Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Helping Hands to Flood victims...


 As you now from 21st of July, 2010 the flood has been started from Balochistan and district Barkhan. And in different areas of Dist. Kohlu on 22 July, 2010 flash flood completely damaged 30 villages of Kohlu Tehsil, and 20 villages are partially damaged and still flood rain is continuing running to Sibi, Loralai, Zohb, Harnai, Naseerabad, and district Jaffarabad of Balochistan. 

According to news now in the current situation once again water comes back to the district Jaffarabad and especially now the districts Jaffarabad has been 100% destroyed. In addition, there is no any place saves from deadly flood no any shelter, pure drinking water, food and medical facilities these flood affected areas of District Jaffarabad Balochistan and peoples are living with hunger and without any shelter and tent. Water average is eighth Foot high. In 15th of August 2010, 31 peoples are died and many peoples in unconsciousness condition. Ex: PM Jamali’s hometown Rojhan Jamali, ManjhiPoor, HairDin, DoolatPoor, Khan Gharrh, Goath Saleem Khan and many of other villages are completely over-ended.

2,50,000 acres of rice crops wash out only in district Jaffarabad. More then 6000 families of IDP’s of Jaffarabad in this critical situation resident on the main by pass of the Usta Mohammed road, 4000 on Sindh Balochistan by pass, and lot of are living in flood water of own villages, which are more affect full for there health, specially for women, children and old ages. Seven Lac peoples are demolished and affected because of this high-level flood.

We will trying to help Balochistan’s Flood affected, destroyed and displaced people especially in Jaffarabad and Naseerabad Districts of Balochistan, so for which we need to your help.
There is no daily media briefing for global community of nations to get there support in this emergency period. We should come forward and make an open appeal to national and international community on daily development of flood for immediate support, food supplies, medicines, tents and aid. 
Some priorities for flood-affected areas are:
Food, Meal and Pure Drinking Water for saving there lives,Shelters, Tent etc for short-term residency, Medicines for Health care. 

 The Social Sangat a youth-led organization from District Jaffarabad of Balochistan and "The Baloch Publications Quetta"  initiated a campaign "HELPING HANDS for FLOOD VICTIMS", to support and help the helpless flood affected peoples.
 You can send your DONATIONS to SOCIAL SANGAT’s Account....

Account Number: 40335315 1000164
Bank Name: Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd. 
Branch code: MCB- 0562. Usta Muhammad Balochistan

For further details: 

Miss. Parveen Naz, (Editor The Baloch Mag)
Email: naz.parveen@ymail.com, missjeeap@gmail.com
+92 333 3505644

Mr. Khalid Mir (Director Social Sangat)
Email: khalidmir.88@gmail.com, socialsangat@gmail.com
+92 345 3838131


Nawab Bugti Remembered by the Baloch and Sindhis in the UK

Press Release

A remembrance meeting in London paid high tribute to Nawab Akber Bugti on his 4th martyrdom anniversary. The function was organized by the Baloch Human Rights Council (UK) and World Sindhi Congress in the LondonUniversity Union Building on Sunday 29th August 2010. The meeting was presided over by the Baloch intellectual & writer and the Coordinator of Sindhi Baloch forum Dr. Naseer Dashti and was attended by a large number of Baloch, Sindhis and other human rights activists in the UK. Samad Baloch General Secretary BHRC (UK) conducted the proceedings of the meeting.

One minute silence was observed to pay respect to Nawab Bugti. A number of speakers paid tributes to Nawab Akber Bugti for his services to the Baloch and for sacrificing his life for the salvation of his nation.

Prominent among those who paid rich homage to the legendary Baloch leader included Dr. Lakhu Luhana, Mrs. Stella, Mir Aslam Buledi, Jamshed Amiri, Rahim Bandovi, Abdulla Baloch, Walid Garboni, Hashim Baloch, Mehrab Sarjovi, Ghulam Raza Hosseinbor, Dr. Haleem Bahtti, Mir Ghulam Hussain , Ms Suriya Makhdooom and Qadir Jatoi. The speakers urged the Baloch and Sindhi people to follow the legendary leader’s actions as the two nations are facing the most critical moment in their national history.

The meeting passed a resolution demanding the constitution of an international judicial commission to investigate the murder of the Baloch leader in order to bring the responsible in to justice.

The meeting also demanded the intervention of international community in order to save the life of hundreds of missing persons in Balochistan.

The meeting also condemned the murder of Baloch leader Habib Jalib and many others by the ISI and MI “Death Squads” operating in different disguises throughout Balochistan and Sindh.

The meeting also condemned the Pakistani state’s manipulation of inter tribal and intra tribal disputes in Balochistan in order to create chaotic social, cultural and political situation among the Baloch.

The meeting resolved that as right of self determination is an inalienable right of the nations as enshrined the international laws and UN charter, it is the duty of the international community to take immediate action in granting the right of self determination to Baloch and Sindhi nations.

