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Pakistan planning more Islamic bombs, Washington DC protest and Conference report

WASHINGTON DC: Islamabad was put on the mat here in the U.S. capital Friday for its atrocities on Balochistan, including the May 28 nuclear tests in Chagai.

American progressives, conservatives and moderates joined the Baloch in a protest rally outside the White House and a news conference at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. Friday to mark the 12 anniversary of Pakistan testing of nuclear weapons in Occupied Balochistan.

*DC Conference coverage by BBC Pashto [Audio
*DC conference Coverage by Radio Gwank [Audio]
Open in new windowThe protest and press conference was organized by the American Friends of Balochistan.

Baloch leader Mir Hyrbyair Marri in his message from London blasted Islamabad for using Balochistan as its nuclear testing site.

In her speech, A.F.B. presiding council member Laurie Deamer cited verses from poet Mansoor Baloch in which he said in the backdrop of Balochistan's occupation, "everything is weeping, including the deep impassable sea, which is filled with tears of blood."

Deamer said, "Today we join in mourning Balochistan’s losses resulting from the leadership of Pakistan’s nuclear test initiative at Chagai Hills, twelve years ago. We mourn the fundamental loss of Baloch liberty which under girded the decision to test, and the loss of entitlement to basic human rights, already in short supply in the underdeveloped province."

"We mourn the decrease in quality of human life which is the inevitable outcome of jeopardizing the quantity and quality of a region’s water supply, as experienced by a compromising of local agriculture, an increase in cancerous skin conditions and the loss of scenic beauty."

Marri deplored we will never know that how long the effects of the radiations will stay unless international and independent experts are sent to Balochistan to examine the areas affected by the nuclear tests.

Deamer said Baloch natives can best speak about the harm done to their homeland.

"As one resident reminisced, people used to go to Raskoh Mountain for a picnic day. It was a beautiful place where wildlife was a spectacle in itself. They sent away the people living in the area and restricted the access to everyone else. And so we also mourn the departure of that wildlife, yet another sign of ecological devastation.

Marri said nuclear weapons in Pakistan hands endangers everyone. "Apart from its terrible affect on the Baloch population, I think Pakistan's nuclear bombs are a danger to the entire world as we are observing religious fundamentalism is on the rise in Pakistan."

Deamer felt Islamabad committed a huge blunder by conducting the tests in Occupied Balochistan.

"Most commentators seem to feel that Islamabad not only failed miserably in its stated mission to unite the citizens of Pakistan, but that its leaders’ decision to test nuclear weapons ultimately thwarted the mission, driving the culture itself deeper into self-destruction and fanaticism."

She called upon Islamabad to sign the Nonproliferation and Comprehensive Test Ban Treaties. And in keeping with the American Friends of Balochistan mission statement, I also respectfully urge Islamabad to halt preparations for nuclear testing in the region.

President of the Baloch Human Rights Council of Canada, Dr. Zaffar Baloch, could not make it to the protest because of a traffic mishap while he was coming to the White House.

His speech was read out by an A.F.B. representative.

"Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal is a source of terror and instability in the region. This is not a coincidence that Pakistan’s nuclear bomb has had been dubbed as the “Islamic Bomb” and each and every ballistic missile tested so far is named after Muslim invaders; Ghauri, Ghaznavi, and Abdali to name a few. Mard-e-Momin is a military tank, a term that means “Muslim Superman” and borrowed from Pakistan’s official state philosopher Allama Iqbal," Dr. Baloch said.

He added, "Pakistan is the only country in the world where the al-Qaida, the Taliban, and the nuclear bomb exist within a radius of 100 kilometers. The terrorists who are seeking a nuclear device won’t even need a visa or take an international flight to acquire their goals."

Sakura Saunders, editor of ProtestBarrick.Net, deplored that balochistan has been under Pakistani military occupation for six decades but not much is known about it in the U.S.A.

"I only came to know about it recently. The liberation struggle in Balochistan is one of the most under-reported struggles," she said.

Andrew Eiva, who is now with Freedom for Sudan Committee, expressed concern that Adolph Hitler was still highly popular in Pakistan and said way back during the Afghan war when he was Pakistan, Pakistani military officials spoke of a secret plan to destroy Israel.

President of the Pakistan Christian Congress, Dr. Nazir Bhatti, said the Baloch were one of the best people in Pakistan because Christians have faced many a challenge in the Punjab and other areas, but not a single Christian faced any discrimination amidst the Baloch people.

Eiva condemned the systematic propagation of hate conducted by the Pakistani establishment and said all this was ominous, viewed in the backdrop of Pakistan's nuclear weapons progam.

Secular Baloch do not want to have any truck with Pakistan or its state ideology of Islamic hatred. While the Baloch protest was taking place in Washington DC, Punjabi religious fanatics attacked the worship place of the minority Qadianis in Lahore killing dozens of people.

One salient feature of the protest in front of the White House was politicial activist Mohamad Ali Baloch's speech in Balochi, his mother tongue.

Ali Baloch, dwelt at length on the historic separate status of Balochistan and recalled the speech of Baba-i-Balochistan Mir Ghous Bakhsh Bizenjo in which the late Baloch leader ahd argued in December 1947 that when Afghanistan and Iran could be independent nations so could Balochistan.

"Pakistan military invaded and conquered Balochistan on April 1, 1948 and later disbanded the nationalist Kalat State National Party," Ali Baloch recalled in Balochi.

Ali Baloch said in 1966 Ayub Khan launched a military operation in Balochistan in which thousands of Baloch patriots were killed in aerial bombardments.

Dr. Zaffar Baloch said, "We strongly believe that Balochistan's freedom from the Islamic state of Pakistan will develop a new balance in the region that will favour an end to global terrorism, nuclear disasters, and wars. Liberated Balochistan is the only hope for a world free from nuclear terrorism."

The civilized world will be outraged to know that the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission specifically outlawed any environmental impact assessment in Chagai. This is clearly a war crime against the Baloch people, according to the A.F.B.

Deamer prayed that the freedom-loving Baloch people may never succumb to the grave injustices of Islamabad even if Balochistan's seas were filled with tears of blood for one can see "in the dark the lights of martyrs and imagined that the darkness would eventually be replaced by a gleaming Light."

In addition to Dr. Zaffar Baloch and Mohammad Ali Baloch of the Balochistan Peoples Party [Iran], who drove all the way from Toronto, Baloch political activist Zahid Mir came from Columbus, Ohio, to attend the protest.

Sindhi intellectual Prof. Jawaid Bhutto and activist Aleem Brohi were among those who took part in the protest rally.

Balochistan is a vast country: the area under Pakistani army occupation is slightly bigger than New Mexico. The area under Iranian mullahs is the size of Nevada, and that under Afghan control is the size of West Virginia. The total Baloch population in these areas is ten million, and ten million Baloch live elsewhere in the world.

According to the A.F.B. Baloch politicians are so powerless when they are in the corridors of power that tribal leader Sardar Akhtar Mengal was the chief minister of Balochistan at the time of the nuclear tests in 1998 and said he was very much against them, still then Pakistani premier Nawaz Sharif and military generals forced Mengal to be present at Chagai during the testing. Mengal's elder brother Asadullah Mengal was abudcuted and killed by the Pakistani intelligence services in 1975 but his body was never found.

Meanwhile, the A.F.B. has expressed concerns over reports from Balochistan that Pakistan military is planning yet another series of tests on the Baloch homeland. The international community must act now to stop this from happening, the A.F.B. said in a communication.

First trial session of Abdulmalik Rigi, The Baloch freedom Fighter held

Tehran: The first session of the trial of BPRM (Baloch People Resistance Movement) group leader Abdolmalek Rigi was held in Tehran on Thursday.

Rigi was charged with 79 false offences, including murder, terrorist activities, and other serious crimes. The prosecutors asked that Rigi be given the death penalty.

Some family members of (according to the mullah regime) victims of Rigi’s terrorist attacks attended the trial session.

Accompanied by his lawyer (who is actually working for the mullah regime), Rigi confessed to all the charges and said all of his crimes were against Islamic and humanitarian principles. (Keep in mind that Rigi has been under severe mental and physical torture from last couple of months, and been given a sort of drug before producing him in front of the court to humiliate the Baloch freedom fighters)

May Allah give protection to the Lion of Baluchistan Amir Abdulmalek Baloch and all Baloch Freedom Fighters.

