Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Baloch Liberation Front Warns Iran of Expanded Action

Translated By Archen Baloch  27/9/10

Occupied Balochistan:   (NNI) Speaking through a satellite telephone from an
undisclosed place,  Baloch liberation Front’s  spokesperson Mir Doda told NNI
that its defense force  have carry out the attack on New Camp of Pakistani
Occupying Forces in Turbat, in which heavy causalities have been inflicted upon
them.  Mir Doda also affirmed the report that BLF has also carry out an attack on a
local Pakistani mole, Hair Mohamd s/o Babul, who have been passing on information
about  Baloch Sarmachars (freedom fighter) to Pakistani enemy forces in Haraan.
In the satellite phone he also warned Iran that BLF would be forced to expand its
actions against it in Western Balochistan, if it did not stop carrying out further
joint military operations with Pakistan within the border of Pakistani occupied
Eastern Balochistan. He said that their actions were limited within Pakistani
Occupied Eastern Balochistan.

He condemned the brutal violence of Pakistani forces against Baloch Women, elders
and children in Beseema Mastung. Mir Doda also paid rich tribute to the martyrdom of
Ali Sher Advocate who had been killed by Pakistanis military in illegal detention,
he said that they would welcome such unbridled Genocides. He fledged that they would
avenge the murder of their all leaders. 

The Punjabis and its mercenary Pashtun
forces should now be prepared for receiving the death bodies of their illegal forces
on Baloch soil. We would not relent until Balochistan is liberated. The state
sponsored target killings have enormously increased the morale of Baloch nation and
Sarmachars (freedom Fighters) to new heights.
Courtesy :  Dailytawar News papers Balochistan. 

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Hyrbyair Marri decides to apply for political asylum in the UK

London: Patriot Baloch leader Nawabzada Hairbyar Marri said that his intention to live in Britain is to expose the barbarism of Pakistan against Baloch people in accordance with International laws; “I did not violate any law during my stay in the United Kingdom”. He further said in his statement that Britain protects her own interests but it (the UK) doesn’t see the Pakistani state atrocities against the people of Balochstan. He said, bringing the plight of my oppressed Nations and occupied country to the knowledge of International community was his basic right and National responsibility; it is neither terrorism nor a crime. However, the British government has tried and is still trying to make his stay impossible in the UK by deliberately creating unfavorable situations. According to him they (the government) are trying their hardest to limit his movements and stay in the country.

“I did not apply for political asylum in the United Kingdom before and neither did I have any such intentions but as the whole world and Baloch know that the British government with the collaboration of Pakistan had arrested me on baseless allegation in 2007. They (authorities) thoroughly investigated my political activities, personal bank accounts, and computer and personal files including my all travelling documents. Even before my arrest all my friends were being stopped at airports and questioned about me for several hours. The security had also been watching me which made me feel that the intentions of British government were not positive. It had become clear the government, especially, the govt of Mr. Tony Blair wanted to detain me”.

He further said that using the cases as a justification they harassed his close friends abroad and made their lives difficult. Meanwhile they tried to influence Gulf and European countries against him by sending false reports to these countries. “They also tried to misguide European countries and recommended them to cancel my visa. Because of such self-made and insincere reporting of British government I still could not be able to travel to these European countries”.

“In 2009 a British jury acquitted me of three cases after a full trial and complete investigation. The prosecution had decided to withdrawn the remaining cases against me due to lack of evidence. Despite my acquittal the British government continue to hold my travel document and refused to return my previous visa; which is an unfair and discriminatory act”. He said that without these vital documents, especially without previous visa, “I cannot move around freely and neither can I travel abroad to meet my friends and political colleagues. Since I have been acquitted in Britain under British law; now the authorities have no moral and legal grounds to cancel my visa and hold my other documentation”. Mr. Marri said that, however, the British government is still continuing its aggressive fashion against him to limit his political activities. “I think the British government’s stubbornness is meant to keep me under pressure and they want to silence the voice of Baloch struggle for their defence and national freedom”.

He stated that when he asked for his previous (canceled) visa to be reinstated, the authorities said they cannot return his old visa; however, he could only be issued a new visa if he takes in employment in the country. “It is laughable that one hand they accuse me of terrorism and other serous offensive on the other offer of employment”, said Mr. Marri. “It is worth reminding that under my old visa I could apply for British citizenship after a few months but if they issue me a new visa, I have to wait for a long time to have the right to apply for British Passport. He said he could apply for political asylum in any country. According Mr. Marri’s statement he was not fond of living in a country like United Kingdom where he had been put behind bars under serious allegations.

However, the International immigration laws don’t permit one to apply for asylum in another country if you are already present in a European country or if you have lived in an European country for sometime. “I don’t live in the UK as a tourist or for entertainment; I’m fighting to defend my people in the legal battle ground in accordance with International laws and Geneva conventions as a political worker. Hence, for these reasons the government doesn’t seem happy with my stay here (in the UK). The discriminatory acts of the British government have left me no other option to stay in the country and I’m compelled to apply for political asylum. In the better interest of Baloch Nation and Balochistan and after consulting with professional legal advisers (friends) I eventually decided to directly seek political asylum in the United Kingdom, because I think at this moment of time to raise voice for Independent Balochistan this (asylum) is the only option I have". 

Pakistani occupying forces attacked the village,two including a six month old baby killed

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Occupied Balochistan,MASTUNG:Pakistani security forces attacked the ‘’Ghulam Pirenz’’ village of Lehri tribe in Mastung area of Balochistan.Local Sources stated that the whole area, comprising of hundreds of houses was completely surrounded by the heavily armed Frontier Constabulary (paramilitary force) and cordoned off from the rest of the city. None of the media personnel of local TV networks, photographers, and reporters were allowed to enter the area .

Frontier core hundreds of personnel attacked the village on Friday night about 10 pm. Security forces started indiscriminate firing,continous mortar strikes on the village untill 3am.

As a result of firing five womens badly injured,two got killed including a six months old baby.Security forces also entered in the houses ,women and children being harassed and badly tortured.Dozens of houses,vehicles were set on fire,as a result all appliances and furnitures completely damaged.The security forces also robbed the jewlleries and cash money from the houses and shops.Number of cars and motorbikes taken away by FC,while forces arrested the 23 villagers and all shifted to the unknown location.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

15 years old innocent Baluch, hostage of Iranian Intelligence Agencies

After passing one year of Mohammad Saber Malikraisi's illigal detention, it is now 4 months that there is no news about his fate.