Issued By:

Samad Baloch London, Dated: 30/08/10

On Behalf Of
Baloch Human Rights Council (UK)
World Sindhi Congress

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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Three rockets fired in Quetta, attacks on Pakistan security forces elsewhere in Balochistan

Occupied Balochistan: Three people sustained injuries and two houses partially damaged as three rockets fired from Hina Mountains landed at two separate localities of Jinnah Colony on late Thursday night. Police said that two rockets fired from Hina Mountains of Quetta by unidentified people hit a house in Jinnah colony partially damaging the roof.

Security analyst say that potential target was the house of former member Balochistan Assembly Roshan Khurshid Barocha located on Jinnah Road but the rocket landed few yards away from his house.

A huge explosion was heard as this rocket struck the ground. The roof of Roshan Khurshid Barocha was partially damaged.

While the second rocket struck the outer wall of a house located in Jinnah Town due to which the outer wall, a car parked in the porch and windowpanes were damaged.

Meanwhile Jinhad Baloch of Baloch Liberation Army claimed responsibility of different attacks on Pakistan security forces in Balochistan. He said that Baloch fighters killed three Pakistani security men in Noshki, fired rockets on a security check post near AhmadWall area. He also accepted the responsibility of an attack on Quetta military cantonment from two different directions. He claimed that Pakistani forces suffered heavy casualty in Quetta Cantt attack. 

Friday, 27 August 2010

Slow but steady genocide of Baluch continues: Bullet-riddled body found in Khuzdar

Occupied Baluchistan: A bullet-riddled body was found in Khuzdar on Thursday, some 350 kilometres from Quetta. According to sources, the body was found from Bagh Bana area of Khuzdar and was brought to hospital for autopsy. The deceased has been identified as Tahir Muhammad. Sources said that unidentified people had kidnapped Tahir Muhammad from Koshak area of Khuzdar a few days ago. Marks on Tahir’s body indicate he was severely tortured before his death.

It is worth mentioning that more than a dozen dead bodies of Baluch abducted person were recovered from different parts of Baluchistan in span of less than a month. According to eye-witnesses, families and the doctors reports all the victims were shot in the head. Most of these people had been abducted by Pakistan Military Intelligence Agencies and Para-military forces and were killed in their custody. The so called Sipah-e-Shohada-e-Baluchistan, the “death squad” wing of Pakistan military, accepted responsibility for most of the gruesome, inhuman and brutal murders of Baluch activists.

Three top Baluch political leaders Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad Baluch, Lala Munir Baluch and Sher Mohammed Baluch were also abducted in broad daylight from their lawyers’ office and murdered in cold-blood by their official abductors.

Meanwhile The Balochhal reported that two dead bodies were recovered from Khanozai and Turbat on Wednesday. One of them was identified as Abdul Rehman Khosa who was reported as missing for the past several weeks.

2 prisoners shot dead

QUETTA: Two prisoners were shot dead on Thursday after unidentified gunmen stormed a Levies post in Bakhtiarabad, some 300 kilometres from Quetta. According to security sources, a group of gunmen barged into the Levies post and held the personnel hostage. They then fled after killing Muhammad Anwar and Nabi Bakhsh, who were being held there. A security man was also injured in the standoff.

There is room for war hit Afghans in Baluchistan, but no room for flood hit Baluch! By Walid Garboni

The most recent history tells us that there has been mass migration of Afghans, Fars, Punjabis and other war, feminine or poverty hit people to Baluchistan. Within last 30 years thousands of Urdu speakers from India and Bangladesh have also settled in the East Baluchistan and on Baluch lands within Sind.

The arrival of Afghans in Baluchistan and mass migration of Urdu speakers into the Indus state of Sind have changed the demography of the two states. Despite having reservations, people of Baluchistan and Sind have over all been accommodating towards these migrants. The migrants have now settled permanently, set up businesses and possess decision making positions within the governments.

In the West Baluchistan the situation is more or less similar. Many historical cities have lost their names and Baluch majority is threatened by mass migration of Persians who have been encouraged by the government incentives. As a fact of the matter, Persians own everything thing in Baluchistan, but the majority in number, however, that majority of the Baluch is being threatened too.

Despite Baluch’s open heartedness in the East and West Baluchistan for the neighbours, the Baluch have never been treated as such at the time of need. When in Afghanistan, displaced Marri Baluch were being beheaded in late 1980s and early 90s by Taliban for not sharing the same fundamentalist ideology as them. When drought hit the West Baluchistan in 1990s, many Baluch migrated to Baluchistani cities like Chahbahar and Zahedan for earning a piece of bread for their family members. Instead of welcoming those origins of the land, their settlements were demolished by the people who not long ago themselves were given shelter by the Baluch.

Today, the Baluch in the East Baluchistan and neighbouring Indus state of Sind are suffering as the result of sever flooding. Their children are dying of waterborne diseases. Many have managed to move to safe towns and cities of Baluchistan like Quetta, Hub, Khuzdar and Karachi where they are desperate for food, shelter and medicine. Sadly the authorities are sceptic and sending them unwelcoming messages.

