Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Pakistani blind judiciary can’t see the long hunger strikes for the recovery of Baloch missing persons

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Occupied Balochistan:Zakir majeed Baloch the senior vice chairman of BSO-azaad is being illegally detained by Pakistan Para-military forces and the Intelligence agencies since June 8, 2009. The family of the Baloch student does not know about his whereabouts and his condition in which he is being held. The family is also gravely concerned about his well-being especially after more than 20 Baloch political activists have been brutally tortured to death by Pakistan Military and the Intelligence agencies. Zakir Majeed and other Baloch political activist have no access to legal representations and they have never been presented to any court or charged with any crimes.

The hunger strike protest entered into the 132 consecutive days for the safe release of Zakir Majeed. People from different walk of life visited the hunger strike camp and condemned the illegal and inhuman abduction of Zakir Majeed by the Pakistani terrorist intelligence agencies. Speaking with the visitors of the camp his sister said, "My brother is a student political activist and abducting and torturing him in torture cells for years is against the Islamic principles and is the ultimate violation of his basic Human Rights. If he is involved in any sort of illegal activities and if committed any crime then he should be presented to the courts and if he is not involved in as such activities (which in fact he isn’t involved in) then must be released”.

Zakir Majeeds mother appealed and said that there no one to listen our problem. She also appealed to the International Human Rights organizations must take notice of the protests against the abduction of my son and must play their vital and practical role for the release of zakir majeed.

Meanwhile the protest camp for recovery of wadood Raisani, Mir Jalil Rekhi, Dr Deen Mohammad, Mir Ghafaar Langov, Sangath Sana Baloch, Ali Asghar Bangluzai and Maqbool Zafar Baloch entered in its 55th day.

The families of missing Baloch activist said that “we have tried every method of protest for recovery of our loved ones. But we have no knowledge of any progress about our loved ones. We (the families) have serious concerns about safety of our loved ones”. They appeal to the UN, European Union and all other peace loving people to press Pakistani Intelligence Agencies and make sure the safe and early recovery of Baluch forced-disappeared activists.

Similarly, the uninterrupted token hunger strike for the recovery of Chakar Marri, Mujeed Baloch, Sami Baloch, Abdul Nasir Baloch, Najeeb Qambarani and Altaf bugti has entered its 49th day.

The sister of Safeer Baluch said that her brother has been suffering from a kidney pain for a long time. He along with his friend Abid Shah had gone to Panjgur hospital for his treatment where they became victims of Pakistani security forces. She said that her brother was beaten on the spot, his hands and legs were tied before they crammed him in a security forced vehicle. “My brother has not committed any crimes; his only crime is that he is a Baluch and has sympathies for Baluch Nationalists political parties”.

Mahboob Wadhela Baloch was abducted from a Karachi-Gwader bound passenger van on 02-04-2010. According to details Mahboob Baloch alongside several other passengers were about to leave for Gwader from Karachi when several plane-clothed officials of intelligence agencies stopped the passenger van at Yousaf Goath in Karachi.The eye witnesses have reported that plane-clothed men abducted Mr Wadhela at gun point; almost dragged him to their vehicle and drove off towards an unknown location. The witnesses noted that the perpetrators were driving an official car.

The brother of Mahboob Wadhela is on 4th consecutive day of hunger strike till death for the recovery of his abducted brother. Hussain Wadhela while talking to the local media said, it’s a heartless country that would separate loved ones. Judiciary of this country is failed to recover the missing persons. The lives of Baloch missing persons are in danger. We will continue to record our protest in front of the world until last breaths.

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