Thursday, 20 May 2010

Jail administration mistreating Wahid Qambar Baluch and others: AIM

Occupied Baluchistan: Anjuman-e-Itehad-e-Marri has strongly condemned the Quetta jail administration and ATF for their hatred toward Baluch pro-independent leaders Wahid Qambar Baluch, Mir Qadir Baluch and Haji Murad Khan Marri. They also expressed grave concern over the deteriorating health of Haji Murad Khan Marri in an ATF (Anti Terrorist Force) isolation centre. The statement of AIM alleged that prison authorities are physically and psychologically torturing Baluch prisoners and their attitude toward Baluch leaders is very hostile.

Baluch prisoners are deprived of basic health facilities and there are heavy restrictions to visit Wahid Qamber Baluch whereas Mr. Sanam Marri and Mir Qadir Baluch have been put in segregation under so called MPOs. On the other hand Mr Murad Khan Marri whose health is deteriorating in an AFT Isolation centre has not been provided with any medication. It should be noted that Murad Khan Marri was arrested one year ago from Hub industrial town of Baluchistan. During this one year he suffered severe mental and physical torture. The Pakistani authorities are still keeping him in isolation and he is being denied medication, which puts his life in grave danger.

Last month a Baluch prisoner Mehrdil Baluch had died in prison due to lack of basic health facilities and medication. The AIM statement further said that there are several Baluch students and political activists in Pakistan’s intelligence agencies’ custody, including Zaki Majeed, Jalil Reki, Sangat Sana, Dr Deen Mohammad, Chacha Hussein Marri, Nazir Marri, Mir Ghaffar Langov and thousands of other Baluch persons long forced-disappearances is a clear indication of state’s failure. The state cannot undermine the Baluch freedom struggle by resorting to such inhuman crimes; such behaviours of state will further provoke people to sympathise with Baluch freedom fighters.

The silence of International Community and International Human Rights Organisations about abductions of the Baluchs is a matter of concerned. International Community should take notice of atrocities against Baluch Nation; they should morally support Baluch freedom struggle and put pressure on Pakistani authorities to release Zakir Majeed and other Baluch force-disappeared person immediately.

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