Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Baloch Liberation Front Warns Iran of Expanded Action

Translated By Archen Baloch  27/9/10

Occupied Balochistan:   (NNI) Speaking through a satellite telephone from an
undisclosed place,  Baloch liberation Front’s  spokesperson Mir Doda told NNI
that its defense force  have carry out the attack on New Camp of Pakistani
Occupying Forces in Turbat, in which heavy causalities have been inflicted upon
them.  Mir Doda also affirmed the report that BLF has also carry out an attack on a
local Pakistani mole, Hair Mohamd s/o Babul, who have been passing on information
about  Baloch Sarmachars (freedom fighter) to Pakistani enemy forces in Haraan.
In the satellite phone he also warned Iran that BLF would be forced to expand its
actions against it in Western Balochistan, if it did not stop carrying out further
joint military operations with Pakistan within the border of Pakistani occupied
Eastern Balochistan. He said that their actions were limited within Pakistani
Occupied Eastern Balochistan.

He condemned the brutal violence of Pakistani forces against Baloch Women, elders
and children in Beseema Mastung. Mir Doda also paid rich tribute to the martyrdom of
Ali Sher Advocate who had been killed by Pakistanis military in illegal detention,
he said that they would welcome such unbridled Genocides. He fledged that they would
avenge the murder of their all leaders. 

The Punjabis and its mercenary Pashtun
forces should now be prepared for receiving the death bodies of their illegal forces
on Baloch soil. We would not relent until Balochistan is liberated. The state
sponsored target killings have enormously increased the morale of Baloch nation and
Sarmachars (freedom Fighters) to new heights.
Courtesy :  Dailytawar News papers Balochistan. 

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