According to the reporters of Harna, Mohammad Saber Malikraisi son of Molavi Dadrahman Sarbazi, who is 15 years old and a resident of Sarbaz district of Baluchistan, had no contact or meeting with his family since last 4 months with the charge that his older brother is communicating and cooperating with the Baluch armed opposition.

Mohhamad Saber Malikraisi was arrested on Thursday 24 September 2009 ( 2 Mehr 1388, Irani calendar), with his other two brothers in Chahbar, and after the intelligence and security agents raided the house of Mohammad saber's father, while searching the house they threatened the family if Mohammad Saber's older brother is not brought to them then they will execute (hang) all three of his sons who are in the custody.

After 4 months of his detention his older brothers were released, but 15 years old Mohammad Saber is held hostage in prison and during forced phone calls to his family they wanted him to tell his family that he will be executed soon.

During the last 4 months his family has referred to the Intelligence, prison and the court, but every time they were rejected to meet their son, and this has increased to their concerns whether Mohammad Saber is still alive or not.

It is worth mentioning that in his Television confessions he introduced himself and his brother as member of Jundullah (Baloch People Resistance Movement) and so he has been severely tortured.

Translated by Sarbaaz Baluch

Source: Harna

Friday, 24 September 2010

Baloch columnist and lawyer Ali Sher martyred

The Weekend treat: Baloch columnist and lawyer Ali Sher martyred..

It has become a trend in Balochistan that weekends arrive with the news of a death
of a big figure in Baloch movement by the intelligence agencies and Pakistan army.
Although in weekdays Balochs of any status are disappeared or directly become
victims of extra-judicial killings by Pakistan army. This week's treat is body of
Baloch renowned columnist and lawyer Ali Sher's.

According to sources published in various newspapers, Ali Sher was abducted by the
Pakistani army while he was visiting one of his relatives Dr. Salim Kurd in Gilani
Road Quetta. He was abducted when the security forces raided the house. His body was
recovered in Khuzdar some 300km from Quetta this morning 3 days after being abducted
(from Quetta).

The recent crackdown on Baloch Lawyers took gravity when previously 2 other Baloch
Lawyers Zaman Khan Marri and Munir Miwani were abducted by Pakistani intelligence
agencies. Zaman Khan Marri was later killed while in custody whereas Munir Mirwani
is still missing. The extra-judicial killings done by Pakistani army have become a
daily routine in Balochistan. Lawyer Ali Sher's martyrdom has just once again heated
the poor Balochs wound.

Political analysts believe Columnist/Lawyer Ali Sher has been killed due to his
political working and writings. Anyone aware of politics in Balochistan can easily
conclude the one who opposes the oppressor in any mean result the same fate. Mr.
Sher was a regular contributor to Daily Ostoman.

BSO students being brutally killed by Punjabi Army:

In a recently 5.39s captured disturbing video shown in the social networking site
Facebook, Punjabi army is shown killing 6 unarmed civilian Baloch political workers
in a very brutal way. The 'organized' killing takes place systematically when armed
soldiers bring these young men appearing students, into bushes and open
indiscriminate fire on them. If payed attention to the 1.16s. of the video, one of
the victims is clearly visible under 18. The video can be quite disturbing for some
viewers because of the violence contents. 

Concrete evidence have emerged these are the students of Baloch Student Organization
(BSO) Azaad. Pakistani army famous for its brutality in its history can be seen very
clearly carrying out Baloch genocide. The area is known as Quetta Cantt and the
bushes are the backyard of the emptied Haweles behind the military camp.

The students wearing long shalwars (Balochi Shalwars) are not the only ones being
victims of such brutality. The only difference is no video is recorded in 
torture cells witnessing the brutal acts of the Pak army.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Commander Haji Khudabaksh Recieved Martyrdom

Baloch People Resistance Movement (BPRM or Jundullah) would like to inform Baluchistan and the rest of the world that a brave commander of the Movement had recieved Martyrdom  in recent conflict in the Sarbaaz region of west Baluchistan (Iranian Occupied).

Martyr Haji Khudabaksh was a Brave and courages commander and a powerful leader who fought against the criminal occupiers with all means possible. He didnt spare any sacrifice in his chosen path and ultimately gave his life for a bright future of his morherland.

There is no doubt that Martyr Haji Kudabaksh was on of the bravest sons of the land of warriors (Baluchistan), who fought the enemy in the most severe Battlefields and stood against the Iranian Revolutionary Guards with a indescribable courage, and indeed Martyr Khudabaksh  has paid the price of his dreams about the future of his motherland Baluchistan.

Martyr Khudabaksh in his last clashes against the enemy which occurred couple of days a go in Sarbaaz Valley, bravely entered the trench of the enemies and eliminated all of them but moments later a bullet from another stronghold of enemy most of whom were local agents and spies ( sellers of Baloch honour and land) hit Commander Khudabaksh and that is where one more brave commander of Baluch received martyrdom. Commander Khudabaksh was one of the closest to the great Baluch leader Martyr Abdulmalek Rigi.

BPRM appeals to the brave Baloch nation to stand up against the enemy just as commander Khudabaksh and end the occupation of their motherland, this is not the time to sleep but is the time of awakening and rebellion. The need of liberty is resistance, hold each others hands and cut the roots of occupiers from our motherland Baluchistan.

To the hope of Freedom and Dignity
Resistance Movement of Jundullah

Translated by Sarbaaz Baluch
Source: Taptan News Agency

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Pakistani blind judiciary can’t see the long hunger strikes for the recovery of Baloch missing persons

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Occupied Balochistan:Zakir majeed Baloch the senior vice chairman of BSO-azaad is being illegally detained by Pakistan Para-military forces and the Intelligence agencies since June 8, 2009. The family of the Baloch student does not know about his whereabouts and his condition in which he is being held. The family is also gravely concerned about his well-being especially after more than 20 Baloch political activists have been brutally tortured to death by Pakistan Military and the Intelligence agencies. Zakir Majeed and other Baloch political activist have no access to legal representations and they have never been presented to any court or charged with any crimes.

The hunger strike protest entered into the 132 consecutive days for the safe release of Zakir Majeed. People from different walk of life visited the hunger strike camp and condemned the illegal and inhuman abduction of Zakir Majeed by the Pakistani terrorist intelligence agencies. Speaking with the visitors of the camp his sister said, "My brother is a student political activist and abducting and torturing him in torture cells for years is against the Islamic principles and is the ultimate violation of his basic Human Rights. If he is involved in any sort of illegal activities and if committed any crime then he should be presented to the courts and if he is not involved in as such activities (which in fact he isn’t involved in) then must be released”.