Sarbaaz Baloch

Sunday, 30 May 2010

West Baluchistanis kill 3 Iranian Policemen

Occupied Baluchistan: An ambush by the Baluchistani fighters in the West Baluchistan kills 3 Iranian policemen late Saturday evening, reported Fars News.
The attack took place near Wash city of the West Baluchistan where police had blockaded the Wash - Zahedan highway when they came under fire.
Noone has yet claimed responsibility, however, as usual Iranians have blamed the attack on the emenies of God.
Two policemen were killed on the same spot last month.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

BNP activist killed, several arrested in clashes with police

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Occupied Balochistan,QUETTA: One protestor was killed while five others wounded in firing in Shahbaz Town, area of the provincial capital, here on Saturday.

Balochistan National Party (BNP-Mengal) and National Party (NP) have held police and personnel of Frontier Corps (FC) responsible for firing on peaceful protestors.

The workers of BNP blocked different roads of the city, including Double Road and Sariab Road by burning old tyres to protest the arrests.

Police resorted to shelling and aerial firing to disperse the protestors, besides arresting Secretary General of BNP Habib Jalib Advocate and former MPA Akthar Hussain Langov.

A group of protestors were trying to block roads in Shahbaz Town area where law enforcing agencies fired tear gas, besides making aerial firing as a result six protestors sustained injuries.

The injured were being shifted to Civil Hospital Quetta for medical aid where one of the injured identified as Naseer Ahmed Langov succumbed to his injuries. The name of three injured protestors were identified as Zubair, Lal Muhammad and Abdul Wahid. Deceased person was cousin of Akthar Hussain Langov, the central leader of BNP.

Following the killing of BNP activists, situation became more tense in different parts of the metropolis and the BNP activists further got infuriated and again blocked roads at Double Road, Sariab Road and Mano Jan Road that caused a massive traffic jam in the city and inconvenience to the commuters.

Later on, protestors brought the dead body of Naseer Ahmed Langov at Quetta Press Club and staged a protest demonstration against the incident.

Protestors were chanting slogans against security forces and demanding humanitarian organizations and United Nations for taking immediate notice of alleged atrocities of state forces.

Addressing a news conference and protestors, the leaders of BNP and NP including, Jahanziab Baloch, Acting General Secretary of BNP, Agha Hassan Advocate, Shafkat Langov and Khalid Langov of NP condemned the killing of Naseer Ahmed and said that police and FC were responsible for his killing and injuring other protestors.

They strongly criticised Governor and Chief Minister of Balochistan and alleged that they had given license to law enforcing agencies to kill innocent Balochs.

They said that both Governor and Chief Minister should learn a lesson from the fate of former Chief Minister of Balochistan Jam Muhammad Yousuf who had no place in Balochistan even for hiding himself.

Speakers said that killing of Baloch was continuing for the last 63 years and they would not make any demand or appeal from state institutions rather they would ask international community and NATO for intervention to save Balochs from the excesses of state institutions.

Announcing a protest schedule, they said that protest demonstrations would be held on 30th, May across the province while shutter down and wheel jam strikes would be held on June 1st, and 2nd respectively against the killing of Naseer Langov.

They said that if the personnel of law enforcing agencies who were responsible for opening firing on a peaceful protest were not arrested, protests would remain continued.

Leaders of Baloch National Front (BNF), including Agha Ashraf Dilsoz and Yousuf Baloch also addressed a press conference outside Quetta Press Club.

BNF leaders strongly condemned the killing of Naseer Langov and firing on protestors, saying state forces wanted to crash Baloch national struggle for their independence.

They said that Balochs would continue their struggle and such acts of killing of innocent Balochs could not deviate Balochs from their genuine struggle.

In the meanwhile, BNP workers also burnt tyres in Khuzdar, Wadh, Kalat and Mastung. They blocked the Quetta-Karachi for all types of traffic that caused inconvenience to the commuters.

Pakistan’s Youm-e-Takbeer marked as black day in Balochistan & Karachi

Occupied Baluchistan: The people of occupied Baluchistan and Baluch populated areas of Karachi observed “Black Day” on Friday to show their anger against Pakistan for detonating its deadly nuclear bomb on Baluch Soil.

The Baloch National Front (BNF), comprising different nationalist organisations, had given a shutter down strike call in Baluchistan against the nuclear blasts that had been carried out 12 years ago on May 28 in Raskoh area of Chaghai district, as a tit-for-tat response to India’s tests May 11 of the same year. The Baluch people of surrounding areas still suffer enormously and a draught had hit Baluchistan soon after the nuclear explosion. Also Radio activity, leukimia, cancer and numerous genital diseases have been reported from the different surrounding regions. Since the dirty nuclear blast Baloch have been observing 28 May as a black day, each year this day Baloch protest and demand of the International Community to sent a team of independent experts to determine the after effects of these explosions in Baluchistan.

The shutter down strike was observed in different parts of the province including Noshki, Dalbandin, Kalat, Mastung, Khuzdar, Kharan, Panjgoor, Turbat and other Baloch dominated areas of the province. Black flags were also hoisted at different locations marking the protest against the nuclear blasts.

Meanwhile demonstrations were held in Baluch populated areas against nuclear blasts. According to details the Baluch of Karachi also took to streets on the BNF’s protest call and demonstrated against nuclear blasts in Baluchistan on 28 May 1998. Leaders of BNF, BSO-azaad and other strongly condemn the then Pakistani rulers for choosing the Baluch land as their nuclear test zone.

Friday, 28 May 2010

Seminar: Baluch National Struggle and International Politics

Baluch Student Organisation (A) Malir zone is organising a Seminar titled “Baluch National Struggle and International Politics” in Malir Karachi. Seminar will also be live in Beylux at ethnic [groups > balooch> BSO-azaad].

Date: 30 May 2010

Time: 4 pm Baluchistan time


BNF activists protest against abduction of Dr Naseem Baloch

Zakir Majeed Baloch's family still on token hunger strike protest (today is the 15th day).

Occupied Baluchistan, Panjgur: hundreds of activists of BNF and BSO-azaad took to streets in Punjagur against the abduction of Dr Naseem Baluch, Yaseen Baluch and Elyas Baluch. The protesters chanted slogans against Pakistani’s Intelligence agencies (ISI and MI). They reiterated that Baloch struggle for National Liberation cannot be deterred by such heinous crimes of the state.

Dr Naseem Baluch along with his two friend Yaseen Baluch and Elyas Baluch was whisked away by Pakistani security forces from Bolan Mendical College Quetta few days ago. Dr Naseem had once before been arrested in 2005 along with Dr Allah Nazar Baluch and others. He had been severely tortured and suffered serious illnesses after he was released in a very bad shape.

The protesters regretted that Baluch doctors, engineers, students and political activists are being arrested before the eyes of the International community but Human Rights Organisations of the democratic countries are not taking any action of Pakistan’s atrocities against the people of Baluchistan.

Meanwhile the token hunger strike of Zakir Majeed’s family has entered 15th day but still the International Community and the concerned Pakistani authorities have not taken any steps to address the concerns of the Baluch student’s family. The sister of Zakir Majeed fears that continuous and deliberate ignorance of her appeal to release her brother is making the family gravely concerned about the well-being of Zakir Majeed Baloch.

She once again repeated her fear that Mr Majeed is suffering inhumane torture at the hand of the state intelligence agencies. She urged the International media and Human Rights Organisation to take up her brother’s issue and help her raise voice for Zakir majeed’s safe and early release.

The weapon being tested in the name of country’s defence is a death warrant for Baluchistan

The radiation as the result of the blast will invite death for our next generations, why don’t the government show its military muscles on the bordering areas close to India, we suspect the weapon being tested in the name of country’s defence is a death warrant for Baluchistan, government have always deprived Baluchistan of it due rights, but today they quickly remembered Baluchistan for atomic blast, nuclear test is to quick and easy way of getting rid of the Baluch people : Hyrbyair Marri as a provincial ministers in Baluchistan government (17/05/1998)

Quetta: (Daily Kohistan) - Provincial Minster Nawabzada Hyrbyair Marri has strongly condemned the government for choosing district Chagia in Baluchistan for Atomic blasts in response to India’s nuclear test. He said that the growing numbers of deaths in the province are evidence of Baluchistan’s deprivation. Despite the economical point of view if we look at environmental and health risks, the radiations due to the nuclear test will be never ending and a perpetual death invitation for the coming generations. The rulers and its experts will surely hide and ignore the negative effects of these blasts in the name of maximum security. A well developed Nations like Japan where atomic bombs were dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima during Second World War, the effects of those blasts still have not gone away, lethal diseases like skin and blood cancer are clear example of the atomic radiations in those regions.

