Monday, 6 September 2010

Baluch student leader severely beaten by Pakistan Military officers

Occupied Baluchistan: Bahram Baluch, a student of Baluchistan University was abducted on 3rd September 2010 from compound of Baluchistan University, Quetta. He has suffered extreme torture at the hands of his official captors. Speaking to Radio Gwank Baluchistan, Mr Bahram Baluch said that the intelligence agencies of Pakistan have started monitoring his activities after he has protested against the extra-judicial arrest of his University friends.

He said that he was on a bus going toward home when the Pakistani intelligence agencies have stopped the bus. According Behram Baluch the Pakistani security forces have first checked the ID cards of passengers and on asked him (Behram) to get off the bus.

Mr Behram Baluch also revealed that he has been questioned by an Army Major and according to BSO-azaad leader the Major has confessed to killing of several other Baloch abducted persons and threaten to kill him as well if he tries to run away from their captivity.

Describing the torture that Mr Baloch suffered said that he was mostly hit with butts of guns, belts, kicks and punches. Meanwhile an army Major has held a gun on his head and threatened to kill him. He said that he has also been questioned about BSO-azad, whereabouts of the Chairman of BSO-azaad and his affiliation with BLA and other Baloch resistance Organisation.

It is worth mentioning that Pakistan military and intelligence agencies have already killed several Baloch in cold-blood and dump their bodies in deserted area. Behram Baloch is perhaps one of the lucky persons who have survived and has been released after the University administration has interfered. Torturing and abducting of Baloch political and student activists are common practice of Pakistani military and the Intelligence agencies.

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