Zakir Majeeds mother appealed and said that there no one to listen our problem. She also appealed to the International Human Rights organizations must take notice of the protests against the abduction of my son and must play their vital and practical role for the release of zakir majeed.

Meanwhile the protest camp for recovery of wadood Raisani, Mir Jalil Rekhi, Dr Deen Mohammad, Mir Ghafaar Langov, Sangath Sana Baloch, Ali Asghar Bangluzai and Maqbool Zafar Baloch entered in its 55th day.

The families of missing Baloch activist said that “we have tried every method of protest for recovery of our loved ones. But we have no knowledge of any progress about our loved ones. We (the families) have serious concerns about safety of our loved ones”. They appeal to the UN, European Union and all other peace loving people to press Pakistani Intelligence Agencies and make sure the safe and early recovery of Baluch forced-disappeared activists.

Similarly, the uninterrupted token hunger strike for the recovery of Chakar Marri, Mujeed Baloch, Sami Baloch, Abdul Nasir Baloch, Najeeb Qambarani and Altaf bugti has entered its 49th day.

The sister of Safeer Baluch said that her brother has been suffering from a kidney pain for a long time. He along with his friend Abid Shah had gone to Panjgur hospital for his treatment where they became victims of Pakistani security forces. She said that her brother was beaten on the spot, his hands and legs were tied before they crammed him in a security forced vehicle. “My brother has not committed any crimes; his only crime is that he is a Baluch and has sympathies for Baluch Nationalists political parties”.

Mahboob Wadhela Baloch was abducted from a Karachi-Gwader bound passenger van on 02-04-2010. According to details Mahboob Baloch alongside several other passengers were about to leave for Gwader from Karachi when several plane-clothed officials of intelligence agencies stopped the passenger van at Yousaf Goath in Karachi.The eye witnesses have reported that plane-clothed men abducted Mr Wadhela at gun point; almost dragged him to their vehicle and drove off towards an unknown location. The witnesses noted that the perpetrators were driving an official car.

The brother of Mahboob Wadhela is on 4th consecutive day of hunger strike till death for the recovery of his abducted brother. Hussain Wadhela while talking to the local media said, it’s a heartless country that would separate loved ones. Judiciary of this country is failed to recover the missing persons. The lives of Baloch missing persons are in danger. We will continue to record our protest in front of the world until last breaths.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

“We are your boss!”

Photo of Dr. Abid Shah, disappeared by Pakistani security agents

Dr. Abid Shah
by Khalid Hayat Jamaldini
That is what a Pakistani paramilitary soldier told us when he, together with members of his platoon, raided our house to seize the flag of the Baloch Republican Party. Their action was not only rude, it shocked us. The party is a registered democratic party fighting for the rights of the Balochs under the leadership of Nawabzada Baramdagh Bugti, grandson of martyr Nawab Akbar Bugti. My late father was the party's vice president.
In any part of the world and in any culture it is considered inappropriate, if not illegal, to trespass on another person's property. The one who does can be considered a criminal. But in my world, it is quite the opposite. Here in this small village in Balochistan, the homeowner is forced to say nothing; otherwise he will be shot dead.
The raid happened at midnight on the 8th Ramadhan. The noises of vehicles and people's voices woke me up. At first, I thought someone in the neighborhood was feeling sick or had met with an accident. I tried to go back to sleep, but in vain. Shortly I heard my family members calling to say torch lights were being shined into the house. I was stunned and quickly joined my family in the sitting room, their faces pale with fear. I wanted to go outside to see what was going on, but my younger brother stopped me.
I felt the anger in his voice. He said that paramilitary forces had scaled the wall that surrounds our house and warned us to stay inside or they would open fire. They had come after the party flag. Like my brother, I was angered by their insulting behavior, but I had to control my temper for the sake of my family. After half an hour they left and we were sleepless for the rest of the night.
In the morning, rumors spread through the village that many of our men were kidnapped by the forces. We started to receive calls from family and friends, while many visited to find out about the incident and to clarify what had happened They shared their sympathies and solidarity with us. They were very upset as the paramilitary action was totally against Balochi tradition and culture.
A few days later, we raised the party flag again, and in just two days the forces returned--this time they came during the day. When they arrived I decided to confront them. The flag had been flying there for many years and no one had had a problem with it. I decided to talk to their senior officer. When I stepped outside, I saw that the platoon had blocked the road. All personnel were equipped with heavy weapons and their guns directed at our house. Their officer was standing in front of them, sporting a commando suit and dark goggles.
I walked towards him and said in a loud voice, "What is the problem with you guys and do you have any search warrant for doing this?" He did not say a word, but showed me a sign that I should stay away. When I "disobeyed his orders," within seconds, his men circled me and pointed their weapons at my body. They did this while another group pulled down the iron flag pole, stepped on the flag with their big boots, threw it all into their vehicle and rode away. What they had done to our flag humiliated me and I felt paralyzed, as if I had been handcuffed.
The Pakistani law enforcement agencies continue to torture the Balochs in various ways. They insult us when we are alive; they torture us until we are dead and then throw our corpses in public places with the words "PAKISTAN ZINDABAD" written over our bodies. Their actions leave us speechless and only increase the desire to seek revenge.
Yet, what strength do the oppressed and victimized people have?
I will not blame the Pakistani government for their actions because they are already of the mindset that we are the enemies of Pakistan and believe they must repress our voices when we demand the rights of the Balochs. They call us "Indian agents," yet they themselves accept billions of dollars from foreign countries for the recent flood disaster in Pakistan. In any case, we do not expect sympathy from the enemy.
But amazingly, the institutions in Pakistan who should be concerned and supportive--the Human Right Commission of Pakistan (an NGO) to the judiciary, the police and the media are "deaf, dumb and blind." They do not want to see, hear or speak about what is happening in Balochistan.
The electronic media only reports that the Pakistani government has provided a development package for Balochistan, but it does not highlight the hunger strike actions of mothers and sisters of the missing Balochs.
It does not report about the dead bodies of the missing persons who have been tortured and discarded in public places.
It did not report why Dr. Abid Shah and his friend have been kidnapped or investigate who might have abducted them. It did not report that for a week the people of Pangur were on strike to show their solidarity with the families of these missing persons. It did not bother to find out why advocate Zaman Marri was kidnapped and tortured to death.
A number of Baloch youths have been tortured to death in the month of August alone, but none of these institutions have played an active role in publicizing or investigating these crimes. All of them avoid the subject, happy with their paychecks at the end of every month.
A Baloch of any profession--a shepherd, shopkeeper, doctor, lawyer, or even those who are jobless or illiterate--no one is safe in this region from the hands of Pakistani forces. The Baloch are unsafe in their own land and those who are in the assemblies are also to blame for this. They play Pakistan's tune. They shut their eyes to what is happening to their countrymen and women. They have forgotten their culture and traditions. They have forgotten the meaning of honor and respect. For this reason, forces will continue to raid our houses and call themselves "Our bosses!"
The Baloch are clearly threatened. We used to be unsafe when outside our homes, now we are not safe even in our own homes. There will probably come a day, not too far away, when they will enter our drawing rooms and murder us in front of our families. And they will get away with this because there is no one willing to question them.
Also by Khalid Jamaldini: When will the Balochs stop being victims of the Pakistani paramilitary forces?posted at Asian Human Rights Commission | Sep 3, 2010

