Sunday, 12 September 2010

Muslim world is celebrating ''Eid'' while Baloch are protesting for the safe recovery of Missing persons

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Occupied Balochistan,QUETTA:On the occasion of Eid a protest rally was launched in Quetta against the abduction of Baloch political workers, it was organized by Voice for Baloch Missing Persons; during the protest government had tightened all security measures, along the police the FC was also patrolling.

The participants, among them were women and children, were holding banners on which UN was being called to play its role for the abducted persons so that they could appear before the public.

The Voice president of Voice for Baloch Missing persons, Qadir Baloch said that years had passed but still we do not know if they are alive or killed, he appealed the Ameneity international and the Human Rights organizations to immediately stop support to Pakistan and make sure that all Baloch missing persons should be recovered.

On this occasion BSO azaad Voice President Zaker Majeed’s sister said that Baloch youths are even today languishing in Pakistani torture cells.According to her that they have recently received more than 15 person bullet riddled death bodies.

The sister of Zaker Majeed said that the muslim world is celeberating Eid, but we have come out to show the world, under this harsh sun so that the world knows what sort of pain we are going through.

She said that if her brother had committed any criminal act, he should be produced before the court, but they are all political workers. 

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