Saturday, 6 March 2010

Balochistan remaines shut, several arrested, Pakistani forces fire live rounds on peaceful rallies

Occupied Balochistan: Shutter down and wheel jam protest was observed all over Balochistan for the third successive day against Khuzdar incident. BSO-azaad had given the call for protest which was backed by all other student organisation and political parties. All the major cities in Balochistan including Quetta, Kalat, Hub, Noshki, Surab, Panjgur, Kharan, Mastung, Khuzdar, Gwadar, Turbat, Pasni, Ormara, Mashky, Jhaoo and several others remained shut for the whole day.

Several protesters mostly students have been arrested from Hub, Quetta and Noshki. BSO-azaad spokesperson said they knew that they cannot gain independence by such protests but the purpose of the protest was to inform the International Community that Baloch are being massacred for holding peaceful rallies, Baloch Students are being killed for celebrating their cultural day. The protest was also meant to tell the International community that the Baloch are unified and will struggle united against Pakistan’s occupation over Baloch land.

Open in new windowAn angry mob has set on fire the assembly hall of district Kech in Balochistan whereas all the schools, government offices and markets remained closed across Balochistan. Some violent incident has been reported after the security forces opened fire on peaceful rallies. It is believe that the Pakistani security forces have deliberately open fire crowds of people to incite them to restore to violence. According to news reports the FC has stopped journalists from covering the protest of BSO-azaad and seized the cameras of some scribes for taking pictures of the rallies.

Cases have been registered against activists of student and political parties. Speaking to media and participants of the protest rallies the leaders of Baloch parties vowed that the Baloch peoples’ struggle for Independence cannot be halted by such brutal acts of the state. Baloch are more determined than ever to carry on their journey toward their goal (Freedom).

Open in new windowBalochwarna notes that the massacre of the Baloch people in Karachi, killing of innocent Baloch student in Khuzdar and the second attack on Baloch students on Cultural day event have brought the Baloch people from different walks of life together and made them stand united against the state atrocities. We hope that Baloch people will stand as united alongside their brothers and sisters who are suffering at the hand of Pakistani and Iranian brutal security forces. No force in the world can stop the power of oneness and unity. However we must emphasise that Baloch must unite ideologically and practically and should focus on quality rather than quantity.

There are opportunists all around & among Baloch activists who are trying to spread misinformation to confuse the determined Baloch political activists from their ideological struggle, these opportunist are claiming to be the leaders on international level 'although they have no support on national level', and they are spreading vicious lies against respected and consistent Baloch leadership in order to confuse and deceive the International Community. Baloch enemies are well supported by the occupying states [Iran and Pakistan]. They have the support of states media and have all the facilities that one needs to carry on states’ dirty task of spreading confusion and mistrustfulness. We strongly believe that the Baloch youth have the potential to counter such propagandas of Baloch enemy. We hope that educated Baloch youth abroad and in Balochistan will play their significant role to Unite Baloch people ideologically against colonising powers and their agents in disguise.

News Source: DailyTawar, commentary BalochWarna

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