The fear of clerical regime in Baluchistan

These unfortunate people are scared like hell, yesterday I was driving from Koleh Sangi to Zahedan which is not even a 20 kilometers way, there were 3 different check posts on the way, because I was alone, they were scared to even come close to my car, they used to question me from a distance of 6-7 steps and I had to shout loud for them to hear. Even a child could see the fear in their eyes. I have never seen the road under that much security before.

A Baluch from Zahedan.

New clashes

Taftan news agency has reported that the new clashes have taken place between the Iranian security forces and the Jundullah fighters in Sarbaz Valley. According to the local eyes witness the wounded soldiers were admitted to the Iranshaher hospital. The eyes witness said the security forces brought the wounded and the dead solders to hospitals morgue.

It has been reported that the Iranian security forces have coordinated their offences against Baluch with the Pakistan security forces, both countries are facing unrest in their controlled Baluchistan.

Baluchistan was an independent county has been divided and occupied by both countries Iran and Pakistan. Baluch have desire for an independent Baluchistan. It has been reported that the Iranian forces have setup check posts inside Pakistan territory; the Iranian forces have harassed Pakistan national inside Pakistan territory. Iran and Pakistan consider Baluch as a common enemy.

The Iranian forces have setup the several new check posts, two young men were killed on these new check posts in the last 24 hours. The Taftan news agency has not revealed their names yet.


The cost of disunity is too great for Baluch nation to bear.

The call for national liberation is in some ways has to win, since Pakistan, Iran treats Baluch of various kinds as enemies be removed (all Baluch) equally destroyed. “In the old English phrase they had all to hang together if they did not to hang separately”.
The Baluch leaders, tribal chiefs, activists who till now had been the most divisive force, should concentrate their fires not against their nearest potential competitor, but the obvious enemies Iran and Pakistan. 
Baluch from the all walk of life must turn themselves into the most systematic and the most efficient champion for Baluchistan liberation. The idea of national liberation must remove the obstacles to unity and suspicious. Tribal forces should form the foundation of wider political alliance with urban liberal democrats. 
The advance of extermination of Baluch nation by Iran and Pakistan, the progressive Baluch should envisage the wider extension of national front of all whom irrespective of ideology and political beliefs, regard Baluchistan is occupied land and occupied forces policies are the primary danger to Baluch. 
It is the union of all Baluch that make political sense and popular fronts that will push back offensive of states and win victories in Baluchistan. The cost of disunity is too great for Baluch nation to bear. The best solution for the states to weaken and perhaps destroy the liberation movement in Baluchistan is to incite feuds among Baluch. 
Pakistan and Iran hope that the feuds among Baluch would weaken the Baluch liberation movement to the benefit of states. Leave a tribe, group or party to confront the strength of the state alone would weaken Baluch nation to the benefit of state. 
Attempts to create a common front against Pakistan and division between Baluch political parties made it possible virtually not resisted the assassinations of the best and brightest of the Baluch societies. The assassinations of the best and brightest, of the Baluch by states will be felt by Baluch, because the impacts of these assassinations are eternal for generations to come in both human and knowledge losses. 
Iran and Pakistan are irrational states, therefore negotiation would be fruitless. Unity is a price Baluch should be ready to pay for the defeat of new colonial powers. Choosing to not resist Persian Shiite and Punjabi domination is unavoidable. There could not be a room for compromises with Persian Shiite expansionist and Punjabi new colonialist this is the realistic assessment of the situation. The Persian and Punjabi domination on Baluchistan is intolerable on the principle of national self-determination.

UK: Join the Protest against enforced-disappearance

Venue: Amnesty International (UK)
1 Easton Street
London WC1X0DW
Date & Time: Friday 1st October 2pm – 5pm
Nearest station: Farringdon Tube Station

London: As a part of continuous campaign against forced-disappearances the International Voice for Baloch Missing Person is holding a protest demonstration in front of Amnesty International main office in London on Friday 1st October 2010. IVBMP believes that enforced disappearances constitute a crime against humanity and calls upon all Humanity loving individuals and organisations to rise against such crimes. Every day thousands of people are being deprived of their basic right of liberty and right to live by suppressive regimes around the world just for asking for their democratic rights and right to freedom. In the same manner Iranian and Pakistani state regime and their death squads have disappeared and killed in cold-blood several Baloch men, women and children. The victims of state terrorism include students, lawyers, doctors, political activists and other members of public who have been asking for justice, equality and freedom.

The year 2010 witnessed a rapid increase in the deaths of missing persons: Around 20 bodies were recovered within the alarmingly short span of one month.

Najib Langavo and Faiz Baloch’s bodies were recovered from Satellite Town on July 24, followed by the recovery of the dead bodies of Farooq Mengal and Ashfaq Mullah Zai on July 27. Two other missing persons were killed in August and their bodies dumped in a Quetta suburb. The victims were identified as Bahar Khan Bangulzai and Ghulam Qadir Marri. Police recovered three more bodies, those of Nazeer Ahmed from Mastung on August 7 and Khan Muhammad Mengal and Zohaib Rodaini on August 13. In addition, the bodies of Arz Muhammad and Muhammad Umar were recovered from Brewery Road and that of Abdul Rehman from Khanozai on August 25. Moreover, bodies of advocate Zaman Khan Marri, a lawyer of Balochistan High court, was found in Mastung town in Balochistan on 06-09-2010. He had been abducted from outside his private chamber in Quetta Balochistan.

The body of Ali Marri, a cousin of lawyer Zaman Khan Marri, who was abducted by the Pakistani agencies on 04-07-2010 from Quetta was found in Mastung town in Balochistan on Monday morning.