The government of Sind and Baluchistan must understand the situation and grab the opportunity of providing these displaced Baluch and Sindis with emergency assistance; food, medicine and shelter. Thereafter, settle them within those places to secure their vulnerable futures. Otherwise, the resources of their states remain stretched and backwardness entails their nations.

The dream of Shaheed Nawab Akbar Bugti lives on

By Juma Baloch

26th August 2006 was a day of big loss for the Baloch nation. We lost the father figure of our nation Shaheed-e-Wattan Nawab Akbar Bugti. With every tragedy that falls on a nation, it either brings it together or shatters it apart. The martyrdom of Nawab Akbar Bugti brought the Baloch nation together. The fury of the Baloch nation could be seen in the streets from Karachi to Quetta. This is what living nations are made of.

On the murder of Shaheed Akbar Bugti, the occupying Pakistani forces and their puppet government in Balochistan with all their propagating machinery declared the end off insurgency of the Baloch nation. Many years have passed since the martyrdom, but today we can see and know very well the movement of our Sarmachar’s (freedom fighters) has grown stronger and has become more matured.

Shaheed Akbar Bugti had a dream, a dream of unity, a dream of utilizing Baloch national resources for the prosperity of the nation and a dream of freedom for his beloved nation. For having such a rebellious dream the occupying forces could not allow a 79-year-old man to have a natural death. He was targeted to kill these dreams; yes they succeeded in killing the man, but the dream lives on. These dreams have spread to all the corners of the world. Now every Baloch carries these dreams in his heart.
You shoot to kill us one by one
We fall to the ground to rise in thousands

The prolong sacrifices of brave sons of Baloch is a proof that these dreams are not dead. Our mother and sisters with our youngsters have come to streets to express their solidarity with the revolutionary forces of Balochistan. Enforced disappearance, torture, target killing and killing of kidnapped detainees by the Pakistani intelligence agencies have not been able to extinguish the dream of freedom from the eyes of Baloch nation. Echoes of freedom songs chanted in the mountains now can be heard in the streets of the Baloch land.

Still some of our Baloch brothers are saying they will participate in the parliamentary election held under the auspices of the occupying forces. For justifying their act they give the following argument.

* We can’t leave an open field for the reactionary and anti Baloch element.
* We want to keep our constituency intact.
* Someone have to look after the day-to-day problems of Baloch people.

The question arises which problem of Baloch masses these parliamentarians have solved from the parliament so far! Have they solved the problem of unemployment, education, health, infrastructure or guaranteeing our control over our national resources? As I believe they have not been able to table a legislative solution to these problems in the parliament let alone getting them solved. I don’t understand which is more important to keep a constituency intact or keeping the motherland intact? The most important thing to understand is by participating in the election we indorse the legitimacy of the occupying forces to rule over us. Participating in previous elections was the biggest mistake our elders have done and participation in any future elections will be the biggest political blunder our brothers will do. Those who participate in the elections will not only be supporting the shackles of slavery on our heads but will be directly responsible of all the atrocity committed against the Baloch nation by the occupying forces. Baloch people will resist every mechanism the occupying forces will use to keep us entrap. The Baloch parliamentarians have to decide where they want to stand, with the Baloch people or with the occupying forces.

We all Baloch’s have a responsibility towards our nation. Those in the mountains and the streets of the Baloch land and those who are scattered around the world, we have to politically educate our self and equip our youngsters with the ideological vision of the future. The vision must be crystal clear and indigenous in its orientation. As Frantz Fanon put it’s in his famous book “The Wretched of the Earth” “Let us decide not to imitate Europe; let us combine our muscles and our brains in a new direction. Let us try to create the whole man, whom Europe has been incapable of bringing to triumphant birth. Two centuries ago, a former European colony decided to catch up with Europe. It succeeded so well that the United States of America became a monster, in which the taints, the sickness and the inhumanity of Europe have grown to appalling dimensions.

Let’s build our vision on the foundation of Freedom, Dignity, Accountability and Justice.

* Freedom for every person to express him self as his believes.
* No person should be allowed to humiliate and exploit another human been. Every person should have a right to an honorable live.
* Every person should be accountable to the people.
* Justice should be swift and excess to common man.

Corruption is the corner stone in the culture of the occupying forces. Nepotism and corruption are bugs, which eat away the basic fabric of a society. Accountability and transparency in our system will not allow corruption to infiltrate in our society. Freedom of speech, right to an honorable live, accountability of every one, and swift justice will not allow the future rulers of the free Balochistan to commit injustice against the common man. The dawn of freedom will trickle down dignity, prosperity and a bright future to the masses of Balochistan.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Shutter down and Black Day being observed in Baluchistan on the fourth death anniversary of Nawab Akbar Bugti

Instead of a slow death in bed, I'd rather death come to me while I'm fighting for a purpose."-- Shaheed Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti

Occupied Baluchistan: A shutter down strike is being observed in Quetta and several other parts of Balochistan on Thursday (Today) on the occasion of the fourth death anniversary of Baloch nationalist leader Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti

The strike call was given by the Baluch Republican Party. All the Baluch political and students Organisation had announced to support the strike call by BRP, including Baluchistan National Front, Baluchistan National Party, Jamhori Watan party, Baluch Student Organisations and others.