It was the atomic technology of half a century ago but today’s experiment are of nuclear nature and contains hundreds of times more radiation, a common man cannot even imagine that which regions of Baluchistan will be effect by these radiations.

If our rulers want to show their military strength they should carry out these tests near Indian border, other provinces of Pakistan do not lack barren land; from Cholistan to Thar-parkar and Badin regions are suitable areas for this purpose, also these areas border with Indian state of Rajhistan where India is completing a series of experiments.

Are our rulers not aware of the positive and negative effects of these blasts? It seems that the weapons being tested in the name of the country’s defence will prove to be a massage of death for the people of Baluchistan. He further said that it is highly possible that the government will reject the idea of testing nuclear weapons in Cholistan to save wild life there and give priority to lives of animals over the lives of human beings.

He boldly said that if we are contacted regarding the nuclear tests in Baluchistan, we will strongly resist against the any such blast on Baluch soil. He said the rulers have ignored Baluchistan’s problems like backwardness, illiteracy and poverty but now when they need a “test zone” for nuclear experiment they straight away remembered Baluchistan. Maybe it’s the rulers’ love for the people of Baluchistan, instead of a slow and painful death they want to get rid of them at once.

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This Statement of Hyrbyair Marri reflects today's situation of Balochistan. The concerned raised in the statement were genuine and are proving right. We believe these blasts were part of Pakistani’s attempts to systematically make Baloch suffer never-ending illnesses and miseries. We call upon International community to send independent exports to Balochistan in order to investigate the after effects of these deadly nuclear blasts on Baloch soil.

Iranian regime had deprived Abdol Hamid from human dignity

Abdol Hamid Rigi a political prisoner was arrested in Pakistan by the Pakistan’s security services and handed over to the Iranian regime by the order of Pakistani dictator general Musharraf. Pakistan and Iran had always cooperated with each other when it’s come to the Baluch and Baluchistan issues. Suppression of the Baluch nation in both countries enhances Iran and Pakistan interest. Pakistan authority knew that he is going to be tortured and killed.
Abdol Hamid Rigi had been suffering torture in the Iranian jails was hanged in Zahedan the capital of occupied Iranian Baluchistan. The city that he grows up, the city his forefather promised him to be his home land to rise his children in security. He was left hanging for day after his death in Baluch dress a symbol of humiliation to all Baluch.
No lawyer was allowed to defend his case, no impartial judge were allowed to hear his case. He was left at the mercy of accuser. The Iranian have already decided the faith of every Baluch that is to be humiliated first and hanged later.
Iranian regime had deprived Abdol Hamid from human dignity. Iranian had dragged Abdol Hamid from one talk show to another against his well. He had suffered more than one can imagine in the hand of his captor.
Sistan and Baluchistan is the poorest province of Iran, Baluch are not belong to the Shiite sect of Islam, Baluch are not Persian, they are culturally and the linguistically, historically different from the rest of Iranian. To Baluch Iranian are occupying their land, humiliating them in public. The Iranian regime persecute the youth by hanging them in the groups in a public squire and hangs their dead body for days and hanged persons relatives must pay the Iranian authorities in order to receive the dead body of one’s father, son, brothers. Iranian confiscates the Baluch properties and distributes the loots among themselves.
The Baluch are resisting the occupation of their land by alien forces; some Baluch have taken arms against Iranian, those Baluch who are against arms struggle and campaign for a limited self rule not spared from hanging.
M. Sarjov

Pro-independent Baloch least interested in Nadra ID cards

Occupied Baluchistan, Baloch pro-independence parties and their supporters in Balochistan have declined to obtain National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) identity cards, saying they were no more interested in being called Pakistani citizens, reported a Pakistani newspaper here Tuesday.

The supporters of liberation struggle in Dera Bugti, Kohlu, Washuq and elsewhere resisted Nadra mobile teams’ efforts to distribute ID card forms and recently they abducted the authority’s mobile van along with some staffers.

Owing to least interest of the local population in various districts and localities; Nadra’s average coverage was very low as compared to other cities such as Quetta and many Pakhtun-inhabited areas, said a Nadra official on condition of anonymity, who recently returned to Islamabad from the troubled Baluchistan.

The Nadra staffer noted that only 35 per cent people in Dera Bugti, 40 per cent in Washuq and Jhal Magsi, and 45 per cent in Kohlu were covered by the Nadra teams, clearly indicating the locals no or low interest in obtaining ID cards.

NADRA office set ablaze in Awaran

Occupied Balochistan, AWARAN: National Data Base and Registration (NADRA) office in Awaran was set ablaze by unknown persons.

According to details unknown persons set NADRA office in Awaran (Central Balochistan) on fire. The office was destroyed in the fire.

Police registered a case against unknown persons and started investigation.

The Baloch Hal News

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Shutter-down strike observed in Balochistan

Occupied Baluchistan, QUETTA: A shutter-down strike was observed in Khuzdar, Awaran, Mashkey and Kech districts of Balochistan on Wednesday in response to a call made by the Baloch National Front (BNF) against missing Baloch people and the alleged arrest of Baloch political activists from Quetta by security forces.

Business activities in the districts came to a standstill, with most of the shopping and trading centres remaining close. Angry protesters torched NADRA’s office in Awaran district, completely destroying the office records. Police later registered an FIR against unidentified people for the arson. The BNF and the Baloch Students Organisation staged joint protest rallies in Khuzdar and Turbat. They protested outside the Turbat Press Club, demanding international human rights organisations take notice of the issue.

A BNF spokesman said security personnel arrested party activist Dr Nasim and two of his companions from Quetta a few days ago adding that the party or the families had no clue of their whereabouts so far.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Baluchistan to observed shutter-down on 28 May against Nuclear Blasts

Occupied Baluchistan, The Unity of Baluch pro-independence Baloch parties “BNF” and other like minded organisations have announced a shutter-down protest on 28 May, on Friday, in Baluchistan and Karachi. They believe that 28 Day May is one the gloomiest days for the people of Baluchistan. They appealed the trade unions, shop owners, schools, colleges and other private and public institutions to co-operate with them to make their protest call a success.

They BNF statement published in Balochistan’s national Newspapers argued that Pakistan’s nuclear weapon are a grave danger to the entire world, as they can fall into wrong hands anytime. The testing of nuclear bomb on Baluch land proves Pakistan’s anti humanism. Pakistan, according to BNF statement, has no value for human lives and it doesn’t car about how many people will suffer due to nuclear radiations in the region.

Pakistan tested its nuclear bomb on Baluch soil in the Raskoh Mountains of district chagia, Baluchistan, due to the lethal blast and the radiations thousands of Baluch have been effected. Hence, it is the duty of every Baluch people (everywhere) to protest against Pakistan’s nuclear blasts in Baluchistan. Baluch people should observe this day as “a dark day” in order to send a strong message to the International civilised world that Baluch are peace loving and civilised people.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Shaeed Abdulhameed Rigi Baloch

Abdolhamid Rigi, a political prisoner, executed after a long period of torture

Occupied Baluchistan: NCRI - Abdolhamid Rigi, a political prisoner who endured a long period of pressure and torture in Iranian regime’s jails, was hanged this morning in Zahedan prison accused of “moharebeh and instigating corruption on earth.” Fars news agency, affiliated to the regime’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), and a number of other state-run media published photos of his corps hanging from a noose in an attempt to create an atmosphere of terror and fear among people and especially youths in Baluchistan.

On July 14, 2009, a month after the start of the nationwide uprising, 13 political prisoners from Baluchistan were hanged together after suffering torture. They were deprived of fair trial or defense. Hamidi, mullahs’ chief of justice in Sistan and Baluchistan province announced on that day that Abdolhamid was not executed along with the 13 upon the request of the mullahs’ Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS). The delay in his execution was a clear indication of the regime’s intention to put him under more severe torture to break him and extract more information.

