Saturday, 16 January 2010

PPP doesn’t consider Baloch as human beings; Baloch should come out of PPP deception: Hyrbyair Marri

London: Baloch patriot leader Hyrbyair Marri has said that if Baloch people of Karachi come out from the deception of PPP, then from Kerman to Nimroz and Gwader to Barkhan all Baloch (even the mountains of Balochistan) will come to their help. He said it doesn’t bother PPP if Baloch people get killed in Karachi because PPP do not consider Baloch as human beings but they only recognise Baloch people as their voters - that is why Baloch in Karachi are being treated as third grade citizens.

“PPP leader Rehman Malik sometime justifies the killing of Baloch as being supports of BLA and sometimes as members of criminal groups. PPP is the party that has always been at forefront for massacring and plundering the Baloch people”, Hyrbyair Marri expressed these views while speaking to Sana News from London. He said that remainder of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto are blood-thirsty, the Baloch of Karachi should depart from this commercial party and join the Baloch struggle for National Liberation. Then these Baloch will not be alone and other Baloch will stand with them shoulder to shoulder, but in the name of PPP the state is using ethnic group MQM to massacre Baloch and for strengthening the occupation on Baloch land.

“Where ever the Baloch live, Pakistan started operation against them using different pretexts. He said the Immigrants have become a Nation but the Baloch as a nation with their own history; language and culture are being treated as refugees in their own homeland and the enemy is planning to eradicate our National identity” He explained.

He said it was a disappointment that many Baloch are still being deceived by the rulers using the slogan of Pakistan. “Until and unless the Baloch are not prepared ideologically and recognise their national responsibilities, the enemy will target them one by one using false pretexts like gang war, criminals, drug mafia and land mafia”.

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