Friday, 5 March 2010

Wide spread condemnation of Khuzdar incident

occupied Balochistan: Baloch Lawyers, Baloch student Organisations, political parties, and social organisation and teachers associations strongly condemned the attack on Baloch culture day event. The organisations that condemned the attack included BW, BNM, BRP, BWM, BRC, BUC, BVF, Injuman-e-Itehad-e-Marri, BSO-Azaad and its fractions, Baloch Bar Association and Baloch armed resistance organisations.

All the aforementioned groups have blamed the Pakistani Intelligence agencies for the unprovoked attack on innocent Baloch students. They also strongly criticised the Pakistani media, courts and authorities for keeping silence on the massacre of innocent Baloch students. The attack on Baloch students’ cultural event was considered an attack on Baloch culture and a failed attempt to weaken Baloch freedom movement.

They also offer their heartfelt condolences to the family members of martyred Baloch students and paid rich tributes to those who suffered injuries and received martyrdom. The attack on students was termed as a conspiracy to prevent Baloch students from continuing their education. They vowed to continue to struggle for the freedom of Balochistan and not to be deterred by such brutal acts of savage intelligence agencies of Pakistan. The Pakistani security forces have failed to face the Baloch freedom fighter and that is why they were targeting unarmed innocent civilian especially students in the cities and women and children in villages.

The social organisations have also criticised the International Human Rights Organisations and the UN, EU, and other western powers for their silent against attacks on civilian events and villages. They said hundreds of innocent people have been killed in Balochistan, million have been made homeless who are still living without adequate food and shelter, but the UN aid agencies are not providing them any help.

They demanded an International intervention and International inquiries into the killing of thousands of Balochistan by Pakistan armed forces. They urged the UN to send a fact finding mission in Balochistan and witness the atrocities against Baloch people.

Meanwhile Baloch armed resistance Organisation “The Baloch Sarmachaar” have also strongly condemned the attacks on Baloch students and promised to avenge the death of innocent people of Balochistan. BLA spokesperson Meerak Baloch, Lashkar-e-Balochistan spokesperson Lavang Baloch and BRA representative Shaihak Baloch have said that Baloch people should keep away from Pakistani security forces and their vehicles because they can attack them whenever they see the opportunity.

They also warned the local collaborators of the Pakistani intelligence agencies and security forces for mince their ways. “Their activities are under observation by Baloch freedom fighters and they will be punished ruthlessly for committing national crimes against Baloch people”.

A newly created group of ISI & MI claimed the responsibility of the attack on Baloch students’ cultural day program and warned that they will carry out further such attacks on all pro-independent parties including BNF, BRP and BSO –azaad. Following is the claim of the Pakistani Intelligence agencies sponsored organisation Quote:

“Baloch Armed Defence Army accepts responsibility: A Spokesman of Baloch Armed Defence Army has claimed responsibility of bomb explosion at Khuzdar Engineering University. Speaking with Correspondents form unknown place by telephone in Khuzdar Press Club, Mir Jang Baloch warned BSO Azad and its factions, Baloch National Front, BRP to targeting them. Spokesman also warned Correspondents not to public news of BSO factions or his army would target them as well. Spokesman said that they would offer more resistance and target BSO, Baloch National Front and BRP in every nook and corner of Balochistan”.

BW comments: The above statement proves that ISI, MI and other intelligence agencies have created this so called defence army and they have decided to target Baloch pro-independent Student Organisations and political parties, who are practicing their democratic right to protest peacefully. We suggest that Baloch political parties should be extra conscious when protesting and organising meeting. There should always be some friends on guard to apprehend Pakistani intelligence sponsored agents. We urged Baloch people to adopt the policy of “United we stand divided we fall”. Pakistan has lost on moral grounds and that is why the immoral Pakistani security forces and Intelligence agencies are committing such inhuman crimes against innocent civilians.

BalochWarna urges International Red Cross, International Human Rights Organisation and the UN to intervene in Balochistan and take early measure to stop a human catastrophe from happening.

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