Sunday, 24 January 2010

Baloch Vanguards Calendar 2010

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We are pleased to present The Baloch Calendar for 2010 . To best of our ability and knowledge we have tried to provide information about Martyrs, profile of Intellectuals and historical events of Baloch nation.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Baloch web sites and virtual groups that have encouraged and provided us with useful information to complete this project, especially The Baloch, Baloch Warna, Baluch Sarmachar, Sarmachar Tribune, Gwank and Baloch Culture.We are also grateful to intellectuals particularly Waja Abdul Samad Ameeri and Waja Ismail Ameeri for their help in terms of information cleansing. Our thanks are over due to Waja Janmohd Dashti, Waja Dr. Hameed Baloch and Waja Dr Inayatullah Baloch for compiling and writing informative books that guided us a lot in our work.

There is always room for improvement and correction, therefore, we will welcome and appreciate feedbacks from all our well wishers about the calendar. As you may notice that some dates of this calendar are without information. This is due to unavailability of information. We will be more than happy if anyone can provide information and pictures for empty dates or wants to highlight missing dates to update The Baloch Calendar for 2010.Our contact detail are available on the calendar site.

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Saturday, 23 January 2010

List of Baloch abducted on the rise; more than 400,000 Baloch are displaced

Karachi: Family members of the missing persons observed a token hunger strike in front of the Karachi Press Club (KPC) on Friday, demanding release of their loved ones. Carrying portraits of their loved ones, the innocent children and wives of many of the missing persons remained there for several hours.

The demonstration and hunger strike was observed under the auspices of Voice of Baloch Missing Persons Committee. About 50 children and women [mainly the family member of abducted Baloch] from different parts of Balochistan participated in the protest.

Speaking at a press conference at the camp, Chairman and Vice Chairman of Voice of Baloch Missing Persons Committee, Nasrullah Baloch and Qadeer Baloch, respectively, and mother of Mir Wadood Raisani said that the people of Balochistan have been suffering from military operations for the last 62 years and genocide of Baloch people continues unstopped.

They said that the people of Balochistan suffered military operations in 1948, 1958, 1962, 1973 and the year 2000 and so far thousands of Baloch people have been killed in bombardment on Baloch population whereas thousands went “missing”. They said that the “missing” people were brutally tortured physically as well as mentally in military torture cells.

They said that about 200,000 people were forced to migrate from Bugti area after 2005 as a result of bombardment while as many as 250,000 people migrated from Kohlo Kahan, Barkhan, to different areas of Sindh and Punjab.

They said that they have prepared a list of 1695 “missing” persons from different cities and towns of Balochistan, and it includes 14 women.

They regretted that the chief justices of Supreme Court of Pakistan and Balochistan High Court have not adopted any practical measures for the recovery of “missing” persons. They pointed out that Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani had promised that missing persons would reach their homes after Eid but sadly enough not a single person has been released so far. On the contrary, the number of missing persons was on the rise, they said.

Recently two brothers of Shaheed Majeed Baloch, Maqbool Zafar and Javid Baloch have been arrested from killi Ismael in Quetta and there was a raid on the house of Mr Sadiq Raisani, one of the notable lawyers in Balochistan and a member of Baloch Bar. Two Baloch 18 and 20 years old respectively have been arrested by the Pakistani FC from Mand Town in Balochistan on 22/01/2010. According to eye witnesses the victims were on their way to town when two vehicles of FC surrounded them, nicked them from the crowed and drove towards an unknown location. The youth are still missing.

Source: The News, and Balochistan National Newspapers

Monday, 18 January 2010

UK: Protest against the killing of Baloch in Karachi and Khuzdar

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London: A large number of Baloch, Sindhi and other human rights activists have gather in front of British parliament to condemn the target killing of Baloch in Karachi, Para-military operation in Lyari and the killing of Baloch students in Khuzdar. BHRC (Baloch Human Rights Council) had given the call for protest.