All major shopping centres, schools and office in Quetta and across Baluchistan are closed, with contingents of police, Baluchistan Constabulary, Frontier Core and Anti Terrorist Force deployed throughout the city.

A complete shutter-down strike and Black Day is also being observed in other areas of Baluchistan such as Noshki, Dalbadin, Mastung, Qalat, Pisni, Sibi, Dera Bugti, Kohlu Mach, Khuzdar, Naal, Gawader, Turbat, Khara and Baluch populated areas in Sindh and Karachi.

Meanwhile BBC Urdu has reported that five people have been killed and 12 wounded in attacks on government forces and non-Baluch settlers. PPP –Sherpao’s leader Ghulam Mostaga Khorasani has been shot dead in Surab bazaar, two people have been killed in Dera Bugti in a landmine blast, one person died in a hand grenade attack in Panjgur and two Pakistani security forces have been injured in yet another hand grenade attack in Gawader.

Independent sources reported that a Pakistani security forces vehicle was destroyed in a grenade attack in the industrial town of Hub, and a convoy of the occupying forces have been attacked in Rahkni areas of Baluchistan. Presumably, several security personnel were killed and injured in these attacks but no casualties have been reported on official levels so far.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

No glee of negotiating with the terrorist government: Jameel Akbar Bugti

Occupied Baluchistan: The government (of Pakistan) themselves are terrorists; Baluch Nation has no eagerness to negotiate with them. Those who had blamed the Baluch for getting money from India are today compelled to spread hands in front of India for help. Nawab Bugti’s Martyrdom anniversary will be observed with great respect on 26 August across Baluchistan.

The son of Shaheed Akbar Bugti, Nawabzada Jameel Akbar Bugti has expressed these views while exclusively talking to “NNI” from Karachi. He said that Baluch Nation will observe complete strike and a Black Day on 26 August to commemorate the 4th martyrdom anniversary of Nawab Akbar Bugti, whereas; there will be Quran Khawani (a ceremony of reading the Holy Quran) in Bugti Boluk on 28 August.

He said that Asif Ali Zardari says that he won’t talk to terrorists in Baluchistan but we want to tell him that the government is the biggest terrorist and Baluch Nation has no excitement of appealing for mercy from the government. The government (Pakistan) is still abducts Baluch youth, ties their hands and feet and kills them in cold blood, the government’s own created groups (wings) accept the responsibility of killing these innocent Baluch. Why the civilised societies of the world are silent on the ongoing atrocities against Baluchistan, He asked astonishingly.

He said government was only making tall claims of helping the flood victims in Baluchistan. No foreign aid agencies have been allowed to help Baluch victims of flood. Government’s attitude against 2007 flood victims was the same and today also Baluchistan is being ignored, he said. Commenting on the recent brutal killing of two brothers in Sailkot Punjab, he said that the issue of alleged burying women alive was raised by Pakistan everywhere but today the brutal killing of two youth in Punjab has exposed the real faces of educated Punjab. The Punjabis are killing their own people so ruthlessly imagine if they arrest Baluch youth what will they do to them, he pointed out.

He said it was on record that the foreign minister of Pakistan said “We won’t accept any charity from India”, but I want to ask him “Why once blaming Baluch for taking money from “RAW” are accepting the charity of India?” He said Bangladesh like situation are being repeated in Baluchistan because in Bangladesh also the military and Jamaat Islami jointly created so called organisations like Al-Badr and Al-Shams to massacre the Bangalis. Today once again Mollah Military Alliance (The Alliance of Military and Islamic Groups) are involved in killing Baluch youth. He said Jamaat-e-Islami is crying crocodile tear over Baluchistan but it is the same party which was a part of MNA and they supported military operation in Baluchistan during Musharraf era.

Commenting on Pakistan’s Home Minister, Rehman Malik’s allegations, Jameel Bugti said that Rehman Malike can easily see the resistance Organisation created by Hyrbyair Marri, Brahumdagh Bugti and Javid Mengal but how come he cannot the government’s armed groups such as: Sipah-e-Shoda-e-Baluchistan, Insar-ul-Islam and Armed Defence Group? I warned the Baluch nation to stay vigilant from the groups of government agencies and their paid Baluch agents. Government wants to create mess in Baluchistan with the help of these groups, he remarked.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

1 million people face starvation in Balochistan, says minister

Umrani seeks direct foreign aid, not via Islamabad
* Says more than 5,000 villages and a large portion of national highway has been washed away

By Mohammad Zafar

Occupied Baluchistan: Senior Minister Mir Sadiq Umrani on Sunday said that more than one million people were dying without food, water, medicine and shelter and the Balochistan government was unable to deal with this humanitarian crisis alone.

Addressing a news conference, Umrani, who belongs to Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), appealed to Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries to help the people of Balochistan in this humanitarian disaster.

