Sunday, 2 May 2010

2nd May''Shaheed Fida Ahmed Day''

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A nation takes year to give birth to a great leader.It is similar in case of Shaeed Fida Baloch,a proud son of Baloch nation.Fida was highly educated intellectual,linguistic,ideologist and a Baloch nationalist political leader.His wisdom and vision had inspired the entire Baloch nation.His motto''UNITY AND STRUGGLE TILL LAST VICTORY'' is the vital slogan of the Baloch nation.He lived his life by this slogan till his last breath.His mission for free and greater Balochistan is carried forward by Baloch sarmachars in the mountains,the true successors of Shaeed Fida Ahmed Baloch.

Fida Ahmed Baloch s/o Ghulam Mohammad Rind was born in 1957 in Koshek,Turbat.In 1971 he cleared his matriculation from Turbat High School.He graduated from Turbat Degree College with B.A degree in 1975.He did his double M.A from Balochistan University Quetta,M.A Economics in 1979 and M.A English in 1981.Meanwhile he received certification from Balochistan University in Balochi and Brahvi languages.He started his political struggle from Turbat High School and became the active member of Baloch Student Organisation(Awami).In september 1973 he organised a protest rally in Turbat against the millitary operation in Balochistan.In 1978 he became the Secretary General of BSO(Awami).He played a key role in unity of BSO and BSO(Awami).He was the founding figure and member of central committee of former Balochistan National Youth Movement,now Baloch National Movement.

He knew he was on the hit list of anti-nationalist forces but he bravely continued his struggle till on 2nd May 1988 he was assassinated in his own bookshop in Turbat.Assassins killed a man but couldn't kill his vision which would be cherished and pursued by every single Baloch.

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