Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Four Baloch students including three females award 5 year each

Occupied Balochistan: A Pakistani court has awarded four Baloch students including three female (members of BSO –azaad) 5 years punishment each person. The sentenced students include Banok Karima Baloch vice chairperson BSO – azaad, Saeeda Baloch, Saima Baloch and Peer Jan Baloch. The Baloch students were found not guilty in the case due to the lack of evidence but the court has punished them for not attending the hearings.

A case had been registered against these students on 21 August 2009 under public disorder act. They were accused of arranging a protest rally on 14 August ‘Pakistan’s Independence’ day. It must be noted that Baloch observe aforementioned day of August as a black day every year. (An Urdu Interview of Banok Karima Baloch)

Meanwhile BUC (UK) organiser Shahid Baloch and Norway organiser Hammal Baloch has strongly condemn awarding punishment to Baloch students by the Pakistani court. They said it was a continuation of Pakistan’s injustices and biased policies against Baloch people. Baloch students should not be discouraged by such unlawful acts of state [Pakistan], they urged.

BalochWarna and Baluchland strongly condemn the Pakistani court verdict, punishing the Baloch students who have actually been found not guilty but the biased court have awarded them 5 year each only for not attending the hearings. We would like to remind our readers the unlawful arrested and the cold-blooded murder of Shaheed Ghulam Mohammed Baloch, Sher Mohammed Baloch and Lala Munir Baloch who had gone to attend a court hearing but never returned home. They were picked up from their lawyers’ office in broad day light and killed in custody. Why should other Baloch attend these biased courts or in others words voluntarily walk toward their death.

Currently over 80,000 Baloch are under the custody of Pakistani intelligence agencies what have the powerless courts done for these forced-disappeared people?

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