“We want direct aid from neighbouring countries and not via Islamabad”, he said, adding that if immediate relief did not arrive, people would start dying of hunger.

“I have spent a week in Naseerabad division and have seen no official from the local administration or any member of non-government organisations (NGOs) in the flood-hit area, and people are living in the open without food and clean drinking water,” he said.

He said women, children and elderly people are crying for food, and there was an immediate need of 0.3 million tents.

The minister said 40 people were killed in the past week while every morning a dead body arrives at Dera Murad Jamali Hospital. Hospitals are crowded with patients and there was shortage of doctors and medicines, he said.

He said hospitals in other affected areas were submerged in floodwater and currently only two hospitals were functioning. How can a deputy commissioner with a couple of subordinates cope with the serious situation? He questioned. Umrani said more than 5,000 villages and 195-kilometres roads, including a large portion of national highway had been washed way and standing crops over 1,86,844 acres had been destroyed.

He said just four helicopters were engaged in relief operations whereas thousands of people were still waiting help in Ghandaka, Jaffarabad and Naseerabad areas.

Sadiq Umrani, who also belonged to Naseerabad, has said that the chairman of National Disaster Management Authority had stopped the different NGOs from helping the flood survivors in Balochistan, “The chief minister had taken up the issue with the federal government seeking immediate action against the NDMA chief.

Provincial ministers of PPP, Younus Mullazai, Tahir Mahmood, Gazala Gola and MPA Ali Madad Jatak were also present on the occasion.

Protest for the recovery of Baluch forced-disappeared person, govt deceiving people: Nasrullah Baluch

Occupied Baluchistan: Hunger strike camp for release of Zakir Majeed Baloch entered into 102nd day but there is no information of Zakir Majeed’s whereabouts so far. A large number of people protest outside Quetta press club here on Monday. Addressing the protesters and media men Zakir Majeed Sisters said that the family has been sitting on protest for more than hundred days but the ignorance of the state (Pakistan) is unimaginable. “If Pakistan has even a shred of decency then they should surface Zakir Majeed and present him to their own court of law for a trial”. Zakir was struggling for human dignity, disappearing people for years like this shows the state’s savageness and uncivilised manners, he said. She appealed to all human loving organizations, Religions and Nations to take notice of State atrocities and play their vital role to save the life of her brother and thousands of other Baloch illegally detained persons.

Mean while the family of Baloch leaders Mir Wadood Raisani , Mir Jalil Reki , Dr.Deen Mohammad Baloch ,Mir Ghaffar Langov , Sangat Sana Baloch, Maqbool Zafer Baloch and Abdul Sattar Baloch ‘s hunger strike camp entered into 26th day. Many people visited the camp; the visitors said that the cold-blooded murder of the abducted Baloch by Pakistani intelligence agencies is a slap on those who claim to be champion of Human Rights. They further said that Pakistani PM is also helpless in the front of Pakistani Intelligence Agencies. The Baluch families said that they had several time knocked the door of Pakistani judiciary and other high official but all in vain. They appealed to the UN, European Union and Human Right Organizations to step forward and play their role for the safe and early recovery of Baluch forced-disappeared persons.

Karachi: protest against cold-blooded murder of Baluch prisoners, Panjgur Chemists closed stores

Karachi: Baloch Student Organization Azaad held a protest rally against the cold-blood killing of abducted Baloch by and against abduction of 8000 Baloch by Pakistan and its Pakistan Intelligence Agencies. According to details BSO Azaad organized a protest rally which started from Karachi Art Council and finished at Karachi press club. BSO Karachi Zone, BSO Gaddap zone, BSO Lasbella zone members and the large number of Baloch people participated in the rally.

Addressing the rally BSO-azaad leaders said that Pakistani state has been committing human right violation since the forced occupation of Independent Baluchistan in 1948. The continued inhuman treatment and discrimination against the Baluch is declaration of Pakistani state’s barbarism .They further said that that if the International Community wanted to save the human civilisation that the world has achieved thus far, then they must take immediate notice of inhuman acts of Pakistan.

Today Baloch are not only struggling to save their land and identity but the Baluch struggle is to save the world from dangers that it faces from Pakistan and terrorism. However the deliberate silence of the world on Pakistan’s atrocities against Baluch freedom struggle is beyond imagination.BSO Azad made it clear that if Pakistan’s barbarism is aimed to stop Baloch liberation movement than the state is mistaken because the more pain it causes to the people and the more energetic the liberation movement will become.

Naal: Meanwhile BSO-azaad Naal zone has also protested against the abduction of Bluch leaders and asked for the immediate recovery of all Baluch abducted persons.

