Saturday, 11 September 2010

Ex-president of BSO [AZAAD] Mr. Zakir Bangulzai abducted from Mastung

Occupied Balochistan: According to eye-witnesses report on Thursday (09-09-2010) morning at 10:00 AM around a dozen of Pakistan security personnel, who came in three cars, have raided a medical store near Mastung Bus Station and whisked away Zakir Bangulzia Baloch on gunpoint. Mr Bangulzai tried to resist the arrested but he was forcefully dragged and dump into the security force’s car by the armed Pakistani officials. Like thousands of other Baloch abducted activists Zakir Baloch’s whereabouts remain unknown to his family and Baloch Nation.

Meanwhile a large number of students from BSO-azaad and members of Bangulzai tribe have blocked the main Quetta-Karachi RCD road for over six hours causing delay to passenger buses; there were long chaotic queues on both side of the main road. The blockade was lifted after the assurance of District Police Officer (DOP) and a case has been registered against the abduction of Mr Bangulzai at city police station.

Moreover BSO-azaad and BRSO’s Mastung zone leaders in their separate statements have strongly condemn the extra-judicial arrest of Zakir Baloch. They termed the arrest of Mr. Bangulzai the failure and hesitant of the Pakistani government and the result of Rehman Malik’s recent policy statement against BSO (Baloch Student Organisation). They reiterated that Baloch National struggle for liberation cannot be defeated by such inhuman and illegal acts of arrest and killing of Baloch student and political workers. In fact such brutal acts of the state will further aggravate Balochistan situation and intensifies the Baloch struggle for freedom.

On the other hand BSO-azaad central spokesperson in a statement said that abduction of Zakir Baloch at the hand of Pakistani intelligence agencies is the continuation of the ongoing human rights violations and state barbarism in Balochistan. Pakistani imperialism is using full force and energy to eliminate pro-independent Baloch parties, which illustrates the psychological defeat of the state. Pakistan’s colonial system is on the brink of termination, hence, the state Armed forces are restoring to extreme violence against the people of Balochistan. According BSO-azaad’s statement Baloch youth with their steady struggle and sacrifices will defeat the colonial forces in Balochistan. “The state violence will only force the people to reiterate in the same way. Baloch Nation has commenced to complete the mission of Baloch Martyrs and continue the struggle for liberation”. 

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