The Pakistani ambassador to Tehran in an interview on February 26 admitted that Abdolhamid Rigi had been arrested by Pakistani forces and handed over to the religious dictatorship by his government.

Execution of political prisoners, especially in Kurdish and Baluchistan regions, on the brink of the first anniversary of the nationwide uprising, reveals the criminal rulers’ weakness and fear in face of growing public anger and hatred toward the regime.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
May 24, 2010

Protest against nuclear tests in front of White House on May 28

By Ahmar Mustikhan

WASHINGTON, DC: Pro-independence Baloch from the U.S.A. and Canada and their allies and friends will converge in the U.S. capital on May 28 to protest against Pakistan's nuclear tests in Occupied Balochistan in front of the White House.

"I appeal to all peace-loving American folks to make the protest a stunning success," Laurie Deamer, presiding council member of the American Friends of Balochistan from Philadelphia said in a statement. "Balochistan's enslavement is not acceptable to the world," she said. "I hope the U.S. government would withdraw its support from Pakistan. It is regrettable that the U.S. government was the first to test nuclear weapons and it continues to aid Pakistan in spite of its dangerous nuclear weapons ambitions."

Speakers at the protest among others include Sakura Saunders, editor Protest Barrick Net; Zaffar Baloch, president of the Baloch Human Rights Council of Canada; Dr. Nazir Bhatti, president of Pakistan Christian Congress; "Chaudhry" M. Ali Baloch, former Baloch leader from Panjgur, Mekran, and Mohammad Ali Baloch of the Balochistan Peoples Party.

According to the A.F.B. all nuclear weapons must be abolished, but the pro-independence Baloch organization believes Pakistan's nuclear weapons are all the more dangerous because these were the first nuclear tests ever in the world where religion was invoked to subjugate others by nuclear force.

Pakistani generals and then premier Nawaz Sharif raised the slogan Allah o Akbar, at the time of the tests in Chagai, Occupied Balochistan. In other words, the slogan literally implied Muslims would defeat the infidels through a nuclear war.

The recent plot of Faisal Shahzad, son of a high ranking air vice marshal, Baharul Haq, of the Pakistan Air force to blow up the Times Square in New York should be an eye-opener for most Amercans, including the present administration. The top leadership of al Qaeda and Taliban are already in Pakistan, shielded by its nuclear weapons program.

The protest will begin in front of the White House at 12 noon, where a wide array of speakers from different walks of life -- Baloch, Sindhis and Americans -- will address the protesters. A brownbag lunch and a press conference will follow the protest.

Every year Baloch in Balochistan and elsewhere stage protests against the nuclear tests to mark the May 1998 tests, though Pakistan officially celebrates the day of infamy.

What: Protest against Pakistan military's tests in Occupied Balochistan and continued U.S. aid to Islamabad.

When: Friday, May 28, 2010 at 12 noon.

Where: White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC 20050, near Farragut West & North metro stations.

Why: Texas-sized Balochistan was not a part of Pakistan when the British created it in August 1947 but was illegally annexed by Pakistan on March 27, 1948. Fifty years later on May 27, 1998 Pakistan tested its deadly nuclear weapons in Balochistan. Over the years Pakistan has killed thousands of Baloch patriots yearning for indepedence, including former governor and chief minister of Balochistan Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti. More than a thousand remain missing. Today billions of dollars of U.S.taxpayers monies are being wasted on Pakistan miitary though the country is the biggest threat to the well-being and security of the U.S.

How: Protesters will gather in front of the White House, unfurl banners for stopping aid to Pakistan and demand independence for Balochistan. ... -of-white-house-on-may-28

“Pakistan is a great hub of duplicity...a nation of confounding murkiness, where every kind of deception, collusion and outright sham are recurring motifs in the political theater.”
—Barry Bearak, “Pakistan Is...,” New York Times, December 7, 2003.

Nuclear Watch—Pakistan: The Sorry Affairs of the
Islamic Republic

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Jail administration mistreating Wahid Qambar Baluch and others: AIM

Occupied Baluchistan: Anjuman-e-Itehad-e-Marri has strongly condemned the Quetta jail administration and ATF for their hatred toward Baluch pro-independent leaders Wahid Qambar Baluch, Mir Qadir Baluch and Haji Murad Khan Marri. They also expressed grave concern over the deteriorating health of Haji Murad Khan Marri in an ATF (Anti Terrorist Force) isolation centre. The statement of AIM alleged that prison authorities are physically and psychologically torturing Baluch prisoners and their attitude toward Baluch leaders is very hostile.

Baluch prisoners are deprived of basic health facilities and there are heavy restrictions to visit Wahid Qamber Baluch whereas Mr. Sanam Marri and Mir Qadir Baluch have been put in segregation under so called MPOs. On the other hand Mr Murad Khan Marri whose health is deteriorating in an AFT Isolation centre has not been provided with any medication. It should be noted that Murad Khan Marri was arrested one year ago from Hub industrial town of Baluchistan. During this one year he suffered severe mental and physical torture. The Pakistani authorities are still keeping him in isolation and he is being denied medication, which puts his life in grave danger.

Last month a Baluch prisoner Mehrdil Baluch had died in prison due to lack of basic health facilities and medication. The AIM statement further said that there are several Baluch students and political activists in Pakistan’s intelligence agencies’ custody, including Zaki Majeed, Jalil Reki, Sangat Sana, Dr Deen Mohammad, Chacha Hussein Marri, Nazir Marri, Mir Ghaffar Langov and thousands of other Baluch persons long forced-disappearances is a clear indication of state’s failure. The state cannot undermine the Baluch freedom struggle by resorting to such inhuman crimes; such behaviours of state will further provoke people to sympathise with Baluch freedom fighters.

The silence of International Community and International Human Rights Organisations about abductions of the Baluchs is a matter of concerned. International Community should take notice of atrocities against Baluch Nation; they should morally support Baluch freedom struggle and put pressure on Pakistani authorities to release Zakir Majeed and other Baluch force-disappeared person immediately.

We have faith in Baluch Nation; we won’t rely on superpowers for our freedom: Dr Allah Nazar

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Occupied Baluchistan: Baluch guerrilla commander Dr Allah Nazar Baluch said that role of Human Rights Organisations is disappointing and their attitude towards Baluchistan has been hypocritical. Sadars don’t have the authority to resolved Baluchistan issue; only the resistance organisations and Baluch Nation have the full command over Baluchistan and they will not settle for anything less than Independence. There is guerrilla war going on in Baluchistan. Such wars have always taken place between the oppressed Nations and oppressive states/powers. The state and some opportunist people are trying to create confusion about Baluch National Liberation struggle. We want to make it clear to them that provincial autonomy has become obsolete and the current struggle is for National liberation.

Some people say that this is few sardars’ fight but “all the people who work with me here have come from different regions of Baluchistan”. There are doctors, engineers and people from different fields of life among them. Punjab and Mohajir (immigrant) establishment is trying to divert the real issue. Answering to a question Dr Allah Nazar said that some Baluch parliamentarian parties want power sharing with Punjab and for the sake of few lucrative they are willing to compromise Baluch national freedom, Baluch identity and Baluch culture. On the other hand some of these parliamentarian Baluch are using the vague slogan of self-determination. We want to tell them in clear words that this a war for Independence and common Baluch are fighting this war. The decision makers of this war are not any personalities but its command is only in the hands of Baluch resistance Organisations and Baluch Nation. National struggle for freedom is rapidly progressing; every month around150 Pakistani security forces either get killed or injured in Baluchistan but, because the state media is not neutral that is why they don’t talk about the weaknesses of the state, he claimed.

Answering to the question that state terms Baluch fighters’ activities as terrorism, Dr Allah Nazar said that it is a universally accepted truth that wherever or whenever occupied Nations struggle for their freedom the oppressor term their resistance as terrorism. He said Baluch Nation was least bothered about such accusations. Whatever name may the state give to the Baluch people’s struggle but they (Baluch) are fighting this war according to international laws and they have not violated any international laws. When asked about the target killings in Baluchistan, Dr Baluch said that innocent people are not being targeted in Baluchistan. Those who have been target killed they were working for the state intelligence agencies; they disguise as common people but work for agencies, he alleged. He said one of the men who had been targeted was an army officer and he was buried with proper military manner and salutation.

