Saturday, 18 September 2010

Baloch revolutionary singers facing Pakistani brutality

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Occupied Balochistan:Music has been playing an important part in the ongoing Baloch Liberation Movement, this importance has caused Pakistan to brutally react. Baloch musicians continuously face threats from Pakistan army for singing revolutionary Balochi songs. This time the victim of Pakistan’s brutality is Hameed Sharif, a singer. Hameed Sharif, who has recently released a new album named “Sarmachar” (Freedom Fighter) has fled his house due to raids by Pakistan’s security agencies. His album has been banned and recordings were forcefully taken away from local markets and later on burnt by Pakistan’s forces. His family members were harassed during the raids on his house.

Hameed Sharif is only a recent victim of Pakistan, previously Azeem Baloch, another singer was imprisoned for several months for his revolutionary song, where he faced brutal torture. Another singer had even a worse fate as acid was poured down his throat during torture, disabling him to sing again. Pakistan has been threating writers, poets, singers and artists brutally who raise issues regarding rights of the people and human rights abuses by Pakistan army in Balochistan.

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