Abduction of Baluch Leader: Medical stores will remain closed for an undefined period: Chemist Associations

Panjgur: All Panjgur Chemist Associations have announced to close medical stores the whole district until the release of Abdul Sattar Baluch, Agha Abid Baluch and Safeer Baluch. Several leaders and members of Association have set up a sit-in protest camp. Due to the closure of medical stores across the district patients faced huge difficulties. The president and leaders of Medical and Chemist Associations have said that Baluch leaders Abdul Sattar Baluch is district president of All Panjgur Chemist Association whereas Abid Shah and Safeer Baluch are also members of the Association, they have no affiliation with any armed groups and neither have they been involved in any unlawful activities. The FC has abducted these three innocent men in front of several eye-witnesses on broad day light from Chatkan bazaar, Panjgur. They feared that the Baluch leaders might be harmed in custody while adding that if there are any cases against the Baluch leaders then they should be presented to the court of law.

Furthermore Government Teachers Associations have announced to boycott all attending classes in schools across Panjgur district. They also demanded the immediate release of Baluch leaders. They said CM Baluchistan, Chief Secretary Baluchistan, Education Minister Baluchistan, Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner Makuran and several other high officials have been informed about the arrest and disappearance of Baluch leaders.

Monday, 23 August 2010

United Nations: Its Contribution to the Everlasting Balochistan Crisis

Once I travelled from Eastern Balochstan, Pakistan to the Western part of Balochistan, Iran to offer my condolences to a family who lost their loved one. It was a short one and half hour drive. As soon as we reached the famous Goldsmith border line which has been drawn back in the 19th century, Balochistan was divided among Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan by the British Empire’s “divide and rule” policy.

Baloch leaders have referred such border as “artificial.” In fact, these artificial borders are very unpopular among the Baloch people due to many decades of tyranny that has been pressed upon them. Indeed Iran and Pakisrtan have both failed to win the hearts and minds of the Baloch people.

As soon as we cross the border I could easily see the Iranian security at the top of the mountain, sheltered by their bunkers, their eyes were chasing and looking for individuals fleeing or entering its borders under the gaping sun and scorching heat. Their was a tiny village near the border, as our vehicle entered, their were family compounds. As soon as we went inside the house, within five minutes two Iranians security force vehicles rushed inside the compound, they parked right next to our vehicle.

“You know how the Jews of Russia feel now. That is how I feel — like a slave.” Says Kurdish leaders Mustafa Barzani.

As a Baloch I felt the same way because. The same security force on May 16, 2007 shot and killed an 11 year old innocent Baloch girl Roya Sarani right front of her house as her powerless father and brothers stared with a complete sense of helplessness. She was coming from her school exams in city of Zahedan, Sistan-Balochistan. In Eastern Balochistan, on May 2008 city of Dera Bugti, three innocent peasant Bugti trbe members Nazar Mohammed Bugti, Rostam Bugti, and Jeo Bugti were burned alive to death. Such extreme acts of brutality from the state security forces are crime against humanity.

When 28 years old Yaqoub Mehrnehad a cultural and human rights activist from the capital city of Zahedan, Sistan-Balochistan, was arrested on May 2007 by Iranian security forces. He was taken to an unknown location, never explained what his crime and guilt? Neither gave him an opportunity in the court to present his evidence to prove his innocence, he suffered some of the worst torture in prison. Amnesty International expressed their concern of his illegal arrest and safety.

He was the head of, “Voice of justice youth associations” which is a non-governmental organization, his activities were purely about the promotion of Baloch culture and education. Trying to reaching to the young and help them in many fields of education. He was a writer and reporter for the newspaper Mardomsalri which is based in Tehran.

On August 4, 2008 he was executed in the city of Zahedan, Balochistan, Iran.

I would say in all part of Sistan-Balochistan, Iran there is complete vacuum of free media due to the fact that the media is control by a radical regime, who provides biased news reports about the ground reality in Sistan-Balochistan. Because Iranian security forces have a strong grip in Balochistan, they are indiscriminately arresting the Baloch youth and labeling them as a terrorists, smugglers, and as anti Islamic. Hundreds of Baloch youth are hanged in public. Many Baloch religious leaders (Sunni minority group) are executed and assassinated by the Iranian regime.

” The civil campaign and political activities are illegal and illegitimate in Balochistan and therefore, anybody who engage in civil campaign peaceful activities can condemned to death.” Says Reza Hossein Borr a Baloch intellectual’s .

Since the forceful occupation of Western Balochistan by Reza Shah Pahlavi in 1928, The dark history of aggressive polices of all Iranian regimes towards Balochistan is not hidden. Baloch people are deprived their linguistic, cultural, social, political, and economical rights.

“According to the official figures of Iranian regimes 76 percent of the Baloch people live in poverty line such high level of the poverty line result of the deliberate policies of the Iranians regimes for eradicating the Baloch people through salvation.”

Baloch people believe the United Nations can play the important role resolving the Balochistan conflict. Their involvement will help to stop the further genocide, aggressions, arrest, torch red, extrajudicial killing, displacement and assassinations of Baloch leaders. If the Balochistan crisis continues to be ignored by the world, such atrocities and aggressions will continue by both regimes of Iran and Pakistan.

