Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Hunger strike continues: Families of forced disappeared Baloch announced to widen their protests

Occupied Balochistan: The protest for recovery of Zakir Majid entered the 96th consecutive day. Family of the vice chairman of BSO (Azaad) announced to widen their protest if Zakir Majeed is not recovered. While talking to political activist of different parties who visited the camp to express their solidarity with the family, sister of Zakir Majeed said, “Our family is on protest and hunger strike for last four months, but no one has taken notice of our protest including the judicial”. She appealed to the United Nations and all other peace loving organisations to play their role for safe recovery of Zakir Majeed and all Baloch forced disappeared prisoners.

People who came to express their solidarity with the families of missing person condemned the barbarism and inhuman acts of Pakistani Intelligence Agencies. They said that in this The Holy month (Ramadan) all the peoples are staying at homes but families of Baloch missing persons are protesting for the recovery of their loved once. While talking to families of forced disappeared Baloch they said the recovery of the decomposed bodies of Baloch missing persons and throwing them in rural areas are raising impending danger for all Baloch missing persons.

Meanwhile the protest camp for recovery of wadood Raisani, Mir Jalil Rekhi, Dr Deen Mohammad, Mir Ghafaar Langov, Sangath Sana Baloch, Ali Asghar Bangluzai and Maqbool Zafar Baloch entered in its 20th day.

The families of missing Baloch activist said that “we have tried every method of protest for recovery of our loved ones. But we have no knowledge of any progress about our loved ones. We (the families) have serious concerns about safety of our loved ones”. They appeal to the UN, European Union and all other peace loving people to press Pakistani Intelligence Agencies and make sure the safe and early recovery of Baluch forced-disappeared activists.

Similarly, the uninterrupted token hunger strike for the recovery of Chakar Marri, Mujeed Baloch, Sami Baloch, Abdul Nasir Baloch, Najeeb Qambarani and Altaf bugti has entered its 13th day.

The families of Baloch missing persons strongly condemned the statement of provincial ministers Siraj Raisani, Abdul Wasay, Sardar Masood Loni, Begum Nasreen Kethran and Haji Mohammed khan. In a joint press release the families of illegally detained persons asked, why these ministers turned blind eyes on the extra-judicial arrest of Baluch activists including children and women who are in the custody of Pakistani FC and Intelligence Agencies for years and bearing unimaginable torture at the hand of their official captors. Recently the Intelligence Agencies’ “Death Squads” have started martyring the Baloch political activist in cold-blood. It is worth reminding our readers that more than a dozen decomposed and brutally tortured bodies have been recovered in different areas of Baluchistan. Why Siraj Raisani and other ministers are quite about the issues of Baloch missing persons or maybe these ministers are also part of the criminal activities of Pakistani FC and agencies committing against Baloch. Why these aforementioned ministers don’t see the camps of the families of Baloch abducted person in this holy month of Ramadan, where Baluch women and children sit from dawn to dust (the entire day), which is not only a question mark on Siraj Raisani and others like but also a matter of shame for them.

On the other hand Nasrullah Baluch the chairman of Voice for Missing Baluch Person has that if all the Baluch disappeared activist are not release before EID then the VMBP will block the way to NATO supply trucks to make the UN and other International Community to hear the voices of voiceless Baluch families and pressurise Pakistan to release Baluch disappeared political activists.

The sister of Safeer Baluch said that her brother has been suffering from a kidney pain for a long time. He along with his friend Abid Shah had gone to Panjgur hospital for his treatment where they became victims of Pakistani security forces. She said that her brother was beaten on the spot, his hands and legs were tied before they crammed him in a security forced vehicle. “My brother has not committed any crimes; his only crime is that he is a Baluch and has sympathies for Baluch Nationalists political parties”.

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