Saturday, 18 September 2010

Dr Alla Nizar’s Appeal to World Community

The great revolutionary Baloch leader and the field commander of Baloch Resistance Movement Dr Alla Nizar’s Appeal to World Community and Message to his nation.

Dear true sons and daughters of Baloch soil, the heirs of martyrs of freedom movement, the civilized international community, the upholder of the banner of Human Rights, the pro freedom nations, today we the Baloch nation on our own soil would like to inform that by the virtue of great scarifies of our martyrs and the constant struggle of our Sarmachar warriors the Baloch National Resistance Movement for Freedom has reached to its second phase of the struggle, but again we got to intensify our resistance.We know that our enemy is constantly suffering from a morale and psychological crisis.

We, as a common soldier, would like to inform our nation that the success we have achieved within a short period of time is tremendous; being aware of the exaggeration, perhaps a few nations might have achieved such level of victory.

The end result of the war that we are fighting with our limited resources and being reliant solely on the Baloch national strength is the freedom of our homeland. Perhaps the colonial powers and imperial states or the those nations who see their interests are being served by the new colonial and hooligan Punjabi state, and this might have blinded to Baloch plight.

But I believe that the pro freedom nations are aware of it. But if they abandoned Baloch nation in this critical movement, then perhaps this terrorist Punjabi led Pakistani state, which is the nursery of world terrorism, would put entire civilized nations peace in danger. We understand and the intellectuals around the world are of the same opinion that if they want to see that peace prevail in this region and world around, then the civilized nations should support Baloch national movement for a free Baloch sovereign state.

If they abandoned Baloch nation in such circumstances or ignored Baloch nation, perhaps for a century the entire world would suffer from the Punjabi state which is creating terrorist monster organizations.

The great sons and daughters of civilized Baloch nation and the civilized nations, it is our appeal, if you want indeed peace and justice, and if the justice is for all than why you are blinded to the Punjabi army death squad which is killing Baloch youths on daily bases at the rate of 3 / 4 per day and their death bodies are dumped on deserted places. Why such heinous crimes are not being noticed.

We understand that if the civilized nations and the upholder of Baloch Human Rights organizations and pro democratic forces, and those who claim to see peace in world, and the nations particularly America and the European Union, and the civilized nations in Asia failed in taking the notice of such crimes, then they also would be regarded as criminals of the world history.

I would like to reiterate it against that if the international community did come forward to support Baloch national struggle for freedom in this critical moment, perhaps not only South Asia but also entire world would be engulfed in the war forever. The Bird of peace, security and justice would flee for good in this region; perhaps it would be too late, till the time when the ideologues, intellectuals and thinkers of the world community would be compelled to start thinking about Baloch nation.

Oh peace and justice loving nations of the world community! We, as a soldier of the freedom movement of Baloch nation, would like to forward our appeal that perhaps you might not be able to help us otherwise, but we do expect one thing from you as always, and that expectation is related to your diplomacy, democracy and the human rights organizations which are based on the policies of serving humanity on the universally accepted principles, that you would help us.

We also want to remind you that international community has unreasonably ignored Baloch nation so far. The reason is that the colonial Punjabi state has blackmailed entire world community. On the one hand it is engaged in nursing and supporting the Talban, on the other it is extracting money from international community in the name of war on terrorism and spending the same money on killing the subjugated Baloch and crushing its national movement for freedom with lethal weapons.

We want to assure the international community that a sovereign Baloch national state would be a responsible nation state. This state would be responsible for peace and prosperity in the region. We also want to say with strong believe to our nation and the world as well that we believe in our own strength. But there are some moral obligations on the part of international community who believe in freedom and democracy to support Baloch national struggle for freedom.

At the end of my brief message to my nation that if dialogue is the solution of Baloch national crisis, I assure my nation that that would be done with the barrel of the gun. And I believe that we would be the victorious. And the war of freedom would continue until we achieve our freedom.

Translated By Archen Baloch 17/9/ 2010

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