Explaining further he said that people don’t see state sponsored target killing of innocent Baluch people. Ghulam Mohammad Baluch, Lala Munir Baluch, Sher Mohammad Baluch, Shahnaz Bibi and several other Baluch men, women and children have been brutally murdered by state intelligence agencies or other security forces; most of the settlers always have sympathy for occupation forces/army. He said the superpower justifies her all actions and brutalities but on contrary if the oppressed fights against oppressor they call it violence and terrorism. America has also fought for its freedom, was it terrorism? Dr Allah Nazar Baluch asked.

Open in new windowAnswering a question about Indian, Israeli and other countries interference in Baluchistan, he said if there was any foreign interference and help, today Baluchistan’s situation would have been different. “When India interfered in East Pakistan in seventeen (17) days Bangladesh came into being”. Pointing towards different weapons around him he said these Kalashnikovs, G3s we took from security forces; Baluch need international community’s moral support. Answering to another question Dr Baluch said there is no democracy in Pakistan; in fact it is controlled democracy. Governor Zulfiqar Ali Magsi and Chief Minister Aslam Raisani are their (state’s) people but still they complain that FC doe not listen to them. He said pro-parliamentarian are the B Team of the occupiers of Baluch land and diverters of Baluch struggle for national freedom. As for as self-determination is concerned, no one in the word got self-determination, such people want concessions and extort money in the name of self-determination. They are not nationalist but in the guise of Nationalism they are B Team of the government.

Talking about Baluch freedom struggle he said that we will not beg to anyone for our independence but we have full faith in ourselves and Baluch Nation. We are not insane that we will rely on super powers for our freedom. Giving the example of the Kurds he said when America did not need them anymore she said to them that withdraw your demand of freedom and go for provincial autonomy. Pakistan used to back Khalistan but when India and Pakistani’s situation got better; Khalistan freedom movement faded away because Pakistan stopped supporting them. We only need world’s moral support, he reiterated.

He appealed to Baluch elders and youth to forget their petty difference and unite for the common purpose and against common enemy. Youth instead of temporary benefits and jobs must spend their energy on Baluch National cause for liberation. He said if Baluch youth recognise those who are asking for provincial autonomy, parliament and self-determination, then we will get closer to our destination/freedom.

Open in new windowRecalling his ordeal in custody he said he was severely tortured but when they failed “they offered me concessions and asked me to take part in elections. When I refused everything, they threatened me that if I by chance get out of prison alive I will not be the same Allah Nazar again”. He said when he was in prison he was not provided with any proper diagnose and treatment. “After my release some friend took my blood samples; it was sent abroad for a precise blood test. When the results cam we found out that there was 60% Aluminium in my body, which was 20% higher than normal quantity of Aluminium in a person’s body, hence it was clear that they have tried to slow poison me but nature saved me and the torture has further provided me the courage and commitment to fight for my national freedom”.

Commenting on recent acid attacks on Baluch female (children) he said that Baluch women don’t go out of their houses but since the struggle for liberation started the women have also started playing their role in the struggle because among every ten households around two have directly been effected by state atrocities; from some houses their loved one have been abducted, some have been killed, that is why Baluch women came out in battle field. When there was a military operation in Makran, Baluch women blocked the road and stopped the military from entering the region, which made the enemy fearful. Hence the enemy splash acids on Baluch women/children in Daaldandin and Kalat to scare them and in order to stop them from joining protests in future. Even though so called “Baluch honourable group” claimed responsibility for such attacks but in reality they are none but Pakistan’s intelligence agencies. They are harassing and threatening people under different pretexts.

He said at present 8,000 people have been forcefully disappeared from Baluchistan and several of them have been killed but no one is concerned about such a serious issue. He said Baluchistan’s issue was more serious than the Darfur region of Sudan but Baluchistan issue is intentionally being ignored. He demanded that war crime cases should be register against people responsible for forced disappearances and other human right violations in Baluchistan.

He said that Baluch freedom struggle is succeeding; plans were being hatched to change the Baluch demography in the name of Gawader Mega Projects and occupy Baluch coastal wealth but they have failed. Baluch youth are becoming part of freedom struggle in large numbers. People’s views about China are changing, before they used to say China is Mao’s country but now they say it is colonial country. Dr Allah Nazar said Baluch is a responsible Nation and we want to assure the civilised world that free Baluchistan will be a responsible country.

This Exclusive interview of Dr Allah Nazar Baluch has been published by a Baluchistan National Newspaper "Daily Tawar", in Urdu language, and has been translated by BalochWarna team.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The Construction of USA Consulate in Balochistan & the Aftermath

Gwank Report (USA); As recently in the press conference where American Ambassador to Pakistan Ms, Anne Peterson gave a speech which was appreciated by the Baloch nation and also she confirmed that USA will help Baloch nation in every way possible, and the most important statement which sparked shocks in the minds of the colonizer and a sudden calmness into the Baloch society was the construction of a USA consulate in Quetta, Balochistan. A USA Consulate is just what it needs in this volatile situation in Balochistan, being the largest of the 3 provinces Balochistan was never given its due share and always was neglected and used as a colonized land by the oppressor Pakistan, this led to the alienation of Baloch nation and also the realization that there nation is being systematically wiped out, for this Baloch struggle has been going on and off in these 63 years of repression thus such kind of approach by the USA Government into the Baloch Land is somewhat fearful for the oppressor as in this last struggle for freedom, Pakistan has used every human right abuse it have up to its sleeves leaving no leaf unturned the Pakistani government utilize all its might over Baloch nation to end its voice of Independence once and for all.

And Building of a consulate will surely mean that all their wrongdoings will come one by one into the world’s eye hence this will lead them to their real status as being a country who has power but use it wrongs, a country which has nuclear weapons but utilize them over the oppressed nation, & a country which is in all its authoritative sense supports the Taliban, Al Qaeda and all the other terror groups of the world. So to better understand this situation and to look into the matter more closely our correspondent of Gwank interviewed Mr. Kachkol Ali Advocate, the person who was the witness to the abduction of three notable Baloch nationalist by the hands of FC (Frontier Constabulary), for which he fled to London and took asylum because of being threatened by those unseen force which are bred by Pakistan and its agencies.

The most vital point is that after the announcement of Ms, Anne Peterson about the construction of a USA consulate in Balochistan, and two Newborn Terrorist organizations Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan Balochistan, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen is somewhat gives us hint of a Pakistani hand and also to be noted is the threat by these Terrorist Organizations to the red cross and many educational institute where girls are being educated. They phoned, SMS, and distributed pamphlets to them to close all the foreign NGO’s and Mostly Red Cross in Balochistan or else they won’t be spared from the wrath of these terror organizations & they also threaten the educational facilities and authorities to stop all their activities which are against Islamic rules and should follow what there is or these Talibani organizations will attack them also, with these threats all the educational facilities and the authorities have escalated a fear in them and it is also being seen that all the foreign NGO’s and Red Cross have decreased their work in these recent times. To talk on these issues we invited a guest who is Mr. Kachkol Ali Advocate as to what is the real reason that these newborn Pakistani Taliban have hidden in them.

GC: Why these two newborn Pakistani Taliban group have shown their faces after the statement of Anne Peterson about the construction of a USA Consulate in Balochistan?

KAA: Sir! For this I think all our Political Parties & Pakistani Civil Society know very well that who is the puppeteer of these Talibani Organizations, These Talibani organizations are created by ISI and they are real puppeteers & they created them so that they could utilize them for their foreign policies and also to threaten the West and Europe to stand with us or else these talibani organizations will continue what they have been doing in so many years. The biggest example is the new terror plot in Times Square, New York where a son of a Pakistani army general was involved, it is because I have always said that and also said this in the State department of America where I was invited I have said that the Pakistani army was created to counter the Indian army, their biggest philosophy is this that Indian are all Kafirs (Non-Muslim) and we are Muslims and to destroy these Kafirs they brainwashed these Taliban against the Kashmir Occupation and now as they started these theories in Balochistan, I will say this to the world communities that they should see the history, We Baloch are seculars, we are liberals, We are the democracy loving nation, We are not a terror loving, these all philosophy and theories of terror all were created by these Pakistani agencies, Intelligence Security, Establishment, and also this State Pakistan supports terrorism, one could say this without any doubts that all these other countries have armies but Pakistan is the one in all that is the country of the army & in all these views the Pakistan army is shocked about the construction of a USA consulate which will see through every ordeal the Pakistani army does to Baloch nation.

