Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Daughter of Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch seeks Rights groups help to get her father released

Occupied Balochistan: Daughter of missing Dr Din Mohammad Baloch has called upon national and international humanitarian organizations to play their due role for immediate recovery of her missing father.

Addressing a news conference at a hunger strike camp set up by relatives of missing persons, she said that her father was whisked away by security personnel on June 28th in 2009 from his government residence in Tehsil Ornach.

“The kidnappers had beaten up and tortured my father in front of watchman and other employees while dragging him towards official vehicles,” she charged. FIR was registered against the secret agency in Ornach police station but there was no progress in carrying out investigation into the illegal detention.

“The eyewitness had recorded their statements before the Supreme Court, Balochistan High Court, Judicial Commission and investigation committees that my father is in illegal custody of Government functionaries but so far no measure has been taken to recover my father.” she complained.

She said she had also recorded her protest in Islamabad along with other relatives of Baloch missing persons. “I appeal to Humanitarian organizations to intervene into the matter and I had apprehensions that my father is being brutally tortured if steps were not taken to recover him immediately as his body will also be found dumped like the other Baloch missing persons,” she added.

Voice for Baloch Missing Persons president Nasarullah Baloch has said that more than 161 bullet-riddled bodies of Baloch missing persons had been found from different parts of Balochistan in last ten months.