According to family of shaheed Laeya Marri his body was mutilated and brutally tortured. “Nobody would have been able to recognise him if his Pakistani official captors had not put a letter in his pocket with his name written on it”.Hospital sources also revealed that all the victims had died of bullet wounds to the head and bore torture marks on their faces, their hands, as well as other parts of their bodies.

The International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons appeals to all Baloch friends in the UK to join the protest to show their solidarity with the families of Baloch forced-disappeared activists and expressed their anger against suppressive Iranian and Pakistani regimes.

IVBMP also appeals to Human rights Organisations, Human Rights Activists and Organisation of oppressed people who are either struggling for their liberation or struggling against atrocities of suppressive regimes against occupied Nations to join the protest to highlight the issue of enforced disappearances in Balochistan.

Organizer: International Voice of Baloch Missing Persons
Contact: info@bygwaah.com

Monday, 20 September 2010

Joint Military operation in Sarbaaz district of Baluchistan

Many borderline residents of Baluchistan have acknowledged Pakistani war jets entering western Baluchistan (Iranian occupied) territories. Also several Baloch youth from Redeeg, eastern Baluchistan (Pakistani occupied), have said that they have seen dozens of Pakistani security forces vehicles filled with soldiers and were on hight alert near the borders, and have also seen some Pakistani combat jets flying towards Sarbaaz district of Baluchistan.

This is the evidence that the clerical Iranian regime has allowed Pakistani Air Force to combat Baloch Freedom Fighters by bombing their camps in the mountains of Sarbaaz (Iranian occupied Baluchistan), where there is a severe military operation going on from last two days. It is believed to be the reaction of that couple of days a go Baluch freedom fighters have abducted 6 members of Iranian Air Force in Sarbaaz district of Baluchistan.

There is also a joint military operation going on in Mand area of pakistani occupied Baluchistan, where Irani and Pakistani combat jets have been seen bombing the mountains.

Shaheed Dadullah Moradzahi, who was hanged for financially supporting educational Institutions in Baluchistan

Shaheed Haji Dadullah Moradzahi was a benefactor person who always helped the poor and the people in need. He has helped many young Baloch people who couldn't afford the cost of their marriages, to get married. He was arrested with the charge of drug trafficking and selling drugs. It should be noted that drug trafficking is a accusation which Iranian government labelled thousands of Baloch youth, who were then ultimately hanged with baseless charges.

Shaheed Dadullah was on his was from Zahedan to Khaash when Iranian security forces stop his vehicle, arrest and transfer him to Zahedan. There was no news of his whereabouts for a long time until when the intelligence services took responsibility for his abduction. Initially his relatives have been told that some people have reported to the intelligence services that the mentioned person is in the business of drug dealing, but after that first meeting with relatives it was determined that his greatest sin and crime was financial assistance to the schools and other educational institutions of the region.

The none Baloch authorities of Baluchistan had visited him several times while he was in prison and had offered to free him only if he stops financially supporting the educational institutions and mosques, but Shaheed Dadullah have always rejected such offers.  And thats where the Shia Imam of Zahedan, Abbas Sulemani and the chief justice of Baluchistan Ibrahim Hamidi, together issued his execution. And thats how this great Baluch personality was hanged unfairly.

Despite this shameless act, his criminals are living their daily life happily and are not even bothered whether they will have to answer this to some one.

Translated By Sarbaaz Baluch.
Source: Taptan News Agency

0.2 million people of Balochistan, displaced after Pakistani army operation

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Occupied Balochistan:At least 0.2 million people of Dera Bugti and Kohlu, displaced after army operation couple of years back and got shelter in the bordering areas of Sindh and Punjab, are remain homeless as their makeshifts have been inundated due to devastating floods.

Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) of Balochistan have left their homeland after military action in Musharraf era. They were given assurances by the President and Prime Minister for their resettlement but initiatives have yet to be taken in this regard.According to the report of Baloch Unity Conference (BUC), despite the assurance of authorities the issue of IDPs settlement is yet to be resolved and the affected people of these boarding areas are not being treated as other victims of the flood.

The BUC report disclosed that around 185,000 people migrated from Dera Bugti in March 2005 following the military action. Similarly, such a big number of people from district Kohlu had left their homes and still homeless. The IDPs took shelters in the border areas of Sindh and Punjab and still deprived of the basic needs of life. Quoting the statements of IDPs, the BUC pointed out that the displaced people of Dera Bugti, Sui, Kohlu, Kahn districts and other areas were shifted to deserted area of different parts of Sindh and Punjab including Hyderabad, Sukkur, Khairpur, Jacobabad, Kashmore, Kacha, Rohri, Dera Murad, Jaffarabad, Kohriji, Darki, Ubaru, Dera Ghanzi Khan, Rajanpur, Rahim Yar Khan, Sadiqabad and other parts. There are 25,000 people who were shifted to Tesil Debiji, Punjab alone.
It is pertinent to mention here that despite of tall claims of the authorities, Balochistan government could not even gather the data of their own displaced people those remain suffer without food and other basic facilities.

Pakistan-Iran Joint Military Operation in Balochistan,two Baloch martyred

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Occupied Balochistan:Pakistani and Iranian forces are carrying out a joint military offensive in the Mand tehsil of Turbat district and surrounding areas from last two days.The local people reported that the continues attack and shelling by both Pakistani and Iranian security forces have created an atmosphere of insecurity and tension in the region. Many people are besieged in their houses and are facing difficulty to continue their daily normal life.

Two innocent Baloch youths martyred in the deadliest operation launched by Pakistan and Iran.The victims were identified as Tariq and Abdullah.The dead bodies of both victims were received by the leaders of ‘’Baloch National Front’’ ,later both buried in the local graveyard in presence of hundreds of freedom loving activists.The graveyard echoed with slogans in favour of Baloch freedom fighters,afterwards the flag of Azaad Balochistan hoisted on the graves of both martyrs.

This is not the first time when two of countries are jointly conducting an operation against Baloch nation.Last year on ‘’ 21 august 2009’’ Iranian forces have fired over 50 rockets into the bordering town of Mashkail which killed three women and injured two other innocent civilians. The co-operation of Shah-e-Iran Raza Shah Pahlavi with Z.A Bhutto to crush the Baloch Uprising in 1973-77, when the Shah of Iran provided Pakistan with cobra helicopters, Iranian pilots and $700 million dollar in cash. The current Shia Regime of Ahamdinejad which is providing logistic support to the Punjabi Pakistan once again to crush the Baloch freedom struggle.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Helicopters flies over ‘’ Mand’’ town for hours,locals harrased by ground forces

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Occupied Balochistan,MAND:The situation in Balochistan is worsening after the threats of the Interior Minister of Pakistan to brutally crush Baloch freedom movement. Helicopters flew with low altitude in Mand town throughout the evening, whereas roads were sealed in Mand, Gwader and Khuzdar on the name of search operations.

