Monday, 13 September 2010

The Horrendous Bomb Blast in Quetta

A link of a new conspiracy against Baloch national movement

Written By Hafeez Hasanabadi

Nothing justifies such crimes as the horrific bomb blast in Quetta that killed scores of people, no matter how much one condemns it. But in Pakistan such horrific events are routines. After one or two days people start forgetting the killed ones except close relatives, because until then who knows how many tragedies will occur? And in the pursuit of executing its horrific designs, the enemy of Baloch land and Baloch nation would have carried out several barbaric acts of terrorism.

Now imagine that, for years Eight thousands of families of a nation living under desperate conditions for their love ones who have been abducted by agencies, and thousands of villages that have been rendered into ruins by carpet bombardment, and hundreds of thousands of people are starving because of a so called God gifted expansionist country, and the death is hovering over these people. And they are fighting their war against slavery and misfortunate in isolation. And this feeling of isolation has alienated them from all sides. Their eyes are focused towards the destiny, until one dares to trouble them without any reason, and their language, history, land and culture are not exploited. Then what one should do other then resist?

But to detract them from the right path of their destiny, the pakistani agencies under the state policy are applying different tracks; the prophecy of religious hatred on the secular Baloch homeland is equal to dropping an ideological atom bomb in the Baloch society, Immediately after its fall, all good thinking and moral values would vanish away. And this is what the Pakistani thinkers have been looking for. They know well that entire Pakistan is in turmoil. People have picked up guns. The state writ has evaporated away. But the restiveness in Balochistan is altogether different from the rest of Pakistan. If, In the name of Islam people are cutting each others’ throat in Pakhtun Khowah Khaiber, In Punjab because of hunger, the situation has reached to cannibalism. And in sindh, because of its 63 years old hospitality tradition it has also got its share of taste of barbarism. Yet in Balochistan the same is happening under a specific and clear objective. The demand of Baloch is so clear that it can’t be mixed up with the demands of social amenity like flour, sugar, oil and water tap. Baloch national struggle is for freedom, therefore no nation can oppose it openly, because every civilized nation’s freedom, including United Nations is based on the acknowledgement of the right of freedom.

Because of the uprising in the national struggle, it has become extremely difficult for Islamic fundamentalists forces to expand their schooling in Balochistan. But the constructions of new Religious Schools are continuing in very village as usual, which are meant to provide raw material to Islamic extremist forces, fully backed by Pakistani state. All Pakistani efforts to associate Baloch national struggle to religious fundamentalism have failed just because Baloch have crossed the river of blood to face all state sponsored conspiracies and atrocities.

Otherwise, Pakistan has left no stone unturned to deceive America and the European nations in the name of fighting Talban and religious fanatics and extracting money and making them stronger. Perhaps there raises a question in the mind of a common man what the government gets in return by this carnage? The answer is very simple, if a number of people or more then hundred thousand people were killed for the sake of consolidating the grip of Pakistan over the priceless Balochistan, it won’t a bad bargain.

Now it is utterly impossible for Pakistan to control Baloch national movement, as given the stage where it has reached, nor does it has any moral ground where it could defame or malign it.

The blames such as foreign interference or support, Great Game, conspiracy of enemy; all have been rendered ineffectiveness. People can’t be kept always in darkness. Nor it can take the world into confidence for Baloch genocide. while the notorious silence of international community is deplorable for the atrocities committed by Pakistan against Baloch nation, however, neither any nation around the world has said a single word against Baloch national struggle, nor they said anything in favor of Pakistan.

Even in Western Balochistan they failed to get dubbed the Baloch People’s Resistance Movement (BPRM) as an Islamic fundamental force. We hope that the new and the clear policy of the BPRM are giving them sleepless nights.

The just interpretation of the freedom struggle in Pakistani occupied Balochistan has permanently deprived Pakistani high officials and its think and tank of their tranquility.

Such horrendous attacks not only bring Balochistan into focus of world community, but also it would be regarded as the epicenter of terrorism. As per the saying goes, “when it comes to truth all would be exposed” - Quetta Shora, Mulla Omer and all would come into limelight. It would help them to carry out drone attacks on Balochistan. With the help of Pakistan and Iran, this would be the subject of the discussion behind the closed doors, that in the event of a successful Baloch national struggle for freedom, a level playing field would be ready for extremist forces. But we know well that such argument has nothing to do with the reality. They go any extent to distort the national movement for freedom by resorting to mass murder of innocent people. It was the greed of power that compelled people like Zulfakar Buthoo, who is often called “ the biggest democrat”, to declare that “ we govern here and you there” to Begaladeshi people. It was this undemocratic whim of power which killed thousands of Muslim Bengalis and hundred thousand Bengali women were raped by Pakistani Muslim soldiers.

To keep Balochistan as a colony, it has become the most effective weapon for Pakistani rulers to show the world that Balochistan is, just like Tribal areas, a centre for Talban. It is the main key, the time they get it, they start issuing mass murder certificate of Talban from Balochistan, but it won’t be the Talban, under the pretence of Talban it would be the Baloch Freedom fighters who become the main target. They would allow the Talban to elope as usual.

As we all know Pakistani rulers are suffering from moral bankruptcy, therefore, in the pretext of such fatal tragedy, it is helpful to avoid harsh questions to be answered and divert the public attention from other vital issues. The abduction of innocent Baloch political workers in broad daylight and their subsequent killings has put the toothless Baloch provincial government into a shameful situation, particularly, those tribal chieftains and peers who brag proudly into calling themselves the guardian of Balochism. The bullet riddled bodies of innocent Baloch youths have shamefaced them beyond Balochiite, and perhaps their next generation won’t be able atone for it. Every walking man in Balochistan is a posed question for the government and its establishment for which they have no answer. Therefore, they are compelled to commit most heinous felony to hide their crimes.

In the pretext of Shiite and Sunni feuds in Balochistan, opening up of a new religious front is also a wider part of conspiracies being hatched up in Islamabad to counter Baloch National Movement. Because, so far it has been successful in creating a tribal force, fictitious defense organizations, provincial autonomy demand makers, and 3 Subjects demand makers to counter pro freedom forces , but failed in achieving its fundamental objective. These forces have got themselves disgraced in the eye of the Baloch public, instead of defeating the Baloch National Movement. The plan to pit a part of Pushton population against Baloch movement is also in progress. Now a new front of pitting Shiite Hazara Community against Sunni Baloch is aggressively being pursuit to weaken secular Baloch national movement for freedom. Baloch and Hazara leadership has to foil this conspiracy collectively. For Baloch are a secular nation, its conflict is neither a tribal one nor a factious one. Instead, they are fighting for their freedom, they have every right to preserve their land, culture, language, and thousands years old history.

Hazara as a neighbor community should not become a part of state conspiracy against Baloch national struggle, because there comes a day when Punjab will have to quit Balochistan, if not today. The writing is on the wall, neither one can stop it from abducting and killing of innocent Baloch people, nor does one can prevent it from scattering the pieces of Muslims in peaceful religious processions.

Translated By Archen Baloch 12/9/2010

Courtesy Dailytawar Newspaper.

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