Friday, 28 May 2010

The weapon being tested in the name of country’s defence is a death warrant for Baluchistan

The radiation as the result of the blast will invite death for our next generations, why don’t the government show its military muscles on the bordering areas close to India, we suspect the weapon being tested in the name of country’s defence is a death warrant for Baluchistan, government have always deprived Baluchistan of it due rights, but today they quickly remembered Baluchistan for atomic blast, nuclear test is to quick and easy way of getting rid of the Baluch people : Hyrbyair Marri as a provincial ministers in Baluchistan government (17/05/1998)

Quetta: (Daily Kohistan) - Provincial Minster Nawabzada Hyrbyair Marri has strongly condemned the government for choosing district Chagia in Baluchistan for Atomic blasts in response to India’s nuclear test. He said that the growing numbers of deaths in the province are evidence of Baluchistan’s deprivation. Despite the economical point of view if we look at environmental and health risks, the radiations due to the nuclear test will be never ending and a perpetual death invitation for the coming generations. The rulers and its experts will surely hide and ignore the negative effects of these blasts in the name of maximum security. A well developed Nations like Japan where atomic bombs were dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima during Second World War, the effects of those blasts still have not gone away, lethal diseases like skin and blood cancer are clear example of the atomic radiations in those regions.

It was the atomic technology of half a century ago but today’s experiment are of nuclear nature and contains hundreds of times more radiation, a common man cannot even imagine that which regions of Baluchistan will be effect by these radiations.

If our rulers want to show their military strength they should carry out these tests near Indian border, other provinces of Pakistan do not lack barren land; from Cholistan to Thar-parkar and Badin regions are suitable areas for this purpose, also these areas border with Indian state of Rajhistan where India is completing a series of experiments.

Are our rulers not aware of the positive and negative effects of these blasts? It seems that the weapons being tested in the name of the country’s defence will prove to be a massage of death for the people of Baluchistan. He further said that it is highly possible that the government will reject the idea of testing nuclear weapons in Cholistan to save wild life there and give priority to lives of animals over the lives of human beings.

He boldly said that if we are contacted regarding the nuclear tests in Baluchistan, we will strongly resist against the any such blast on Baluch soil. He said the rulers have ignored Baluchistan’s problems like backwardness, illiteracy and poverty but now when they need a “test zone” for nuclear experiment they straight away remembered Baluchistan. Maybe it’s the rulers’ love for the people of Baluchistan, instead of a slow and painful death they want to get rid of them at once.

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This Statement of Hyrbyair Marri reflects today's situation of Balochistan. The concerned raised in the statement were genuine and are proving right. We believe these blasts were part of Pakistani’s attempts to systematically make Baloch suffer never-ending illnesses and miseries. We call upon International community to send independent exports to Balochistan in order to investigate the after effects of these deadly nuclear blasts on Baloch soil.

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