In Mand, Frontier Corps (A division of Pakistan Army) sealed the road which leads to the main bazaar (market) of Mand,during this 3 military helicopters kept a low altitude and kept flying in the adjacent areas of Mand for subsequently two hours as the local witnesses claim.

Every person who was passing by was stopped and searched regardless of their age or gender, interestingly the cell phones of the youth were checked for the kind of messages they receive or send.Saeed Baloch, a 16 year boy, was unfortunate to receive an anti Pakistan joke from his friend while his cell phone was being checked, for which he was severely beaten up by the armed forces, even the cries of his family members who were along with him couldn’t stop the personals from beating him.Similar searches were carried out in Khuzdar and Gawader. It is commonly believed in Balochistan that such searches are only meant to humiliate people, and to make them believe that they are inferior to the occupying forces. Such searches are creating anger amongst the Balochs who are highly regarded for having a strong self respect.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Baloch revolutionary singers facing Pakistani brutality

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Occupied Balochistan:Music has been playing an important part in the ongoing Baloch Liberation Movement, this importance has caused Pakistan to brutally react. Baloch musicians continuously face threats from Pakistan army for singing revolutionary Balochi songs. This time the victim of Pakistan’s brutality is Hameed Sharif, a singer. Hameed Sharif, who has recently released a new album named “Sarmachar” (Freedom Fighter) has fled his house due to raids by Pakistan’s security agencies. His album has been banned and recordings were forcefully taken away from local markets and later on burnt by Pakistan’s forces. His family members were harassed during the raids on his house.

Hameed Sharif is only a recent victim of Pakistan, previously Azeem Baloch, another singer was imprisoned for several months for his revolutionary song, where he faced brutal torture. Another singer had even a worse fate as acid was poured down his throat during torture, disabling him to sing again. Pakistan has been threating writers, poets, singers and artists brutally who raise issues regarding rights of the people and human rights abuses by Pakistan army in Balochistan.

128th of Zakir Majeed’s Family protest, is anyone listening to their plea for justice?

Occupied Balochistan: Zakir majeed Baloch the senior vice chairman of BSO-azaad is being illegally detained by Pakistan Para-military forces and the Intelligence agencies since June 8, 2009. The family of the Baloch student does not know about his whereabouts and his condition in which he is being held. The family is also gravely concerned about his well-being especially after more than 20 Baloch political activists have been brutally tortured to death by Pakistan Military and the Intelligence agencies. Zakir Majeed and other Baloch political activist have no access to legal representations and they have never been presented to any court or charged with any crimes.

People from different walk of life visited the hunger strike camp and condemned the illegal and inhuman abduction of Zakir Majeed by the Pakistani terrorist intelligence agencies. Speaking with the visitors of the camp his sister said, "My brother is a student political activist and abducting and torturing him in torture cells for years is against the Islamic principles and is the ultimate violation of his basic Human Rights. If he is involved in any sort of illegal activities and if committed any crime then he should be presented to the courts and if he is not involved in as such activities (which in fact he isn’t involved in) then must be released”.

Zakir Majeeds mother appealed and said that there no one to listen our problem. She also appealed to the International Human Rights organizations must take notice of the protests against the abduction of my son and must play their vital and practical role for the release of zakir majeed...

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Dr Alla Nizar’s Appeal to World Community

The great revolutionary Baloch leader and the field commander of Baloch Resistance Movement Dr Alla Nizar’s Appeal to World Community and Message to his nation.

Dear true sons and daughters of Baloch soil, the heirs of martyrs of freedom movement, the civilized international community, the upholder of the banner of Human Rights, the pro freedom nations, today we the Baloch nation on our own soil would like to inform that by the virtue of great scarifies of our martyrs and the constant struggle of our Sarmachar warriors the Baloch National Resistance Movement for Freedom has reached to its second phase of the struggle, but again we got to intensify our resistance.We know that our enemy is constantly suffering from a morale and psychological crisis.

We, as a common soldier, would like to inform our nation that the success we have achieved within a short period of time is tremendous; being aware of the exaggeration, perhaps a few nations might have achieved such level of victory.

The end result of the war that we are fighting with our limited resources and being reliant solely on the Baloch national strength is the freedom of our homeland. Perhaps the colonial powers and imperial states or the those nations who see their interests are being served by the new colonial and hooligan Punjabi state, and this might have blinded to Baloch plight.

But I believe that the pro freedom nations are aware of it. But if they abandoned Baloch nation in this critical movement, then perhaps this terrorist Punjabi led Pakistani state, which is the nursery of world terrorism, would put entire civilized nations peace in danger. We understand and the intellectuals around the world are of the same opinion that if they want to see that peace prevail in this region and world around, then the civilized nations should support Baloch national movement for a free Baloch sovereign state.

If they abandoned Baloch nation in such circumstances or ignored Baloch nation, perhaps for a century the entire world would suffer from the Punjabi state which is creating terrorist monster organizations.

The great sons and daughters of civilized Baloch nation and the civilized nations, it is our appeal, if you want indeed peace and justice, and if the justice is for all than why you are blinded to the Punjabi army death squad which is killing Baloch youths on daily bases at the rate of 3 / 4 per day and their death bodies are dumped on deserted places. Why such heinous crimes are not being noticed.

We understand that if the civilized nations and the upholder of Baloch Human Rights organizations and pro democratic forces, and those who claim to see peace in world, and the nations particularly America and the European Union, and the civilized nations in Asia failed in taking the notice of such crimes, then they also would be regarded as criminals of the world history.

I would like to reiterate it against that if the international community did come forward to support Baloch national struggle for freedom in this critical moment, perhaps not only South Asia but also entire world would be engulfed in the war forever. The Bird of peace, security and justice would flee for good in this region; perhaps it would be too late, till the time when the ideologues, intellectuals and thinkers of the world community would be compelled to start thinking about Baloch nation.

Oh peace and justice loving nations of the world community! We, as a soldier of the freedom movement of Baloch nation, would like to forward our appeal that perhaps you might not be able to help us otherwise, but we do expect one thing from you as always, and that expectation is related to your diplomacy, democracy and the human rights organizations which are based on the policies of serving humanity on the universally accepted principles, that you would help us.

