Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The bitterness in our voice and hatred in our eyes – are gifts from Pakistan

The token hunger strike protest of BSO-azaad’s senior vice chairman, Zakir Majeed Baluch, entered the 83rd day but still there is no clue of his whereabouts.

Occupied Baluchistan: Families of Baluch forced-disappeared activist continue to protest for the immediate and safe recovery of their loved ones, among such protests, Waja Zakir Majeed Baluch’s family protest is regarded as “the longest protest ever” which entered the 83rd day on Tuesday. According to reports a large number of people belonging to different walks of life have visited the protest camp to show their solidarity with the families of involuntary disappeared persons.

Interacting with the visitors the mother of Zakir Majeed Baluch reiterated her appeal to Baluch Nations and all freeborn people of the world to be her voice on all available forums to get her son released earliest possible.

Speaking to journalists at the protest camp, the sister of Zakir Majeed said that “The other day my harsh language was not unexpected, we are living a horrendous life after the abduction of my bother; obviously! When we speak (move our lips) we do not praise the Pakistani departments (ISI and MI) who have abducted our brothers. From past one year there has not been a single moment that I did not see my mother crying for her son – what do you expect from these eyes? The eyes that have been waiting for the return of their loved ones for more than a year now cannot praise these agencies that have brought this despair upon us”. She went on to say that bitterness in our voice and hatred in our eyes are gifts from this state (Pakistani) departments. She said it was not only her ‘who hated’ the state but families of 8,000 Baluch have the same feeling towards the state & and its intelligence agencies. “The land which is on flames feels the heat of fire” she said.

The family of Zakir Majeed further said that “We want to tell the Baluch Nation and Human Rights Organisations that we are receiving indirect threats from the Pakistani intelligence agencies to end our protest”. They reiterated that their protest will continue until the safe recovery and release of Zakir Majeed Baluch and other Baluch disappeared activists. The family also repeated their appeal to Baloch Diaspora saying “We appeal all Baluch brothers, sisters and mothers around the world to join our protest against abduction of Zakir Majeed and other thousand of Baluch political and student activists”.

Meanwhile families of Chakar Marri, Jalil Reki, Dr Deen Mohammad Baluch, Mujeeb Baluch and Sangat Sana Baluch have established protest camps in front of Quetta press club from last nine (9) days. Talking to media they said that the main objective of their protest was to inform the International Community and International Human Rights Organisation about the atrocities of Pakistani state and its intelligence agencies against Baluch people. The relatives of Baluch forced-disappeared said that they don’t have any expectations form the so called committee for missing person which has been constituted by Pakistan court. Hence, they appeal ‘through media’ to the International Human Rights Organisation including EU and the UN to take action against Pakistan’s intelligence agencies and make sure the safe and early return of their loved ones.

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