Sunday, 2 May 2010

Protest against acid attack on Baloch women in Kalat, Quetta and adjourning areas

Occupied Balochistan: Baloch political parties, student Organisations and tribal notables have strongly protested against the pro-Taliban Pakistan’s Intelligence agencies outrageous attacks against Baloch women and children. They demanded strong and swift action against those pro-Jihadi elements that are behind such crimes against women across Balochistan.

The protesters also condemned the police crackdown against innocent Baloch across Quetta and other surrounding areas. They said the security forces had failed to arrest the real culprits who could well be within their own ranks. The protesters while citing the example of Bengalis said that to crush their struggle for liberation Pakistani military used same tactics and brute force against women folk of Bengali people. They alleged that 200,000 Bengali women were raped by the so called Islamic army of Pakistan but despite such inhuman action Pakistani military had failed to crush the freedom movement of Bengali people. They said today Pakistani security forces were involved in similar crimes in Balochistan against Baloch women through their Jihadi groups.

Due to the protest and shutter-down call Kalat and adjourning areas remained close for all kind of traffic and presence in government offices was also reported thin. Protest rallies were also held in Quetta against throwing acids on the face of three Baloch sisters and Pakistani security force crack-down against Baloch populated areas.

Meanwhile a spokesman of BNF has strongly condemned the re-arrest of Mir Qadir Baloch the leader of BWM (Baloch Watan Movement). He said Qadir Baloch had already spent 10 months in prison and was released recently but last night he has been abducted again.

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