We also want to remind you that international community has unreasonably ignored Baloch nation so far. The reason is that the colonial Punjabi state has blackmailed entire world community. On the one hand it is engaged in nursing and supporting the Talban, on the other it is extracting money from international community in the name of war on terrorism and spending the same money on killing the subjugated Baloch and crushing its national movement for freedom with lethal weapons.

We want to assure the international community that a sovereign Baloch national state would be a responsible nation state. This state would be responsible for peace and prosperity in the region. We also want to say with strong believe to our nation and the world as well that we believe in our own strength. But there are some moral obligations on the part of international community who believe in freedom and democracy to support Baloch national struggle for freedom.

At the end of my brief message to my nation that if dialogue is the solution of Baloch national crisis, I assure my nation that that would be done with the barrel of the gun. And I believe that we would be the victorious. And the war of freedom would continue until we achieve our freedom.

Translated By Archen Baloch 17/9/ 2010

Friday, 17 September 2010

Stop abduction and extrajudicial killing of Baloch. Ahmar Mustikhan

Washington DC: September 16, 2010. The body of Ali Marri, a cousin of lawyer Zaman Khan Marri, who was abducted by the Pakistani agencies was found Monday in Balochistan, the Texas-sized territory in the throes of an independence movement in southwest of Pakistan. 

Zaman Khan Marri, a lawyer of the Balochistan High Court, was made a victim of enforced disappearance on August 18, 2010 by Pakistan's Military Intelligence and his tortured body with a bullet hole to the head was recovered from the nearby town of Mastung on September 5.

Further more, two tortured bodies of victims of enforced disappearances arrived Monday at the Bolan Medical College Hospital mortuary in Quetta.

The latest recovery of three bodies of victims of enforced disappearances raised the number of extra judicial slayings to 18 in less than a month in Balochistan.

Pakistani state also continued with its illegal, extra judicial abductions and arbitrary arrests of Baloch activists.

Asif Baloch, press secretary of the Baloch Students Organization Azad in Tootak zone, Khuzdar district, and his relative Zaffar Baloch were abducted Monday by the Frontier Corps and Pakistan intelligence agencies.

here were at least four known victims of enforced disappearances in less than a week. On September 7 at 11.30 p.m. Imran Khan, 24, a resident of Tootak, Khuzdar, was abducted by Frontier Corps and intelligence agents in front of the main gate of the Civil Hospital on Prince Road in Quetta, while on the morning of September 9, Zakir Bangulzai, who is 22, was abducted from the Zafran Medical Store in Mastung.

There are more than 1,100 documented cases of enforced disappearances, including women and children, who are still missing, while upwards of 8,000 were forcibly disappeared at some point during the last five years in the Baloch intifada against Pakistani military occupation.

These victims are in the illegal custody of Pakistan's secret service agencies, including the Military Intelligence and Inter Services Intelligence, and are being brutally tortured.

Pakistan interior minister Rahman Malik during a visit to Quetta on Wednesday promised "targeted action" against the Baloch and gave policing powers to the paramilitary Frontier Corps, a step which is deemed by Baloch constitutional experts and independent jurists as extra law, extra judicial and supra constitutional. Pakistani statute does not confer any such powers to the Frontier Corps.

In the backdrop of these massive, inhuman, horrific and racist atrocities on the Baloch people, a team of I.V.B.M.P., including myself, plan to be at the Palace of Nations during the 15th session of the Human Rights Council. The team will include Mehran Baluch, who is the youngest son of Baloch national icon and legendary leader Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri.

The extra judicial killings, enforced disappearances bordering on genocide, that the Baloch are faced with demands urgent international action, especially the leadership of three powers that matter the most U.S., U.K. and India will have to show sound statesmanship and support the Baloch freedom movement in their own national interests.

Meanwhile, a protest is most likely to be staged in Geneva against Pakistan's crime against humanity in Balochistan in the last week of September. 

Ahmar Mustikhan,

Leader of American Friends of Balochistan AFB

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Five including three tribal notables abducted in Baluchistan

Occupied Baluchistan: Three Baloch tribal notables including ex-vice Chiarman Dictrict council Khuzdar Mir Hassan Qalandarani and Mir Waseem Qalandarani Baluch along with one of their friends have been abducted near Luckpass by Pakistani armed officials. Mir Waseem Qalandarani is the son of Sardar Mohammad Ali Qalandarani.

Separately BSO-azaad Totak zone press secretary Asif Baluch and Dr zaffar Baluch have been abducted while on their way from Goddar to Totak. Asif Baluch and zaffar Baluch are also close relatives of Sardar Mohammad Ali Qalandarani Baluch. The youth were on their way to Totak when their Alto car was stopped near Totak cross and they were abducted at gun point.

Hundreds of BSO-azaad members and supporters have strongly protested against the abduction of Baloch tribal leaders and the members of BSO-azaad. They blocked the road near Bahpoor Zehri region for several hours and chanted slogans against state (Pakistan) and its intelligence agencies. The BSO-azaad vowed to continue their protest campaign against the arrest and disappearance of Baloch political activists at the hand of Pakistani intelligence agencies. 

Large scale military operation has been launched in Dera Bugti and adjacent areas by Pakistani occupying forces

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Occupied Balochistan,DERA BUGTI:An all out military operation has been launched in Dera Bugti and adjacent areas by Pakistani occupying forces with the sophisticated weapons .

In a pitch Battle between the Pakistani occupying forces and the Baloch Republic Army Sarmachars, Commander Doda Baloch has embraced martyrdom.

Report also confirmed that more than 9 enemy soldiers have been killed by the Baloch Sarmachars, along with score of injured ones.

All sophisticated weapons are being used in this operation to quell Baloch National resistance. Confirmed reports, received by Radio Gwank Balochistan, say that in this gory operation American weapons are being used.

The main objective of this gory operation is to flush out the Baloch Resistance Forces in the area where they have disrupted the flow of Natural gas pipelines to Pakistan which has plunged Pakistan economy into a precarious situation.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A grim conspiracy against Baloch and Balochistan

According to the news reached, Tehran with the country's Zaboli ministers have formed a Mafia gang and the aim of which is to divide the province of Balochistan ( Iranian Occupied ) in two. This Zaboli Mafia is supported by the main powers of the country as someone named Khamenei is backing them.

Sources confirm that the Zabolis ( Shai immigrants in Baluchistan) are the original designers of the plan. Enemies of Baloch and Baluchistan are dreaming to divide Baluchistan province in two with the new provinces named as Makran and Sistan. The Sistan province where most of the Zabolis are residing will have the following major cities of Baluchistan, Zabol, vaash, and Dozaap. The remaining cities of Baluchistan such as Shestoon, Sarbaaz, Chahbar, and Pahra will be named as the province of Makran.

