Sunday, 15 August 2010

A film from a terrible crime of the iranian regime in Naseerabad, Sarbaaz district of Baluchistan

Martyr Dorra Shahdost Zahi was a innocent young man from Naseerabad village of Sarbaaz district, who recently received martyrdom by bloodthirsty terrorists of Khamenei for the crime of being a Baluch and a Sunni Muslim.

The terrorist army of iran has stormed in the house of Dorra and opened fire at him in front of his family members where he received Martyrdom. His body was handed to his family after 10 days of continuous requests from Baluch tribal elders to the army.

After witnessing this horrible crime of the iranian regime a high number of the youth of this region have joined the resistance fighters in the mountains to get revenge of the thousands of Baluch youth who have been brutally murdered by the notorious soldiers of Khamenei.

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