According to the international court of justice “crimes against humanity” is explained in the article # 7

(a) Murder (b) Extermination (d) deportation or forcible transfer of population (e) imprisonment or other severe deprivation of physical liberty in violation of fundamental rules of international laws; (f) torture (h) persecutions against any identifiable group or collectivity of political, racial, national ethnic, cultural, religious, gender…. (i) enforced disappearance of persons;”

All of the acts have been committed by the both regimes against the native Baloch people. This is the moral duty of the United Nations to step in and perceive both ruthless regimes to resolve the legal and legitimate demands of the Baloch leaders.

Otherwise, the un-ending crisis in Balochistan will hardly come closer to being resolved. The two un-democratic regimes have proven with previous records that they will keep betraying the Baloch people and continue their evil polices towards them. They will continue their aggressive polices and keep depraving the Baloch by denying their economical, political, linguistic, cultural, and religious rights . On the other hand Baloch leaders are tired of begging for their autonomy.

You can not treat the cancer patient with the bandage, the crisis in Balochistan is not a scratch but more a deep gash. That’s what both theocratic and dictatorial regimes Iran and Pakistan have been doing for many years. From the Baloch prospective Balochistan’s un-ending crisis is reaching to a point of no return.

Pakistan Military “Death Squad” wing threatens to extend its activities beyond Baluchistan

Occupied Baluchistan: The Pakistan military Death Squad wing which they have named Sipah-e-Shohad-e-Baluchistan has recently threatened to widen their anti Baluch actions outside Baluchistan. According their spokesperson Abdulla (Baluch) the Ameer (leader) of Sipah-e-Shohad Ghazi Abu Muslim called a meeting of, what he described as Mojahideens, and it has been decided by the Majlis-e-shoora that the group will expand their activities inside Pakistan, abroad and in Afghanistan to hunt down the “agents of Angryz (a term generally use to describe people of Western Countries) and Indians”.

The statement further alleged that these “Agents of Angryz and Indian” are creating trouble in Pakistan for the sake of money from other countries. “They are killing innocent Muslims and making Baluch Nation to go astray”. The statement warned that whoever kills innocent Muslims and talks against Islam the Sipah-e-Shohada will not spare them. Whoever creates turbulence in the country they will meet their destiny, vowed Ghazi Abu Muslim the leader of Sipah-e-Shohada.

Meanwhile a new wing of the ISI emerged in the name of “Addozai Tribe” and claimed the responsibility of abducting a Baloch advocate, Zaman Khan Marri. According a statement attributed to the “Addozai Tribe” publish on a Baluchistan based daily Tawar they alleged that advocate Zaman Khan Marri is a supporter of BLA and the tribe has abducted him to avenge the killing of one person from their tribe, (Addozai Tribe). The tribe also hurled similar threats that they will continue to target Baluch pro-independence leaders and activist in Baluchistan and abroad.

Zaman Khan Marri has been abducted on 19 August from Quetta. Lawyers from Baluchistan have strongly protested against his arrest and demanded his immediate release.

The Sipah-e-Shohad (Pakistan Military’s Death Squad wing) may or may not have the capability of carrying out attacks across Baluchistan and abroad, but the Baluch pro-independent leaders and activists must be very vigilant and remain alert at all times.

The history of Death Squads: The Iranian security forces “death squad” that killed several Baluch activists and leaders in Karachi, Quetta and elsewhere in 80s and 90s, who had escaped the Iranian Regime’s repression and sought refuge in Pakistan.

Kurd leader Dr. Qasimlo, the Secretary-General of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI), who was killed by Iranian government agents in July of 1989 in Vienna, during negotiations for a peaceful settlement of the Kurdish question.

On July 18, 1985, the 27 year old Shahnawaz Bhutto was found dead in Nice, France. He died under mysterious circumstances, and the Bhutto family firmly believed he was poisoned. No one was brought to trial for murder, but Shahnawaz's wife Rehana was considered a suspect by the French authorities and remained in their custody for some time. She was found not guilty and later allowed to travel, and went to the United States. Pakistani media, which was under Zia's control, attributed his death to drug and alcohol abuse.

On January 10, 2008 11:00 pm the originator of “bizmkaar.com” (Baloch Izmkaar/The Baloch Artist) and lecturer at Uppsala University (Sweden) Dr. Arif Barakzai died suddenly under conspicuously suspicious circumstances in Oslo, Norway allegedly after falling from the 11th floor balcony of his apartment.

Baluchistan struggle has entered a very critical but decisive juncture. The Baluch enemies will do their utmost to eliminate Baluch struggle for liberation by harming the leaders and active members of the liberation movement. There are already several people in Baluchistan and abroad who can easily be bought and used against Baluch struggle. It is important that pro-independent Baluch leaders, activists, writers and intellectuals should always be cautious and alert.

