Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Baluchistan to observed shutter-down on 28 May against Nuclear Blasts

Occupied Baluchistan, The Unity of Baluch pro-independence Baloch parties “BNF” and other like minded organisations have announced a shutter-down protest on 28 May, on Friday, in Baluchistan and Karachi. They believe that 28 Day May is one the gloomiest days for the people of Baluchistan. They appealed the trade unions, shop owners, schools, colleges and other private and public institutions to co-operate with them to make their protest call a success.

They BNF statement published in Balochistan’s national Newspapers argued that Pakistan’s nuclear weapon are a grave danger to the entire world, as they can fall into wrong hands anytime. The testing of nuclear bomb on Baluch land proves Pakistan’s anti humanism. Pakistan, according to BNF statement, has no value for human lives and it doesn’t car about how many people will suffer due to nuclear radiations in the region.

Pakistan tested its nuclear bomb on Baluch soil in the Raskoh Mountains of district chagia, Baluchistan, due to the lethal blast and the radiations thousands of Baluch have been effected. Hence, it is the duty of every Baluch people (everywhere) to protest against Pakistan’s nuclear blasts in Baluchistan. Baluch people should observe this day as “a dark day” in order to send a strong message to the International civilised world that Baluch are peace loving and civilised people.

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