Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The cost of disunity is too great for Baluch nation to bear.

The call for national liberation is in some ways has to win, since Pakistan, Iran treats Baluch of various kinds as enemies be removed (all Baluch) equally destroyed. “In the old English phrase they had all to hang together if they did not to hang separately”.
The Baluch leaders, tribal chiefs, activists who till now had been the most divisive force, should concentrate their fires not against their nearest potential competitor, but the obvious enemies Iran and Pakistan. 
Baluch from the all walk of life must turn themselves into the most systematic and the most efficient champion for Baluchistan liberation. The idea of national liberation must remove the obstacles to unity and suspicious. Tribal forces should form the foundation of wider political alliance with urban liberal democrats. 
The advance of extermination of Baluch nation by Iran and Pakistan, the progressive Baluch should envisage the wider extension of national front of all whom irrespective of ideology and political beliefs, regard Baluchistan is occupied land and occupied forces policies are the primary danger to Baluch. 
It is the union of all Baluch that make political sense and popular fronts that will push back offensive of states and win victories in Baluchistan. The cost of disunity is too great for Baluch nation to bear. The best solution for the states to weaken and perhaps destroy the liberation movement in Baluchistan is to incite feuds among Baluch. 
Pakistan and Iran hope that the feuds among Baluch would weaken the Baluch liberation movement to the benefit of states. Leave a tribe, group or party to confront the strength of the state alone would weaken Baluch nation to the benefit of state. 
Attempts to create a common front against Pakistan and division between Baluch political parties made it possible virtually not resisted the assassinations of the best and brightest of the Baluch societies. The assassinations of the best and brightest, of the Baluch by states will be felt by Baluch, because the impacts of these assassinations are eternal for generations to come in both human and knowledge losses. 
Iran and Pakistan are irrational states, therefore negotiation would be fruitless. Unity is a price Baluch should be ready to pay for the defeat of new colonial powers. Choosing to not resist Persian Shiite and Punjabi domination is unavoidable. There could not be a room for compromises with Persian Shiite expansionist and Punjabi new colonialist this is the realistic assessment of the situation. The Persian and Punjabi domination on Baluchistan is intolerable on the principle of national self-determination.

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