I have seen all this with my own eyes that in Balochistan assembly there were Minister and MPA’s who are Taliban in nature and were brought by the Pakistani agencies (ISI). If this consulate is set up in Balochistan it will see all the happenings and would become witness to all these ordeals which are done inside Balochistan on Baloch nation. It will see the duties performed by these Taliban and will surely see the relation ship of these Taliban organizations with the Pakistani establishment and all their dramas will vanish, that is the reason they are using these tactics and to all this over the closing of Red Cross. I will salute Red Cross over its duties performed by them in effort for the IDBPS (Internally Displaced Baloch Peoples) helping them out who were forced to migrate in the early awake of chaos spread by Pakistani army in Dera bugti. Our provincial Government or the Pakistani government never went to ease up their condition even I went there to see these displaced peoples and requested Sattar Eidi to perform his humanitarian duty and to help my Baloch nation but he was stopped by the Pakistani government but I salute Red Cross again that they performed their duties honestly and published a report and through this report our Displaced people plead was seen all over the world, All these atrocities committed by Pakistan was viewed by all of them.

So this I would say that all these problems faced by these NGO’s are created by the Pakistani establishment now I want to tell West and Europe that both Pakistan and Iran states are headaches, the reason to create the nuclear weapons is to utilize them over the world devastations and we Baloch who are oppressed and our land has been repressed by both these states & we are the real owners of this lands but these two devilish state suppressed us and took over our land by subjugation and by using the name of Islam and I want to tell the USA to take a look over the features of this state that how they are the enemies of democracy and how they bred Talibanization in this region and in this region how they are sabotaging the humanitarian work by the NGO’s & in the view of this Newborn Tehrik-e-Taliban Balochistan Pakistan is concerned I want to tell the world that Baloch are not part of Taliban and we take taliban as the enemies of humanity, they are fundamentalist, they support racism, they are not religious, both these states Pakistan and Iran support them with money and power & for this they carry out their deeds and wants to give a message to the world that both these Terrorist states are involved in creating this deadliest terror force.

I want to tell America that they should not withdraw their promise of a consulate in Balochistan, they should carry out there views in Balochistan and we Baloch have no big hope with America but I want to say this that these Taliban and all the fundamentalist force inside Balochistan and Baloch being a biggest rival to these terror organization and sees them as a pain, for this the West, Europe and particularly America should understand that these fundamentalist who is like Faisal Shahzad who was given Visa and after he received a citizenship and gave him & his family a good living life but what he gave in return they all did this to penetrate more of terror, it was penetrated by Pakistani agencies and also the Pakistani establishment whose creed is to bring itself up as a religious state and a big rival to India, No state has been created in the name of religion or being a rival state against its enemy.

These two creeds have now became useless, now the Pakistani civil society doesn’t see this fit to call for a country which was created in the rival of India, and they also have seen this that this establishment uses religion as a tool to fulfill its agenda. They also know that those Muslim state which were created even before Pakistan and as a long century & are the owners of natural resources are being exploited and are living a standard and luxurious life and the real owners are still living in the stone ages, Is this Muslamaniat?, now the world knows that this country is not a Islamic country they are treacherous and they have used the name of Muslamaniat. Till there is religious ideology in Iran and Pakistan, there will always be religious leaders who will create problems in civil society and in the world in the name of religion, they are not religious Sir! They are greedy people, they are bought they with their willingness destroy the civil society by creating religious extremism and the center is Pakistan and the pick center is Pakistani Establishment, Pakistani ISI who have trained them and utilized them over in Kashmir to conquer it and after this they dragged them into the battlefield of Afghanistan.

GC: Yes Sir! But what you have to say about these two terrorist groups and on the other side the construction of USA Consulate, What you say are these two things are reaction to an action?

KAA: Like I said this before Sir! That they are distributing pamphlets in girl’s educational institutes, they are creating panic to rule out the girls uniform, these all are tactics to pressure America that if they build a consulate then tomorrow when American citizen visit Balochistan they will be targeted by them but the biggest point is who created these terror groups on the first place, the civil society in Mastung is very much educated and they have the highest literacy rate in all of Balochistan , this is an area where majority is of Baloch and as I said that we are secular, we are liberal, we are not fundamentalist, we are not extremist and even our vice chancellor of Mastung or Kalat of University of Balochistan, we are educated, this is all because of ISI who have contaminated our Society, they cast chaos and bloodshed & the most is the extra judicial killing, the abduction and now when America is keen to construct a consulate in Balochistan, so to destroy the morals of America they want to disgraced them, they don’t want this to happen here and if it happens they fear that all their ordeals with Baloch will be seen by America who will be the biggest witness, for my thinking I would say that all those terrorist and Mullahs who escalate fear and panic will be seen in Qulli Camp along all those Big Apes of Taliban leaders, we should not take it easy, as if all these Mullahs and terror groups roam freely then American will look over them and if they look then they would realize that they are thieves and if they see all this and witness that the Pakistani establishment is supporting them then the aid which is coming in millions and billions will be stopped.

The biggest shocking news is that the IMF now have given aid to this treacherous country once again, the aid which is of 10 Billion, 13 million dollars, and this is also to say that the Americans should not succumb to their demands and blackmailing, they think that this State is helping them in war on terror so This state ask the American Government to close its eyes and aid them, Now I would like to tell America that they should think over there decision it is enough for them to hear all those lies and the games played by this State.

As I have given you the references of these writers and bloggers they all have dipped their hands into writing about the Talibanization and they know who the puppeteers are, it is the ISI and the Pakistani Establishment that is why they are distributing pamphlets now and are creating fear in the educational facilities although we are liberals the biggest proof is the university of Balochistan where 400 to 500 Baloch girls are being educated and are living in university hostels, My own daughter is studying in the IT University, We Baloch want modern education system, we want science, technology, We want a liberal society, We Baloch don’t want a state for religious matters as we are democratic nation.

GC: Sir! As Baloch also understands and as many years have passed when American along with Iran and Pakistan accused us of being a stanch supporter of socialism and punished us, but what about now, what are people to do when the news of construction of this consulate has been stated?

KAA: I would like to say that American, Europe or any other moderate nations and state institutions should visit Balochistan and should look into the matter with their own eyes and take a profound look over the ordeal of Pakistani establishment with Baloch nation, we Baloch always have demanded for the international communities but now see this that they don’t want any moderate or human loving people to even come here and investigate, look over to the devastated land where Pakistani army and agencies operated against innocent Baloch not even a single foreigner is allowed to enter that forbidden area, they don’t let tourist take a look over to the coastal belts of Balochistan because they know that the foreigner looking over the standard of living condition of Baloch nation will take up this issue that how a nation has been systematically over driven in the backward era.

Now the construction of this Consulate will surely open up some hidden facts, we Baloch always have said and demanded for America to come and see the living condition of Baloch how they are being targeted and suppressed by this treacherous State, If we Baloch were socialist or were supportive of development, all these ideologies have came from Europe itself, If we took the ideologies of Marx then Marx doesn’t belong to Peshawar, he was a German, he was a big economist, we have seen the humanitarian inside his ideologies that is why we followed him.

We have seen his theory over socialism that he described religious never lets society to keep on developing, but we have seen this that the remission period which was done in Europe through that period religion was divided from the state and now when we see the development in European society or the West it was because religious matters were divided from the states, these theory uloom, theory fanon and theories of understanding all were taken from the West from their enlightenment period. Now if we take a look over to that era when Russia was a block, we liked that block and we are not embarrass as being a human I will say this that globalization, privatization, and this is a new liberalism, if a society is created with grace and morality to humanity then these nuclear and armed weapons which were created to destroy the human lives with million and billions of spending supposed were used for the prosperity of humanity and if they were utilized for human nourishment and sheltering and were used for the better infrastructure of a state, I would say that science have succeeded in so many ways that after all this, the earth would have became a heaven for humans.

