Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Baloch Nation should make 27 March shutter down and wheel jam successful: Karima Baloch

Occupied Balochistan: The central vice chairperson of BSO-azaad Banuk Karima Baloch has said that Baloch Nation should make the 27 March wheel jam and shutter down protest successful. She said Baloch Nation should fulfil their human and Islamic duty by responding to the call of Baloch National Unity (BNF) to protest against the occupation of Baloch land in 1948. The statement further read that Agha Abdul Karim started the struggle against forced annexation of Balochistan which is continued till this day. The aim of the struggle is National liberation of Baloch land and to establish a peaceful and just society.

She said thousands of Baloch elderly, youth, children and women have sacrifices their lives in struggle against slavery; their sacrifices will go in vain. She made it clear that Baloch mothers and sister must be resolute; we will not forget the wounds that our enemy has inflicted on us. She said due to the changing circumstances and growing anti human policies of imperialist Baloch youth should also understand the delicacy of the situations, and avoid egoistic and traditionalist politics and work sincerely and selflessly for the Baloch cause and its betterment.

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