The fascist Zabolis are not implementing this conspiracy only to divide Baluch and Baluchistan but are also after  removing the historical name of Baluchistan from the map. It should be noted that when the Shah of Iran occupied Baluchistan, some large historical parts of Baluchistan were forcefully isolated and were given to the Iranian provinces of Kerman, Khorasan and Hormozgan.

The reason of this new plan could well be the uprising of the Baluch Freedom Movement in the Eastern Baluchistan ( Pakistani occupied ), Tehran is threatened of the awareness amongst  Baloch youth and the successful struggle of Sarmachars, that is why they are trying to save as much as they can by dividing the Baloch Land and creating confusions about the territorial claims.

Yes it is right that Zabolis are migrating to Baluchistan from different provinces of Iran since 76 years and the hospitable Baloch people have sought them refuge in Baluchistan, but this cant be a reason for them to betray and kill Baluch people that they are so desperate to torture and kill the Baluch youth with the guidance of Iranian army.

Baluchistan has a ancient history. Alexander couldn't overcome the Baloch neither the Mongol did, the proud history of Baluchistan itself talks about the defeats of all the occupiers by the Balochs, this includes Safavi's and Britishers also. It is a shame that these Fars and Zabolis never learn from the history of Baluchistan, it is that they too have to leave one day as others did, what remains is Baloch and Baluchistan.

This is the time for the Baloch to stand united against the enemy and save Baluchistan of more division, it is a matter of now or never.

Sarbaaz Baluch.

Quetta: According to family of shaheed Laeya Marri his body was mutilated and brutally tortured

The body of Ali Marri, a cousin of lawyer Zaman Khan Marri, who was abducted by the Pakistani agencies on 04-07-2010 from Quetta was found in Mastung town in Balochistan on Monday morning. Zaman Khan Marri, a lawyer of the Balochistan High Court, was abducted by Pakistan’s Military Intelligence on August 18, 2010. His tortured body with three bullet holes to the head was recovered from the nearby town of Mastung on September 5.

According to family of shaheed Laeya Marri his body was mutilated and brutally tortured. “Nobody would have been able to recognise him if his Pakistani official captors had not put a letter in his pocket with his name written on it”, said one of his close relatives on conditions of anonymity. The eye-witnesses also say that the cause of his death could well be brutal torture and it is suspected that he was only shot with a single bullet in the head after he had already died due to gross torture.

Pregnant woman, child injured by FC firing in Balochistan

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Occupied Balochistan,QUETTA: Two flood victims, including a pregnant woman and a child, sustained bullet injuries when personnel of the Frontier Corps (FC) allegedly fired shots in order to disperse a crowd that had gathered to fetch water at a relief camp near Badini Cross in Quetta on Monday.Another flood victim was injured due to baton charging by security personnel in the same incident.

Eyewitnesses living near the relief camp, however, accused the FC personnel of opening fire at flood victims jostling to get their hands on water. “I have seen that victims had assembled close to a water tank and intended to fetch water but forces did not allow them. The flood victims tried to overpower them and fetch water at all costs, as they needed it,” an eyewitness said, adding that the personnel resorted to baton-charge first, and later opened fire, due to which three people suffered injuries.
The victims were identified as Lachmi and her son Sagar, who suffered bullet injuries while Kanwar received minor wounds during the earlier baton-charge. The injured woman, stated to be pregnant, was in a critical condition.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Pakistan continues kill & dump tactics, body of yet another Baloch enforced youth discovered

Occupied Balochistan: The body of Ali Ahmad alias Laeya Marri was discovered from Mastung in the early hours of Monday morning. Laeya Marri a young cousin of Advocate Zaman Marri, was abducted on 07-04-2010 while on his way back home Killi Kamaloo from Hazar Ganji fruit and vegetable Market.

Balochwarna had reported his abduction on 08-04-2010 “Five Marri Baloch namely Kamal Khan Marri, Laeya Marri, Lala Marri and Lal Mohammd Marri were on their way home Killi Kamaloo from Hazar Ganji fruit and vegetable Market when the FC stopped their car on Hazar Ganji link road. They have immediately been blind folded and put into the vehicle of intelligence agencies that have already been waiting for them at the check post. Their Alto car has also been taken away. Few hours later a relative of the abducted men Mr Azad Marri has also been detained when he was going to the Shalkot police station to register an FIR against the forced-disappearance his relatives. Like the other man Azad was also first stopped by the FC near Qambarani road check post and later they handed him to the intelligence agencies”.

According to family of shaheed Laeya Marri his body was mutilated and brutally tortured. “Nobody would have been able to recognise him if his Pakistani official captors had not put a letter in his pocket with his name written on it”, said one of his close relatives on conditions of anonymity. The eye-witnesses also say that the cause of his death could well be brutal torture and it is suspected that he was only shot with a single bullet in the head after he had already died due to gross torture.

A cousin of Laeya Marri advocated Zaman Khan Marri, a lawyer of the Balochistan High Court, was made a victim of enforced disappearance on August 18, 2010 by Pakistan's Military Intelligence and his tortured body with three bullet holes to the head was recovered from the nearby town of Mastung on September 5, 2010.

It is worth mentioning that in less than a month the Pakistani intelligence agencies have murdered around 20 enforced-disappeared Baloch political activists. All these victims were in the list of Baloch forced-disappeared persons and FIR against their abductions had been registered in local police stations nominating the Pakistan Para-military forces and Intelligence agencies as their abductors. The high court of Balochistan had also been informed and asked to take notice of the abduction of Baloch activists at the hands of intelligence agencies but all to no avail.

The continuous helplessness of the police, the deliberate denial of courts and the criminal silence of the Balochistan provincial government illustrate that they are all guilty of the slow but steady genocide of Baloch nation. While Baloch already have no expectation of justice from the indecent rulers of Pakistan, they are also slowly losing hope from the International Community and International Human Rights Organisation because of their disgraceful silence on the ongoing atrocities in Balochistan by Pakistan and Iran.

The families of Baloch disappeared persons have been protesting in front of press clubs in Karachi, Quetta and Islamabad but International bodies such as UNHCR, the UN and ICRC (International Red Cross) took no notice of their pleas and appeals for justice. Most of the Baloch are of the opinion that despite the presence of International Human Right bodies in Balochistan they have chosen to remain silent spectators of the Baloch genocide.