Thursday, 9 September 2010

Pakistan bans the Baloch Armed Organisations, The struggle for freedom to continue: BLA/BLF

Occupied Balochistan: Pakistan announced a ban on five militant groups operating in the restive southwest and froze their assets yesterday, the country’s interior minister Rehman Malik said. Violence has surged this year in southwestern Baluchistan province, which borders Afghanistan and Iran. “Today five of them have been proscribed. They will not be allowed to undertake any activity, their offices will be closed and action will be taken against their office bearers,” Malik told reporters. The banned groups are the Baluchistan Republican Army, Baluch Liberation Front, Baluchistan Liberation United Front, Baluch Defaee Tanzeem and Lashkar-e-Baluchistan, Malik said.

Meanwhile Baloch resistance organisation BLA and BLF in their separate statements vowed to continue the struggle for the Independence of Balochistan.

Azaad Baloch a spokesperson for BLA said that three Pakistan security personnel were killed in an attack on Chamaling Forces. While five Pakistani security men were killed when BLA fighters attack an FC check post in Barkhan area of Balochistan. Reacting on the policy statement of Rehman Malik Azaad Baloch said that people of Balochistan have been receiving such threats since Pakistan came into existence. From Musharraf era to this newly so called elected government all have been threatening to crush the Baloch resistance movement. He warned the government that if it intensified their offenses the Baloch Armed Organisations will response in a similar way. They have once again warned the, what they call, Punjabi occupiers to vacate Balochistan immediately.

Separately, a spokesperson of BLF (Baloch Liberation Front) Mr Doda Baloch has accepted responsibility of hurling a hand grenade on the house of government spy in Panjgur on Wednesday. Two people were wounded in the blast. Commenting on Rehman Malik’s statement Mr Baloch said that such statement was to conceal the government failures in Balochistan. The struggle for National Liberation was at peak all over Balochistan and the Pakistani security forces are facing tremendous defeat, hence, the federal interior Minister’s statement was just a face saving.

Mr Doda Baloch said that the Pakistan military and Para-military forces are abducting and extra judicially killing Baloch youth on regular basis. They kill the Baloch in custody and dump their bodies in deserted area, which proves that the state and the judiciary do not exist. The Sepah-e-shohada and Mosallah Dafayee Tanzeem are being used against resistance organisation and pro-independence political parties. Mr. Baloch made it clear that the struggle for liberation will continue.

One the other hand sources reported that the Itla’aat (Iranian security Intelligence), MI and ISI are working on a joint plan to quell Baloch freedom movement and in this regard they plan to use hundreds of Baloch (hire by both governments) against their own people.

Source: Gulf Times & Daily Tawar

Read Malik Siraaj's article "Rehman Malik’s War" » ........... I squander a good amount of time mulling what it actually means to ban an organization. You can ban a television channel, for example, which gets itself registered with a government-controlled authority, such as the PEMRA. You can ban an NGO which obtains a non-objection certificate (NOC) from the government but how on God’s green earth are you going to ban an organization that does not recognize the law of the land ( or even the land itself)?

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