The protesters were holding placards and banners inscribed against Pakistan and Iran, demand of withdrawal of Pakistani military from Balochistan and urged the Western powers to stop supporting pro-Taliban Pakistan. The participants of the protest chanted slogans against MQM, Pakistan, Iran and Pakistani and Iranian current leaders including Ahamdinejad, Rehman Malik and the leader of MQM Altaf Hussain. Some of the slogans were; “Baloch Want Freedom, Stop killing Baloch in Karachi, Pakistan sanctuary of Taliban, West stop supporting Pakistan and stop killing Baloch and Sindhi people”.

Addressing the rally Dr Abul Doshaki read a poem which literally meant that Baloch in the UK are with the people of Lyari (Karachi) and the people of Balochistan at these difficult times.

Mr Ali Baloch while speaking at the rally said that Baloch are the oldest settled people in Karachi and the MQM and Pakistani state was now trying to expel them from their lands. He said “it is a shame that the immigrants have become a Nation where as Baloch as a nation are being turned into immigrants in their own land”. He said that Pakistan just wanted Baloch land and resources it has no sympathy with the Baloch people. “The Baloch of Karachi have learnt from their mistakes for supporting Pakistani political parties but they are determined not to repeat such mistakes again and people of Balochistan should help their brothers in this difficult time to make them feel that they are not alone and will not be left alone at any difficult time.

Waja Hyrbyair Marri urged the Baloch of Karachi to stop following the “killer of Baloch” party (PPP) and join the Baloch pro-independence forces. He said that Pakistan and Iran were killing Baloch under different pretexts, like criminals, drug dealers and anti states. He said Baloch must unite and stand together to overcome all the challenges that we are facing today. “Baloch of Karachi are also our brothers and they will find every Baloch beside them at difficult times, but they (Baloch of Karachi) must now realise that PPP doesn’t recognise them as human, they (PPP) only view the Baloch as their voters” he explained.

Hyrbyair Marri also strongly condemn the killing of two Baloch students in Khudzar by Pakistani FC and said that they were participating in a peaceful rally and were exercising their democratic right but the so called democratically elected government has given free hand to FC to kill peaceful protesters in Balochistan. “Such actions of Pakistani forces prove that there is no room left for the Baloch to struggle in peaceful and democratic ways”.

Waja Samad Baloch and Ghulam Hussain Baloch of BHRC also said in their talks that they are with the people of Lyari. They also strongly condemned the killing of two Baloch students in Khuzdar. They said that BHRC will continue to highlight the Human Rights Violation in Balochistan and will continue to urge the International community to take notice of gross human rights violations in Balochistan.


Saturday, 16 January 2010

PPP doesn’t consider Baloch as human beings; Baloch should come out of PPP deception: Hyrbyair Marri

London: Baloch patriot leader Hyrbyair Marri has said that if Baloch people of Karachi come out from the deception of PPP, then from Kerman to Nimroz and Gwader to Barkhan all Baloch (even the mountains of Balochistan) will come to their help. He said it doesn’t bother PPP if Baloch people get killed in Karachi because PPP do not consider Baloch as human beings but they only recognise Baloch people as their voters - that is why Baloch in Karachi are being treated as third grade citizens.

“PPP leader Rehman Malik sometime justifies the killing of Baloch as being supports of BLA and sometimes as members of criminal groups. PPP is the party that has always been at forefront for massacring and plundering the Baloch people”, Hyrbyair Marri expressed these views while speaking to Sana News from London. He said that remainder of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto are blood-thirsty, the Baloch of Karachi should depart from this commercial party and join the Baloch struggle for National Liberation. Then these Baloch will not be alone and other Baloch will stand with them shoulder to shoulder, but in the name of PPP the state is using ethnic group MQM to massacre Baloch and for strengthening the occupation on Baloch land.

“Where ever the Baloch live, Pakistan started operation against them using different pretexts. He said the Immigrants have become a Nation but the Baloch as a nation with their own history; language and culture are being treated as refugees in their own homeland and the enemy is planning to eradicate our National identity” He explained.

