Friday, 26 March 2010

Blasts in Khuzdar and Chamaling, five Pakistani FC personnel killed in Margat

Occupied Balochistan: One security guard has been injured in a landmine explosion in Tamer-e-Nau colony in Chamaling region of Balochistan. The injured security personal was identified as Sohrab Khan S/O Meeri. He has been shifted to Quetta for further treatment.

In addition three blasts rocked Khuzdar town in Balochistan late Thursday night. The explosion created panic and fear among the residents. The place of the blast could not be confirmed immediately the police are trying to ascertain the exact location of the explosions.

Meanwhile Meerak Baloch a BLA (Baloch Liberation Army) spokesman claimed that fighters from his Organisation have attacked an FC check post in Margat area of Balochistan. He claimed that five FC personnel have been killed in the attack. He said that these security forces were there to protect the oil and gas exploration companies.

Speaking to NNI Meerak Baloch warned the oil and gas exploration companies to halt their work and leave Balochistan; otherwise they will be attacked again. According Mr Baloch those who have allowed these companies to continue exploitation of Baloch resources, people of Balochistan considers them agents and they have no significance in Baloch society. Hence, the companies should understand they will have to stop their work and leave Balochistan.

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