See also Genocide in Bangladesh: http://cplash.com/post/Bangladesh-Genocide-Archive630.html

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Martyrdom Anniversary of Nawab Akbar Bugti to be held in London and Baluchistan

UK/Baluchistan: Baluch organisations in Baluchistan and abroad have announced to hold references in the memory of Shaheed Nawab Akbar Bugti, who was murdered by Pakistan military on 26 August 2006, in Trathani Mountains of Baluchistan. In Baluchistan Anjuman-e-Itehad Marri, BRP, BRSO and other Baluch political and students Organisation have announced to organise memorial gathering to pay homage to Shaheed Bugti and his comrades for their courageous struggle for Baluchistan freedom. Anjuman-e-Itehad-e-Marri is holding a memorial meeting in New Kahan on 25 August whereas BRP has given a call for shutter down protest in Baluchistan on 26 August.

Whereas in UK the Baloch Human Rights Council (UK) and World Sindhi Congress are organising a memorial meeting to honour the great Baloch hero Nawab Akbar Bugti on the fourth anniversary of his murder by Pakistani Army on 26th August 2006.

They requested to all Baloch, Sindhi and other human rights activists to take part in the event to pay tribute to the Baloch national hero.

Your participation is much appreciated.

The UK Event details are as follows:
Room 3B, University of London Union Building
Mallet Street, London WC1E 7HY
Date: Sunday 29 August 2010
Time: 3:00 – 6:30 PM
(Nearest Tube Stations: Russell Square, Euston Square)
Organisers and Contacts:
• Baloch Human Rights Council,
Samad Baloch – 07825087032
• World Sindhi Congress,
Haleem Bhatti – 07939177286, Lakhu Luhana - 07825828163

Friday, 20 August 2010

Ways to help flood victims in Balochistan

Balochistan Volunteers Foundation, Quetta

Update August 18, 2010

Current Situation in Jaffarabad:

Water is returning once again to the Jaffarabad district. Conditions in the cities of Dera Allah Yaar and Usta Mohammed are especially critical. On average, water is eight to ten feet high. On August 15, 2010, 31 people died and many are in critical condition. Manjhi poor, Hair Din, Doolat Poor, Goath Saleem Khan, Khan Poor and many other villages are destroyed. Water is flowing from Usta Mohammed to Gandakha Tehsil, after which it will flow to District Jhal, Magsi side. The government has advised residents of District Jhal Magsi to evacuate as soon as possible.

According to analysts, the last flood waters will arrive in Balochistan on August 21 from Sindh and once again Jaffarabad and Naseerabad will be hit.

Thus far, 250,000 acres of rice crops have been washed out in district Jaffarabad alone. More then 40,000 families of IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) from Jaffarabad are living in critical situations, resident on the main bypass of Usta Mohammed Road. 3,000 are living on the Sindh Balochistan bypass, and many are living in the flood waters of their own villages. These conditions are having a devastating affect on people's health, especially on women, children and the elderly. 4 lakhs of people have been affected by the floods and their livelihoods demolished.

Please share this information with your friends and forward this to anyone who can donate.

The Balochistan Volunteers Foundation, located in Quetta, is raising money and gathering supplies to help victims of the flood in Balochistan, especially in Jaffarabad and Naseerabad. Financial support can be sent to the foundation via Western Union and if you are in Pakistan, you can send or deliver donations to the below address. (photos)

To help flood victims:
Balochistan Volunteers Foundation

To send donations via Western Union:
A/C no: 00567900009303
Habib Bank Ltd.
N.I.C No: 42301-6372226-6

Cell No: +92 333 3505644
Ph No: 081-2472276,
Fax No: 081-2472276
Email ID's: naz.parveen@ymail.com, missjeeap@gmail.com
Office Address:
The Baloch Office Arbab Karam Khan Road, near Khilli Sheikhan with Iqra School, Quetta, Balochistan

Items needed immediately include:
1. High energy biscuits
2. Protein rich ready packed food
3. Medicines for prevention of gastro and stomach-related diseases
4. Sugar cane cakes (gurr)
5. Life jackets and vests (for rescue and transiting flooded areas)
6. Irani cakes (packed)
7. Water proof & winterized tents (cold season will follow)
8. Water purification tablets
9. Transportation to relief camps
10. Help establishing relief camps
11. Watson facilities at camps (to avoid the threat of disease)
12. Food and meals to fight hunger

Message from Balochistan Volunteers Foundation, Aug 15, 2010:
The floods started in Barkhan on the 21st of July, 2010. Barkhan district is now 100% destroyed. There is no place to shelter from the deadly floods and there is no clean drinking water or medical facilities in the flood-affected areas. People are hungry and without shelter. In Kohlu district, on July 22, 2010, a flash flood did major damage to 30 villages. 20 villages are partially damaged. Flooding rains continue and are spreadin/have spread to Sibi, Loralai, Zohb, Harnai, Naseerabad, Jaffarabad, etc.

After flooding Jacobabad of Sindh, the waters are once again inundating the Jaffarabad side which is already suffering from previous flood waters. Women and children are on the roadsides with no shade, no shelter and no food.

We will be trying to help the displaced people in Balochistan's flood-affected areas, especially those from the destroyed areas of Jaffarabad and Naseerabad. For this we need your generous help. Thank you, Parveen Naz, Manager.