He said it was a disappointment that many Baloch are still being deceived by the rulers using the slogan of Pakistan. “Until and unless the Baloch are not prepared ideologically and recognise their national responsibilities, the enemy will target them one by one using false pretexts like gang war, criminals, drug mafia and land mafia”.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

London: Baloch and Sindhi community to protest against Lyari operation

Join in the protest against the target killing of innocent Baloch and Sindhi People by Fascistic Forces!

• The MQM Fascists are let loose to kill and commit atrocities against innocent Balochs and Sindhis

• With the active collaboration of the terrorist organization the paramilitary forces are harassing, insulting and arresting the innocent women, children and elderly in Karachi.

Join us to request international community’s urgent intervention to save lives and dignity of Baloch and Sindhi people

Venue: In front of the UK Parliament Square
17 Jan, 2-4pm
Nearest tube station: West Minister Tube Station
Baloch Human Rights Council (UK)
World Sindhi Congress
For further information Contacts:
Samad Baloch 07825087032
Abdullah Baloch 07737141325,
Manzoor Mangi 07535648886

“When Hitler killed communists, I did not raise voice because I was not a communist. When Hitler killed socialists, I did not raise voice because I was not a socialist. When Hitler killed Jews, I did not raise voice because I was not a Jew. When Hitler killed trade unionists, I did not raise voice because I was not a trade unionist. When Hitler came after me nobody was left to raise their voice for me.”

Monday, 11 January 2010

Baloch Human Rights Council (UK) strongly condemns the kidnapping , torturing and target killing of unarmed Baloch civilians in Karachi

Baloch Human Rights Council (UK) strongly condemns the kidnapping , torturing and target killing of unarmed Baloch civilians in Karachi .Baloch areas in Karachi have been under attack by a terrorist and fascist organization of refugees from India.

This racist party (MQM) is a coalition partner in the PPP led government.
The killings of the Baloch civilians include women, children and elderly. All this is happening under the government patronage.It appears that Pakistani State is extending its genocidal policies against the Baloch in Karachi after practicing it in Balochistan for the last many years.

The irony is that the harassment of the entire Baloch population is going on in the name of a search operation being carried out jointly by the MQM and Pakistani para military forces in the Baloch settlements in Karachi.

BHRC requests the United Nations Human Rights Commission, Amnesty International , International Committee of the Red Cross and other international human rights organizations to take notice of the naked aggression of Pakistani State against the Baloch civilian population in Karachi. BHRC strongly demands the immediate stop of the killings and harassment of the Baloch in Karachi. issued by: Samad Baloch Secretary General Of Baloch Human Rights Council (UK) London 11 January 2010

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Protests in Balochistan against the massacre of Baloch in Karachi

Quetta/Karachi: Baloch political parties and student Organisations have strongly protested against the ongoing attacks on Baloch people in Karachi. The leading Baloch student Organisation BSO (azaad) and other parties organised protest rallies and demonstration almost all over Balochistan including Karachi, Hub, Khuzdar, Kalat, Punjgur, Turbat, Pasni,Ormara, Jeavni, Mastung and Quetta. The angry protester chanted slogans against PPP and MQM and held banners inscribed against these two parties who they believed are behind the Baloch massacre in Karachi Baloch populated areas. The protesters said that the police and Rangers were giving full protection to MQM armed terrorists whereas Baloch villages were being attacked even by the Rangers and the Police.

There are also reports that a Baloch young man has been killed in custody and the police threw his body in Gadren area of Karachi. Most Baloch political parties are of the view that PPP and MQM are equally responsible for the “what is described as genocide” of the Baloch residents in Karachi.

BalochWarna has learned from Karachi based Baloch (now living abroad) that yesterday another five Baloch have been killed including a mother of three kids (who was sitting at her home when the alleged MQM armed men attacked her house). The source was angry toward Baloch “what he described as so called” nationalists parties and said that they are playing role of silent spectators on the carnage of Baloch in Karachi. He said that Baloch parties although given calls to protest against the Baloch genocide in Karachi but they were not united, every party wants to protest on different days and score political goals while trying to be sympathetic to the Baloch of Karachi.

