Monday, 23 August 2010

Pakistan Military “Death Squad” wing threatens to extend its activities beyond Baluchistan

Occupied Baluchistan: The Pakistan military Death Squad wing which they have named Sipah-e-Shohad-e-Baluchistan has recently threatened to widen their anti Baluch actions outside Baluchistan. According their spokesperson Abdulla (Baluch) the Ameer (leader) of Sipah-e-Shohad Ghazi Abu Muslim called a meeting of, what he described as Mojahideens, and it has been decided by the Majlis-e-shoora that the group will expand their activities inside Pakistan, abroad and in Afghanistan to hunt down the “agents of Angryz (a term generally use to describe people of Western Countries) and Indians”.

The statement further alleged that these “Agents of Angryz and Indian” are creating trouble in Pakistan for the sake of money from other countries. “They are killing innocent Muslims and making Baluch Nation to go astray”. The statement warned that whoever kills innocent Muslims and talks against Islam the Sipah-e-Shohada will not spare them. Whoever creates turbulence in the country they will meet their destiny, vowed Ghazi Abu Muslim the leader of Sipah-e-Shohada.

Meanwhile a new wing of the ISI emerged in the name of “Addozai Tribe” and claimed the responsibility of abducting a Baloch advocate, Zaman Khan Marri. According a statement attributed to the “Addozai Tribe” publish on a Baluchistan based daily Tawar they alleged that advocate Zaman Khan Marri is a supporter of BLA and the tribe has abducted him to avenge the killing of one person from their tribe, (Addozai Tribe). The tribe also hurled similar threats that they will continue to target Baluch pro-independence leaders and activist in Baluchistan and abroad.

Zaman Khan Marri has been abducted on 19 August from Quetta. Lawyers from Baluchistan have strongly protested against his arrest and demanded his immediate release.

The Sipah-e-Shohad (Pakistan Military’s Death Squad wing) may or may not have the capability of carrying out attacks across Baluchistan and abroad, but the Baluch pro-independent leaders and activists must be very vigilant and remain alert at all times.

The history of Death Squads: The Iranian security forces “death squad” that killed several Baluch activists and leaders in Karachi, Quetta and elsewhere in 80s and 90s, who had escaped the Iranian Regime’s repression and sought refuge in Pakistan.

Kurd leader Dr. Qasimlo, the Secretary-General of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI), who was killed by Iranian government agents in July of 1989 in Vienna, during negotiations for a peaceful settlement of the Kurdish question.

On July 18, 1985, the 27 year old Shahnawaz Bhutto was found dead in Nice, France. He died under mysterious circumstances, and the Bhutto family firmly believed he was poisoned. No one was brought to trial for murder, but Shahnawaz's wife Rehana was considered a suspect by the French authorities and remained in their custody for some time. She was found not guilty and later allowed to travel, and went to the United States. Pakistani media, which was under Zia's control, attributed his death to drug and alcohol abuse.

On January 10, 2008 11:00 pm the originator of “” (Baloch Izmkaar/The Baloch Artist) and lecturer at Uppsala University (Sweden) Dr. Arif Barakzai died suddenly under conspicuously suspicious circumstances in Oslo, Norway allegedly after falling from the 11th floor balcony of his apartment.

Baluchistan struggle has entered a very critical but decisive juncture. The Baluch enemies will do their utmost to eliminate Baluch struggle for liberation by harming the leaders and active members of the liberation movement. There are already several people in Baluchistan and abroad who can easily be bought and used against Baluch struggle. It is important that pro-independent Baluch leaders, activists, writers and intellectuals should always be cautious and alert.

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