Sunday, 19 September 2010

Helicopters flies over ‘’ Mand’’ town for hours,locals harrased by ground forces

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Occupied Balochistan,MAND:The situation in Balochistan is worsening after the threats of the Interior Minister of Pakistan to brutally crush Baloch freedom movement. Helicopters flew with low altitude in Mand town throughout the evening, whereas roads were sealed in Mand, Gwader and Khuzdar on the name of search operations.

In Mand, Frontier Corps (A division of Pakistan Army) sealed the road which leads to the main bazaar (market) of Mand,during this 3 military helicopters kept a low altitude and kept flying in the adjacent areas of Mand for subsequently two hours as the local witnesses claim.

Every person who was passing by was stopped and searched regardless of their age or gender, interestingly the cell phones of the youth were checked for the kind of messages they receive or send.Saeed Baloch, a 16 year boy, was unfortunate to receive an anti Pakistan joke from his friend while his cell phone was being checked, for which he was severely beaten up by the armed forces, even the cries of his family members who were along with him couldn’t stop the personals from beating him.Similar searches were carried out in Khuzdar and Gawader. It is commonly believed in Balochistan that such searches are only meant to humiliate people, and to make them believe that they are inferior to the occupying forces. Such searches are creating anger amongst the Balochs who are highly regarded for having a strong self respect.

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