Balochi weblog has also expressed anger toward Baloch leadership saying “that some very influential Baloch leaders have protected MQM and provided them resources when they (MQM) were under attack by previous Pakistani government”. The weblog alleged that is why today there is no strong reaction from some top leaders of Balochistan. Emphasizing on “Sardarzada” the wrote that many of the Sardarzadas still have strong personal affiliations with top MQM leadership.

Open in new windowQUETTA PROTEST: A large number of activists of Baloch Students Organization (BSO-Azad) took out a protest rally and staged a demonstration at Manan Chowk to protest against the killing of Baloch in Karachi allegedly by MQM (Muttahida Qaumi Movement).

Protest rally led by BSO Shahal Zone President Shahzaib Baloch started from Quetta Press Club and after marching through different parts of the city culminated into demonstration at Manan Chowk.

Participants of rally were carrying placards and banners inscribed with different slogans such as “Down with MQM” and “Stop genocide of Baloch people”.

They were also shouting slogans urging for immediate arrest of culprits involved in the killing of Balochs in Karachi. Addressing on the occasion, Shahzaib Baloch strongly condemned murder of unarmed Baloch in Karachi, alleging that members of MQM were behind all these killings.

He said that through well knit plan genocide of Balochs were continued not only in Balochistan but also in Karachi. He alleged that around 30 innocent Balochs had been shot dead during two days and government had failed to provide them protection from the alleged terrorists of MQM.

He demanded that the culprits involved in this carnage should be brought to justice and MQM should be declared as a terrorist party.

Later on, protestors torched MQM’s flag and effigy of Altaf Hussain.

Open in new windowBNP (Mengal) activists have taken out a rally in Hub Balochistan against the target killing of innocent Baloch in different Baloch populated areas in Karachi. The BNP activists also demanded the immediate arrest of culprits involved this in the attacks against Baloch villages. They were holding placards which read; “Stop the genocide of Baloch people” “MQM stop terrorism” etc

Meanwhile BA (Baloch Bar) announced a judicial boycott of courts in Balochistan on 11th January 2010 whereas other Baloch political parties have announced further protests in coming days.

Open in new windowRALLY IN LYARI: Residents of Lyari, a constituency dominated by the Pakistan People’s Party, took out a rally against the Sindh government and criticized PPP leadership over the law and order situation.

Baloch nationalist organisations from Lyari staged a protest against Sindh Government and took out a rally from Baghdadi area and moved forward across the Lyari including Atth Chock, Mira Naka, Chakiwara, Dohbi Gath.

Participants of the rally chanted slogans against Sindh Government and PPP while alleged that law enforcers were targeting and arresting the innocent Baloch people of Lyari on the directives of Governor House.

It has been learnt that exchange fire between the participants of rally and law enforcement agencies also took place in which some six to seven people sustained injuries and were rushed to the hospital while enraged crowed cordoned off the Baghdadi police station where police detained some 53 innocent Baloch citizens.

Courtesy: Dawn, Balochhal, dailytawar, and

Karachi violence claimed another 11 innocent lives, over 50 Baloch arrested

arachi: media sources reported that at least 11 people have been killed in the continuous violent attacks in Karachi. Most of the deceased are believed to be Baloch.

Target killings tally touches 22 in Karachi:
Unknown assailants have shot dead at least 11 persons in last 36 hours in separate parts of Karachi while according to police calculation, the death toll by target killings in Karachi has risen to 22 persons, Geo news Thursday reported.

The areas witnessed the target shootings included Lyari, Garden, Kharadar, Aaram Bagh and Eid Gah localities in metropolis city as 3 persons, identified as Aamir Baloch, Shakir Baloch and Nawaz Baloch, were lately gunned down in Lyari.

Najmi Alam, president PPP Karachi division told Geo news, three latest victims belonged to PPP city area and called on government for arrest of responsible assailants.

Police also claimed presence of rising tension in many parts of Karachi that include Lyari, Garden, Kharadar, Aagra Taaj and Usmanabad.