Sunday, 2 May 2010

Why don’t government and pro-Pakistan Baloch parties condemn killing of Baloch women: BWP

Our houses are under regular attack and our women are being disrespected even physically tortured by Pakistani police and other security forces: complains mother of Mir Wadood Raisani

Occupied Balochistan: The aged and respected mother of Mir wadood Raisni slammed the Balochistan government for their silence over the killing of Baloch women and children in Dera Bugti, Kohlu and elsewhere in Balochistan. She said Baloch women are being disrespected on daily basis in the name of search operations; many have been physically tortured but we didn’t see the PPP (Raisani) government even say a word against the Pakistani security forces. “Everyone is condemning the killing of the college female professor but nobody said anything when Baloch women have been killed, tortured, humiliated and even kidnapped”, she said.

While addressing a press conference at Quetta press club on Friday she said Barowry road police station’s SHO Ameer Mohammad have raided her and her relatives’ house on several occasions without producing any arrest or search warrants to them. She also alleged that there were no female police officials present during all these raids and the male officials searched the Baloch women, misbehaved with them and arrested the young boys including Azam Raisani, Zaheer Raisani, Murtaza Raisani. The police also broke the doors and windows of the houses during the search operation, she said.

She said earlier the same SHO and his men had arrested Jhanzeb Raisani and they could not bring any evidence against him that is why they put him in prison under MPO. “We always try to tell you (the rest of Pakistanis) that Baloch want freedom and Baloch are being punished for asking for a Independence”. She said that she was not asking anyone from the government to take action but she was presenting her case to Baloch defenders of motherland. Referring Baloch fighters she said “we look towards you and GOD for justice”. She reiterated that “We will continue to ask for freedom no matter what the result may be”.

Meanwhile a spokesperson of Baloch Women Panel has also strongly criticised all those pro-Pakistan parties and individuals who according her were talking of Baloch code of honour. Terming such statement sheer hypocrisy she said that when Baloch women were killed none of these people thought of Baloch code of honour and they never dared to condemned the brutal acts of the state against Baloch women but today everyone was shedding crocodile tear for the murder of the college professor. She was also strongly critical of Balochistan High Court Chief justice that he took somoto action against the murder of female College professor but he never took action against thousands of Baloch missing persons and killing and injuring of Baloch women at the hand of Pakistani security forces.

She strongly condemn the arrest of Habib Marri, Malook Marri, Dr Akbar Marri, Mir Qadir Baloch, Murtaza Raisani and other hundreds of people who have been arrested recently by Pakistani security personnel from different Baloch populated areas in Quetta.

She said that the acid attack on Baloch women and children is an attempt to scare us (Baloch women) off from taking part in Baloch struggle for freedom because from past few years the Baloch women have been at the fore front of Baloch struggle for Independence. She made it clear that Baloch women will not be intimidated by such coward action of Baloch enemy.

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