This all was because of Europe we accept this ideology, I would say that this ideology, this enlightenment which has escalated in Europe I wish it to come to our Country Balochistan, we are still backward by 500 years before Europe and why is that?, a journalist like yourself once asked Veldewunar that who his he inspired with, his answer was “I am not inspired by anyone if I am inspired with anyone it is the remission period that 500 years before here church, religion every time used religion as a tactic in politics of the state, when remission period came it destroyed the relationship between religion with the state politics and demolished the role of religion in the state affairs. We are still being used by religion which has upper hand in our politics, these Talibanization, these mujahideen, and these intelligence securities they are still brainwashing that if we don’t do anything to serve Islam then we are sure to go in hell, now in this state these religious organizations have thrown us in hell.

Today these organization don’t let younger children to have education, you bombard their schools, you tell young girls to veil their faces, Are these humans? Is this there feeling? Is this their fundamental rights?, Is this their human rights? This all created by those who are fundamentalist, who are extremist and are ruling both Iran and Pakistan, they have to destroy this system. We Baloch plead the West that like you 500 years before you were also lost in this kind of chaos, religious was used by coup, Now I will say that the use of religion by Pakistani establishment or the Pakistani leaders like Muslim League, Jamat-e-Islami or in Iran the Shiaism, they are outdated things, they are disgraceful, I will not condemn religion, it is a individual problem of every person, it is with me and my god but if you involve it in the state policies (Like the Pakistani Foreign Policy) and amend it in the State Constitution, Now what the democracy says about whose the owner of Presidency ship, it is the public but who is the owner of presidency ship in Pakistan it is God, God’s Place but where is God, ISI is the self proclaimed God of Pakistan. On the other side Iran is also like this there they created a Guardian Group that they will investigate in every matter like the selection of Parliament members, the selection goes like the member didn’t committed any religious crimes but the Selectors are all thieves they themselves committed most of the crimes.

Four or Fives misguided people took hold all the offices of a state and run the affairs according to their principle orders, Sir! They are outdated, they are history and they are tricking us because it is a shameful thing that in Iran there seated Mullah’s with black cloth over their heads handle and control the democracy and it is also shameful to us that whenever they get a chance they put up a man in front and accuse him of being a Taliban, who will proof that this man is a pious and religious person, no one because he’s a thief who was disguise as a religious person was ordered to cast chaos and bloodshed and this was all done by the orders of Pakistani agencies and Establishment and they have captured the region and turned it upside down into a cemetery, they are always busy with new tactics like bombarding Indian cities, making big issues inside Kashmir, and the big pick center and the threads of these credits goes to one force and this force is using the religion as a tool.

GC: What you want Baloch to do, if the USA or any other willing moderate nation wants to construct their consulate and are trying to get deep rooted with Baloch, what is Baloch nation hoping in this time?

KAA: It is our own policies, and I wont discuss it, But I would say this that every moderate nation who wants to visit will surely witness the Pakistani created condition for Baloch nation, they would look to the atrocities, they will witness their wrongdoings, all the moderate forces who wants to come in Balochistan, we Baloch accept them and will welcome them but they should not just look into their own interest they should also take a profound research over the atrocities, done by Pakistan on Us. They oppressed us and now are exploiting our natural resources, they should also investigate that we are suppressed nation who are being blackmailed by the use of power. They have nuclear power, they have deadliest Taliban force, they have Suicide bombers and we as a suppressed nation who are the owners of all this natural wealth are living a life of a refugee. Our whole nation who were repressed and tortured, Bombarded our towns even for the proof we have the Red Cross statement that 85 thousand have been displaced from their homes, but if a single person is displaced in Afghanistan the United Nation request to other countries to settle them in their boundaries, not even this if anyone in this whole world is displaced from their homes, the same United Nation and even America ask the other countries to settle this refugees that the lives of these refugees are at stake, and for this I want to tell United Nation and America that where are your statements for Baloch displaced people, why the double standard games.

In Kabul if they bombard a town then you take the case to EU and asked the European countries to give them asylum but in Balochistan these 85 thousand and maybe more are malnourished with no food, no shelters and are begging for help, and in our Balochi culture we take it as a shame that we beg to someone but I would say this that God promise I saw my own fellow Bugti Baloch in Karachi or elsewhere in rural Sindh why they put blindfolds when it comes to Baloch, If America is keen to open up the consulate without the Blindfold and if it comes and witnesses the Bloodshed and atrocities over us by Pakistan then we Baloch welcome them with open arms and we Baloch will welcome all the European countries but they should do justice with us, we are being humiliated and disgraced.

We are not powerless nation, if we have our own country then our per-capita would be far more then these European countries, we would compete with Switzerland with over Gold, Copper, Gas, Uranium and this biggest coastal belt but we have been suppressed, we have all the basic natural resources but all the revenues from them goes to Punjab and Punjabi nation prosper from our resources and if they take this point that we are suppressed and subjugated with all those resources then we Baloch welcome all the worlds power “COME AND TAKE A LOOK AT IT YOURSELF” but if they come to have their interest then they will bring a new problem, If they take our case and do justice with it than I will gladly welcome that with our hearts, this is all Baloch nation want, we want the them to intervene according to the humanitarian laws. It is a humanitarian law that whenever a nation is being subjugated, their society exploited, their annihilation as nation is done and human rights abuses are in great rise then they intervene but I want to say this that I am very much shocked that neither the Europe nor America has shown any sign of intervention and not even the United nation has played any role in this, and I know this also that they are not keen to enlighten our cause of us being tortured and suffering from oppression, and so I plead Europe, America & United Nation that the cause of Balochistan for which there have been so many sacrifices, the atrocities and torture happening, so much discrimination have been done they should on the accounts of humanity should intervene and should wake up from day dreaming, We Baloch will be very thankful to them, we will support and be with them in every way.

Translated By Diagoh Murad
Gwank Report 15-May-2010

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

International Struggle Week Against Disappearances

United Kingdom, London, ‘Disappearance under detention’ is one of the biggest crimes against humanity! The people who are responsible for the disappearances have been trying their best to get away with it. However, one day the responsible people are going to be found and get punished for what they have done just like in Argentina and Chile.

ICAD calls on everyone to raise struggle against disappearances in order to find whereabouts of those disappeared and bring perpetrators to justice.

Public Meeting

Disappearances, Impunity and Global Justice
Date and Time (Saturday): 22nd May 2010, 4pm-7pm
Venue: Room B104, SOAS, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Sq, London WC1H 0XG
(Nearest tube Russell Square)

Speakers from Tamil Ealam, Kurdistan, Latin America, Northern Ireland, Baluchistan, Bask Country and ICAD British Section

For more details read the following leaflets:
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PDF file

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New Torture Cell in Dera Bugti, Sui, under the control of ISI & Mir Aali Bugti

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The interviewee pleads for the UN to investigate...

Gwank Report: (Dera Bugti, Sui); A report has been circulating not in the Pakistani media of course, but through Baloch sources it has been confirmed that Dera Bugti is mostly devastated with severe human rights violation, Our Correspondent of Gwank in Dera Bugti asked a person about his previous condition in the torture cells of Bugti house (Which By the way is now known as Pakistan House), The severe torture inflicted people who are still languished inside the torture cell created by Pakistani agencies inside Dera Bugti with the Help of Mir Aali Bugti is still holding 200 to 300 Baloch men, who are by far not been fortunate enough to give their understatement as not being a part of freedom struggle, which is why they are being kept incommode in torture. Mind you that not only common folks are held up in those torture cells but many famous wadheras and fine man of Nawab Akbar Bugti have been deprived of their rights and are kept illegally by the Pakistani agencies and Mir Aali Bugti.

Now as our correspondent interviewed a recently released Bugti Baloch who has been released after three months of his ordeal inside the torture cell, to get some answer as to why Mir Aali Bugti is opposing and inflicting torture over to his own Baloch Brothers we asked the Bugti Baloch tribes men about his conditions, and also this is confirmed through this source that Master Jeevan who was caught on Express news earlier giving his statement working as an agent for Commander Riaz who is the right hand of Brahamdagh Bugti recruiting Suicide Bombers like one named Gazzo, according to this Baloch Master jeevan is also in that torture cell along with many other Bugti tribesmen where he is also suffering with gross human rights violation, Master jeevan according to him is still alive and hearting and is still being inflicted with pain and suffering as for Gazzo this man told our correspondent that Gazzo has died in those torture cells a long ago.

