday, 20 March 2010

Pashtu Daily: Iran To Open Consulate In Nimruz Province To Monitor Activities Of U.S. Troops

Afghan experts have condemned Iran’s decision to open a consulate in the southwestern Afghan province of Nimruz, according to a Pashtu-language daily.

Nimruz has a border with the Sistan and Baluchistan provinces of Iran.

According to a report in the Pashtu-language newspaper Wrazpanra Khedmatgar, Afghan experts believe that Iran is opening its consulate in Nimruz to monitor the activities of the U.S. and British troops and to expand its political, cultural and ideological influence in the province.

The report added that Iran has reactivated charity organizations started by former Iranian leader Imam Khomeini in southern Afghanistan, which are controlled by Revolutionary Guards Corps of Iran and spy for Iran.

Source: Wrazpanra Khedmatgar, Afghanistan, March 16, 2010

Baloch think otherwise: Ameeri Baloch : Nimroz is the part of Balochistan under Afghanistan. Iran cannot monitor activities of US and NATO forces there. Iran's expansionist designs show her ill intentions against Baloch. After Regi's arrest Iran wants to monitor movements of Baloch activists in the area. Iran is hiering Baloch elements to do her dirty work both in Pakistani and Afghani parts of Balochistan

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