Now according to our report and sources, the Bugti Baloch stated "Sir I have been kept prisoner inside the torture cells for 3 months, in those 3 months they humiliated me, in those torture cell there are 200 Baloch men, In those torture cell i have seen Wadhera Ali Mohammad Mundir, Wadhera Imam Deen along with other 200 Baloch men and fine men of Nawab Akbar Bugti, They humiliated us by stripping us from our traditional clothes, they slapped us, they disgraces us, and this is what happened to me and all the other Baloch in that torture cell, Now after talking to you we would like you to help us and please demolish that torture cell which holds 200 people inside it"

Our Correspondent asked this man that how many of Baloch are in that torture cell give us the accurate figure to which he told us "That there are 200 people being kept incommode in torture, the people are from all walks of life they include wadheras, fine men of Nawab Bugti and many shepherds and poor people, they humiliate them by stripping them and slapping them around, they don’t take us as human, they don’t feed us accept torture, do kindly look at us and Please for God sake demolish this torture cell,

The next question we asked him was about the whereabouts of this torture cell as where this torture cell is located to which his answer was "This torture cell is located in District Dera Bugti and in town Sui inside the Bugti house (now called Pakistan House). We kept questioning him that what Aali bugti is doing, did he used to visit you people and saw you when you were being tortured to which his answer was direct he told us " That Aali bugti used to visit us and abused us, told us that we are traitors and you are working for BRA and Brahamdagh Bugti, he said that he pleaded to him that we are not working for anybody, we are poor folks who earn their bread by common means, we are picked up by the Pakistani agencies and brought us here".

We asked him that what is the condition of that torture cell where these people are being kept, his answer “There are 200 people in that torture cell, actually it is not a torture cell you can say that by looking at it, it looks like a living room where we were kept and beaten by sticks every morning."

We questioned him more and asked him that how they were torturing them and how Baloch were treated in that torture cells, did Punjabi army and agents come up there to humiliate them, his answer "Yes every day we were visited by Punjabis who were belong to Pakistani agencies and army men also, they humiliated us by stripping us from our traditional clothes, we were naked and slapped with sticks, where they beat us until we were unconscious, they done this 3 to 4 times to each and every one, They threw us to crocodiles, they dragged us like animals by choking us, they disgraced us in every way possible, they threw lizards into the torture cells, it was getting crowded for us as we were pushed to the extend, we run threw the door after being unconscious"

We asked him the names of those people who are still in that torture cell; he gave us few names like "Wadhera Ali Muhammed Mundhir, Wadhera Imam Deen Khan, Master Jeevan Khan, Sonah Khan & Bhagha Khan" he could say much because he said that he was mostly concerned about his own so he cant remember many but he told us that there many more. When we heard the name of Master Jeevan we tried to get some more information as recently master jeevan was interviewed by Mubashir Luqman of Express news where he confessed to work for Brahamdagh Bugti, so we question our fellow Baloch about him more and his answer “Yes master jeevan is languishing inside that torture cell, He is being humiliated and suffering", we asked him that isn’t this the master jeevan who confessed that he was carrying suicide bomb to which his reply was "No Sir! i personally talked to him and he said that he don’t have any suicide bombing mission, They are just using me and humiliating me, he said that he was the only bread earner for his home now he is inside this torture cell his family is suffering from malnutrition, he told us that Master jeevan before the interview was injected and humiliated to confess his doings, he said that Master jeevan was not in his full form when he was interviewed by Mubashir Luqman, he also told us that Master Jeevan don’t remember what happened that day with the interview, He told us that after the interview I personally asked Master jeevan about his interview, his answer was nothing for me to understood as he was not conscious because of the injection they gave to him, i asked him many times, Master jeevan according to him cant remember what happened and what he answered to"

We also asked him about Gazzo the so-called Suicide bomber about his conditions to which he answered “That when he was interviewed he was also not conscious and after the interview he was tortured to death". We asked him how many people have been killed in that torture cell, according to him there were 2 to 3 people who have killed so far, He also stated " That every men whenever visit us used his gun to beat us and want us to beg for our life’s, we cant understand that where are these Human Rights Organizations, is United Nation Blind and International Communities deaf to not hear our cries and our humiliation, We appeal to all to please look to us and demolish this torture cell.

We questioned him about the names of those who were killed inside the torture cell, He told us "That yes many people were killed in which Gazzo the suicide bomber, and one who belong to Masuri bugti tribe (he told us that he cant remember his name), he told us that he was bragged into the place where he saw two corpses of people who were lying dead, in which one was Gazzo and other was a person from Masuri Bugti Tribe. We asked him some more about the news of tortured happened infront of him, he stated "Sir! we were told beaten and asked that we are one who are throwing bombs, rockets, mortals, they accused us for the crimes which we didn’t do we are just shepherds who are earning bread in a common way, i was flocking when i was picked up, i was tortured and beaten and humiliated".

Our Correspondent asked him who picked you up he told us " That both of them Mir Aali's men and agencies picked me up, they were collaborating with each other, every Baloch inside that torture cell has been picked up by both of them parties" He also told us the name of Mir Aali's men which include "Bahil Khan, Sahir Khan" he told us he worked for Attock cement when he was picked up, he told us that he was loading the truck at about 8:00 PM he saw vehicles approaching and then he was picked along with his fellow workers". We asked him that why they picked you up you didn’t question them, to which "Sir! They told us that we are terrorists, I pleaded to them that we are poor people who earn from this, we haven’t done anything please leave us".

We asked him that after they were picked up, what they questioned them first, he told us “Sir! They told us that we are fighting; we have guns to which we are fighting for independence and liberty for Balochistan, you are doing a lot of things, I told them that we are nothing talking about liberty or independence we are poor people who are working day and night to earn our living, leave us please" our Correspondent asked him that when they picked you up did you knew where they were taking you along with many of your fellowmen, his answer was clear "Yes Sir! They were taking us to Sui where Bugti house is situated but not it is not Bugti house it is called Pakistan House, and once we were inside they beat us with guns, sticks and belts, they took our livestock’s and many other belongings, and for this Wadhera Ghulam Nabi is responsible for taking our belongings". We asked him about this character Wadhera Ghulam Nabi, He told us that this man belongs to Shambani Tribe.

We asked him how he was released, he told us "Sir! They asked us to pay them, we paid them and also gave them our livestock’s, they destroyed our homes, they destroyed all of belongings," we asked him why this torture cell was created on the first place, he told us” This jail was created to torture people, this is created by the Pakistani agencies, It's the house of Pakistani agencies where Baloch are kept and treated badly and gross human rights violation has been done inside this torture cell, It is Agency room where interrogation with torture follows" we asked him directly to tell us that why they are doing us what is their purpose, his answer "Sir! They told us we will not let the Baloch do terrorism, we will not accept any Baloch speaking of liberty or independence, I again pleaded that leave us we are not the one you want but they cruelly told us that we will not leave anybody, Pay us or die, they told us that we will not leave anyone in Dera Bugti, we will take everybody out of this battlefield who is talking about freedom and working with our enemies, we will kill those who talk about Brahamdagh bugti and his fellow terrorists, who every is working with Brahamdagh and talks about freedom we will not leave them so easily, i pleaded again but all was vain".

We asked him what kind of torture they inflicted was it only physical or mental torture also followed his answer “That Sir! I was injected I was mentally ill and I couldn’t get out from those nightmares I am still struggling from all that stress. I was mentally tortured i was given injection and was nearly unconscious and in this state they interrogated me and told me that i was the person who was bombing and attacking the towns". We asked him about his friends who were abducting with him and asked their condition, he told us "Sir! They are all my fellow men’s, they are there inside that torture cell, Wadhera Ali Muhammed, Wadhera Imam Deen, and he said that people are increasing day by day as more Baloch are being brought in inside this torture cell, it is not confirm that they are 200 but I am confirmed that the ratio has increased from 200 to many. The torture cells exist of two living rooms, I don’t know the square foot but this I know that its a big place where 150 people are being kept, there is not electricity and we were left with nothing, there were times when people were unconscious with crowded room, many 80 to 70 old aged people suffered were also there, We will ask you again to please send our message to the United Nations and tell them about our condition, I am Qadir Buksh, I am just a shepherd and a poor man, I live a common life, I have been deprived as my house and my belonging were set to fire, I just want to request you to please send our pleads to UNITED NATIONS".

Translation provided by Diagoh Murad from audio report/interview at